Animal and Non-human Souls

Animals, like human beings, have souls, and when you kill them they return carrying the trauma of the way in which they were slaughtered. This actually creates a lasting unease between the relationship between them, and you in the spirit world. Now you may say, well isn’t the spirit world all divine love and forgiveness? Actually no, it is not. Memories of negative experiences are ingrained into consciousness. This consciousness does not simply dissipate away in the afterlife. It is kept alive just as your personality and all of your memories are kept alive, until it finds peace and understanding. Some animals in the spirit world actually fear being approached by a human being, and so you will actually need to take on the form of another animal to gain their trust before you can engage conversation with them.

There is no such thing as lower forms in the universe. All sentient advanced civilisations understand this eventually. This then is simply a crude human perception of the universe in how they ascertain specific values and relationships with other things. The fact human beings behave much like a virus, needlessly annihilating most other Earth species, demonstrates human beings are not the ‘higher’ life forms they would deem themselves to be. For in doing so they are in fact causing their own demise. Suffering then is experienced within all species.

You will not fully appreciate this truth until you encounter one within the spirit world who begins to illuminate their own life experiences to you. Saving a bug, for example, does not go unnoticed and left forgotten by other kingdoms and domains. Such a bug will actually return to you in the spirit world to thank you for your generosity of life interaction.

Even a stone has consciousness. It is simply that your human retina is not able to register movement, time frequency or active behaviour within its external outward projection. All things have consciousness, even the space you perceive as being empty. If it exists in your physical world then it is a projection of consciousness from another event.

Plants and trees which produce fruit and vegetables are also living beings, in that they have spirit. They do not have a soul as you would understand a mammal to have. They operate and exist as an extension of mother Earth, rather than a separate individualized identity persona. This is to say, the plants and trees which grow from the planet are directly connected to the spirit of the planet. They are, if you like, the limbs and sensory organs the planet uses to bring about certain environmental conditions, and harmonic balance the planet needs to survive. When you cut down a tree, you cut off one of the planets limbs and reduce its ability to cope with external forces.

Now, to understand the fruit and vegetables you eat, is to understand that the fruit the plants and trees produce, and the vegetables they produce are not actually the core being itself. They are the proverbial carrot being produced in order to sustain and establish their survival. These trees and planets are willingly producing these nutrients in order to attract beings, such as yourself, to come and take an interest in them, as to spread their seed elsewhere. They know if they produce something animals, birds and humans alike all want, they will aid their survival and encourage their seeding, growth and distribution. This act perpetuates their survival. So you are not actually killing the plant or tree in consuming their provided nutrients. The seeds in the fruit eaten by animals, for example, will be processed back into the soil and help expand the plants kingdom around the planet. The wise, moral and loving thing to do here then, is what you take, replace with something in return.

Whales and Dolphins

In terms of some other non-human entities, there are as many species and sub-species of Faerie as there are fauna and flora. They differ in appearance, behaviour and vibration in relation to their evolutionary path and environmental surroundings. They generally cluster together in what could be called tribes, within specific geographical habitats which they have become accustomed to, within specific climates and seasonal cycles. Some have the appearance of wings, yet many do not. They do not generally appear human-looking as depicted in children’s fairy tales, and tend to have more of a translucent or multi-dimensional nature. They do not particularly have what you would expect to be male and female genitalia or gender, yet they can do so if they so choose, and may often undergo transformations to such effect at times in their existence as Faerie. They do not have physical bodies as you do because they exist in a parallel dimension to yours, hence they are generally invisible to you, as are most all other surrounding life forms. Some of such are able to remain invisible to you by psychically accessing your visual cortex and altering the images you perceive at any given time. The majority of multi-dimensional beings can do this to you however due to a vulnerability exposed within the human brain.

Being inhabitants of the oceans of the Earth, whales and dolphins have remained relatively protected from the many devastations caused by tectonic plate movement which has claimed so many other lives over millions of years. This is why many water- based species have long outlived many land based species upon the Earth. Water is abundant to the Earth and always has been, and while land masses may fall and sink, the oceans continue to remain. This survival to present day has enabled whales and dolphins to evolve significantly to master their own oceanic habitat, as well as evolve spiritually and emotionally in harmony to mother Earth. This is to say whales and dolphins have evolved to become aware of their own spirit, as well as gain an understanding to their divine relationship to all other beings. This means, they actually think about the welfare of other living beings, and not just themselves. This also means they have learnt to hear the voice of the planet itself and sings their songs in response to celebrate their joy, as well as express their sorrow to its distress. Their emotional awareness will reveal them to have deeply loving bonds with their family group which last long beyond their physical lifetime.

