Recent Notes (2018 – 2019) from Sparrow


Love is a human term for the experience of spiritual truth. Whenever you experience spiritual truth, or cosmic universal truth, you experience it as a feeling of love. The greatest feeling in the universe is also the greatest truth, and the most wonderful of all experience. So should you be true to yourself. Truth is the frequency of love. Your mind, body and soul translates these frequencies into feelings of joy and connection. Because ultimate truth always brings ultimate joy and ultimate connection.

Thought as Health

The predominant factor upon your health and well-being is not your diet. It is not the chemicals you use or the treatments upon your skin. It is not the exclusion of toxic properties or contaminants. The predominant factor upon your health and well-being is your thoughts. Your thoughts are the birth of you, so too shall they be the death of you.

Remain ever vigilant of thoughts which are self destructive in their nature. Thoughts which hurt your feelings and rob you of joy. Thoughts which seek to lower value of that which does not require your judgement. Thoughts which seed tension and seek hostility. Such thoughts are a cancer on your soul. Live not in fear nor feed the phobias that decide your quality of life. Not everything is yours to control.

Becoming an Intelligent Species

Cellular mutation is directly influenced by cellular memory and the specific alignment of intention a species adheres to. This is to say that your biological offspring will contain the cellular memory, and thus the cellular mutation, of your current alignment of intent. This intent is retained within the tissue fibres and cells of your human body, and is also one cause of your ageing, disease and other health conditions.

There is a fundamental relationship between the thoughts that you have, the behaviour within your lifestyle and the mutation, or evolution, of the human race. Evolution is not specifically driven by environmental conditions but by cellular responses to the thoughts that you are creating over a period of time. These thoughts are providing instructions to your biological cells how to behave.

To change your path of evolution then you must all change your way of thinking, and behaving, to that which best aligns to your deepest desires and goals as a united species. Presently human beings do not function as an intelligent species. They only function as individuals and competitive organisations aligned to self-gain. An intelligent species functions as one unit and behaves in a manner where every action and decision benefits the whole, not just a few. To become a multidimensional species then, as others have, you first have to learn what it is to be an intelligent species.


Pain is a persistent companion of the journey of physical life, and unfortunately it can often times test even the strongest person. Fortunately, I foresee future technology which shall become available that provides relief in this domain.

You must remind yourself that pain is not your adversary. Indeed, it is there to alert you of injury and physiological trauma. As such, it is your relationship to pain which dictates how you will respond to it, and ultimately how you can continue to function beyond it.

You will immediately experience a difference in your tolerance to pain when you counter and respond through the energy of love. The difference will be felt physically, as well as psychologically. You should not focus on the pain itself since this will reinforce your experience of it. Instead focus your love and energy to the source of the pain so that the tissues become relaxed, and the cells (the moving parts) become optimized to facilitate healing.

There are other methods you can use which produce their own distinct results. Such as making physical contact with another living being. Whether this is a domesticated animal or another human being, you will experience similar benefit. You may, for example, hold the hand of a loving person who merely has to sit near you. The contact between you will intuitively produce a synchronized response which will diminish the impact of physical pain. Surroundings would best be in favour of natural environments within living fields of energy, as opposed to artificial electromagnetic fields and repressive environments. The breath is also of great importance, and should be moderated to a slow and relaxed pattern. Some may recommend deep breaths, but this is not necessarily required, for shallow breathing can also prove beneficial.

Another approach you may choose to use for symptoms of pain is the application of heat. By applying gentle heat therapy to the target area it will relieve symptoms of pain and discomfort and aid in blood circulation, encouraging the process of natural healing. You will also find laying on a particular side or at a particular angle also relieves discomfort. Placing the palms of your hands on an effected area for an extended period of time will also allow those in spirit to use your electromagnetic field as a conduit for healing.

At times when these approaches seem unsuccessful you may choose to exercise your capacity to think yourself into another space altogether. This may be reliving some fond memories that you have, or visualizing yourself in some sacred place personal to you. This will be your mental refuge. In this, you are not so much avoiding the pain your body endures, but directing focus elsewhere to facilitate a preferred state of being.

Unity of Mind, Body, Spirit

Within their existing seat of functionality the mind, body and spirit already exist in partnership. That is, they are already communicating with each other through thought, physical experience and feelings. It is just that they often compete with each other for dominance, and they are left unsupervised in favour of other distractions presented by physical life. The resulting relationship in its existing form then creates the human persona and consciousness. This consciousness is perceived as separate from spirit and consequently causes an experience of being out of unity with, and alienated from the perfection of spirit. The unity of mind, body and spirit is therefore not achieved.

It is achieved by surrendering your ownership of “human” consciousness and simply allowing consciousness to do and be what it chooses. When the state of water is frozen into an ice cube it cannot experience being any other form through which to express itself. It does not have the maneuverability to flow or behave any other way. When you adhere to the form of what you standardise and normalize human form and behaviour to be, you immediately conform to a model of consciousness which separates you from everything else that you could be. You should strive to be more than what you envision human to be. You must accept responsibility that you are more than your physical body, and exist as part as everything else around you.

What would be more propitious would be an intent to remove resistances, inconsistencies and inhibitions that function as a preventative. The appearance of the unity of mind, body and spirit is one where you do not resist anything. For what you shall resist shall persist and endorse an absence of unity. It is one where your behaviour has no inconsistencies that highlight the presence of instability and indecision. For inconsistencies do not orchestrate a flow or pattern of unity. The appearance of the unity of mind, body and spirit is one where inhibition is not adopted through attitudes and ulterior motives. For inhibition is the border wall and barrier to the realisation of unity.


Surrendering Ego

Within a familiar perspective you may relate to ego as behaviours, or states of awareness, of the body, mind and soul. The body forms its own awareness of its own needs to survive and reproduce (Instincts). The mind forms its own awareness of what the body is in relationship to everything else, forming opinions and mental concepts (Beliefs). The soul forms its own awareness through feelings as a result of experiences of the former two (Values).

A human being in its present basic biological form cannot fully, or permanently, surrender the ego. To do so would terminate the functions of the physical body, since it is ego which keeps it alive. It is ego which teaches you self-preservation and survivability. It is ego which saves the unsuspecting child from the oncoming traffic, and it is ago which removes the hand from the burning flame. It is ego which compels you to eat and ego which compels you to seek loving relationships. Without these things you would surrender to corporeal death.

To speak of surrendering the ego then is to make a conscious choice to go beyond the instincts of the body, the beliefs of the mind and the values created within the soul. To go beyond body, mind and soul you must be willing to accept your existence reaches outside of these things. You must be willing to accept you are more than these things. You must be willing to accept that which exists outside of body, mind and soul you are these things also. You are all time, all space; all light and all darkness. You are the worm and you are the sparrow; you are the blade of grass and you are the sunlight. It is only human ego which limit your parameters of experience to body, mind and soul. To surrender ego is to surrender who you believe yourself to be, for the sublime truth of the experience that there is nothing you are not. We are all One. Everything else is just fantasy and child play.


Already Awakened

The universe does not decide anything for you. That would denote the universe holds predefined values, a personal agenda and power over your sovereign free will. It would be more accurate to say the universe responds to what you are doing and choosing. This is why it is still expanding and taking form.

You are already awakened. You were awakened before you were even born. To presume otherwise is to denote your spirit must come to a tiny young water planet in order to know what it already knows. The purpose of the tiny young water planet is for you to re-member (reanimate and reconstruct) concepts of Self you had in spirit. This so-called awakening is merely a set of circumstances which have brought about the right environment within you to remember more of who you really are. This does not in any way, shape or form imply those who do not experience similar revelatory events are spiritually lower or “not yet ready”. It is more to do with how an individual personally responds to specific events which effect them. There are also aspects of physiology and mental capacity, in the way information is processed differently in each person, which create moments of revelatory phenomenon.


One With Spirit

First and foremost, to be one with your spirit is not an easy feat and not something which happens expeditiously. Simply returning to the spirit world from the physical one does not immediately qualify you to be one with your spirit. The actual experience of being one with your spirit is proportionate to stories by human beings who assert to have been in the presence of God. That sense of awe, raw emotion and a sense of belonging are all part of what the spirit is. Most souls coming from Earth are not ready for such perfection, because they feed off drama, self importance and personal attachments. Arriving in the afterlife their propensity for immediate self gratification expects everything to happen forthwith. The reality is, the human soul and story clings on for …one…more…chapter! One more challenge I must overcome!

Speak I shall of those that accept their corporal passing for what it is and accept their sentient identity. As a general rule of thumb you will exist as a provenience of light. This light will hold no form recognisable in characteristic until you adopt a thought construct. This thought construct is a product of consciousness memory reanimation. That is, it can take on a form of something you have experienced before. Though generally these are held for short periods of time to fulfil a particular task at hand. You would not, for example, take on the form of a dinosaur, because you have never experienced what it is to be a dinosaur. Animation requires memory. Form is readily used in most activities that involve relationships with something, as this creates a sense of familiarisation and opportunity for interaction.

Because you are a mass of energy you will traverse the realm of spirit as a mass of energy. How you wish others to perceive that energy is up to you. Others may see you as a streak of light or an orb of energy. One size does not fit all; one perception is not shared by all. Ancient eyes will pierce through a body of golden light. This light will refract into coloured rays which give form from intention and emotion. You will not so much move from place to place, but come to realise you are a part of the fabric of each place. In this realisation you have but to focus on such place to instantly be there. This is not to say you can go everywhere, because you cannot go where you do not know exists.

The above information is not something set in stone. The state through which your spirit is presented to you is always going to depend on the manner you are choosing to experience it. What your spirit chooses to appear like to you will be a personal revelation to you within your own domain of creation and expression. Because there are trillions of soul groups each expressing their spirit essence differently, we can never claim spirit must be this way or that way for someone else. So when you ask, will it be this way? or that way?, such is ultimately a matter for you to decide for yourself.



Those who suffer depression firstly need to acknowledge they have a condition which adversely effects their life in the onset. They must be willing to observe they are not where they wish to be and they are not fulfilling the aspirations they once held for themselves. They must equally acknowledge such condition is within their capacity to control and manage effectively with the correct attitude. You either choose life or you do not, there is no in between. There is do, or there is do not. Which one are you?

The road to recovery begins at the root cause of your depression. Here then you must begin a journey within yourself to identify within memory where symptoms of your depression first began. You must seek out these events in your life which first took you down the road of psychological self-destruction. You must identity these events and seek to understand why they occurred and why they affected you in the way they did. You must identify the judgements you first made and consequently the thoughts you adopted which took you down the path of depression. This requires courage and honesty, as well as patience and compassion.

Once you have identified the root cause and point at which this path to depression first began you can contemplate other paths, other choices you could have made, which may have led to a different outcome. Speak to the person you were before these events happened, and let their original wisdom and innocence guide you.

For me, it was the case of me having a conversation with myself as a child. The child gave me such wisdom and extended such desire to live that I was not about to take that away from him. I was not about to end his future, so I instead gave him the gift of an extended childhood, with a new appreciation of the value of the simplest things in life.

If you cannot find the will to live, look back at a time when you did have it. Remember yourself before your experience of depression. Model your path forward from their intuitive guidance and value of life.


Health and Well-being

It could be said that what is best for one may not stand true to be the case for another, for all beings must discover their own optimal state within the specific environment they find themselves in.

The enduring welfare and sustainability of the mind and body is a condition afforded through the relationship it is built on through your choices. Living a detrimental lifestyle ignorant to corrosive and cancerous behaviours diminishes capability and longevity. The mind and body are tools of navigation and facilitation within corporeal life. They must be tailored to the task of fulfillment through careful conditioning and development. This should involve some investment in self-study and an initiative of self-awareness. For those who do not take a conscious active role in their health and well-being surrender their will to live to the conditions made manifest by others.

Through self-study and development one can use the tool of knowledge and education to create insightful relationships with themselves. The result is a more refined state through which the best choice forward becomes more transparent and obvious, supported by an understanding of sustainability.

A strong relationship is built on communication and interaction. For the mind and body this requires engagement, compatibility and consistency.

To engage fully the mind and body requires exercise; to exercise is to mobilize and strengthen. A mind and body that becomes inactive and weak withers under the winds of woe.

To be compatible with life and longevity the mind and body requires balance; to balance is to stabilize and standardise. A mind and body that becomes unstable and has no standards slips into self-destruction.

To be consistent with your deepest and highest soul desire the mind and body requires a sense of purpose; to have purpose is to have meaning and value. A mind and body that holds neither meaning nor value surrenders its propulsion for life for the proclamation of a meaningless death.

Ageing is neither an inescapable nor immovable affliction one must endure, but a consequence of environmental conditions bombarding the cellular state on the Earth surface. It is a condition and a challenge humanity has barely invested in to any degree to resolve, and therefore one which persists. Creams and solutions, supplementing healthy lifestyles, is not enough to protect cells from the solar radiation or harmful man-made toxicants on the planet itself. You also have the consideration of the food content you consume into your body, as well as cancerous cities people, en masse, choose to live in.

There are specific properties corporations could invest research into, such as certain aquatic life and others in exotic flora. The problem is that human cellular regeneration loses integrity over time and information loses consistency and cohesion. The original cell being duplicated is in itself flawed because of existing damage, and as further cells are reproduced these flaws multiply resulting in degradation. The solution then is to correct cellular code prior to offspring conception, followed by containment within a self-sustaining and strictly controlled environment after birth.



