At Death

Part 1

It is precisely true that the transition from one state to another is very much influenced by the mental and emotional condition of the individual, as well as the circumstances in which that individual comes to pass. If a person would simply allow this process, this transition, to take place effortlessly, without fear, fight or frustration, such would be a beautiful thing, much like that of a daydream. If a person, in recognizing it is appropriate to do so, would simply let go of their mortal material container, and let go of the pride and ego associated with the story that has been their life, and releases the body which has been their companion of consciousness, they will slip naturally into an altered state of higher vibration. Here, time will cease to have meaning or measure, and what seems like hours will be for others, just minutes. So too, will you experience moments where time passes like minutes, and yet, around you the sun has fallen and the stars have begun to shimmer in the dark sky of night, as hours pass for others around you. This is the experience of consciousness leaving the boundaries of the mechanics of time as you understand it to be within a physical vehicle.

You may experience the sensation of tingling in parts of your body, and yet in others you have no sense of feeling at all. But if you shift your focus away from what ‘the body’ is experiencing, and draw your attention to what You are experiencing as a witness of consciousness, you may notice aspects and initiations of other realities, other beings, who draw close to you at this time. You may feel the body as a tremendous weight like you have never known, yet all so suddenly it feels weightless and inexistent as if you may drift off into the sky. In the next moment you may actually observe yourself looking down upon what is left of your physical body many feet below. You will not understand how you got there, but you will not be afraid. It will feel natural to you and your disorientation will be mixed with feelings of wonder. You will be a little disorientated at first because you will not understand how you could have suddenly appeared somewhere else observing what looks to be the likeness of you down on the ground. You will see your body but have little regard or concern for it, as it appears so small and fragile within your expanded awareness. You will become fascinated by the aura and colours that surround you, and experience the mechanics of the speed of thought. You will not understand how you got from one place to another so quickly, and you will have no memory of moving there, but in thinking about it, you will suddenly find yourself there, which can add to your disorientation and confusion. If you wish it, and if you are open to it, the presence of one who is dear to you will present themselves to you and offer to take you on a journey. This journey, if you are ready, will take you home, into the great white light and resonance of Prime Creator. The residence and resonance of sublime divine unconditional love.

For those who are unfortunate to pass under violent, tragic or unsettling circumstances, it may be that they do indeed feel much physical pain before their passing. Do not be distraught with this possibility, for it is a transient experience which many beings do not recall after their passing, and their actual transition is a tremendous peaceful release of this physical pain. Do not cling to images and fixations of suffering and agony of these individuals who pass in this way, for it is, once they exit their body this pain is no longer existent, significant or a focus for them as they transition to a body of light. Pain is an aspect of the physical embodiment experience and should be respected, understood and accepted as part of the overall experience of physical state. Such things cannot be experienced within the realms of unconditional love, so then, learn to see things differently, and value even those experiences that at first appear ugly, negative and undesirable within human comprehension. For you may never, ever, experience them again within your cosmic soul journey.

All things, all experiences, are divine, you have but to adjust your view to that of a greater being, of greater intelligence, and of greater perspective and value. My advice to you at your time of passing, is simply let go and allow the process to take place. Do not be fixated on what your physical aspect is doing, focus instead on the peace that awaits you when you surrender to the mechanics of consciousness.

It is primarily the fear and the shock which causes most of your suffering. You are immediately removed from your comfort zone into the unknown, of which you feel powerless, overwhelmed with dread of whether this is really your time to die. The values and attachments you truly have for your physical body at that very moment are brought into true light as many will fight to hold onto what they feel is so precious; the value of the life they have come to know.

