Enlightenment cannot be attained through the thought processes of personal persona or thinking yourself to have ‘achieved’ something, for the concept of achievement comes from the thought processes of human persona. If you think you have ‘achieved’ enlightenment, then you in fact have not. When you have found enlightenment, you will actually never form the question, is this enlightenment? You will simply have no thought about it to question the state you are in.

Enlightenment is not a thing which becomes apparent to one, or something which ‘clicks’ one fine morning. It is something which you become without you knowing you have become it, for you actually let go of the need or want to be that.

There is no persona present of ‘I want to be enlightened’. As long as your desire exists to attain a thing called enlightenment, you will never experience it. You will simply exhibit characteristics of behaviour and mind which, in your own value structure, deem to be a form of enlightenment.

Someone else far more wise than you will then come along and say, well that is not enlightenment. Enlightenment does not require persona; it does not want to be Self-achieved. It is a pure state of bliss, connectivity and spirit union which takes place when one gives of themselves without thought for themselves, for they no longer experience themselves as ‘selves’, only one with everything. In this state, there is no thought of ‘I am enlightened’, for there is no thought of ‘I’ ever arising.

Let us address what you deem to be an ‘advanced being’. Who and how would you define a being to be [spiritually] advanced?

If perhaps you choose to refer to those who perform some practice akin to the mahasamadhi, or who are said to attain enlightenment through the aspirations towards the rainbow body, then I would comment that such activities do not make one more advanced than another. Should it be that some idolized guru in some distant land is able to transmute the cellular body to a pure light body, it is not to say their spirit is any more advanced than anyone else’s. For what they can do, so too can you, if you so choose. Should it be their belief that in performing this apparent miraculous and profoundly spiritual feat results in the discontinuation of the so-called cycle of rebirth, then good luck to them. It is notable to observe that many other beings in the cosmos can adeptly perform similar feats, and yet demonstrate very little in the way of human spiritual values or loving intentions. This ability has more to do with understanding thought and the science of its capacity, rather than actual spiritual attainment, for the spirit is already ‘enlightened’. It is simply that there are those who wish to experience a type of en-lighten-ment whilst within a carbon form.

Everyone has the capacity to detach from their physical counterpart and return to the spirit world at any time, much like your dream states. This is done by detaching the etheric cord from the solar plexus. Though this is so, the intent to do this must come from one of love. For if it is not done in love and in the highest honour and respect, you invite the susceptibility of other energies and entities taking advantage of your unwanted human body. One must also remember that your spirit, which is your True Self, does not actually enter physical time and space, so you are not so much returning home, but withdrawing your conscious awareness from its carbon container.

It is possible for some to synchronize the carbon container on a cellular level to transmute its elemental properties to pure light, at the time of conscious withdrawal. This light, which animated the elements that comprised the carbon form then return to their source. In such instance the carbon form bypasses the linear deterioration to their elemental state.

On the reverse end, as it were, those who are already, in a manner of speaking dead, can perform a similar feat by animating elemental prana of the cellular memory of an individual or object, essentially reanimating the carbon form in physical state temporarily. This is a difficult and energy-demanding action which is often associated with the shining ones.

Your human body, which is often interpreted as being physical, is also made of light. So in a sense, it is also a ‘light-body’. It is an orbit system of gas and chemicals, which, in its true essence have very little real solid matter at all.

As you may be aware, it is possible for spirit to manifest in physical form. So in a sense, consciousness of ‘higher vibrations’ can ‘descend’ to occupy convenient forms suited to particular environments. Because of cellular memory, consciousness can then recreate the particles required to wear certain skins worn as other beings. This is why it is also possible to merge with other beings within the spirit world, and then separate as individual identities when and where necessary. It is also how your spirit can be one with the creator, yet at the same time, or rather, within the concept of time, exist separate from that having an individual identity journey.

It is important similarly that one does not attach human ego to understandings of vibration, being higher or lower. This concept of one being ‘better’ or more of greater worth is a fiction of human ego. The colour blue is not of greater value than the colour orange. All colours are a product of the same source. All vibrations are a product of the same instrument.

Also, some refer to the chemical and bioelectrical process called kundalini, which has to do with connectivity within the biological body, particularly with the nervous system, spinal cord, brain and endocrine system. Unfortunately many seek this stimulant chemical connectivity and activity as some means of professed ladder mechanism of enlightenment. It does not make a being more spiritual or more wise than they were before, it simply works to enhance the functioning processes within the physical structure, which also alters the way the human brain interacts and processes information. Enlightenment is not something which is obtained or reached by some form of activity or measurable ladder of attainment, it is something which others proclaim you possess when you let go of self to the present moment in which you are in complete acceptance of, and at peace with.