Creativity activates parts of your brain and memory which promotes health, functionality and ultimately a longer life span. It will most certainly increase your level of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, which reproduce feelings of joy. Creativity also empowers you to become a multidimensional being because it opens doors to greater access.

Some ways you can be creative in your daily life? Practice expressing yourself in different ways you do not normally do, or develop upon what you normally do. Write a poem, or perhaps a “blog” about your feelings for that day. Rearrange your furniture to a different position. Draw a picture or paint a canvas. Do some home décor or simply change how you dress for the day. Change your hair style. Create a new meal idea or the way in which you eat your food. Meet someone new and engage in a brand new conversation you have not had before. Make love to your partner in new adventurous ways. Create a game to play with your children or friends. Perform a loving deed for another person using more imaginative and constructive thought. Act in a way beyond your normal routine or step into the shoes of your child self for part of your day. Invent something practical for your home or garden. Create a piece of music or a dance routine, a new exercise or weekend activity. The list is limited only by what you can create within your own imagination.


On Corporeal Death

You cannot die because there is no such thing as death. There is no end to life because there is no beginning to life; life has always existed, it merely adopts transient forms creating the illusion of beginnings and ends.

Ending your corporeal life will merely create a duplicate of it, along with your current thoughts and attitudes, onto the canvas of another dimension.

You are in physical form because your spirit chooses challenges which are not beyond your ability to handle. It is these challenges which are highly prized as a means for your spirit to validate what it knows of itself.

Presuming corporeal death will cease your dissatisfaction with life will not give rise to your salvation, only reinforce a desire to overcome similar challenges in order to understand and evolve beyond them. Your spirit will never walk away from a challenge, because it is the very foundation of its desire to exist.

Life’s Ups and Downs

Ups and downs are what make life so interesting and worthwhile wouldn’t you say? How would one experience progress in a reality void of pitfalls? What adventurous child boards a rollercoaster simply to reach the other end?
Planetary Changes

You ultimately do not need an internet video to access perception of world wide energy changes. It is a matter of inviting the quietness within you and expanding who you are to become all that is. It is not an act of letting go of Self, but an expansion of the perception of Self to incorporate your surrounding planet. It is a useful practice in understanding not only human consciousness, but animal consciousness and planetary consciousness. It is an exercise which liberates you from the shackles of personal boundaries and personal attachments to identity, and all the drama and bias which comes with that.

Part of a Larger Process

It is difficult to perceive the greatness of something when the larger picture of it is beyond your present vision. You can perceive an infinitesimal part of a larger process, which you identify as an event in time or an experience happening to you. This may often times identify with you as being of an unpleasant or painful nature. Do not despair, things are not actually happening to you, that is simply your human brain analysis fulfilling its role. Witness and seek to understand, but do not place ownership, for that energy shall become you.

What I mean by you perceiving an infinitesimal part of a larger process, which you identify as an event in time or an experience happening to you, is that your whole physical reality as you know it is actually a past event. That is, everything you see and perceive in your physical reality is a rather crude interpretation from your biological brain of something that has already happened on other levels of your being. You are merely process-ing how you got there. What your human brain does through the mechanism of your perception of time, space and self-awareness is recreate a physical interpretation of something which you have already created on a soul level. The process you perceive you are going through on a physical level is what you identify as an experience. In other words, you perceive this or that is happening to you, when it actually isn’t. But it feels that way because your human brain and consciousness is interpreting it within the parameters of linear time and space. When in fact what is actually happening is your soul (which does not sit inside your body, but the other way around) has co-created something from its state of being, and the body is operating within a state of doing, because it is reacting to it through time and space.

With this wisdom understand that nothing truly is happening against your ultimate will, only most human beings still operate within the dimension of doing; interpreting their lives through the process and playing the many games which go with that. Including pain and suffering.

Service to Others

In regard to operating from a state of service to others, this is what is known as unconditional love. When you are trying to achieve some spiritual progress through Self gain you are doing so with an agenda through ego. Not that ego is ultimately bad. However, this will only allow you to go so far in terms of development because eventually you discover you keep tripping up over yourself and your own barriers and boundaries.

In order to remove all barriers and boundaries, as well as biased held belief systems, you must be willing to reinvent what the Self means to you. This does not mean spending an inordinate amount of time contemplating who you are. This does not mean losing yourself or your sense of identity. It simply means expanding what you perceive to be your Self, moving the barriers and boundaries outward. Expanding your truth out of the box you presently limit yourself into. For example, I have already indicated numerous times that your soul does not sit inside your body, and that it is your body which sits inside the soul. But what if I were to tell you that there was no space (or time) between your soul and the soul of a loved one? What if I were to tell you that a barrier and boundary you presently hold is your belief that there are two separate souls there? That in believing this notion actually causes your own creation of the experience in physical state of being separate from them?

No Failure

I will give you a jewel of wisdom that very few comprehend. Failure does not exist. It cannot exist, for your will is the will of the Prime Creator and the guiding function of the multiverse. You cannot fail to get to where you want to be because you are already there. You simply presume, because you are approaching it from your human brain, that you must do ”a whole bunch of stuff” in order to achieve something you have placed seemingly high above and beyond your reach. Your thoughts have become your own enemy to progress. Your spirit already has the wisdom to know how to do anything it so desires. Do not neglect your own spirit for the seemingly wise words and ways of another. For only your own spirit can take you to where you wish to be (your true Self).

There is no failure in simply being who you are. You cannot fail to be who and what you are. But you can invent a great many elaborate things that continue to persuade you of something you are not. You can invent a multitude of processes you say you need to undertake to be who and what you already are. Stop placing yourself in the consciousness and game of trying (which causes the experience of failing) and step into the consciousness of being (where you own the energy of causation). You cannot be successful in being something if you are too busy doing something.

No Separation

You have a mindset of trying to master spirituality for your own benefit and this will not work. You have to want to progress purely in service to others in a selfless state of consciousness where your personal ego no longer matters to you. These abilities which human beings are so seduced by are merely a natural aspect of what all spirit can do, and have always been able to do. They will come and they will occur when you have become intricately close and connected to your own spirit. This is not to then say you must invent a hundred different ways and rituals of practice in order for you to connect with your spirit. You are already connected to your spirit, otherwise you would not be alive. You simply must own the awareness, the knowing, that, in fact, there is no separation between your human body, your mind, and your spirit. The illusion you are using to invent failure comes from your belief these are all separate from each other. This is because somebody told you they were separate, and you believed it as your truth. Let go of belief. Step into knowing.

Let Go of Past and Future

It would be my advice, regardless of what others may have you believe, that you not become fixated with these past-life and future-life scenarios that you liberally pursue to try to explain present life challenges and perceived discords. From the vantage point of the spirit, which is your true identity, it really does not matter who murdered who, or who inflicted what upon which corporeal form of what past century. Any trauma or damage you believe you are carrying in this present physical life is not a result of a past life, but the consciousness you are creating in this one. While it is true that a type of trauma can retain within cellular genetic memory from ancestral lines, the spirit itself does not bring deeply negative consciousness from unresolved lives back into a corporeal foetus. Your loved ones would not even allow this. That would be completely illogical, unnecessary and an invitation for further accumulated trauma to the soul. The great wisdom of the spirit would not conceive of taking an open wound back into the unpredictable hostile muddy waters of physical density, where most assuredly further pain and suffering await, further aggravating such wound, conceiving it as a means of resolution or some notion of self healing. If it was the solemn intention and wish for the spirit to heal a source of the past it would then not wilfully subject itself to the whim and woes of yet another body where it would erase the memory of such a past, whereby alienating itself from its own ability to connect with it and resolve it productively. This is just something for you to think about. In short: Focus on the life you are here to live here and now, as the being you are now.


Most of what human beings rely on to interpret their so-called physical reality is by what they perceive with their eyes. Those eyes are processing information in the form of light, and those frequencies of light are what are interpreted by your brain to construct your three dimensional view of reality. You may make the comparison to the ancient stars in your distant night sky, where the light you are perceiving is understood to be from a past event. The light is a manifestation of something which has occurred already, on many different levels of many interwoven dimensions. What your eyes are displaying in the form of your perceived reality, what you rely on so much as a species, is far removed from what reality truly is. If you saw how it truly appeared, you would cease what you were doing and be completely captivated within your state of being.

Your human body is itself then understood to be a past event, so it is not a container of your soul as such, for your soul is not trapped in the past. The soul experiences itself through time, through the human body, thus, the human body is always doing something in response to who you are being. Energy and consciousness is not part of all of life, it is life itself. There is no space, there is no time, in the universe and beyond, where life does not exist.

Because the soul is experiencing a state of being, it is often dominated by the state of what the body is doing. This is because your human brain can become completely focused on what the body is doing, and what physical life is doing, consequently paying little attention to its state of being. The state of the soul therefore becomes heavy and tiresome of everything you are ”doing to it”. This is why human beings spend so much time asleep. It is not because the body requires rest, but because the soul wishes to become detached from what the body is doing. Since your soul is so closely woven into your physical processes in time, the soul thus experiences growth and development through the point of view of time in the body.

From the point of view of the body all this is happening to you, because you perceive yourself as the body. When you focus upon your state of being, you can shed the negative consciousness around your soul from what the body has been doing. When you align yourself to a higher state of being, you can experience more of what is it to be spirit. It is the spirit which permeates all time, all space, and thus is not subject to, or tainted by, any part of the process you are going through.

Your spirit has already reached its destination, for it is not subject to linear time, so there is never anything to fear in terms of any process you are going through during your time as a human being. Simply enjoy the journey as you will of it. Lift your arms up high and shout your joy for it. For in your greatest wisdom you shall know all experiences will always still lead you to your highest Self.

Points of View

There are no real levels of the soul, merely different points of view. Just as you will understand, there are no levels of spirituality, only different points of view.

Sharing Energy

Energy can be shared between anyone. And there you have it. Why can it be shared between anyone? Because we are all one. There simply exists infinite points of view. Perhaps you may also now understand why I tell people that human incarnation is not a prerequisite for so-called spiritual growth. If we are all one, all life in all universes, in all dimensions, then imagine the accumulated experience and wisdom available to every soul in the spirit world. Love connects all souls. Those who speak of soul mates and twin flames are simply trying to understand, from a human perspective, the real bond between all life as you know it which is the true reality as it truly exists for everyone. Because human beings perceive themselves as units, they consequently experience love in units as well. When you are speaking of love, love is experienced differently by different beings through different means. What most consider love to be is a human interpretation of it. The embodiment of love elsewhere in the cosmos is experienced quite differently. You can perhaps relate to it as a very deep connection which allows you to expand who you are through someone or something else. Allow that which you are doing to reflect what you are being, so shall others see who you truly are.

A Process of Frequency

First and foremost we need to break an antiquated notion many still adopt that the spirit world presents itself as a singular realm, a singular box, into which all beings and all things spiritual coexist in awareness of each other. They do not. Consciousness is only aware of that which it has accepted to exist in relation to what it perceives itself to be at any given time. I say time because time is essentially a frequency through which Self experiences different states of being. The human species believe their civilization is going through a process of time. You are not. You are going through a process of frequency; a continuous process of vibration change from one second to another. You are not moving through time, you are moving through frequency giving the illusion of time. It is when you perceive a change in frequency that you then create this experience of the passing of time. You think you are following a linear flow of time, when you are actually co-creating a changing frequency as a species through changes in awareness. Some say you are all developing an awareness over time, but it is actually the other way around. It is your state of being that creates your reality based on what you choose to become aware of. As you all energetically interact with one another through ”relationships”, you co-create an expanding awareness which alters your state of being. This altered state of being, from one second to another, is experienced by the body as events happening to you. They are actually happening because of you.

Since the spirit world does not represent only one frequency but intersects all frequencies simultaneously, it connects to and represents every point in time simultaneously. This means it is possible to be connected to all that is while simultaneously experiencing a point in time made aware by free will of the Self. Because time is not a linear pathway in the spirit world the process of what you define as spiritual growth is not experienced in time, but in awareness. That is, you exist within a state of being until you choose to become aware of something alternative to that, then your attraction to becoming aware of something else leads to a change in your vibration within the spirit world (including what you perceive as outside of it).

Soul groups are beings who exist within the same state of being as each other, thus, they exist within the same vibration as each other. They hold the same core values and choose the same reality as their truth. This means they resonate with one another to such a degree that the illusion of separation is revealed for what it is and all barriers and boundaries fall away. However, it also means most other soul groups exist outside of their known reality as they have yet to become aware of them in their experience of who they are within all that is. One of the reasons your consciousness has come to Earth is to meet beings of other soul groups you may not have known even existed. In sharing a common experience within a mutual habitat you are able to form a bond and bridge the distance between you through the spectrum of vibration. There are over two billion different soul groups presently experiencing life on Earth alone. This is merely one planet.

The process of which you inquire within your question is not one measured in linear time, but one which expands in every direction simultaneously in the form of awareness. Growth happens in every direction in every conceivable way, indefinitely. This is so because infinite points of view exist, have always existed, will never cease to exist, world without end. It is for you to know then, that the spirit world, as you try to imagine it, is continuously expanding indefinitely.


You attract what you believe is true about yourself, and the universe allows you to experience that. If you do not like what you are attracting, change what you believe to be true. Your life is a reflection of your state of being. Be what you wish to have.