Those that genuinely do not fear their passing, or those whose passing is swift tend not to recall any memory of any suffering or pain after they have made their transition to the spirit world. There is a great sense of relief and comfort in acceptance, and this becomes the primary focus of he or she who is experiencing their physical death. Such individuals tend to exit their body much more quickly before any real pain is experienced. It tends to be those who grasp desperately to their physical body at the last minute who endure more than is necessary. Most animals carry very little memory of pain or suffering to the other side because their passing is more swift than those of human beings. This is because they never spend a moment of thought concerning themselves with matters of such morbid nature and their souls often leave their body before their physical body has actually died. Many are actually already conscious and aware of their own spirit guides whilst in physical state so they are more intuitive in this respect. Animals do not desperately hold onto their physical vehicle and are often seen simply carrying on with what they were doing before they died.

The sensations of physical pain comes with the experience of human being. The body is a sensory instrument designed to send and receive information to your conscious state about the environment and what is being created. You must understand the pain associated with some forms of death is the nervous systems natural way of alerting you of danger, in order for you, as an Earth animal, to respond and maintain your survival. It is part of the physical survival mechanism which keeps you alive and safe. Once this warning has been acknowledged, and if there is nothing else you can do, complete acceptance of the moment will actually create a quicker and easier passing, or you will simply fall unconscious until you recover. Your body has pain gates which send signals back and forth, via neurons, up along the spinal column and up to the brain. Some people are able to successfully close some of these pain gates at will. Pain and suffering as a whole has no spiritual significance, no karmic connotations or has anything to do with lessons that need to be learned. It is simply a mechanism of the vehicle you inhabit.

Death is a scary thing to many because they are responding to it through a survival instinct mechanism within their biology. It is an animalistic behaviourism which humans exhibit, amplified by their attachment to ego identity and physical state possessions. To overcome the fear one is to overrule their animalistic biochemical responses with a deep seated spiritual awareness. Nothing truly dies. Even the physical body of which you animate is recycled back into the garden of nature, to seed and feed new life.

It is not all of who and what you were, but an aspect of all of that. It was the instrument for your soul and your spirit. An instrument you used to indulge certain experiences through certain physical potentials. Though this came with many challenges and difficulties, that was merely part of being human. As with all physical states of being, perfection is found only via the spirit.

And so it is that you surrender your final breath. The soul which you associate with your Self-awareness, your concept of identity, your thoughts, feelings, free will, memories that make up your consciousness severs its link with the material world. The etheric thread will become detached when the human body gives out and can no longer serve as suitable host to house your consciousness counterpart (Your Self), or when the consciousness counterpart has willfully severed its connection. There would be no purpose for the consciousness counterpart to remain attached to the human body through the etheric thread, and the moment the individual becomes aware they no longer must remain attached, they will willfully detach thereafter by inherent nature.

Even after the etheric thread has been severed from the body, the consciousness counterpart will still retain access to the physical world as an observer. Though the observer will not be bound by the limitations of human perceptual senses through which to observe, hence, they will see things in far greater context and depth than previously known. The lines of distinction previously drawn will blur and merge. For example, day and night will become as one, and eyes will see in the darkest unlit nights all that which human eyes cannot.

Depending on the current state of awareness at that moment, the soul will either align itself with higher frequencies of the spirit world, or will focus its awareness to the physical world. If the latter is true, the soul may exist in a momentary state of confusion, denial or attachment to the Earth. Its thoughts anchor its consciousness, its awareness, to what is occurring on the Earth, and consequently causing them to float around unseen and unheard.

Eventually, through a change of thought or desire, the soul is made aware of a loving vibration coming from another source. At this moment the soul will reach a state where other souls usually reach who are more awakened at their time of passing. A loved one, who they hold dear in their heart, will come to greet them and escort them to a higher frequency of energy. Most souls tend to be in a state of temporary confusion or amnesia about who they really are as a soul, and need their loving guides and loved ones to provide a comfort blanket to welcome them in their new state. You will be taken into a loving environment familiar to you similar to what you are used to in your life past. Here you will be greeted by all those beings who you would so wish to see once more.