Spiritual Paths

“A spiritual path has nothing whatsoever to do with being able to achieve Kundalini, psychic abilities or any other activity promoted as some form of spiritual advancement. It is important for you to acknowledge this, and not to measure your own spiritual progress against what other people believe progress to be. Your spiritual path has more to do with your core central values you resonate as a sentient being of light within the etheric realms, which you aspire to anchor within physical state. You do this by discovering the goodness within yourself and creating a pathway in your life paved from the light and love of this goodness.

Your interests and attractions to specific spiritual beliefs and practices will come and go, but your core central values will always remain the same. This is because these values are at the level of spirit identity which resonate through every fibre of your being, literally. When you think, feel and act in accordance with these values they will resonate a familiar truth with you. Use your gift of creativity in every thought, word and deed to discover what resonates most within you. Follow this resonate rhythm and it shall open the flow to your spiritual path.

Meditation does not follow any one belief system. In fact, its true function is to free you from every belief system.”


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Universal Laws

As to any reference of God, and what God can and cannot do, that would depend on your interpretation of what God is to you, and how God is experienced in your reality. If, as I have said, that which God is allows destruction as well as life, then there would be no intention of intervention on the part of God to initiate either. To suggest that God would choose one thing over another implies that God has an ego similar to man, therefore is prone to flaw, similar to man. This philosophical view of God is then flawed. It is the process of certain universal laws, which animate the current universe which produces life, and thus takes it. Do not limit that which God is to the mere foundations of law of a singular universe. Should it be that one planet, or one race be extinguished in physical state, then this is a result of universal law in motion, not the result of a personified God figure choosing one thing over another. This is why humanity must accept full responsibility for its fate.

There are many names for these laws, in many languages and cultures. Some say there are 7, some say there are 12, others perhaps more. The real number is around 52 in essence, which are revealed through the process of awareness. They correspond to one another and work in harmony with each other.

It is possible to attempt to define such laws and subsidiary laws, but that would prove most ineffectual for optimal spiritual benefit. The fascination with humanity in accumulating more and more information within the persona, while having some transitory benefits, also produces many burdens and barriers. It is simplicity of the mind and of the heart which gains true spiritual wisdom, hence it is not for you to pour in more information, but in fact to pour out what you already possess which is diluting your very soul.

In light of this, consider these brief but important laws which at present are particularly relevant and useful for you at this time.

Law of free will – Life that becomes self-aware becomes aware of their own will to choose that which they create.

Law of karma – Every cause gives way to an effect. You reap what you sow. That which you create, returns to you. The created seeks the creator – the circle becomes complete. That which you do onto others, is done onto you, for all are One.

Law of intent – Your every intention is a statement of a truth. The universe shall always, in all ways, deliver the experience of the truth of your intention. Your intentions will always define the experience of your Self.

Law of equilibrium – Otherwise known as the law of harmony, reveals that the universe in its very design finds its own state of equilibrium through the process of change.

Law of proximity – Everything has its own proximity to everything else and is therefore subject to other conditions which separate it from everything else.

Law of growth – All things which exist are compelled to survive and grow in their very nature, even if it contradicts or opposes the growth of something else.

Law of One – Nothing exists which does not originate from the One source of all life. Nothing exists which is not connected to all other things in existence. All aspects of the source shall ultimately seek one another out for it is their nature to nourish themselves on their original source which first conceived them.

Law of attraction – Like attracts like; that which you give out you shall in turn receive, for you are giving onto yourself. Thought forms intent – intent affirms choice – choice manifests reality.

Law of change – All things are designed to change to accommodate its own design for growth, perfection and harmonic equilibrium within its own environment.

Law of relativity – All things are self-realized only by its relationship to all other things.

Law of polarity – All things have its equal and opposite polarity. This allows free will and choice to exist.

Law of rhythm – All things move and behave within their own state of rhythm which is inherent to their natural state of harmony.

Law of creation – All thought creates. Nothing manifests but through a thought which invites its existence.

Law of action – Any and all action or inaction produces an equivalent reaction.

Law of resonance/vibration – All things resonate a core frequency vibration which determines its core nature and its relationship to all other things.

Law of correspondence – As above – so below; as within – so without.

Law of time – The experience of time is relative to the awareness of the relationship between different things in motion.