Falling Apart

Something which is no longer sustained within its old form does not necessarily indicate negativity. If cancer cells began to fall apart you would not judge this to be negative. To some, marriage can become a type of cancer to the soul because it consumes that individual to the point they forget who they truly are. In previous generations before you suppression was simply more commonplace and people did not stand up for who they truly were. How you desire to experience relationships with one another as a species is changing because your consciousness is changing. Violence has not increased, only your awareness of it as a species has increased due to communication advancements. Sometimes for things to get better they need to fall completely apart. It is how you chose to respond that will indicate your state of being. Observe this. It is your state of being which will determine what you manifest as your reality. Multiple realities exist simultaneously in the same space.

Animal Lives

It is not that you, or anyone presently human, were a snake or fox, or bear, or other such animal in a past life. I understand those wanting wholeheartedly to believe such is true but such species originate from their own species soul groups that resonate a specific vibration. So you cannot simply take the vibration of one being of one soul group and throw it into the biology of a completely different genetic lineage. You should understand, a tremendous amount of preparation was required over millions of your years for your consciousness in spirit to be able to inhabit a human body. In order for your etheric cord to be able to successfully attach to your solar plexus, and retain compatibility with human genetics, your consciousness as a spirit being had to be acclimatized. This is the purpose of soul groups, to acclimatize consciousness for specific desired experiences, both physical and none-physical in nature. Spirit operate within specific soul groups, though not solely limited to one, for an extensive period long before a physical incarnation is ever sought. You may incarnate into other humanoid species on other planets with similar genetic lineage, because in fact, you all share genetics with many of them out there. This is not to say however that you have or will ever incarnate within the genetics of snake, because their consciousness has evolved to that compatibility over millions of years.

Aside from species soul groups you can however observe multiple species interacting through cooperative groups of activity. It is common for many different species to exist, to participate, in the same co-collaborated soul group when it comes to intention and activity in spirit. For example, different spiritual beings from different species soul groups often create additional groups of souls who desire perhaps to serve existence in a specific way. Such as historians, who wish to co-collaborate on connecting their cosmic history between species.

I am aware that someone recently said to Lilly that they have never belonged to a soul group and never will. Citing extensions of monads and logos within their thought systems. But this is simply not perceiving what soul groups are, how they came into existence and what takes place within them. Choosing instead to adopt a hierarchical ascensionism thought system which perceives things in levels; in terms of micro and the macro, which relate to physical reality, not true spiritual reality. Things only exist in levels in your perception of reality when you, essentially, view it from a self-imposed bottom level.

The point being, all physical life forms in the universe come into physical reality through the acclimatization and attraction of soul groups. You cannot be in your human form without an associative genetic soul group lineage. The physical cells would simply not gel and bind with you.

Those who weave these animal symbolisms and associations into the fabric of their lives do so for various reasons, at various points in their lives. Animals to the human psyche often represent a return to innocence, simplicity of life and connectivity with nature. They represent certain values; other ways of living and experiencing life. They can also embody certain elements and attributes which a person desires to augment to empower themselves. Many things which human beings, in their quest for technological prowess, have long lost within these suffocating city lifestyles. In connecting with these animals you allow yourselves to adopt different ways of thinking (outside the box) that encourage creativity and connectivity. The animals themselves are your catalyst; something tangible to attract to in order to access pathways of thought, and behaviour, beyond human borders and boundaries.

Connecting to different animals on a deeper intention reconnects you to evolutionary traits and opportunities you once had many thousands of years ago.

Beliefs and Changes

In order to be able to change something you must first acknowledge it exists for you. When you have acknowledged it exists you must then acknowledge from where it exists.

Your beliefs are a learned behaviour of thought which, for the most part, have originated from an external source outside of you. Since the external world is a manifestation of a process, you consequently do not perceive the larger picture through it. The larger picture can only be found within you, because you are the ultimate creator of it. This is demonstrated in the fact that your state of being is what creates your experiences.

What you must do then is to unlearn what you have learned through external means, which effectively raises your vibration because it alters your consciousness. You essentially disassemble thought systems which, through the law of attraction, have drawn your present experiences upon you. As this unlearning occurs the shift in vibration produces an altered state of being which thusly creates a new reality and dimension of experience. This is a natural process which happens on its own once you begin to disassemble your consciousness mould.

Start off small and change your thoughts about more believable aspects of your life. Such as, changing how you see yourself, how you see others, or something which allows you to expand your connectivity to everything else. As you make these small changes you will begin to observe a change in your experience. This change in experience will validate what you know to be true for you. This is not to say however that others will experience the same reality as you, so do not allow what others perceive to become what you perceive. Simply continue to expand this at your own pace and capacity. Remember, if you fear failure or have to question it, then it cannot exist as true for you. Even if things do not manifest as you wish at first, maintain a consistent state of knowing and do not ever swerve from it.

Obsolete Religion

It is difficult to explore alternative meaning or purpose within exclusive perspectives. Any religion founded through exclusion and dissociation will ultimately lead to condemnation and confrontation. Inclusion and integration are more useful founding principles. A self-sustaining harmonious lifestyle which benefits not the few but the all would make all religion obsolete.
Labels and Filters

Do not concern yourself too much with labels like good and evil, and what is conditional and what is unconditional. Labels tend to become your barriers to simply living who you truly are. Also, you do not have to channel love. You merely have to remove the barriers and boundaries that you have built over it. Love is your natural state of being, it always exists inside you. The path of least resistance to it is not trying to channel it through the filters of your thoughts and beliefs, but by cleaning those filters altogether.


When you are acting in service to others you open your vibration up to those outside of your current awareness, because you invite them to become aware of you. All that exists is so crammed with life that it is impossible to not engage with other forms of life. Life has been designed in such a way that life literally discovers itself without having to DO anything.
All beings in the spirit world are constantly fascinated by the intentions of everyone else and everything else that exists. Where it comes from, what it does and what it has experienced within its unique perspective. It is the difference in perspectives which is the unique driving force which brings beings together through their differences. It is through these differences that they learn from each other, grow from each other, and build associations with each other. It is through shared perspectives that do new ventures form. This is the same for all soul groups.


To begin with, you are to understand your notion and concept of suffering, and your experience of what suffering is, is not the same as it is for all other species. All other species do not experience suffering as you perceive suffering to be as a human being. You have made suffering what it is currently through fear originated thought and belief. There is so much suffering in human society and species because this is what they are choosing to experience as and of themselves. To evolve as a species into the realisation of what you truly are, you are first causing yourselves to experience that which you choose not to be. It is a process. Do not get caught up in it.

Dog Eat Dog

This competitive ecosystem [on Earth] is widely duplicated throughout the cosmos, to various degrees. Animals behave this way not through malicious intent but through instinct of self preservation. It simply feels hungry and instinctively looks for the most viable food source available. This is only a negative occurrence if you deem yourself or another animal to merely be a piece of meat. Your mistake is to presume other animals can only perceive themselves in physical terms. When in fact most other animals are far more aligned with their spirit than all the human beings presently walking the planet. They do not cling to their physical form like humans do and are thus much more easily able to leave it at a given moment.

Suffering is a reactive learned behaviour from a fear based state of being. Just because you may look in horror at something seemingly happening to another does not dictate that thing exists within a state of suffering – only you interpret suffering in your judgement about it.

The original concept behind why animals were created to survive off one another was to teach you, in experiential fashion, the principle of harmony and balance, and to draw out the resonance of compassion and empathy into physical state. Additionally it ties in with the build-in evolutionary mechanism to fuel genetic adaptability, ingenuity and mutation. If animals did not have to survive they would not evolve, adapt or become more than they were before.

Quality of Life

Let it not be the length of a life that defines its value, but the quality of a life lived. The span of your life is inconsequential; your life continuation is indubitably assured.
Live your life in the light of this truth and the truth shall set you free from the fear of tomorrow. There will always be another tomorrow. You can be shot, stabbed or struck by lightening, it does not matter. There will always be another tomorrow. Because time is an illusion, death must therefore also be an illusion.

A full life can be understood to be one which fully embraces all of what life has to offer. What life has to offer is determined by the state of being through which life is engaged. This does not mean indulging in acts of transient gratification, which are an ineffective means to produce a lasting state of being. It means engaging with life in a manner reflective of, and expressive of, your optimal state of being. Your actions do not dictate your state of being; it is your state of being which dictates your actions. If you do not like what you are experiencing in your life it is because you have not found your optimal state of being, and so you are not being true to your Self. The outside world is merely a tapestry for how you perceive yourself within, it is never set in stone. I say again, physical reality is not a solid reality. Unless you choose it to be.

Your highest and most optimal state of being is one of joy, excitement, creativity and love. If you become these things then you can ultimately experience more rewards that life has to offer, for they open doors to opportunities not available any other way. If you want your physical form to live a long fruitful life span then you must seek to maintain an optimal state of being in resonance to your ultimate joy and heart wisdom. Your heart is telling you what your optimal state can be. Your heart is telling you what your highest vibration can be. The organ of your human heart is the only organ that resonates at this frequency; it is the origin of the saying ”listen to your heart”.

Once you live your life from your optimal state of being then the negative actions of others (an attempt to create a state of being for themselves) will not affect you. You can essentially shift into a new vibrational reality where their intentions cannot dictate your reality.

You can identify in what state of being you exist by how you respond and react to what is happening around you. When you exist from a optimal state of being you will eventually observe evidence of this by what manifests around you, and that you are no longer reacting to anything. You shift from reaction consciousness into creation consciousness.

Having wisdom ”on tap” (as you describe) can become a reality when you have aligned your physical brain, your human mind, to your source resonant vibration. This is your spirit. It has all the wisdom you shall ever need at any given moment. Instead of relying on your physical brain to determine what is best for you at any given moment, surrender your credence to the ultimate observer of the bigger picture and allow it to guide you through feelings. Your feelings are your ultimate wisdom because they are not based on beliefs or opinions. They are based on the communication from your spirit to your physical form, which imparts its wisdom by causing your human persona to feel something. Those feelings which stir the highest and greatest exhilarating feeling within you are your highest guide, because it is the closest connection your human experience has to your higher Self and spirit.


The matter of abortion will remain a contentious crossroad of confusion until it is approached with observational wisdom and common sense. The matter of personal opinion and individual values of the many should not dictate or impose upon the one whose life is most immediately affected.

This very simple dispute can be resolved by addressing two principle questions:
Who is primarily being affected?
What is the reason for the abortion?

Those who contest to the act of abortion do so from a seat of morality in which they dictate the moral implications of taking the life of an unborn child, which has no voice through which to express a vote of defence. Those in this camp of argument see themselves as advocates for the vulnerability of life, yet often fail to recognise the vulnerability to the life of the biological mother. This brings us to the first question.

Who is primarily being affected?

The most immediate answer one would assume is that of the unborn child. This however is purely determined by your point of view and perspective; what you are able to see, understand and accept within the larger picture. To begin with, life does not begin in the womb. Life has no beginning and no end; life has always existed and cannot not exist. Aborting a biological birthing process will not ever abort the ability or capacity of its assigned consciousness to continue existing, living and creating in another form, dimension or frequency of time. The ”soul” assigned to that unborn offspring is not something which is trapped inside the biological foetus. In actuality, the human soul is the element which develops over many years through the accumulation of experiences. It is not something which is made manifest in full bloom within the womb. The consciousness of the spirit, which remains in the spirit world at all times, attaches the etheric cord to the biological cells that a human soul may develop.

During abortion the etheric cord simply detaches and the consciousness vacates the biological immersion process.
The consciousness then has the option of replicating the cellular structure and DNA of the genetic material to grow and birth in another dimension. No experience of suffering is involved because it has not yet learnt how to define what suffering is within its current state of being at that point. The aborted consciousness does not in consequence become earthbound or become stuck in ”lower realms”. That is another myth. There are specialists within the spirit world who tend to such matters as these and are quite proficient at it.

It may furthermore be argued by some that the aborted child could have had many opportunities to become and achieve so much. This is true. However, there never exists a time or place when any sovereign being which exists is unable to access opportunities for achievement, growth and continued experience of Self. There is nothing you can do, and nothing anyone else can do to prevent life, any and all life, from gaining access to further experience. No action you can take can stop any other being from experiencing more of who and what they are. The multiverse in its design will not allow it. This includes what some understand as murder. It takes a leap in spiritual wisdom to understand and accept this truth.

The one who is primarily affected then when it comes to abortion is the biological mother. It is the biological mother who, within their learnt concept of what suffering is, is the one who suffers the most. The biological changes which take place within the mothers own body can feel intrusive, painful and stressful. This is so even if the mother chooses to have the child.

If the mother chooses not to have the child and go through the ordeal of labour then it is not for others to burden upon that mother an experience she does not wish for herself. No being should dictate, on the grounds of their own personal value systems, what another being should and should not experience. In an example where the mother was forcibly violated against her will, who is to dictate that such victim must endure further misery and torment by way of obligatory gestation for the next 40 weeks.

Which brings us to the second question.

What is the reason for the abortion?