Their spiritual affinity has allowed them to become very intuitive, compassionate and particularly very giving beings. In the spirit world such beings are revered for their ancient wisdom which predate long before the existence of planet Earth. To have a conversation with such a being as a whale, in spirit, can be compared to speaking with a revered grand master or spiritual guru. You will be left without words, unable to speak, and in a state of utter admiration and respect. Unfortunately perhaps, with some of their stories, you may also be left with a sense of tremendous sadness and sorrow at the deeds of other human beings. For every wicked deed done against these beings, over millions of years have been recorded in their consciousness memory which, if you have the right intention, they will share with you. Whales particularly will not tend to speak to human beings as they are often very reclusive and will simply observe your energy from a distance. Dolphins on the other hand can be more playful and inquisitive. They can be more inclined to exchange experiences with you from their time in physical state, particularly the ones who want to show you their interactions with other human beings that they had. Such as those who were in captivity.

Alas, their numbers on Earth are now dwindling significantly, and their journey of so many millions of years will come to an end, at the hands of mankind. Their ancient wisdom, their ancient songs, and their ancient healing power will be lost to legend.

Trees then.

As we may begin to first reflect on perhaps some basic existing understandings. Trees have come about in their abundance over hundreds of millions of years upon the Earth. Their existence on the Earth plane made possible by the evolutionary process of photosynthesis. The process of turning light energy into chemical energy was the precursor for the development of a great many life forms on the planet. This process occurred when the first biological cells, the chemicalised clusters of organic material began to react to its external environment. Simple cellular structures began to collect and store light, heat and sound frequencies and process this energy to produce different compounds, chemical energies and various gases. It is actually during the interaction of these basic elements and compounds that new spirit gravitated to inhabit the Earth. However, spirit has always inhabited all basic elements as they danced and clustered throughout the universe to seed new planets. Water, for example, has its own spirit, its own consciousness wisdom and, in the spirit world, its own profound voice of ancient intelligence.

Through tectonic plate movement, atmospheric change and other environmental occurrences many organic structures evolved to survive their geographical habitat. The most fundamental survival necessity, due to challenging and changing environmental conditions, was the continuation of its own genetic journey upon the Earth. These organic structures evolved to survive through the harsh seasonal cycles by protecting and prolonging their consciousness journey through the seed. The seed was then to become a very sacred and spiritual chariot for the spirit of the tree.

The consciousness journey of a tree persists for as long as its seed and its roots have life.

Every seed of a tree carries the consciousness and cellular memory identity of that one being. This is to say as long as the seed of a singular tree continues to flourish in favourable conditions that being will continue its consciousness journey. So too if that tree is able to retain healthy roots it will continue to grow and survive. Even if a tree has been cut or blown down it may still grow new roots from one of its many limbs as long as the soil is of a favourable condition. What this means to human beings, perhaps in their disadvantaged ignorance, is they are in fact sharing the planet with intelligent life forms who have lived life spans of millions of years. This long life span upon the Earth has granted these beings tremendous wisdom, inner peace and harmony with the Earth, and a deeply intimate connection with their own spirit. This wisdom, this consciousness and the essence of their beautiful spirit is contained within every fibre of the structure of the tree. This is to say, the fruit they bare which humanity, and other creatures consume, often thoughtlessly, actually contains the ancient essence of this being and its consciousness journey from millions of years in Earth state. Meaning, it is literally quite possible to connect and ingest cellular history of planet Earth from a single fruit, such as an apple.

This is also to say, the consciousness journey of that ancient being is similarly resident within the very wood that humanity crafts into furniture and other building structures. Those who are astutely sensitive and intuitive will receive information from this material simply by touching it.

Understanding that trees are a very ancient species, they have, over millions of years developed valuable rapport with a great many other creatures and forms of life, of which they have learnt to communicate with. Trees inherently have the capacity to communicate with all other trees and do so most proficiently. Between species, this will often take the form of discretely sensitive biological signals, chemical pheromones and audible sounds, though beyond the range of human beings. Trees will also sing to one another as they nourish themselves in the sunlight of a summers day. From the spirit world trees have a brilliant auric glow to them, and many human beings who see them upon their passing will observe a pink and blue tinged aura emanate from them all over the world.