Of course, this is not always the way it works, for many souls project themselves into a completely different experience, based on their beliefs and their consciousness. Though this is generally what occurs in a typical sense, it is possible for souls to project a different picture for their experience. Sometimes it can be a frightening process if a soul is first drawn through a sea of sorrow and screams of all those souls they had harmed. In this instance, the soul itself is reflecting its own energy to itself in order to come to terms with their vibration. Before you can enter the realms of unconditional love, one must first shed the layers that do not resonate to that. This means acknowledging all aspects of who you are and what you have created. And from there processing this in a way you can comprehend and go beyond.

From here awaits you infinite potentials and endless pathways.

Part 2

The brain is merely a biological machine, as too is your heart. As I stated, the individual cells are the last to shut down, not the brain or the heart. Your soul is not contained in the confines of your brain, or any other major organ of the body, it permeates every living cell of your body, down to the very DNA. You must also remember that you are not just one life form, but a great many simultaneously. Many millions of bacteria and other life forms exist within and as part of what you know as a human being. A collection of biochemical organisms electrochemically wired together to form a walking, talking miracle instrument. The heart may stop or the brain may appear to cease all function, but with the right technological advancement can be restarted like rebooting a computer. They have not truly died for their essence, their cellular memory and awareness of ‘I am’ still resides within each living cell. These cells are inherently connected to, uploading to, and downloading from your etheric cord which is attached to your pure spirit. This applies to every living being.

A person truly dies, in a sense, when the etheric cord is detached from the solar plexus and your consciousness cuts all ties with the physical body. The exact time this takes place is different for everyone, as the means in which people die, as I said, are so broad. Some, who experience a very violent affliction upon their physical state tend to sever their connection with their cellular counterpart almost instantly. In these cases the person will suddenly become aware of their etheric form which is ejected, in a sense. If it is the body has been damaged to such an extent it can no longer sustain conscious state, then the soul does not stay very long. Yet for those who are enduring some sort of illness or slowly deteriorating state, their link with their physical state may still be strong because of the beliefs and values they have for it. In this case their consciousness will tend to experience phases of conscious state and unconscious state. Their etheric cord will still be attached to their physical being, but they may experience shifts of awareness and dream like states.

Also for those who are within such things as comas, their etheric cord still remains present, but their consciousness will often occupy a different frequency altogether, only momentarily returning back into physical awareness. So in a sense, the dial on your conscious state is turned from one setting to another. The etheric cord will detach when the conscious state has let go of the frequency focus of physical state and completely aligns itself with the frequency of the metaphysical world, or their pure spirit. When this occurs the body will give out very quickly and there will be no mistake that they have passed.

So, how do you know when someone has truly died? Well if the body continues to function then there is still a presence of consciousness. It will just be that this consciousness is, in a sense, between two worlds. One may then be led to contemplate whether keeping someone alive through apparatus is for their best interest, or whether you are prolonging their unfortunate state. The wishes of the individual would be the indication. If they are unable to indicate, then it must be a decision based on the quality of life foreseen and the wishes of loved ones.

Indeed, the very ‘tunnel’ some purportedly envision via their near-death-experience can be seen akin to consciousness travelling through their etheric cord at great speed. The conscious state identity that is being withdrawn back towards its divine source; its spirit. Of course, with knowledge of the apparatus you use between worlds your experience will be somewhat different than those who have not one thread of it.

Just as other animals do so, you also have the free will to detach yourself within the right state of awareness. Because other animals do not hold the same egotistical attachments of identity to their bodies, they leave very quickly. The only thing stopping a human from doing this is their emotional ‘stuff’ and sense of possession, or ownership. If one see’s themselves as a free spirit, they will free themselves as one.

Once a soul has left physical state, regardless if they are still present on the Earth or have entered the realms of light, their experience of the passage of time, and their perception of minutes, hours and days are significantly blurred, just as it is in your dream state. The events that follow physical death, perhaps organised by an individual’s remaining loved ones, tend to proceed very quickly from the perspective of the one who has passed. This can be a little disorientating for a soul who, in some cases, find themselves attending a funeral but at first do not realize it is actually their own they are witnessing. For many, they care not or give no thought to the slab of meat that once represented their identity, but in fact they are there only because they are gravitated to the proximity of their loved ones. It just so happens their loved ones are gathered at someone’s funeral – their funeral. It is observed that a great many souls disassociate themselves from their heavy, confining physical form as it is returned to the soil of the Earth. Contradictory to their former perspectives while incarnate, they no longer identify with their physical body as being who or what they are.