There may be many reasons why an abortion is considered, ranging from forced pregnancy to religious beliefs, or to health concerns and relationship factors. Each reason speaks for itself and invites its own scope of understanding and compassion. Often times when the reason is not truly thought out or its wider implications considered decisions can often be turned by others offering the right wisdom and insight. If they do not wish to keep the child but are willing to undergo the gestation process it should be considered as an option opening the door to adoption. What is required is the right support at the right time for the right decision to be made by the mother. It is not for others to then judge them for their decision, for it is their decision to make, but instead to continue to provide support for that individual without conditions.

The test of your greatest love and compassion is not through making others do what you think is best, but by supporting them unconditionally through what you perceive to be their biggest mistake.

Optimal State of Being

In order for me to be in my optimal state of being it is unnecessary to seek a label for it. In seeking to define it as one thing or another thing you immediately shift into a state of doing, because your definitions become filters for your experience of any state of being.

When you are in the ultimate state of being you will never need to question or define it one way or another. You need neither be love nor wisdom, yet others will experience and regard you as having it. You will know you are these things because those interacting with you will themselves experience having it. The act of intently trying to label the state immediately puts you within the parameters of the mind and of thought, and thus of ego and persona. Not that this is bad or wrong, but it remains a state of doing. The state of being does not require thought. Thought is a response to the activity of doing; of wanting; of desiring.

The ultimate state of being is an awareness of who and what you are regardless of what the body is being and doing. It is the point of view which is you that remains unchanged should your physical body simply disappear in this instant. It is so assured of itself that it does not require a human brain in order to validate its existence.

I may be anything I wish to be, at any given time, but it does not have to be labelled or defined. It is simply a matter of what point of view I wish to experience at any given time. In order for me to understand something more intimately I will expand my consciousness to attract to another point of view. It is like choosing to view existence from the eyes of something else detached from the energy of my own persona. My own energy and persona is not doing anything and it is not involved. My intention reveals I am willing to relinquish all that I am, all that I think I know, to see existence from another point of view. I do this because I can feel the pervasive invitation of life to connect with it as it wishes to show me its point of view. Existence is much like a child calling out to be noticed and engaged. I may choose to be one with the flowers and the trees, or be one with the environment of a planet. I may choose to be one with the wind or the raindrops from the clouds. They call to my soul to share in their experience that I may know and understand their truth. In this I am not doing anything, I am being that which exists in all its many forms of expression. I am the observer of life being life. It is what I choose to be at any given point in time which determines what I may allow myself to experience. This is actually how many species travel the vast distances of the multiverse; they do not actually move anywhere, they instead alter their point of view of what they wish to be in proximity of. They are not moving closer to something, they are in fact drawing something else towards them operating outside the illusion of distance and separation.

The point of view you yourself choose will determine what you then experience and what you do in terms of action and activity. The state of being you wish to be in is going to depend on what your intentions are and what you aspire for yourself. Be whatever you wish to be, from the perspective you most wish to be in, through whatever you most aspire for yourself.

It is my aspiration to observe and to understand. This has been my aspiration for many thousands of years. You decide what it is you wish for yourself.

Adopting Personas

In order to connect to the element of air you do not require the adoption of personas. In fact, doing so merely imposes your own dominant agenda into your experience of it. You are then left with a point of view which still remains your own and is more fantasy than actuality. While this is fun to do from the point of view of exercising imagination it still defines what you are able to connect to. To truly immerse yourself within the element of air you must be willing to allow your consciousness to be nothing whatsoever but the element of air. This means surrendering all agenda you have and putting your human persona into stasis where its intentions no longer direct the experience the air wishes to impart upon you. Though I have used the focus of air in this context in response to your example, it may be applied to all things.
At a later state and stage you may then choose to adapt experiences into a form of persona for your own agenda or aspiration. You do not need to attempt to personify perfection. In approaching it within a frame of mind in which you currently believe you lack perfection will merely reinforce experiences of you not being it. The more you strive and the more you do things to convince yourself of perfection the more experiences you will have of lacking perfection. You are acting out in a manner which is declaring your state of being is one not of perfection. When you are being a state of perfection within yourself, you will not concern yourself with what the body and the mind are doing, because you will trust that they will interpret perfection in their own way which does not affect your state of being. The body and mind cannot process the bigger picture of ultimate reality, so they should not be the focal point for your ultimate truth. As soon as you focus on the mind or body you lose sight of your ultimate truth. Indeed, allow yourself the abundance of joy of experiencing the mind and body, but do not be too concerned with what they are doing or how they are interpreting truth. It is your state of being which is your ultimate truth, and ultimate reality.

Hauntings and Ghosts

Firstly let us clarify truth from fiction: nothing is ever trapped. That is a myth. All beings are where they are presently because they choose to be. Some may not see it this way, but this is also their choice and point of view.

There are many elements and contributory factors involved in so-called haunting, and all locations and incidents are not the same. It would be a mistake to interpret all accounts as being of the same nature and origin. There are more things in heaven and Earth, and in between, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

There are many instances where human apparitions can take place due to specific time-locked events in the fabric of a specific location. This means, an event within a very specific time frequency, within a very specific location, has a residual attachment within that specific proximity. When a human being of your time frequency enters that proximity it will trigger a residual event from a past time line to play out. In this instance there are no actual lost or trapped souls present because it is a residual energy. They will not interact with you directly. This tends to be within confined structures and spaces where energy is left undisturbed for long periods of time.

You may also encounter those who have passed but who continue to revisit specific locations because of an experience they had there, or because of an attachment they have to something or someone. In the instance of those who may have lost their lives in a traumatic way, or a way in which something was left unresolved, particularly in cases of injustice or wrongful persecution, they may feel drawn to communicate these events to those in physical state. This does not mean they are trapped there. While some cling tightly to specific memories which induce isolation within their own reality, it can also be that residual consciousness takes on its own continuation even after a soul has moved forward elsewhere.

In the case where an occurrence involves malevolent force it is usually non-human. This does not necessarily refer to demonic beings portrayed in religious texts but of multidimensional beings. The planet Earth and your present time frequency shares its proximity with many other dominions and parallel realities. It is not that they are lost or trapped, but that you share proximity to where they exist or the activity they are engaged in. Your immediate conclusion is that it must be a soul of a deceased human being who is somehow trapped on some lower plane. When you, as a human being, interact with other realms through astral projection or meditation you are similarly neither trapped nor lost. Think of it in this way.

Creation Not Correction

Life is for creation, not correction. It takes more love and wisdom to let human beings make mistakes than intervening to prevent them. The test of your greatest love and compassion is not through making others do what you think is best, but by supporting them unconditionally through what you perceive to be their biggest mistake.

Not Doing, Being

Your spirit (You) is not a human doing, it is a human being. Your spirit has created a state of being in order to experience a point of view. It is your state of being which creates the experiences you aspire for, not the state of doing. It is also your state of being which creates the experiences you do not aspire for (what you call negative experiences), if that state of being is not attuned to that which you most aspire for yourself.

Your heart communicates your state of being; your mind communicates your state of doing. When you want to do something, your mind will tell you how to do it. When you want to be something, your heart will tell you how to become it.

Desire. Agenda. Plan. These are simply mental labels you have constructed for attaining a specific state of being. Your heart speaks of a state of being and your mind interprets it as a desire, an agenda, and a plan to achieve something, such as perfection. This is because your human mind experiences concepts through linear time, whereas your heart and state of being experiences instantaneous reality (truth).

Of course, be free to experience desires, create agendas and make plans (do things), but understand these are simply manifestations of your current state of being. They are an expression. They do not take you to where you want to go; they merely reveal where you already are. When you listen to your heart and attune to your greatest aspiration, which is your greatest feeling, allow this to become your optimal state of being. This state will manifest your most desired experiences through way of creative synchronicity, through way of attraction, drawing the things you will always need at any given moment into your life. There will not be a need for agenda or complex plans because synchronicity will reveal what you should be doing next, because your state of being is drawing it to you.

Letting Go

You cannot let go of your Self totally, or you would cease to exist. You can however experience what the Self is through a different point of view at any time. It is not about detaching from your Self; it is about altering your experience of what the Self is. Your mind is what is convincing you that the Self is a specific confined state or identity. The “doing” element will always appear to exist because you are occupying a point if view of linear time. Over time things appear to be happening to and for you because of what you are doing. This is merely one perspective and point of view of the human brain. This is because it has to experience things within linear time and causation. When your mind and body are doing something perceive it as not a means to attain something (point of view of lack), but as a means of expressing what you already are (point if view as IS). This point of view changes the whole energy.

State of Being

Life does not throw anything at you. It is a neutral canvas. Your state of being creates your own experience of events. Do not place blame in life for how you choose to perceive it. It is not for you to submit to an undesired life you do not want, but for you to create the life you want through the state of being everything you already aspire to be.

I have never indicated one should sit on their hands and do nothing. If you have ever read any of my previous dialogue you would observe this as so. You would not sit idly by with a content grin of peace and perfection while a child walked onto the tracks of a moving train. That is not an expression of who you are. The state of doing something is a state of expression; it is a declaration of who you are in your perception of yourself. If you act to save the life of the child on the train tracks you are declaring to the world this is who I am. This action did not cause you to become someone. This action did not make you more loving or more caring. This action occurred because you were already someone; because you were already a loving caring being.

In terms focusing on your state of being, rather than your state of doing, it is because your state of being determines your perspective and point of view. Your perspective is what determines your actual experience. So if your state of being is one which creates the perspective of yourself as a helpless victim, your state of doing will always be based on fear and mistrust. What use is doing anything when you are in a state of being less than your highest and greatest vision of yourself?

This should not then be interpreted as the element of doing as irrelevant and of no value. But that your state of being should decide everything you are doing, because everything you are doing is an expression of who you perceive yourself to be. If you are doing something which expresses you are lacking something then the universe will attract and reinforce your experience of lacking it.

I hope these points are better understood.



“There is only one fear which exists from which all fear originates. A fear of loss, and all its many forms. It originated when the first races of men experienced that something of personal value could be taken away from them. Whether it was wood to make fire or a mate through which to procreate. It endured that mankind persisted with the mentality of personal possession and consequently feared it ending or being taken away. It is, and shall always be, for as long as you hold dear personal possessions, so shall fear hold onto you. It is only through the mentality of selflessness, and the heart of generosity, that you let go of all you deem to belong to you. In letting go of the need for something to be yours, the bonds of fear let go of the need to exist in you.

You fear the loss of your physical body. You are not the physical body, and the physical body does not belong to you. It was created from the Earth and belongs to the Earth, to which it shall return. In this, there is no fear for you to hold, only a beauty to behold.


If I could but show you the depth and complexity of beauty and orchestration of sublime sentient design within a simple flower, you would neither have the will to speak nor the desire to move for a week. You still perceive yourself as a human being reaching out for a spiritual experience, when you should be the spiritual being reaching in for a physical experience. The difficulty human beings actually have is not perceiving what spiritual experience is, but perceiving what the physical experience can be. For this reason their physical experience continues to be an undesired and underrated one. This is why so many cannot grasp the divine motivations to come to Earth in the first place.

Even with the knowledge I retain and reflect of the spirit world, and the ceaseless challenge that is the physical world, never do I entertain the thought of leaving it. My capacity to relish in the simple joy of a simple mundane physical pleasure is indomitable. In all my wisdom, in all my experience, there is nowhere else I would rather be.


The only spiritual power is love. Not human love, but the energy which precedes life. Though it is not a form of power, it is a universal constant; the only true constant which exists everywhere and everywhen. All else changes, therefore is not a constant. Thus, only love is real.

All beings have access to this so-called power. What they do with it, or do not do with it, is their business. That which identifies itself as having power identifies itself as having need. For that which is most powerful has no need. That which has no need has everything to give.


If the resonance of human consciousness goes to this all familiar heaven in the afterlife, where does the consciousness of millions of other animal species, insects and flora go?

It would be extraordinarily naive and conceited to conceive the human version of the spirit world is the only one which must exist, and therefore also populated by every other life form in multidimensional existence. After all, you don’t see extraterrestrials, dinosaurs or four foot gnomes running loose while conversing with loving departed uncle Henry. Oh, they are around to witness for certain, but generally not until you open yourself up to their domain and possibility. So where are they?

The answer is, they are everywhere and everywhen. Simply out of your field of vision.

The issue that human beings have is their behaviour of thought is considerably combatant, competitive and compulsive. If you have ever experienced other states of consciousness you will understand to what I refer. This limits your oscillatory frequency to a range of 200-800 cycles per second. Those who have no spiritual inclination whatsoever do not even come close to 800. So if you wish to see a reality or entities resonating at 1200-1800 per second you have considerable work to do, or they will continue to remain undetectable. This is not entirely the case for other species on your planet, as a domesticated pet will often allude to something beyond your field of vision. The reason other animals can do this is because their consciousness is not deeply combative or at odds with the natural world in which it lives. Human beings have allowed technological advances to alienate and disconnect them from mother Earth, and indeed from each other, in claustrophobic polluted cities. This fact is made manifest by the rise in suicide. A deep seated need to reconnect. The more you build artificial walls between you, the more barriers you have to each other, and to the world like the mystical realm of Faerie.

The mystical realm, we may call it, is a place where nature has reached a state of sentient intelligence where it has become self-aware. The planet Earth itself is self-aware. It has intelligent relationships and communications with other bodies in the solar system. It has bridged the connection between physical harmony and spiritual ascendency. The Earth is aware of other dimensions through which it occupies and operates. And where self-awareness exists, attraction of new life quickly follows. This accordingly results in alternative dimensions harbouring a broad spectrum of life, which occasionally interact with each other.