Law of truth (universal truth) – All truths may co-exist simultaneously. The experience of truth becomes a choice.

There are subsequently sub-laws which extend from these, such as the law of sequence which is experienced via the law of change. Such laws are experienced differently depending on relative awareness within those laws and your ability to bend yourself around them. Yes, some may say you cannot bend universal laws. Yet such laws operate differently depending on what frequency you exist within. Currently humanity is significantly influenced by these laws because of the frequency they occupy.

Power, control and greed flourish far beyond this solar system. Where there is a shortage of something and an abundance of it, there will always be manipulation involved. This stems from survival and preservation instincts of biological organisms on many planets, and amplified by fear, belief and self-importance. Because such instincts are commonly produced in life forms it is common sense to conclude other races experience the same disharmonious behaviours in their societies, and subsequently have both ‘good’ eggs and ‘bad’ eggs, or as the case apparently is, fractured groups.

The universal laws have often been interpreted as ‘Gods will’ by tribes all over the world. What they really saw was a force in effect which was greater than their own ability to create themselves. Yet this is not the will of God in effect, but merely the energy matrix program functioning by itself as it was set up to do. Humanity can either bow and become subservient to the laws of the known universe, or they can ascend their frequency state and learn to bend themselves in such a way as to manipulate such laws to their own whim.

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Achieving spiritual potential is a simple matter of achieving connectivity. It is so simple a child can be observed doing it every day. No complicated philosophy or special new age knowledge is required to direct thoughts, intentions and actions in a way which connects you to all other things. How can an individual connect to their own spirit gifts if they fail to connect with the gifts of nature that sit right in front of them? If an individual has not the attitude or inclination for the sacred physical connections necessary for balance, how then can such attitude attune them to receive sacred spiritual sources? If an individual has not the commitment to connect to other voices of the world to end atrocities, how then can they have the commitment to connect to the voice of their own spirit?

You must seek the wisdom and lessons of your ancient tribesmen, those who live in harmony with the land. Even those who live in smaller communities and remote villages can teach you much about connectivity. These obtrusive artificial cities and living conditions cause disconnection in mind, body and spirit. You must look upon the environment which you live in and contribute to and raise your awareness of its influences upon you as a being. Not only influences on your chemical biological level, but so too on your emotional and mental level through which you compose decisions for your life. What are you connecting to in your current sacred space and environment? What information are you bombarded with and being made to process in your consciousness? What values are you allowing to guide you and bring purpose and meaning to your life? How are you representing your own spirit identity and soul group on Earth?

Connect with your inner sacred values. Connect with your own species and seek to understand your own nature. Connect with your own planet and understand how it connects to your own well-being. Connect with the other animals and insects to understand their own wisdom and behaviour. Connect your voice to others to educate and raise awareness of imbalances that effect you all. Before spiritual potential can be received the vehicle through which it is delivered must be suitably designed. Connect to your spiritual ideals and aspirations by creating the environment necessary for them to grow in.

The environment within you will find balance for spiritual growth when the environment outside you supports it. Even if at first this means creating for yourself a small safe space in which to find your true core values, then this shall be your first step. Within this small safe space where your internal environment finds balance, you must then seek to harmonize this balance with your external environment. If one is not in harmony with the other then you cannot function as a suitable vehicle for your spiritual nature.

You will only perceive a thing which exists in the vibratory frequency of the senses you are at present utilising to coordinate yourself in any particular dimension. This is to say, everything that your senses are not tuned into on that frequency will remain invisible to you, and often times you will be invisible to them also. This means there are infinite realities using the same space that you are presently occupying, most of which are completely oblivious to you, and you to them. However, at times these realities become closer at certain geographical points and aspects of the two realities manifest within the other, usually only for a short period of time.

Do not think of your dimension as a fixed solid structure of reality – that would be completely untrue. Nothing in reality is ever truly solid or physical – that is simply how you as a human being perceive it at present. Think of it more as a fluctuating membrane that is constantly shifting and moving like the waves of an ocean. Sometimes waves will clash into one another. Depending on the direction and behaviour of the wave upon an ocean, or the direction of the destiny of the human species, what dimension you engage with will depend on your energy momentum and activity. Human beings have, over time, alienated themselves away from the energy resonance and natural activity of the mother Earth, and in doing so have distanced themselves from the dimensions of connectivity you once shared. This means you have also alienated yourself away from the ability to see and perceive life forms which are now out of your visual perception range, but who still interact and use Earth in the same space.

