Astral Projection and Near Death Experience

Your experiences within astral projection are somewhat ‘diluted’ compared to what is actually possible after detaching your etheric cord. What you experience within astral projection is again understood through the knowledge of proximity; the proximity of vibration and consciousness consistency. This is to say, while functioning as a human being, you retain the thought-behaviours and interpretation processes that a human being has. You experience your perceptual awareness as a human animal because you are still a part of the Earth. While you retain these behaviours and processes you will consistently limit your consciousness to what you are able to perceive as a being within the spirit world.

What you will find is that, as you think as a human being, that state of consciousness projects you into an aspect of spirit that closely associates itself with mass-human consciousness and things that your human thought processes can relate to. In short, your thoughts will attract you to, if you like, places or realms, that lay within what you might expect to experience at that time. This is understanding the nature of consciousness attraction.

You are to understand that the accounts of near-death-experiences described by individuals of the Earth are accounts portrayed by those who only experienced the spirit world from the thought processes and perceptions of a human animal. In a sense, they experienced an aspect of it that was tainted by their own persona and the way that they thought at the time. As I have said before, human near death experiences are closely associated and inexplicably bound to human cellular memory and thought processes. The reason for this is because your consciousness persona, or soul, is returning to its True Self. Your human-soul aspect does not simply walk into some heavenly place. It tries to reconnect to its original source; its original core vibration. This means, upon physical death, your human consciousness attempts to return to its spirit counterpart by attuning and atoning its vibration in order for you to ‘find home’.

Your home is where your soul group resides. Your soul group resides within a very unique vibration which you, as a being, are attuned to and return to. You may understand this as a sort of dimension, or sub-dimension which separate soul and vibrational groups or families. This will also help you understand why all physical beings do not appear to ‘go to the same place’. As part of the transition into the ether world your consciousness accesses your memory state in order to reconnect with your core vibration, in order that you may return home to the dimensional state where your spirit originates. Your spirit and the spirit of the person sitting next to you in physical state are likely not from the same vibrational or dimensional origin, and so are not likely to encounter the same near-death-experience or perspective of the afterlife.

This is not to say you, as a being, will not be able to gain access to what you perhaps may refer to as higher dimensions, but your ability to process memories of such experiences and to retain them will significantly diminish once you are back in your body. Your human memory drive and the way in which your mind processes information will simply not allow you to comprehend experiences outside the range of your immediate consciousness reality. Human beings, as they currently are, will never experience a true accurate vision of the spirit world until they have fully detached from their human animal counterpart.

Understand then, even should you encounter profound spiritual experiences in some dynamic dimension through astral projection, which I confirm is possible, the likelihood of you translating such experiences in their accuracy, and retaining memories of those experiences, are going to be significantly limited, or tainted at best by your own human persona. This is because your human persona stores information very specifically attuned to you in envelopes of images, sounds, chemical and bioelectrical responses that are deliberately compatible with your physical existence.

I am positive that you will understand that, while astral projection can bring you closer to understanding the spirit world, and how your thoughts attract you to have associated experiences, astral projection does not give you the complete dynamic understanding or perception of the spirit world. As said, simply because you are operating within a range of thought processes which make most of the spirit world invisible to you.

Do not be put off by this if you aspire to pursue experiences of astral projection, for I take nothing away from it or its benefits to a learning or adventurous mind.

Now when we are talking about having these adventures in the ether world, one must really be focused upon what their intention is and what they are attempting to reach. If your intention is not aligned specifically to a destination you are going to end up immersed in a soup of energies and entities which exist within a proximity close to the physical Earth. Your energy may be very beautiful, and you may be a very beautiful soul, but this is not going to make you invisible to the many entities and energies that feed from the human condition. This is because of proximity of energy value attraction. You have not aligned yourself to a specific intention or destination, so you are just randomly floating around where your immediate thought takes you – which is still within the proximity of entities and energies which feed from human emotion and pheromonic reaction.

To broaden our knowledge and awareness of this matter, let us first replace the term negative for energy value. The reason we do this is to remove your, or our own personal value label from another entity, and replace it with the understanding that another entity simply behaves or functions through a different alignment of principles or held values. So this means, for example, an extraterrestrial, let us say the species of grey, who are known for abductions, are not inherently evil or negative, they simply abide by completely different values which are not in harmony with those of human beings. The result of our interaction with them in effect, can then be labelled as having a negative impact on our equilibrium and balance. It is when human beings attach themselves to the preconditioned label of ‘evil’ or ‘negative’ when encountering entities or experiences which creates tremendous fear. It is this fear which makes your experiences negative. For it is, even if such entity or energies have completely different values, this does not mean to say your encounter must always be a negative one.

However, those who have wisely schooled themselves in the knowledge of self-protection will always state and submit themselves fully to one specific intention. Whether this be to reach a loved one, enter the halls of learning or whatever. Your attitude, your thoughts and every action you take within these ether realms must be aligned to this intention. This will project you to the proximity of your desired destination or intention and completely bypass anything else in between. In a sense, you will fold your destination towards you, like folding two corners of a piece of paper together.

Being attuned to a specific frequency or wavelength is not as easy, or as consistent as one would like to think. You are still within the proximity of influences which impact your energy state and your equilibrium of peace and positivity. This is certainly true if you are merely exploring your localised environment or unfamiliar circumstance. You may observe something or encounter an experience which very quickly changes your vibration and focus. This is why it is my advice for such travellers to be very specific in their intention and destination, and really learn to fold it towards them rather than attempting to traverse oceans of unfamiliar landscape.