When you allow the mind to become self-aware, it shall facilitate purpose. When you allow the body to become self-aware, it shall facilitate healing. When you allow the soul to become self-aware, it shall facilitate the truth of reality. When all these are combined, it shall facilitate your connection to any reality you give purpose to explore.


[There is] neither “meant to be” nor “not meant to be”, there simply is what is. It only becomes otherwise when human beings assign personal values to it. Then it becomes whatever they have chosen it to be as their experience.


The spirit does not enter into physical state at any time. It remains in the ether world, but is connected to your human consciousness through the etheric cord attached to your solar plexus. This is a bit like an internet connection where data is flowing in both directions. When this connection is severed the physical body will no longer function, no matter how hard you try to resuscitate it.

Your spirit is omnipresent and aware of everything you do. Everything you do, think and feel is being memorised for eternity within your Akashic records.

Individually separate only for a heartbeat of time. The difficulty you are having is understanding what spirit is, and so you perceive conflict in its concept. The human consciousness returns to its source; the source of life and its ultimate joy – your spirit. The spirit wears your human consciousness like a costume acting a particular role in a play. Some souls become attached to this particular role after their passing because of their learnt belief systems or adopted attitudes of mind. This is also the case for traumatised souls. In these cases they will not yet be ready to accept nor perceive more of their real identity as a sentient being within a larger collective. The spirit permits this as an opportunity for experience and perspective.

Generally those of a spiritual nature on Earth, who have already accepted concepts and beliefs to which I have long described, will very quickly gain access to more aspects of themselves. They will not lose their human consciousness or free will, but it will expand at such a rate as to accept and incorporate more of their true Self. This true Self is the experience you know as love on Earth but magnified a thousand times. Your human consciousness will literally soak in so much love that it will transform the way you perceive who and what you are. This true identity is far more magnificent and beautiful than anything you can think yourself to be on Earth. Where every thought, word and deed you have brings love and joy to another being. You currently judge this ascension as a form of concern and conflict because you are emotionally attached to your human story. Well news for you! You have a far deeper emotional connection to something which awaits you. You cannot presently comprehend the full magnitude and magnificence of your existence outside of your physical one.

I have also said before, and shall make reference again, to emphasise its importance. In the spirit world, for those of a loving vibration, it is what you do that defines who you are, not who you are which defines what you do.

These concerns and reservations of identity you have previously voiced will not persist once you pass. In this understanding, know the human consciousness will not actually want to remain separate from such profound love and wholeness, that is your spirit. The human being that you now are is already reaching out to your spirit yearning it within every breath. It is the sublime love you most desire within your soul. Does this understanding not bring joy to your heart and resonate a truth beyond doubt?

Consciousness is consciousness; it becomes unimportant to label it human any longer. It is what you do, not who you are. Consciousness chooses to incarnate, not human consciousness.

The human consciousness does not grow tired. It opens up to higher frequencies of love which reveal more accurate truths. This love erodes the lower density flaws within the character of the soul which gravitates consciousness to divine insights and revelations. The human consciousness becomes so full of love that it cannot be recognised as human.

God-consciousness is Self-realised.

What do you wish to be? Love or suffering?


When you indicate consciousness being two you denote they are separate, when they are not. You do however experience them as separate because you are trying to experience spiritual consciousness using biological tools of observation and conclusion. From this point of view you aspire to have spiritual experiences by invoking your higher Self and your deepest qualities. Because the spirit seems out of reach and somewhat alien to you, you experience it as a separate identity. What you are actually doing is experiencing your creation through the eyes and perspective of the creation. Yet you are inseparable. You have simply chosen to create a perspective which places your awareness into a field of conditions which allows you to experience human concepts. Just as you would wear a space suit to explore a specific planet atmosphere or wear a costume to explore the role of a fictional character.

Human consciousness begins following the process of the zygote and embryo development. The consciousness which attaches to the developing offspring through the etheric cord is eventually over-ridden, due to the awareness which begins to form and new memories which overshadow them. This occurs because the vibration at which new human memories are forming cannot retain compatibility with the vibration of spiritual memory. This results in amnesia of spiritual identity. Spiritual awareness is thus layered over by new forming human memory and experience, which ultimately forms new thought behaviour and a new perspective of yourself. These events cause you to have a separate and excluding view of your spirit leading you to believe you are nothing more.

When you return to the spirit realm, you still retain this point of view of yourself, and it is not overridden by your spirit. It is not overridden because you had created many associations through your human journey and these are important to your soul. You will have the free will to explore these relationships further for as long as you desire, or for the rest of eternity if you so wish. You will also have the free will to revisit the planet at any time of your choosing if you have left loved ones behind, or merely to visit places of sentimental value. You may also do such things as walk on the surface of the moon, explore the ocean floor or whatever else you had not the opportunity to do while in body.

It will come to pass, however, that your desire for more will take you beyond the human identity you play now and you may gravitate to other aspects of your spirit journey when you are ready to do so.


The universe you are in is presently inflating at considerable speed succeeding the multifarious big bang schisms, and will continue to do so for trillions of years. Through a course of gradual declines the expansion will reach a climax and eventually, much, much later, collapse in on itself. Human beings, as they are now, will have long ceased to exist by this time. Fragments of your culture and technology will be fossils and relics studied by other races.

That which is your spirit existed long before the universe you know came into form. It will continue to do so long after it has gone. The universe is an infinitesimal event emerging within an even larger body, comparable to what your galaxy is within the universe. Galaxies migrate, interact, transform and collide with other galaxies and celestial mass, and accordingly transform again. A universe also does these things.

Your spirit and whatever form your soul takes will always have somewhere to go and something to create. It does not have to limit its experience to one universe, for how else could the journey remain eternal within the everlasting promise of Prime Creator?


Cause and effect in the spirit world is instantaneous. That is, your thoughts are an immediate cause of what you experience. It is your state of intent which gives form to thought, from consciousness to conscious experience. This is why it is important for you to master the mind while in physical state. It exists this way because thoughts are living things and the landscape of the spirit world responds to living things. Everything is connected, and you will gradually experience this truth through your encounters and interactions. How much of that connection you experience at any one moment will depend on what your current state of intent is.

You cannot however cause another to experience anything in the spirit world without their consent and participation. This is why you cannot cause other souls to overcome their difficulties or merely think them out of their current predicament. Free will prevails. You are cause then to your own reality but not that of anything or anyone else’s. But you can be cause and co-creator of a shared experience.


Music is not simply heard. After all, you do not actually have ears. It is felt as an experience. That experience is often a very personal one, and can sometimes be a group experience. Music has been known here to open doorways and vortexes to other places, change the fabric of landscapes, and summon different entities and deities. The string of specific musical tones and combinations produce static fields of vibration and pockets of reality which other intelligences can step into or out of for deliberate purposes. It is fostered onto the teaching that what is pleasurable for you also holds practical and explorative applications by purposeful design.


Your higher Self can be simplified into what it is your heart tells you. If you do not know what higher Self is or what it is pointing you towards, then look to where your heart points. Your higher Self wants what brings you happiness, joy and love, because these things bring you the most fulfilling experiences and greatest opportunities for growth. They also bring into your life the abundance you will need to sustain yourself and your family. In this you must trust. Confidence in your ability, in your resolve and in your determination will deliver you along the right path. Stick to what you know best, go with your strengths, but not not be fearful of change or the unknown. Any and all physical circumstance can be overcome with an adjustment to attitude, thought and direction. You are not a victim of circumstance; you are merely observing a process which leads to somewhere else, which has already been created on another level outside of your conscious awareness. The solution will come to you, I assure you, but it is up to you to choose how you shall experience it.


All life in the universe has its own intelligence and functions differently depending on its native environment. Just because their value system or simplistic lifestyle could seem primitive in comparison does not indicate lesser intelligence.

Having had countless contacts and collaborations with many, I observe copious factions, frequently sharing similar features and value systems which ultimately unite them into partnerships and trade enterprises. On the other hand, there appears to be some very distinctly different, and truly alien life forms, which bear no resemblance to anything else in the local star system or even host galaxy. Through inquiry this appears on the main to be due to extinction related events, similar to what you experience as endangered species on planet Earth. It is also observed that many species, either alone or on mass, appear to migrate great distances across the galaxy for various reasons. Some of those reasons still baffle many and attract immense interest by many different observers.


Do not resist that which brings change. What you resist, persists. Fear is that within ourselves which seeks to protect in self-preservation. Do not be afraid of making a wrong decision, for there are no wrong decisions. There are only decisions you resist, and it is this state of indecision and insecurity which causes you suffering.


Time is simply a frequency of awareness which follows a linear predictable pattern. As awareness changes so too does your relationship to time. In context of the spirit world, how time is experienced is completely contextual to where you are and what it is you are doing. Different events and different life forms follow different patterns of frequency. It is necessary to adjust your own frequency and awareness to accommodate and assimilate other events and other alien cultures outside of your own immediate experience. For those who do not care to venture into the unknown, remain in a perpetual predictable pattern of eternal now.


The illustrious inseparable spirit, which is your higher Self, is already “merged” with your human consciousness as you are reading these words. This is what the etheric strand is for. This is what your feelings are for. The spirit is already merged with your cellular structure. If this were not so you would not be able to reanimate your physical likeness in the afterlife, to which you already have evidence of. What occurs is acclimatisation of the human intellect and persona from “separate single carbon unit” to multidimensional spherical thought and mass. You are no longer restricted to singular 3 dimensional form, language or linear thought patterns.

You do not lose free will. That is incorrect. On reanimation within the spirit realm human consciousness is made aware of greater truths and given greater access to information, at a pace and place preferable to each individual. This acclimatisation, in increments, gravitates ones state of intent and baseline operating frequency to one where your relationship to what exists is redefined and recreated. The free will of the immediate observant persona dominates and dictates this pace and passage into the light of spiritual reawakening.


You do not understand because you are not using spherical thought of spiritual perception. This would grant you an understanding within the perception that there is no “this or that”, but always “this and that” coexisting in the same space, at the same time. Your human mind and intellect looks for conflict where spirit perceives none.

This human journey you are on is not who you really are. It is a thought construct given creative licence to bring into manifestation concepts already known to your spirit. Your misunderstanding is believing the spirit can or would have reason to cease activity or existence of the human persona and its creative licence. The spirit only has one primary desire; to experience concepts it has about itself in relation to everything else which exists. For anyone to conclude then that the human persona is no longer relevant or of practical use to the spirit after physical death is simply not comprehending what the spirit desires. What will eventually be the case is that the spirit can play multiple roles in multiple circumstances simultaneously, in multiple locations, without conflict or creative barriers. Your expanded awareness will allow you to operate and think in ways not currently available to you through the physical brain you are subject to on Earth.

Because the primary objective is the journey, which is a never ending one, the human persona is given free will to dictate what comes next after physical death. Almost always this leads to the pursuit of knowledge and experience, which, as it is in your world, redefines your sense of Self and how you wish to portray that to others.

It would serve you more favourably that you detach from any requirement to have any one particular “identity”. It is this attachment to define yourself in this manner which causes you conflict in your understanding of the afterlife.

It endures that it is the focus of your immediate state of intent which dictates the form you take in the afterlife. This is all that matters. It is your state of intent which creates who you appear to be and where you arrive at. Since you may relish in whatever shape and appearance suits a particular occasion it dictates that identity becomes unimportant. Only what it is you are doing becomes important to you.


All life in the universe has been designed with the capacity for connection to and communication with all other life. It was designed this way that you may eventually comprehend and utilize the model of the universe through which you exist, to one day co-create other universes. The model reveals in design, you are all one.

What you call psychic ability is simply a precursor, an adolescent bud, of a form of information processing and consciousness technology which dominates much of the universe. When this is fully developed it will allow humankind to access other realities, timelines and evolutionary choices.
It is not a requirement for an individual to subscribe to deep spiritual beliefs, or endure traumatic near death experiences in order to access these attributes. You already have evidence of this on your planet. Many of you experience moments of intuition, or what you call a gut feeling. There are reports of biological twins mirroring each others words and feelings. There are military training programs capitalizing on remote viewing applications and data retrieval. You simply must observe what is so.

These extraordinary senses were once very prevalent in human civilizations, before the time of great cities and skyscrapers, and survive today through cellular memory within your genetic lineage and within the environment around you. How you access this memory and sensory perception will be different for everyone. For some it takes a brush with physical death to redefine their sense of connection, for others it can be a conscious choice to reconnect with their natural environment and the voice through which it speaks.

The best way for you to reconnect with this ability is to practice using thought and feelings as your primary sense of reality. That is, reaching out with your thoughts and feelings on an energetic level to gain access to information. Your physical body was never meant to be the predominant instrument through which you access your universal truth. Your physical body is an instrument used to navigate the elemental kingdom.

Those professing psychic abilities post-death experience are due to the fact that their soul identity has been processing sensory information through consciousness alone, not through physical senses of the unoccupied body. When returning to the body thought patterns retain memory of doing this to some degree, facilitating some limited capacity to continue this form of interface. Though it is my observation that this ability diminishes over time in many cases. The near death experience did not cause them to inherit psychic ability, for such ability was always accessible to them. They simply remembered what they had forgot.