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Let us use an example of something you feel needs to be done.

Doing the dishes.

They are in the sink. They stink, and they look at you with a funny look. They say, clean me up already!

The pans are burnt, there is a whole stack of plates from who knows how many days. You take one look at them and walk the other way.

Why do you do this?

Another example. You know you must make an effort and set aside some time to practice meditation to attain your desired aspiration.

Yet you make a hundred excuses why you cannot find the time.

Why do you do this?

Here are some reason why………………

You are not living in the now moment (you are off thinking about minutes, hours, days ahead of NOW).

You are thinking about all the other things you COULD be doing instead.

You are required to step out of your mental/emotional safe zone and face your fears or insecurities.

Your mind is afraid of failure or not meeting expectations.

Your heart simply isn’t in it. You do not acknowledge the beauty or necessity in such a mundane or labour intensive task.

So how do you remedy this situation?

Here is how:

You are not living in the now moment (you are off thinking about minutes, hours, days ahead of NOW).

Aspire to BE nowhere but NOW. Now is all there is. Leave the past and the future to God.

You are thinking about all the other things you COULD be doing instead.

The moment you acknowledge a NEED in your life, devote the fullness of time and attention to fulfilling that need. Only when such a need is fulfilled can you BEGIN to experience the joyfulness of NOW and of needlessness.

You are required to step out of your mental/emotional safe zone and face your fears or insecurities.

Fears follow you. Every step you take away to avoid fear, fear takes two steps in front. By transmuting one fear at a time can we expand our personal safe zone. One fear at a time through one intent and one action at a time.

Your mind is afraid of failure or not meeting expectations.

Seek to direct the flow of your hearts desire, but do not place within such a flow expectations of outcome or notions of success and failure.

Your heart simply isn’t in it. You do not acknowledge the beauty or necessity in such a mundane or labour intensive task.

See the beauty in all things, whether simple and mundane or complex and ambitious. Know that all things are part of the wonderful process. They are all stepping stones that form your path to where you need to be. Do not judge the path by each and every step, but by the opportunity each step provides to move closer to your destination.

And finally…stop doing it pretending to be an adult, when you can do the same job from the perspective of a child – make it a game.


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Direct prayers to God are essentially direct prayers to your own spirit and higher Self; for there is no separation between the two except in your current thought processes. The will and wonderment of God is no different to the will and wonderment of that source which is your spirit. This means what God wants and aspires for you is the very same thing as what your spirit and higher Self wants and aspires for you. By connecting and conditioning your prayers, your intentions and your energies towards that which is your spirit, or higher Self, you invoke forward the wisdom and wonderment of God into you. That which is God will always, in all ways, speak to you through you, as part of you, as you are a part of it.

The challenge that many human beings have is that they readily acknowledge the power and greatness of some unseen, unheard deity persona, and invest very little of the same faith into the capacity and capability of their own spirit presence. The spirit of all living things, regardless of its physical form, need to be given the same prestige and reverence as human beings cast upon their deities. Do not judge spiritual power by physical appearance. If one fails in this understanding then they fail to understand themselves and all other beings in the universe.

What this is suggesting to you is that by praying, or doing these other intentful and invoking practices of love towards your own spirit or higher Self, you will facilitate not only an equal condition of response, but often a greater and more identifiable condition of response. What your consciousness is basically doing is placing trust in your own inner power and thus allowing that power to manifest something in your life by inviting that to happen. You do not need these other spirit personas or alleged masters to create your own miracles. You simply need to recognise the miracle you are.

Praying to something or someone you do not understand always raises potential problems for you are not attuned to their vibration in order to reach them directly. Unfortunately many of the beings you might refer to as Archangels, God or ET Masters are so beyond your reach in terms of vibrational compatibility that communication (as you would desire it to be) would simply not be possible. For if at all they should reply, their response would be so potently full of love that the very experience of their reply would completely overwhelm you, and likely end your physical life. You would simply cease the will to live as a physical being and become completely unrooted and ungrounded, fall into a coma, lose your mind or pass over immediately.

What I have come to observe is that various parties within the spirit world will actually create mechanisms and design instruments which work to filter and funnel forms of communication down to specific physical beings on Earth. These are overall quite rare to see and are only implemented by those who lean towards a scientific mode of communication.