To say all human souls seek attendance to their own funeral is far from accurate. It is more true to say, those with strong belief systems and tribal, cultural or religious values that place emphasis on the manner on which the body is laid to rest to invoke a peaceful and speedy transition are more likely to attend their own funerals. It is sometimes also necessary for one to seek confirmation and completion that they have died before deciding to move away from the Earth. For others, they have rediscovered a great freedom and sense of release. They are unmoved by this morbid ceremony and their visit is fleeting. For others, their blurred fracturization of time-perception detaches them from Earthly events, and they are ironically late for their own funeral or are never aware of it taking place. This is not to say however that any past event cannot be revisited and witnessed through other doors of intention.

When we speak of the possibility of presences at funerals, particularly in the case of graveyards, it is likely that many different types of energies and entities draw within such proximity. The intent for which the grounds are used can often drawn to it different energies. The collective emotional content of the gathering so too can trigger an attraction of other energies and entities, both of negative and of positive intention. Due to the distraught feelings of loss and separation at many funeral ceremonies there becomes a large gap between the consciousness vibration of those who mourn and those in spirit. This makes it very difficult for human beings to perceptually receive contact from loved ones, but once in a while there is a glimpse of hope.

In respect of the passing souls of others, you cannot hold back or prevent another from transitioning. More accurately, they themselves will interfere with their own transition after becoming aware of your emotional state. Their sense of duty and responsibility becomes an anchor of intention which traps their available perceptive choices to fixate on the grieving. In a sense they feel responsible for that grief and try their very best to alleviate it in those they have left behind. Because they are attuned to your emotional vibration, in having a relationship with you, this means they are forever aware of what you are feeling. You are not grieving for that soul, for they are in a much better place than you are; you are grieving for yourself and your own condition. Grieving a loved one will always push them further away from you, for the vibrations between you become much more distant and incompatible. It is only by letting them go can you hope to bring them closer to you in ways you would never expect or dream.

Part 3

Death, as you call it, occurs on the physical level for many reasons. On the surface, it does so partly due to the deterioration of cellular, chemical and mineral properties in biological structures. When these properties can no longer be maintained in their original structures, they collapse and give way, resulting in biological deterioration and death. What this really means is that the form in which consciousness was held in that vibration can no longer be anchored together in that form, because that form has become compromised, usually by absorbed contaminants from external sources.

There is no reason why human beings cannot potentially live life spans for thousands of years. The reason that they do not is because they contaminate their habitat environments, food and water sources, and their own energy fields with harmful substances and behaviours. Human beings keep their biological form within a low vibrational bandwidth from birth, which ensures a very short lifespan in comparison to most other humanoid species. This is not an error of any deity or celestial extraterrestrial ancestor, but an error of human judgment and behaviour. You have asked if death has a higher purpose, yet it is humankind that is causing itself to die through their own choices. There has never been any deity to come forward to declare any human being must die at all. You simply presume this is the way things are and are meant to be.

If at first we look upon the process of death for other animals, we see that their transition is swift and natural. They let go very quickly and easily (they do not hold onto the ego). Often you will find their consciousness vacates the physical instrument some time prior before the biological functions have become inactive. This is especially so if there is any physical suffering which takes place. It should comfort you to know that in such circumstances most animals are already attuned to be able to leave their bodies at will, almost on command. What is seen thereafter is purely the biological functions firing away, causing it to jerk, twitch and so on. Other animals have a very low pain threshold and so leave far more quickly than most human beings. This ability, in a sense, comes from the fact that many animals eat each other out of necessity and have adapted their consciousness to free themselves of any unnecessary suffering.