To begin with, there is never such a thing as “must return”or “have to”. There is no other being which exists which has authority over your sovereign spirit identity and the journey to which you have set yourself. Any contradicting view which does not align to this universal truth and originating from the spirit world has simply been misinterpreted or twisted through the tool of agenda. There has never been, nor shall there ever be, a higher authority than your eternal everlasting spirit. This is not an imaginary claim of grandeur, it is a fundamental design upon which the multiverse functions, and could not function any other way.

In regard to this sense of mission and purpose, in its original context, has to do with two aspects of your journey. The first relates to your soul group, which, in its core values and aspirations, embodies certain qualities and skill sets which stand out within their unique character as a form of expression. It is your deepest wish and those of your soul kin that you may embody these qualities within the physical realm, and many others. This does not dictate that specific set expectations or defined agendas govern and justify their physical existence. This line of thinking is a human one, and it denotes that spirit therefore must need something from and is subject to the events of physical state. It denotes that there is something spirit must do and a mission which must be achieved in order for spirit to perpetuate its eternal timeless existence. Human beings, in their attempts to comprehend the realm of the spirit, through their antiquated notions of success and failure, and through their need to justify their own existence, desire to adopt all sorts of agendas to give themselves a sense of purpose. To perpetuate the battle of good and evil to which they must succeed in their perception of who they are.

The second aspect of your journey relates to your human consciousness and soul persona. This is something which is conceived from birth and develops attributes through the experience you call physical life. As you develop from an adolescent into an adult you construct a human story and persona, complete with character traits and personal desires and aspirations. These characteristics shape what is defined as your human soul and consciousness identity, a sort of short project and thought construct of your spirit identity. It is this human identity which is granted the free will to co-create either the most harmonious and loving deeds or the most destructive and despicable. Because both are allowed to co-exist this should comfort you in the wisdom that spirit is not dependent on either and therefore is not subject to their successes or failures in physical state. When human consciousness, during NDE, tries to relate to a sense of purpose and having something more to do, this relates to the human persona, its journey, and how that consciousness wishes to fulfil its own innermost desires and resolve its own life story. It is not to do with the spirit needing something, or lacking something, but in fact to do with your human consciousness fulfilling something it wishes to create within its own expression of what and who it is for that time period.


You share a tiny blue water-based planet in a consistent submergence of environmental conditions. Why would you be so surprised that you share genetic traits with your fellow inhabitant life forms?

All life on planet Earth evolved from a predominant string of genetic material prevalent throughout your region of the universe. That is, similar monera, protist, fungi, plant and animal genetics were harvested on millions of other planets, but have simply, over time, evolved differently in characteristics due to environmental and intervening influences. There exists, for example, humanoid bipeds with familiar animal characteristics much like felines, reptiles, birds and rodents. In meeting them it begs the question how do these exhibit the same genetics and visual features as common creatures upon the Earth? To understand the answer you would have to accept a much broader perspective of what you are and what is taking place within your own galaxy, and beyond.


You wish to experience a reality of joy. The state of being called joy is the result of activity through love. When you exercise your will through something you love it invokes joy. What you may not know or be aware of is that this is your inherent natural state of being. When your etheric cord first forged a link with your biological counterpart it was done through an intense act of love. You were born from love. You are the result of joy. You have simply forgotten what it is to be joyful, and what it is for love to live. You have placed layers upon layers of convoluted conditions which get in the way of what love is, and what joy can be. You must identify these layers and conditions which blind you to how life can truly be for you, and those close to you.

Through every thought, word and deed, ask yourself what would love do now? If it does not bring you joy then that thought, word and deed did not come from love. This is your guiding light, and the star which will guide your way through the darkest night.

Worry is an appendage of fear. It is a modelled “SAT NAV” for navigating life through survivability consciousness. It relates to a future event which has not even happened, and therefore exists purely inside your own mind. You are afraid of a hypothetical mental concept which exists within you, to which you grant power of influence on your creative decisions. Because this hypothetical concept is based on the energy of fear it does not have access to a broader spectrum of possibility. Making important decisions based on this therefore will not be intuitive to what is ultimately available to you.

The SAT NAV of fear is useful for navigating you and your loved ones from physical harm, but it does not allow you to venture off the beaten track and explore a different destination.

What you currently seek is a different destination; a different outcome to your life as it is now experienced. What you must do then is follow not the path another would put you upon, but pave your own route off the predefined path. Do not follow the outdated SAT NAV created by others that will lead you off a cliff face, but apply your own feet in your own direction, at your own pace. Here you will discover the truth of who you are through the journey you undertake, through the convictions of your commitments. Do not be deterred by no visible predefined path in front of you, or the obstacles that stand in your way. It is up to you to lay the groundwork for the route to form a visible path. Apply what strengths you have to your advantage and allow the journey to refine them, instead of berating ones you feel you do not possess. Life will always, in all ways, deliver to you exactly what you need to experience what you choose. Look at what you are choosing.


A soul cannot be damaged, therefore does not require healing. It can however wear the robes of negative experience which stick to it like layers of Papier-mâché. Healing, in your definition, would then involve peeling of unwanted layers one by one. The truth is thereupon revealed.


Judgement is a pre-loaded thought environment created through interpretations of past experiences. It is an adopted value system within your human consciousness.

Doubt originates from pre-loaded thought environments concerning pre-defined limitations in how you perceive yourself. Doubt is an adopted value system within your human consciousness, which is a learnt behaviour. It did not originate from spirit, for the transparency which spirit is dissolves doubt. Truth reveals itself. So yes, they are the same.

Wisdom, or heart wisdom, is aligned with spirit, and therefore not at the behest of learnt behaviours and impaired values of human mind.

My advice is, therefore, doubt no-thing. Accept the possibility that life is infinite enough to contain all things, but that you are simply choosing which of those become your experience.”



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Enlightenment cannot be attained through the thought processes of personal persona or thinking yourself to have ‘achieved’ something, for the concept of achievement comes from the thought processes of human persona. If you think you have ‘achieved’ enlightenment, then you in fact have not. When you have found enlightenment, you will actually never form the question, is this enlightenment? You will simply have no thought about it to question the state you are in.

Enlightenment is not a thing which becomes apparent to one, or something which ‘clicks’ one fine morning. It is something which you become without you knowing you have become it, for you actually let go of the need or want to be that.

There is no persona present of ‘I want to be enlightened’. As long as your desire exists to attain a thing called enlightenment, you will never experience it. You will simply exhibit characteristics of behaviour and mind which, in your own value structure, deem to be a form of enlightenment.

Someone else far more wise than you will then come along and say, well that is not enlightenment. Enlightenment does not require persona; it does not want to be Self-achieved. It is a pure state of bliss, connectivity and spirit union which takes place when one gives of themselves without thought for themselves, for they no longer experience themselves as ‘selves’, only one with everything. In this state, there is no thought of ‘I am enlightened’, for there is no thought of ‘I’ ever arising.

Let us address what you deem to be an ‘advanced being’. Who and how would you define a being to be [spiritually] advanced?

If perhaps you choose to refer to those who perform some practice akin to the mahasamadhi, or who are said to attain enlightenment through the aspirations towards the rainbow body, then I would comment that such activities do not make one more advanced than another. Should it be that some idolized guru in some distant land is able to transmute the cellular body to a pure light body, it is not to say their spirit is any more advanced than anyone else’s. For what they can do, so too can you, if you so choose. Should it be their belief that in performing this apparent miraculous and profoundly spiritual feat results in the discontinuation of the so-called cycle of rebirth, then good luck to them. It is notable to observe that many other beings in the cosmos can adeptly perform similar feats, and yet demonstrate very little in the way of human spiritual values or loving intentions. This ability has more to do with understanding thought and the science of its capacity, rather than actual spiritual attainment, for the spirit is already ‘enlightened’. It is simply that there are those who wish to experience a type of en-lighten-ment whilst within a carbon form.

Everyone has the capacity to detach from their physical counterpart and return to the spirit world at any time, much like your dream states. This is done by detaching the etheric cord from the solar plexus. Though this is so, the intent to do this must come from one of love. For if it is not done in love and in the highest honour and respect, you invite the susceptibility of other energies and entities taking advantage of your unwanted human body. One must also remember that your spirit, which is your True Self, does not actually enter physical time and space, so you are not so much returning home, but withdrawing your conscious awareness from its carbon container.

It is possible for some to synchronize the carbon container on a cellular level to transmute its elemental properties to pure light, at the time of conscious withdrawal. This light, which animated the elements that comprised the carbon form then return to their source. In such instance the carbon form bypasses the linear deterioration to their elemental state.

On the reverse end, as it were, those who are already, in a manner of speaking dead, can perform a similar feat by animating elemental prana of the cellular memory of an individual or object, essentially reanimating the carbon form in physical state temporarily. This is a difficult and energy-demanding action which is often associated with the shining ones.

Your human body, which is often interpreted as being physical, is also made of light. So in a sense, it is also a ‘light-body’. It is an orbit system of gas and chemicals, which, in its true essence have very little real solid matter at all.

As you may be aware, it is possible for spirit to manifest in physical form. So in a sense, consciousness of ‘higher vibrations’ can ‘descend’ to occupy convenient forms suited to particular environments. Because of cellular memory, consciousness can then recreate the particles required to wear certain skins worn as other beings. This is why it is also possible to merge with other beings within the spirit world, and then separate as individual identities when and where necessary. It is also how your spirit can be one with the creator, yet at the same time, or rather, within the concept of time, exist separate from that having an individual identity journey.

It is important similarly that one does not attach human ego to understandings of vibration, being higher or lower. This concept of one being ‘better’ or more of greater worth is a fiction of human ego. The colour blue is not of greater value than the colour orange. All colours are a product of the same source. All vibrations are a product of the same instrument.

Also, some refer to the chemical and bioelectrical process called kundalini, which has to do with connectivity within the biological body, particularly with the nervous system, spinal cord, brain and endocrine system. Unfortunately many seek this stimulant chemical connectivity and activity as some means of professed ladder mechanism of enlightenment. It does not make a being more spiritual or more wise than they were before, it simply works to enhance the functioning processes within the physical structure, which also alters the way the human brain interacts and processes information. Enlightenment is not something which is obtained or reached by some form of activity or measurable ladder of attainment, it is something which others proclaim you possess when you let go of self to the present moment in which you are in complete acceptance of, and at peace with.



Spiritual Paths

“A spiritual path has nothing whatsoever to do with being able to achieve Kundalini, psychic abilities or any other activity promoted as some form of spiritual advancement. It is important for you to acknowledge this, and not to measure your own spiritual progress against what other people believe progress to be. Your spiritual path has more to do with your core central values you resonate as a sentient being of light within the etheric realms, which you aspire to anchor within physical state. You do this by discovering the goodness within yourself and creating a pathway in your life paved from the light and love of this goodness.

Your interests and attractions to specific spiritual beliefs and practices will come and go, but your core central values will always remain the same. This is because these values are at the level of spirit identity which resonate through every fibre of your being, literally. When you think, feel and act in accordance with these values they will resonate a familiar truth with you. Use your gift of creativity in every thought, word and deed to discover what resonates most within you. Follow this resonate rhythm and it shall open the flow to your spiritual path.

Meditation does not follow any one belief system. In fact, its true function is to free you from every belief system.”


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Universal Laws

As to any reference of God, and what God can and cannot do, that would depend on your interpretation of what God is to you, and how God is experienced in your reality. If, as I have said, that which God is allows destruction as well as life, then there would be no intention of intervention on the part of God to initiate either. To suggest that God would choose one thing over another implies that God has an ego similar to man, therefore is prone to flaw, similar to man. This philosophical view of God is then flawed. It is the process of certain universal laws, which animate the current universe which produces life, and thus takes it. Do not limit that which God is to the mere foundations of law of a singular universe. Should it be that one planet, or one race be extinguished in physical state, then this is a result of universal law in motion, not the result of a personified God figure choosing one thing over another. This is why humanity must accept full responsibility for its fate.

There are many names for these laws, in many languages and cultures. Some say there are 7, some say there are 12, others perhaps more. The real number is around 52 in essence, which are revealed through the process of awareness. They correspond to one another and work in harmony with each other.

It is possible to attempt to define such laws and subsidiary laws, but that would prove most ineffectual for optimal spiritual benefit. The fascination with humanity in accumulating more and more information within the persona, while having some transitory benefits, also produces many burdens and barriers. It is simplicity of the mind and of the heart which gains true spiritual wisdom, hence it is not for you to pour in more information, but in fact to pour out what you already possess which is diluting your very soul.

In light of this, consider these brief but important laws which at present are particularly relevant and useful for you at this time.

Law of free will – Life that becomes self-aware becomes aware of their own will to choose that which they create.

Law of karma – Every cause gives way to an effect. You reap what you sow. That which you create, returns to you. The created seeks the creator – the circle becomes complete. That which you do onto others, is done onto you, for all are One.

Law of intent – Your every intention is a statement of a truth. The universe shall always, in all ways, deliver the experience of the truth of your intention. Your intentions will always define the experience of your Self.

Law of equilibrium – Otherwise known as the law of harmony, reveals that the universe in its very design finds its own state of equilibrium through the process of change.

Law of proximity – Everything has its own proximity to everything else and is therefore subject to other conditions which separate it from everything else.

Law of growth – All things which exist are compelled to survive and grow in their very nature, even if it contradicts or opposes the growth of something else.