In terms of prayer it is most likely you will be more successful with forms of thought transfer and prayer to loved ones you knew upon the Earth who have now passed over. This is because your consciousness and energy state still retains a vibrational awareness of that individual, and when thinking of that individual you automatically connect to their specific vibrational signature in the spirit world. This is to say, most of the time, your loved ones are aware whenever you are directing a thought to them should you wish to say something to them. Your doorkeeper or soul guardian, who remains at your side permanently, is always aware of what you are doing, or attempting to do. There is never a time when you are alone. Though your privacy is understood and respected.

I wish to make a suggestion to you that instead of attempting to connect to a specific spirit guide of whom you know nothing about, you in fact speak and send your prayers to your very own spirit source. In doing so there is never a time when you cannot be heard for your vibration will always remain compatible with that of your own spirit. You will also be able to recognise your own energy presence. You must trust yourself and your own spirit completely to have the wisdom and the capacity to do what any other being in the spirit world can do, for such is the truth of it.

Indeed, just because you are sending energy and thoughts out into the etheric world you cannot be naive in thinking you are simply going to get what or whom you ask for every time. It is a matter of proximity of who or what is in compatibility with what you are sending out and what exactly you are sending out, why you are doing it and where you are doing it. The actual physical geographical location will have an effect on what you are sending out and what is received. The intent in what you are asking for will also effect how it is sent out and who perceives it. It is always wise to ask your own spirit or those who watch over you to place filters of protection upon you before inviting in energies or entities of unknown origin. You can do this by authoritively commanding your own energy space to wield to your will and coat you in an envelope of your own purest vibration and inner light. Collate the love energy between those of your group and forge it into a bubble around you, which will then also act as a vibrational antenna.

What you must understand is that when you invite beings of the etheric domain into your personal space, they will always seek to use the energy around you in order to connect with you and remain in your presence. This is to say, the energy you set up around yourself prior to prayers and other forms of communication is very important, for this is the energy other beings are going to be drawing on to get close to you. It is my advice then to always cleanse the physical environment prior to you wishing to reach out into the etheric world, as well as your own state of being and those within the group you may be in. And remember, do not automatically presume all beings are who they say they are just because they can imitate kindness. Yet I say to you, do not be afraid or downhearted by one negative event, for there are many beautiful opportunities to be created.

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Spirit Communication

To verify the veracity of spirit communication you would wish to ask questions which you would normally not be able to answer yourself through your own conscious memory of experience or learned source (books). You would seek an answer which could not be formulated in accuracy from your own mind, but would have to come from an external perspective and source of experience you have not had. The question you pose must be adequate to facilitate an answer in return which can be verified by other people or professional sources in the field of which you are inquiring. So, if you are asking a question about space, you would ask something which could be verified by an existing reliable source such as NASA, or other space research facility. Or more simply done, have another person sit with you during your channeling and ask your spirit source something about that person which only that person could verify. This may come in the form of words, of visions or of sensations in your own physical organism.

You will also wish to look out for synchronicities and other signs of verification. You may ask for example, a sign or synchronicity to be placed before you in your day ahead which cannot easily be dismissed or interpreted as your own energy doing it. For example, if you are channelling a loved one, ask them to place something in front of you during your day which holds significant personal meaning to do with that spirit or their physical life. Do not make it too difficult for them by requesting to hear their favourite song, or something difficult to facilitate in such short notice. Ask for a sign, but be passive in your approach of your day when expecting it. Do not go looking for it at every turn, just allow it to capture your attention by itself in its own way.

Understand, just because you may appear to be channeling a spirit, and that may seem very genuine, it is not to say they are contacting you from the higher realms of love and light within the halls of information; for they may actually be Earthbound – which they presume from their perspective is what the spirit world is. They may actually be a life form from your own universe, or one parallel in the same physical space, but interact with you as if they are from the spirit world – when it is simply you cannot perceive them. Just because you cannot see something, do not immediately presume the source to be from the spirit world of love and light. No genuine spirit in the spirit realm of love and light will ever claim some grand persona of distinction or power, and will never claim to be an ascended master or any such hierarchical status; for in the planes of light there is no need for such distinctions. In fact they cannot exist there for one dissolves such attitudes of mind and personal ego before they can access true wisdom and One-ness.

Do not be afraid to ask your channeled source for verification, they are already aware and prepared that you will ask this. In fact they will often be enthusiastic to facilitate some form of proof of an afterlife for you, which would then relieve some of your own fears in the process.