When it comes to human beings, their nature of passing is often experienced in a much broader way. Because of the many circumstances humans have created in their environment they seem to have invented far more many ways to end their physical life. From car crashes, addictions, gun shot wounds, contaminations, suicide, domestic fires, electric shock and all kinds of hazardous scenarios. The nature in which a human being passes will be entirely relative to the means in which it is triggered, and the state at which that being is currently at within their consciousness. So if they are a spiritual person who has prepared themselves years in advance for the time of their death, then they are going to have a very swift exit and transition. Those who have no belief in a soul, spirit or any sort of afterlife, and who live a life purely within a materialistic perspective, they will find their passing and transition very confusing and disorientating. The latter are more inclined to grasp firm hold of their physical body during and even after their body has ceased to function.

When a human being realises they are going to die their whole state of consciousness and vibrational frequency changes. On a physical level the body reserves all its energy and functionality to major organs of its biology to enable homeostasis. Once breathing becomes compromised and the lungs begin to fail, the liver, kidneys and gut are shut down. This is often why you may see incontinence, loss of appetite and so on. The body will go through a process of shutting down none essential organs until eventually the heart stops and the brain is left firing its remaining biochemical functions. The cells are the last to cease function as they work somewhat independent of the brain. The brain merely connects them together and forms pathways of communication.

All the cellular frequency information, that is, the biorhythmic memory imprints are ejected into a specific cycle per second frequency which animates what you call the soul. The frequency you resonate at and within while reading this is likely between 200-900 cps. At your time of death this will increase to such an extent that you will ‘slip’ out of your physical awareness into another frequency of awareness you call the soul state, or an OBE. Other people will not be able to see you within this state simply because your cps rate is beyond their receptivity of human perception and senses.

As your cps rate has expanded to occupy a broader spectrum of light and sound frequency, you become aware of other aspects or dimensions of reality. Such a reality will be relative to your state of consciousness at that time, and thus the nature of what you will experience as your ‘passing’. Whether you remain behind to observe your human body or perhaps simply transport yourself to new surroundings within higher frequencies. So it is within your understanding, you can see heaven is not some far away place, but occupies the same physical space, just within a different energy/light cycle per second frequency.

The significance of being buried or cremated is an entirely belief orientated one. For those in physical life who deem it insignificant will therefore continue that opinion after their passing. It will not effect them whatsoever in their new state. For those similarly who, whilst in physical life, deem their state of physical burial to be something of great importance and ceremony to them will hold true to their beliefs in the afterlife. So for those who don’t get their way, as it were, after their soul has left, may actually get a little cheesed off if their wishes are not met. This is an entirely personal thing, which should be decided beforehand.

Again, with matters of donating organs to science. It will depend entirely on the belief system held by the individual whether or not such circumstances are in alignment to their wishes. It is the attachments in belief which hold the soul back from a smooth transition, not the actual physical ‘stuff’ itself. The cellular memory which is duplicated in every way no longer has any necessity to keep the carbon copy of it in physical state, and so completely detaches from it. It is the thoughts that person has and the values they regard their physical state in which determines their process of deliverance, so to speak.

In a general view, would it not be efficient as a human race to recycle and re-use organs in this way rather than see them simply become food for bacteria? I would think so.

Part 4

Initially you are exactly the same persona you were prior to your passing. This is because the cellular memory of your physical form and your conscious memory of your personality is transferred and projected into the spirit world. You will initially remain in this form and with this personality until you have accepted the fact that it can be changed like a suit of clothes by your thought processes. It is usually your guides who will illuminate you to this once more.

When you pass, your soul is drawn into a sort of reception where a great many trained beings await you. They will assist in your transition for they are trained facilitators, and are often misinterpreted as religious Angels and Godly figures. Following this your energy state will gravitate back towards your original source. It is important you understand this. Your original source is the state and situation of your soul group which has its own unique and distinct vibration and characteristics. Those in the reception will know which soul group you have come from and will assist you ‘drift’ back to such a place. This is your true home in heaven, but it is an actual physical tangible place like planet Earth. It will have a ground and a sky and buildings of all kinds. Who you truly are, as a being, is found and remembered here. The moment you return here your memories of true Self will return. You will remember why you chose to have a physical life and will come to know each and every being who watched over you.