Law of One – Nothing exists which does not originate from the One source of all life. Nothing exists which is not connected to all other things in existence. All aspects of the source shall ultimately seek one another out for it is their nature to nourish themselves on their original source which first conceived them.

Law of attraction – Like attracts like; that which you give out you shall in turn receive, for you are giving onto yourself. Thought forms intent – intent affirms choice – choice manifests reality.

Law of change – All things are designed to change to accommodate its own design for growth, perfection and harmonic equilibrium within its own environment.

Law of relativity – All things are self-realized only by its relationship to all other things.

Law of polarity – All things have its equal and opposite polarity. This allows free will and choice to exist.

Law of rhythm – All things move and behave within their own state of rhythm which is inherent to their natural state of harmony.

Law of creation – All thought creates. Nothing manifests but through a thought which invites its existence.

Law of action – Any and all action or inaction produces an equivalent reaction.

Law of resonance/vibration – All things resonate a core frequency vibration which determines its core nature and its relationship to all other things.

Law of correspondence – As above – so below; as within – so without.

Law of time – The experience of time is relative to the awareness of the relationship between different things in motion.

Law of truth (universal truth) – All truths may co-exist simultaneously. The experience of truth becomes a choice.

There are subsequently sub-laws which extend from these, such as the law of sequence which is experienced via the law of change. Such laws are experienced differently depending on relative awareness within those laws and your ability to bend yourself around them. Yes, some may say you cannot bend universal laws. Yet such laws operate differently depending on what frequency you exist within. Currently humanity is significantly influenced by these laws because of the frequency they occupy.

Power, control and greed flourish far beyond this solar system. Where there is a shortage of something and an abundance of it, there will always be manipulation involved. This stems from survival and preservation instincts of biological organisms on many planets, and amplified by fear, belief and self-importance. Because such instincts are commonly produced in life forms it is common sense to conclude other races experience the same disharmonious behaviours in their societies, and subsequently have both ‘good’ eggs and ‘bad’ eggs, or as the case apparently is, fractured groups.

The universal laws have often been interpreted as ‘Gods will’ by tribes all over the world. What they really saw was a force in effect which was greater than their own ability to create themselves. Yet this is not the will of God in effect, but merely the energy matrix program functioning by itself as it was set up to do. Humanity can either bow and become subservient to the laws of the known universe, or they can ascend their frequency state and learn to bend themselves in such a way as to manipulate such laws to their own whim.

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Achieving spiritual potential is a simple matter of achieving connectivity. It is so simple a child can be observed doing it every day. No complicated philosophy or special new age knowledge is required to direct thoughts, intentions and actions in a way which connects you to all other things. How can an individual connect to their own spirit gifts if they fail to connect with the gifts of nature that sit right in front of them? If an individual has not the attitude or inclination for the sacred physical connections necessary for balance, how then can such attitude attune them to receive sacred spiritual sources? If an individual has not the commitment to connect to other voices of the world to end atrocities, how then can they have the commitment to connect to the voice of their own spirit?

You must seek the wisdom and lessons of your ancient tribesmen, those who live in harmony with the land. Even those who live in smaller communities and remote villages can teach you much about connectivity. These obtrusive artificial cities and living conditions cause disconnection in mind, body and spirit. You must look upon the environment which you live in and contribute to and raise your awareness of its influences upon you as a being. Not only influences on your chemical biological level, but so too on your emotional and mental level through which you compose decisions for your life. What are you connecting to in your current sacred space and environment? What information are you bombarded with and being made to process in your consciousness? What values are you allowing to guide you and bring purpose and meaning to your life? How are you representing your own spirit identity and soul group on Earth?

Connect with your inner sacred values. Connect with your own species and seek to understand your own nature. Connect with your own planet and understand how it connects to your own well-being. Connect with the other animals and insects to understand their own wisdom and behaviour. Connect your voice to others to educate and raise awareness of imbalances that effect you all. Before spiritual potential can be received the vehicle through which it is delivered must be suitably designed. Connect to your spiritual ideals and aspirations by creating the environment necessary for them to grow in.

The environment within you will find balance for spiritual growth when the environment outside you supports it. Even if at first this means creating for yourself a small safe space in which to find your true core values, then this shall be your first step. Within this small safe space where your internal environment finds balance, you must then seek to harmonize this balance with your external environment. If one is not in harmony with the other then you cannot function as a suitable vehicle for your spiritual nature.

You will only perceive a thing which exists in the vibratory frequency of the senses you are at present utilising to coordinate yourself in any particular dimension. This is to say, everything that your senses are not tuned into on that frequency will remain invisible to you, and often times you will be invisible to them also. This means there are infinite realities using the same space that you are presently occupying, most of which are completely oblivious to you, and you to them. However, at times these realities become closer at certain geographical points and aspects of the two realities manifest within the other, usually only for a short period of time.

Do not think of your dimension as a fixed solid structure of reality – that would be completely untrue. Nothing in reality is ever truly solid or physical – that is simply how you as a human being perceive it at present. Think of it more as a fluctuating membrane that is constantly shifting and moving like the waves of an ocean. Sometimes waves will clash into one another. Depending on the direction and behaviour of the wave upon an ocean, or the direction of the destiny of the human species, what dimension you engage with will depend on your energy momentum and activity. Human beings have, over time, alienated themselves away from the energy resonance and natural activity of the mother Earth, and in doing so have distanced themselves from the dimensions of connectivity you once shared. This means you have also alienated yourself away from the ability to see and perceive life forms which are now out of your visual perception range, but who still interact and use Earth in the same space.

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The reason you cannot remember your time in the spirit world is because such memories are of a multi-dimensional state information format, which are stored in your spirit state. Your ancient spirit does not come with you into the physical dimension and therefore such memories remain behind. It is your soul, or body of energy consciousness which interacts more closely with your biological body. Information of your physical status and energy state is transferred through your silver cord to your spirit, which is attached to your solar plexus. It is possible to download information from your spirit in this way, much like an internet cable, if you learn to listen and engage the voice of your own spirit.

You do not remember your original source identity, your original intent, because the human being you have become, the persona you have created for yourself from birth, to be as it is, has overridden the subtle-Self, the pure Self, to the extent that it no longer has a voice which is heard. Said differently, the ego of your current persona (costume), which has largely developed from survival instincts and singular thought has become the dominant sponsoring controlling thought about who you actually are. When I say singular thought, what I mean is, your consciousness from being able to be multiple identities at once, doing multiple things at once has suddenly found itself confined into one singular carbon biological unit. The effects of you becoming limited to just one ‘thing’ has compacted your perception so much you actually believe this ‘thing’, this persona is all you are. Your consciousness has been pushed into a tiny box and now all you presume you are is that which you can observe inside the box, so your thinking is limited. You need to think outside the box.

Because being in physical state and its constant obligations to survive, to focus on your environment, to look for food, look for work, keep yourself safe from harm, all this has placed your thinking and perception into survival persona. This of course is not something you are used to because none of these requirements exist in the spirit world. These are very powerful influencing factors which cause amnesia to who you actually are as a spirit.

It is also to be understood that memory is accessed via vibration. In oscillations of energy and beats per second. Being in human form within a dense physical vibration means you will undoubtedly find limitations in what information is available to you, and how it is experienced. This is also why I tell you, if you want to access more information than you already have about who you are, look towards your feelings, for they resonate at a higher oscillation than most of the thoughts you have.

A lot of the dense matter you consume in diet, such as animal meat, alcohol and white products release chemicals into your body which lower the oscillation count and vibrational rate at which your energy resonates, creating more layers between you and this ever-present vault of information from your spirit.

It is the state of one’s beliefs and state of intentions, of thought and of feeling we speak of. It is these things which cause the amnesia of your spirit identity. As your beliefs, intentions, thoughts and feelings begin to lose their attachment to your physical body and the physical life you left behind, you no longer become infected by their dense hypnotic persuasion.


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Direct prayers to God are essentially direct prayers to your own spirit and higher Self; for there is no separation between the two except in your current thought processes. The will and wonderment of God is no different to the will and wonderment of that source which is your spirit. This means what God wants and aspires for you is the very same thing as what your spirit and higher Self wants and aspires for you. By connecting and conditioning your prayers, your intentions and your energies towards that which is your spirit, or higher Self, you invoke forward the wisdom and wonderment of God into you. That which is God will always, in all ways, speak to you through you, as part of you, as you are a part of it.

The challenge that many human beings have is that they readily acknowledge the power and greatness of some unseen, unheard deity persona, and invest very little of the same faith into the capacity and capability of their own spirit presence. The spirit of all living things, regardless of its physical form, need to be given the same prestige and reverence as human beings cast upon their deities. Do not judge spiritual power by physical appearance. If one fails in this understanding then they fail to understand themselves and all other beings in the universe.

What this is suggesting to you is that by praying, or doing these other intentful and invoking practices of love towards your own spirit or higher Self, you will facilitate not only an equal condition of response, but often a greater and more identifiable condition of response. What your consciousness is basically doing is placing trust in your own inner power and thus allowing that power to manifest something in your life by inviting that to happen. You do not need these other spirit personas or alleged masters to create your own miracles. You simply need to recognise the miracle you are.

Praying to something or someone you do not understand always raises potential problems for you are not attuned to their vibration in order to reach them directly. Unfortunately many of the beings you might refer to as Archangels, God or ET Masters are so beyond your reach in terms of vibrational compatibility that communication (as you would desire it to be) would simply not be possible. For if at all they should reply, their response would be so potently full of love that the very experience of their reply would completely overwhelm you, and likely end your physical life. You would simply cease the will to live as a physical being and become completely unrooted and ungrounded, fall into a coma, lose your mind or pass over immediately.

What I have come to observe is that various parties within the spirit world will actually create mechanisms and design instruments which work to filter and funnel forms of communication down to specific physical beings on Earth. These are overall quite rare to see and are only implemented by those who lean towards a scientific mode of communication.

In terms of prayer it is most likely you will be more successful with forms of thought transfer and prayer to loved ones you knew upon the Earth who have now passed over. This is because your consciousness and energy state still retains a vibrational awareness of that individual, and when thinking of that individual you automatically connect to their specific vibrational signature in the spirit world. This is to say, most of the time, your loved ones are aware whenever you are directing a thought to them should you wish to say something to them. Your doorkeeper or soul guardian, who remains at your side permanently, is always aware of what you are doing, or attempting to do. There is never a time when you are alone. Though your privacy is understood and respected.

I wish to make a suggestion to you that instead of attempting to connect to a specific spirit guide of whom you know nothing about, you in fact speak and send your prayers to your very own spirit source. In doing so there is never a time when you cannot be heard for your vibration will always remain compatible with that of your own spirit. You will also be able to recognise your own energy presence. You must trust yourself and your own spirit completely to have the wisdom and the capacity to do what any other being in the spirit world can do, for such is the truth of it.

Indeed, just because you are sending energy and thoughts out into the etheric world you cannot be naive in thinking you are simply going to get what or whom you ask for every time. It is a matter of proximity of who or what is in compatibility with what you are sending out and what exactly you are sending out, why you are doing it and where you are doing it. The actual physical geographical location will have an effect on what you are sending out and what is received. The intent in what you are asking for will also effect how it is sent out and who perceives it. It is always wise to ask your own spirit or those who watch over you to place filters of protection upon you before inviting in energies or entities of unknown origin. You can do this by authoritively commanding your own energy space to wield to your will and coat you in an envelope of your own purest vibration and inner light. Collate the love energy between those of your group and forge it into a bubble around you, which will then also act as a vibrational antenna.

What you must understand is that when you invite beings of the etheric domain into your personal space, they will always seek to use the energy around you in order to connect with you and remain in your presence. This is to say, the energy you set up around yourself prior to prayers and other forms of communication is very important, for this is the energy other beings are going to be drawing on to get close to you. It is my advice then to always cleanse the physical environment prior to you wishing to reach out into the etheric world, as well as your own state of being and those within the group you may be in. And remember, do not automatically presume all beings are who they say they are just because they can imitate kindness. Yet I say to you, do not be afraid or downhearted by one negative event, for there are many beautiful opportunities to be created.

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Spirit Communication

To verify the veracity of spirit communication you would wish to ask questions which you would normally not be able to answer yourself through your own conscious memory of experience or learned source (books). You would seek an answer which could not be formulated in accuracy from your own mind, but would have to come from an external perspective and source of experience you have not had. The question you pose must be adequate to facilitate an answer in return which can be verified by other people or professional sources in the field of which you are inquiring. So, if you are asking a question about space, you would ask something which could be verified by an existing reliable source such as NASA, or other space research facility. Or more simply done, have another person sit with you during your channeling and ask your spirit source something about that person which only that person could verify. This may come in the form of words, of visions or of sensations in your own physical organism.

You will also wish to look out for synchronicities and other signs of verification. You may ask for example, a sign or synchronicity to be placed before you in your day ahead which cannot easily be dismissed or interpreted as your own energy doing it. For example, if you are channelling a loved one, ask them to place something in front of you during your day which holds significant personal meaning to do with that spirit or their physical life. Do not make it too difficult for them by requesting to hear their favourite song, or something difficult to facilitate in such short notice. Ask for a sign, but be passive in your approach of your day when expecting it. Do not go looking for it at every turn, just allow it to capture your attention by itself in its own way.