Once in the spirit world, should you wish to associate yourself with the spirit of tree, understand that the laws that govern their survival on Earth are no longer a part of their fluid free existence anymore. This is to say, do not be surprised to observe trees levitating or flying from one place to another. Nor should you be surprised to observe their branches and roots dance and weave themselves as if a conductor directing an orchestra. No being in the spirit world has to limit their divine form or continued existence bound to cellular memory prohibitions. A dog can learn to fly. A whale can learn to dance. A bird can learn to write. This is possible through the infinite availability of knowledge and the reciprocation of interspecies love. Many diseases and illnesses I can observe are to do with how humanity has disconnected from the planet itself as a sentient being and removed themselves from the abundant nourishing ways of old within nature. As you continue to choose artificial cities in replace of natural organic environments, and continue to destroy the healing properties within nature with toxins, it creates an ideal world for the evolution of new virus and diseases.

A human or their pet has no greater value or right to life than an insect or chicken, for they all have a spirit identity and soul journey. They all feel pain and suffering, and they are all capable of this which you call love. In my conversations with animals in the etheric, much like chickens, they always have much to say, and I have to say, they do not appreciate their heads being cut off. Stepping inadvertently on an insect is an unfortunate occurrence, perhaps not deliberate, so it is usually not seen as a murder. Yet environment played a significant part in where you placed your foot. Humans have created their own environment by vastly diminishing the natural habitats of other species, and therefore they must share the environment created in towns and cities. You say environment has nothing to do with murder/killing, whatever term floats your boat, and yet it is the environment you create, with little thought for other species, which squeezes you all together in such a tiny space, so you are all fighting for the same food source, the same habitat and the same rights to live. This is a cause for both murder, as well as ‘killing’. Intention is the distinction of what is in harmony with all life, and what is not.

About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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2 Responses to Animal and Non-human Souls

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    “An infinitesimal fragment of the spirit world, less than 1 percent, ever gravitate towards having a physical life embodiment. That 1 percent also incorporates the very many realities you cannot see, but which are just as tangible and corporeal as yours is to you, which occupy the same space as you. There are a great many animals then which gravitate to having physical life experiences, both in the reality you can see, as well as the many you cannot.

    When you ask if animals choose to come to the physical universe to which you exist, you may wish to bring numerous understandings into focus. Firstly human beings are also animals; they are no more ascended than any other life form on the planet and therefore are granted no exclusive rights of spiritual passage. Other animals similarly have an etheric cord attached to their biological counterpart just as you do. They also have spirit and ultra-dimensional companions walk with them, just as you do. The collective soul consciousness of some varieties of Earth species have even been in existence long before that of human consciousness.

    Secondly, you would wish to dismiss any notion that the physical embodiment of other animals are the limit of what they become in the spirit world. Understand that they are not limited by gravity, the psychology and necessity for survival or the restrictions of language. So in other words, fish and marine mammals can and actually do fly in the spirit world. Animals are, in the main, not motivated in their behaviour by the need for food or procreation. They can understand, speak and even write language at the level of many acclaimed human philosophers. This is done through consciousness. There are of course exceptions where abused animals retain memory of trauma and may continue to fear humanity and distrust their interactions.

    Thirdly, all sentient spirit, regardless of what planet or what universe they are from exist to be in service to the existence. This means every being in full awareness of their spirit identity is actively serving existence one way or another. So this means the spirit of all those millions of animals upon the Earth choose by way of, and through aspiration of, divine loving service to existence. Those who choose to have a short physical existence do so out of service to their soul group and to the universe as a whole.

    This space you call the physical universe, that is, the blackness between the stars you see in the sky, is actually part of what you know as the spirit world. Less than 20% of your expanding universe is made of hot gasses, various particle masses and liquids which make up your galaxies. The rest of the universe which scientists presume is just a black void is teeming with activity and part of the fabric of the spirit realms. When you begin to grasp the reasons why spirit would even care what happens to the physical universe, you should begin to understand that everything is intricately connected. There is a vested interest in the outcome of the physical universe by ALL species choosing to incarnate within it, and many more who do not incarnate within it.”



  2. Bob OHearn says:

    “There is no such thing as lower based life forms in the greater perception of the grand scheme of life. It would be impetuous to judge the spiritual status of any life form based on the mere appearances of the physical container through which spirit is expressed.

    Insect genetics have existed long before those of human ancestry. So essentially insects have an older lineage within this universe than you. Those of trees and plants are even older and have a unparalleled consciousness lineage dating back many millions of years.

    Consciousness within species is not restricted to one planet in the solar system, but is infinitely bound to the genetic source seeded within all of the known universe as a whole. This means, the journey of a specific genetic lineage and cellular signature is represented within the spirit world as a singular group, where here in your universe it is experienced scattered through time and space. Meaning, there are trillions of other insects and trees in the expanse of the cosmos which become united in their wisdom and spiritual identity within the spirit world.”



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