As you immerse yourself back into your soul group, more and more of your human persona, your human behaviour, will begin to fall away. Before you had your physical life you already had a personality, already had characteristic traits and gifts of spirit which made you unique. It is this personality which will return to you and who you will once again become. The being you have been for millions of years in the spirit world, before you ever considered a physical experience, is your core spirit identity. You will know of this being by the language of your heart in its most pure and loving state. What is the most loving thing you have ever done for someone in this life? This, my friend, is a reflection of who you actually, truly are in the spirit world, all of the time, not just some of the time. For if you can hold that memory in your heart and mind for just a second, you will be reconnecting with Self.

When it comes to remembrance, following reintegration back into the realms of the spirit, it is so that this is a gradual process, and one that is different for each individual. It is different for each individual simply because different souls carry different consciousness back with them. Some come over to the spirit side of life with a lot of trauma, deep rooted belief systems or perhaps an over-sized ego. Perhaps the means in which they crossed over was traumatic and sudden and left that soul in a state of deep anger or anxiety. These weights which the consciousness carries over to the realms of spirit act as a type of amnesia, for they anchor the state of awareness into a sort of …mental box. Until the soul escapes the box in which they have created for themselves and placed themselves in, then their true ancient identity, that of their ancient spirit, will lay in waiting for realignment when the time is ready.

When the soul is ready to acknowledge its own energy of which it has created, and of which it now carries, then they will be given the opportunity to address their Akashic book of life and begin their life review. Once the ‘stuff’ that you have brought with you from the life you left behind is processed and transcended, through the Akashic records, through your soul group, friends and family, you will be reanimated and realigned once more with your beloved spirit. With that, all the memories that your spirit has will merge back into your soul state and you will become a more fuller, complete being. Let us be reminded, the spirit never actually comes with you to the physical world, this is why you do not remember your life in spirit, because those memories are not brought with you, as such. This is not to say aspects of your spirit do not filter down through your etheric cord, which is connected via your solar plexus.

In terms of past lives, you must also know that those miniscule roles you have played in physical form are nothing in comparison to the life you have lead, and still lead in the realms of spirit. Your spirit state is older than the formation of your physical universe, and the journey it has taken to become the being you are this day is phenomenal. The role you play, as the person you think you are, within that country you live in is miniscule in comparison to who you really are, and the roles you have played prior to this. Do not measure yourself, your abilities, or your level of ‘ascension’ or ‘enlightenment’ merely by how you see yourself in physical form. It is very misleading, and those who think themselves to be void of wisdom and experience are vastly underestimating themselves. Different energy beings, from different soul groups experience, interpret and cope with life much differently than others. Just because someone else does something better than you does not mean they are more evolved. It merely means their soul group embodies those strengths, whereas yours have other strengths they do not. This is important for you to remember in the time ahead.

Part 5

Will I reunite with lost loved ones?

If it is within your desire to see any particular soul, your very thought about that being will trigger the process for you to meet. You will not however, meet those who you have no desire to meet. Love itself, when felt for another being, is a form of communication and connection. When you focus on that love, you are forging a bridge to that persons soul. This bridge then allows a pathway for the two of you to meet and reunite anywhere in the spirit world. You will travel at the speed of thought and appear wherever they may be, and vice versa. If, on the other hand, the other soul has no desire to see you, they can make themselves appear invisible to you through their energy vibration. It is a matter of mutual desire and permission.

Since there is no aging process in the spirit world, and the soul is not limited to any one specific form or appearance. Your loved ones will manifest in whatever way is suited for that instance. It may be in their human prime in whatever form that took. If they used to have a physical disability or were physically immobile, they will no longer embody that ailment, and in fact appear as a fully figured person with no disability whatsoever. Those who, for example, choose to continue to wear spectacles, do so not because they still have a vision impairment, but because that has become an aspect of their individual persona and outward appearance others relate to. This is not then to say those in the physical world who were confined to a wheelchair will then appear in one in the ether world, because they will not. They will walk just as you do. In fact they do not have to walk at all, they can fly or float if it suits them.