Understand, just because you may appear to be channeling a spirit, and that may seem very genuine, it is not to say they are contacting you from the higher realms of love and light within the halls of information; for they may actually be Earthbound – which they presume from their perspective is what the spirit world is. They may actually be a life form from your own universe, or one parallel in the same physical space, but interact with you as if they are from the spirit world – when it is simply you cannot perceive them. Just because you cannot see something, do not immediately presume the source to be from the spirit world of love and light. No genuine spirit in the spirit realm of love and light will ever claim some grand persona of distinction or power, and will never claim to be an ascended master or any such hierarchical status; for in the planes of light there is no need for such distinctions. In fact they cannot exist there for one dissolves such attitudes of mind and personal ego before they can access true wisdom and One-ness.

Do not be afraid to ask your channeled source for verification, they are already aware and prepared that you will ask this. In fact they will often be enthusiastic to facilitate some form of proof of an afterlife for you, which would then relieve some of your own fears in the process.

What you must remember about spirit communication is that the information is only as accurate as is the human instrument in their efficient receptivity, and as is the spirit communicator informed within their present state of consciousness, regardless if they are of the spirit world. Even those in spirit can retain bias and adopted perspective in their pursuits and personas. This will help to explain why information from the spirit world can be different, for different beings have different accesses of information, as well as different approaches of obtaining information. An extraterrestrial guide, or a terrestrial animal guide for example will have a different perspective and approach of information than a human guide, because they will be coming from a different origin of perspective, and may often times have different value systems.

As with all sources, including this one you are reading now, you must scrutinise with utmost diligence of your inner heart council and believe only what your heart knows to be true.

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Health, Nutrition, Toxins, and Healing

I persist to emphasize the importance of pure water consumption. Your biological system is a chemical soup derived mostly from water, and as such depend on the most mineral rich oxygenated water available. Those that provide your water source for a monetary fee provide you with water which is heavily contaminated with many toxic chemicals and bacteria which seriously impact your health. Water on Earth is a natural resource and as such should never have to be paid for, as it belongs to all beings. If you wish to observe just how many contaminates are in your water supply you may wish to explore the properties and application of the mineral biotite, which, once in water will cause contaminants to solidify into observable particulates.

These contaminates are the cause of many of your health afflictions.

So too I emphasise the importance of diet, not as a cure to, but as a prevention of all known disease and illness. So too do I confirm that diet is a prominent factor in reducing physical pain, discomfort and all known skin disorder. You are not that which you consume, you are more so that which your body cannot consume. This is to say, the many impurities and contaminants you consume persist within the body long after you have consumed them. These contaminates, as they collect in your biological system, begin to cause internal disease and external skin conditions of all known varieties.

The very seeds of your nutrition, all the way to the very products on your consumer shelves are presently being manipulated by geoengineering and food corporations in partnership with pharmaceutical firms. This is to say, many of the popular food brands and products in large supermarket chains contain modified properties void of essential nutritional value, and are being observed to cause increasing health related conditions worldwide. Consequently, your profiteering pharmaceutical firms are ready to reap the financial benefit as you blindly subscribe to their medications, vaccinations and declarations of corrupt science.

The so-called health benefits of animal flesh, of dairy and of fish, which have been falsely advertised to you by the very food companies that profit from their purchase are deceiving you. For example, it is advertised that oily fish is essential for your diet for omega-3. This is incorrect, for plant based omega-3 is significantly better for you. The truth, which you will not receive through controlled media outlets, is that present day aquatic life is extensively contaminated with toxic chemicals, as incorrupt scientists will prove. Incidentally to this I illuminate that aquatic life numbers are vastly diminishing as we speak. Not only this, but some are being mutated into new species by the contamination found within oceanic waters, and the phytoplankton which creates most of the worlds oxygen is dying.

It is hereby my suggestion to passionately embrace organic plant based nutrition in combination with purer water consumption and a healthy lifestyle. It is through this route of attitude and action which will, through to a few months reveal a reduction of all known ailments of the physical body, including that of Lupus & Fibromyalgia.

The typical western diet is one based primarily on convenience and minimal monetary cost rather than nutritional value. Though this is changing through growing awareness I am pleased to say. I suggest a diet based on nutritional value and environmental respect, on organically grown and honestly produced ingredients.

The most harmful toxins introduced into the lives of the common individual are such things as pesticides, household volatile organic compounds, pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics, heavy metals, perchlorate, asbestos, phthalates, polychlorinated biphenyl, bisphenol A, triclosan, radon deposits, hexavalent chromium, household moulds and so forth.

Be vigilant of what containers are used to store the products you buy and bring into your home. Be diligent and aware of cleaning products; if they have a warning or caution sign placed upon them then they are clearly toxic and an alternative should be found. So too be knowledgeable in aspects to do with soaps and cosmetics and their active ingredients.

With this said, and with your desire to help people and animals, let not the challenges of human condition dictate your measure of self-value or life value. The value of your spirit, and the value of life should remain always the same in the face of all else.

Now, in terms of your health and wellbeing, if you are within a state of perpetual love, infection and dis-ease is much less likely to exist or persist. Since love is an emotional response to the consciousness interaction of bond-ship, of connectedness, your physical being will also mimic this connectivity and each cell in your body will communicate proficiently with one another on many levels. This creates a strong immune system as well as provides a stable balanced chemical environment to transfer healing antibodies to damaged or infected cells. Love also raises your vibration making it more difficult for lower vibratory life forms and viral beings to reproduce themselves efficiently due to the fact you are providing a challenging environment for them, as life can often be for the human being.

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You ask what is the point, yet not all you perceive necessarily equates or exists to serve the convenience of your human intellect alone. Because you are far more than simply intellect, it is not for your intellectual mind to fully understand all aspects of the being that you are. It is for your intellectual mind to accept there are dimensions to who you are which do not have to adhere to any significance or have a specific point to satisfy the physical brain or perception of value. There are values to your spirit, to your soul, which your human intellect will never fathom through analytical mind. Just because you cannot perceive benefit in a physical sense, does not mean there are no benefits for other aspects of that which you are.

With this said, first understand you are not responsible for the dreams you have. Should your dreams be uncharacteristic of your waking state, perhaps they are immoral or disturbing in nature, this is not a clear representation of your true being and so you should never feel guilty or embarrassed by them. In your waking state your free will prevents you from acting out such immoral or disturbing thoughts, or so it is for most people. Understand thoughts are living conscious creations which take on a life of their own. You are not your thoughts; you are that which is made aware of thoughts, and it is your human intellect which seeks to place ownership upon them to call them yours. They are not you, they exist independent of you at all times. Just as bacteria that help keep your physical body alive exist independently with their own consciousness. You make use of them, for they serve a valuable purpose in experiencing the physical world.

During your dream state your human brain is still very active and receiving and sending signals, chemicals and producing electromagnetic fields. Thoughts, because they are independent living things, seek self-expression and exploration. They do this by interfacing with different cellular memories, particularly your sensory functions to facilitate imagery to play out creative potentials of themselves. Understand thoughts come from many sources. From your subconscious, from your own cellular memories and from other beings altogether, that live inside you, and those that live outside of you. Because they interface with your cellular memories they mimic your human persona, your human personality and desires wonderfully. However, because your thoughts are not you, they lack your conscious will and consequently do not adhere to your waking moral code or structure of self-restraint. So then, these thoughts, which you often call yours, embark on a voyage of self-expression and creation which are recorded in your consciousness memory as dreams. In a sense, in your dream state, certain potentials are played out using your cellular memories to write holographic fabrication thought programs.

At times when those in spirit choose to interface with you in your dream state, they will connect with your cellular memory, your cellular computer drive, and in a sense load themselves into a holographic fabricated thought program. In other words, they will initiate a thought transfer and direct their own thoughts to create images and sensations in your dream using information, or symbolisms from your cellular memory.

What you must be discerning of is your own personal desires which overlay the interpretations of your dream states. Understand your own human biological brain and how it continues to function and process information in your sleep states. As the muscles of your body relax, your attention is detached from exterior stimuli and you enter your sleep state, your conscious will persona folds in on itself. This means the observer that you identify as you is folded inward into its core vibration, the vibration that flows through your solar plexus through your etheric cord. This is one and the same vibration as that of your soul group which you have raised query to. In a sense, your personality, your conscious will is detached from your physical body and your body functions independent of you, though you are still connected via your etheric cord. What your physical brain then does independent of you is it continues to stimulate areas of the brain which control visual patterns of information. Information, more specifically memory, is stored within different vibrations.

Many of the visual experiences you encounter within your sleep states relate to the way in which your brain accesses stored memory images and brings them to life. If you can imagine your consciousness like that of a crop circle formation. A crop circle is a visual pattern of information which is given language through form. From a perspective on the ground the crop circle is simply a perplexing fold of corn. From the air it has a different perspective of greater value for it reveals patterns of information that forms images and diagrams.

Like a crop circle, your brain processes patterns of information which are interpreted and given value by you depending on what perspective you have of it. When you perceive imagery within your dream this is because your brain is accessing memories of imagery and form to give interpretation and language to patterns it is receiving and processing. Your brain is trying to make a crop circle formation within your dream state to express certain activity inherent within your active mind. This means you will often dream about things which you may fear, which portray you or another acting out questionable things or sequences which are re-occurrences from past events. You are not actually causing or controlling these sequences, simply that your brain is responding to stimuli still taking place to which it associates visual forms of language to, borrowed from the memories it already has access to. Put simply, much of the time your dreams are simply a natural process of your brain working independent of your free will conscious identity.

Your conscious identity, though aware of such dreams, is often folded into a deeper state of consciousness, which withdraws its conscious will somewhere completely different. On the occasion when it gains access to such dreams, this is what is known as lucid dreaming; when your free will persona is present within the aforementioned activity of mind.

This is however not to say that all experiences within sleep states are the functionings of the independent mind. Sometimes those of the spirit world, those of the physical world, and those between will place something of their own within your awareness during sleep.

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Should we come to discuss the concept of dimensional realities within the parameters of the human mind there is going to be immediate boundaries of language. This is because a state of mind, a state of feeling, and a state of consciousness necessary to relate and comprehend these other realities fully can only be achieved whilst entirely free from human persona and individuated consciousness. In other words, you would have to entirely and completely let go of your human identity.

With this said, it is still possible to relate certain foundations of conceptualization to reproduce understanding through the human mind. I see this is most commonly done so through the use of numbers and defined divisions. Such as the third dimension, the forth and fifth, and so on. This division is understood to allow the human mind to relate to things in a linear, progressive and individuated way. So this is the way we shall look upon it.

The first dimension can be equated to the core energy of the Earth. That is the vibration at which the consciousness of the planets heart resonates. Here lies the seed and emitting energy source of all native life upon the planet Earth. The heart of the Earth is also the location upon which meditations should be focused to connect with the ancient databank of knowledge and memory of all living organisms.

The second dimension can be equated to the mineral kingdom. This relates to the aspect of the planet around its lithosphere. Here is where the beings you understand as elementals govern the chemical, mineral and such things as bacterial life. These very ancient beings will communicate and interact with you through the mineralization, chemicalization and bacteria elements of your biology. Synchronizing those within your biology with the resonance of Earth will facilitate healing of all known disease and disharmony. This is what I have previously referred to as terrestrial sound and healing.

The third dimension can be equated to the reality human beings reside within. This is the dimension where linear conceptualization dominates; the concept of space and time. This is where chemicalisation and mineralization expand into evolved physical forms. This is where human beings co-exist and experience things of both the 2nd dimension and aspects of the forth.

The forth dimension can be equated to mass consciousness. It is here the spawn of new ideas and concepts of imagination are brought into human perceptibility from the more subtle realms. It is here where clouds of consciousness and energy either uplift humanity or invoke devastation and atmospheric corrosion. It is also here where other beings, often mistaken for extraterrestrials reside.

The fifth dimension can be equated to the dimension of love and heart wisdom. It is here where the individual surpasses mass consciousness and discovers their own inner voice; their own guiding source of spirit. It is here where unconditional love and states of bliss are experienced. It is also where beings often interpreted as angels communicate from.

The sixth dimension can be equated to the foundation of sacred geometry and the blueprint of all physical life. It is here where all things are given form from light and sound frequency. This is where divine knowledge and information comes through in symbolism and sacred shapes that form the structure of all manifestation. It is also where such beings as those who communicate to humanity through strange dreams, divine signs and crop circles originate.

The seventh dimension can be equated to cosmic and universal sound; the sound that governs vibrational resonance. It is sound which produces the foundation of sacred geometry that forms the structure of life itself. It is from here that the formless is Self-realized into divine form and given their characteristic vibratory index. It is here the sounds of the universe can be heard and their properties fully realized. This can be equated to the voice of prime creator.

The eighth dimension can be equated to divine light, for it is here that light gives birth to all things, and makes all things possible. This can be understood as prime creator, or oneness with your divine spirit. The light emanating from this source penetrates, permeates and produces all things in existence.

The ninth dimension can be equated to time. Here lies the seed of the entire process of all universes, all dimensions, all life. The process of life, of expanding consciousness is possible due to the unfoldment of time; the time it takes for awareness to expand, form to evolve and Self to become realized. All that exists, all that will ever exist, and has ever existed exists here. Through the function of time does all that is become made manifest through ‘the process’ called life.

What lays beyond time is currently beyond human comprehension.

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