What you must remember about spirit communication is that the information is only as accurate as is the human instrument in their efficient receptivity, and as is the spirit communicator informed within their present state of consciousness, regardless if they are of the spirit world. Even those in spirit can retain bias and adopted perspective in their pursuits and personas. This will help to explain why information from the spirit world can be different, for different beings have different accesses of information, as well as different approaches of obtaining information. An extraterrestrial guide, or a terrestrial animal guide for example will have a different perspective and approach of information than a human guide, because they will be coming from a different origin of perspective, and may often times have different value systems.

As with all sources, including this one you are reading now, you must scrutinise with utmost diligence of your inner heart council and believe only what your heart knows to be true.

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Health, Nutrition, Toxins, and Healing

I persist to emphasize the importance of pure water consumption. Your biological system is a chemical soup derived mostly from water, and as such depend on the most mineral rich oxygenated water available. Those that provide your water source for a monetary fee provide you with water which is heavily contaminated with many toxic chemicals and bacteria which seriously impact your health. Water on Earth is a natural resource and as such should never have to be paid for, as it belongs to all beings. If you wish to observe just how many contaminates are in your water supply you may wish to explore the properties and application of the mineral biotite, which, once in water will cause contaminants to solidify into observable particulates.

These contaminates are the cause of many of your health afflictions.

So too I emphasise the importance of diet, not as a cure to, but as a prevention of all known disease and illness. So too do I confirm that diet is a prominent factor in reducing physical pain, discomfort and all known skin disorder. You are not that which you consume, you are more so that which your body cannot consume. This is to say, the many impurities and contaminants you consume persist within the body long after you have consumed them. These contaminates, as they collect in your biological system, begin to cause internal disease and external skin conditions of all known varieties.

The very seeds of your nutrition, all the way to the very products on your consumer shelves are presently being manipulated by geoengineering and food corporations in partnership with pharmaceutical firms. This is to say, many of the popular food brands and products in large supermarket chains contain modified properties void of essential nutritional value, and are being observed to cause increasing health related conditions worldwide. Consequently, your profiteering pharmaceutical firms are ready to reap the financial benefit as you blindly subscribe to their medications, vaccinations and declarations of corrupt science.

The so-called health benefits of animal flesh, of dairy and of fish, which have been falsely advertised to you by the very food companies that profit from their purchase are deceiving you. For example, it is advertised that oily fish is essential for your diet for omega-3. This is incorrect, for plant based omega-3 is significantly better for you. The truth, which you will not receive through controlled media outlets, is that present day aquatic life is extensively contaminated with toxic chemicals, as incorrupt scientists will prove. Incidentally to this I illuminate that aquatic life numbers are vastly diminishing as we speak. Not only this, but some are being mutated into new species by the contamination found within oceanic waters, and the phytoplankton which creates most of the worlds oxygen is dying.

It is hereby my suggestion to passionately embrace organic plant based nutrition in combination with purer water consumption and a healthy lifestyle. It is through this route of attitude and action which will, through to a few months reveal a reduction of all known ailments of the physical body, including that of Lupus & Fibromyalgia.

The typical western diet is one based primarily on convenience and minimal monetary cost rather than nutritional value. Though this is changing through growing awareness I am pleased to say. I suggest a diet based on nutritional value and environmental respect, on organically grown and honestly produced ingredients.

The most harmful toxins introduced into the lives of the common individual are such things as pesticides, household volatile organic compounds, pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics, heavy metals, perchlorate, asbestos, phthalates, polychlorinated biphenyl, bisphenol A, triclosan, radon deposits, hexavalent chromium, household moulds and so forth.

Be vigilant of what containers are used to store the products you buy and bring into your home. Be diligent and aware of cleaning products; if they have a warning or caution sign placed upon them then they are clearly toxic and an alternative should be found. So too be knowledgeable in aspects to do with soaps and cosmetics and their active ingredients.

With this said, and with your desire to help people and animals, let not the challenges of human condition dictate your measure of self-value or life value. The value of your spirit, and the value of life should remain always the same in the face of all else.

Now, in terms of your health and wellbeing, if you are within a state of perpetual love, infection and dis-ease is much less likely to exist or persist. Since love is an emotional response to the consciousness interaction of bond-ship, of connectedness, your physical being will also mimic this connectivity and each cell in your body will communicate proficiently with one another on many levels. This creates a strong immune system as well as provides a stable balanced chemical environment to transfer healing antibodies to damaged or infected cells. Love also raises your vibration making it more difficult for lower vibratory life forms and viral beings to reproduce themselves efficiently due to the fact you are providing a challenging environment for them, as life can often be for the human being.

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