One does not need to be proficient at any sort of astral projection to have a very beautiful transition to the spirit world after their passing. If you did, this would mean all other animals would be excluded from the right and privilege to have a swift and sweet transition back to its source. What really aids you in a swift and sweet transition is knowing your own energy and understanding your own consciousness. It is your consciousness which really dictates what happens next after your physical passing. It will not take very long after your passing to notice your very thoughts take you wherever you wish to go. This is to say, should you have the thought of wishing to be on the roof of a building, you would immediately find yourself from that vantage point. You begin to become aware, very quickly, that your thoughts are alive and extend your new ‘body’ to wherever your thought is directed. You do not need to be a practised projector for this experience to take place, for it is your natural state. So then, should you focus your thought upon a deceased family member, or to some higher loving vibration, you would in a sense, close your etheric eyes, and when you opened them you would be somewhere completely different. This is the natural state of consciousness.

These other realms explored by astral projection and dream states are not the spirit world of love and light, but frequencies which exist close to that of human consciousness. Being proficient in visiting these other energetic realms do not particularly make you proficient at visiting the spirit world where love is the currency of consciousness. Love itself, and your relationship with this energy is what will make you a proficient traveler of the spirit world. For without it, your access will be extremely limited.

As human beings progress in their spiritual pathway and within their heart centre the energy vortexes within their physical matrix open and activate naturally. As well as these bio-electromagnetic field systems you also have energy field gateways (or chakras) which expand above and beyond the human body, which intertwine within the grid of Earth and further into the inter-dimensional medium of the cosmos. Through your astral journeys and meditative states you stimulate and activate accesses into these higher energy vortexes and you begin to invite some confusing experiences. Some of such include peculiar self-observations from unexpected points of view. While you are accessing layers of your expansive identity and higher energy mechanisms you may observe your astral persona behaving in puzzling ways. You may find yourself being drawn into vortexes or upon energy currents which deliver you through your higher energy gateways. This is confusing because your human intellect has not conceptualised how it is doing something or how it is arriving at some place in its astral state.

Experiences beyond this point, while still attached to the human ego and persona are confusing because as you access dimensions higher than the 5th conceptualization becomes obsolete, in that reality is experienced through light, colour, symbolism, metaphor and vibration. This is why you will often experience imagery, encounters, observations which are manifestations of other forms of language, which often present themselves with cryptic value and confusing connotations. As you access these energy centres above and beyond your typical 7 chakra systems you move in and beyond linear time frequency awareness. This means the astral traveler will encounter scenes and scenarios which do not adhere to their present time reality. They may find themselves witnessing events from the past or the future with no conceptualization of its meaning or purpose. This is because the true meaning of it is not for the benefit of the human conceptual mind or ego. As you gain entry to these expanded gateways you also gain access to the living library of the Earth and of the matrix of memory which can infiltrate and integrate into astral and meditative journeys.

Out of body experiences and near death experiences have similar characteristics as one would expect when we are addressing the same body of energy. Out of body experiences, or OBE’s take place either unconsciously or consciously depending on the circumstances which initiate them. Near death experiences, or NDE’s, occur when the physical body sustains a form of trauma. What takes place is the cellular and consciousness memory of the human persona, what you might call a soul or energy body, continues to operate independent of its physical dimensional counterpart. Each of the physical cells of your body retains sentient memory of everything it experiences and transfers this memory into a vibrational frequency. This vibrational frequency is worn as a coat of consciousness over your core central vibration, your sentient spirit, which is connected to your human form via an etheric strand.

During an OBE your point of Self-perspective is shifted to another frequency range and while similar to a NDE often wields a different experience. While essentially they are both dealing with the same consciousness collective mass, it is the state and condition prior to its initiation that determines its differentiating characteristics. With a NDE the initiation is often one confusion and disorientation because the body may sustain trauma which triggers such events. With OBE’s there is no trauma induced initiation, though sometimes mistaken for sleep paralysis, in which case may invoke a sense of fear and associated emotional trauma. In the instance of traumatic induced NDE the individual may feel like they are propelled through cellular and consciousness memory recall, and experience their life flash before their eyes, be propelled out of their body as an observer, or be drawn into a self induced environment where they are met with landscapes or entities of various description. This can be true too of a self-induced or unconsciously induced OBE where one finds themself either floating above, or submerged within some surreal landscape.

The difference in events in both accounts have greatly to do with how their experience is initiated and the condition of the individual consciousness at the time of this event. Some events will not be remembered in waking state and leave you confused how you got from one place or state to another, this can be due to the fact that time itself follows a different format than that of your physical body and its brain analysis of events are used to. Consciousness is not required to travel from A to B, it may simply shift its own awareness from point A to B instantly.

It is a basic rule to follow that whether it be an OBE or a NDE, both can be manipulated to different, or even similar experiences, depending on how they are initiated, and under the conditions they are created within.

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3 Responses to Astral Projection and Near Death Experience

  1. lovelygirlie says:

    This article is very helpful SGS, thank you very much.


  2. Tommy Laux says:

    Your blogs have been very enlightening. I was in a motorcycle accident in 2008, and experienced both , the NDE & OBE at the same event. I am in the process of writing a book pertaining to this event…. I would love to speak to you on a personal level if you wish.
    Thank you
    Tommy Laux


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