The same can be said for those of mental dysfunction on the physical plane, they too will, in most instances, no longer embody such traits in their new form.

Those who passed on at an early age, such as a child, will likely first appear to you as you once knew them. Only afterwards will they present themselves to you in their true chosen form following recognition.

Following reintegration into your soul group and spiritual kinship, it will dawn on you that you have a great many long forgotten friends and companions that transcend all time. Soul acquaintances which go back millions of years even before you were ever human. It is these companions in spirit which you will reintegrate with and spend most of your time with. Those other souls you shared a human experience with, through the many roles that they played, will not necessarily continue to be your social focal point in the afterlife. After all, what is one human lifetime next to the infinity of spirit, and the souls journey of so many millions of years.

Whilst in physical state you may measure your life span to be something of a very long time, certainly when one is separated from a loved one. This measure of time for someone within the spirit world is quite the opposite. Their perspective of a human lifetime is very short indeed. Nothing in the spirit world is rushed, nor does it need to be. Those that pass on usually take their time in transitioning and reintegrating back to their refined spiritual state. While to them this may be no time at all, for you several months, or even years may have passed.

For those who continue to hold strong bonds and emotional ties with those left upon the Earth, they tend to retain that closeness even after their death. They will often wait for their children, spouses or friends to complete their life term before making big steps onward in their development. They will often feel compelled by a sense of duty and responsibility to watch over and oversee the wellbeing of those still in physical state. These feelings tend to originate from the consciousness that is brought with the soul back into the spirit world. In such a way, it could be said, no one else could possibly comprehend the bond you have between you. In a sense that is quite true, for you have shared something together which no other has. This grants you a profound and distinct empathy and connectivity.

Upon returning to the spirit world you will only reunite with those you hold in your heart, and within a loving vibration of attraction. Those you genuinely desire to see, you will attract by the loving vibration you create. So, for example, you will never again see someone who has inflicted pain and suffering, except when your vibration is at a state capable of handling that encounter. At which time your vibration, in wanting to settle fears that you cling to, or patterns of thought you hold onto, will attract to you opportunities to find peace and resolution. But only at a time appropriate to do so.

So then, if you would feel it appropriate and beneficial for you to reunite with another being which wore the identity of your initial spouse, even though you had remarried, then that is something which will readily occur. You will see only those that you are energetically prepared to see, for those who would invoke negative feelings in you would intuitively know to keep their distance until you were at a vibration where you found acceptance for them. Even if that other person wanted so much to see you, they would not be able to, until you made it possible for that connection to be made.

Though the original spouse, in the spirit world, would still retain their connection and memory association with you, what tends to happen is that they gradually let go of their human attachments and identity. As they become more aligned with their infinite spirit, they become something much more than who they were as a physical being, and the identity they were, and the role they played simply becomes one of their many, many memories that join the whole. They rarely get stuck in limited pathways of thought like ‘I am your husband’ or ‘wife’, ‘not this other person’, because ‘I was here first’. For they may actually have had many other lovers and relationships in other roles they have played, on Earth as well as on other planets. So in a sense, when they become aware of their infinite Self, they let go of individual limited identity. They become a whole multitude of different patterns of consciousness. You see, people in the spirit world do not actually, really, present themselves in physical form and appearance unless it is necessary for some type of interaction. They will, most often, simply exist as a combination of consciousness – much like you would understand an orb to be.

It should be understood that the roles within families of the human race tend not to be mirrored in the spirit world. This is to say that relationships evolve and transform into something else after the initial unification. A father would not continue to treat the other soul as his son or daughter, or a mother to the same effect. Those roles were aspects of human consciousness which are at first brought over into the spirit world, but are not something which persists thereafter. As the consciousness expands and reunites with its divine ancient spirit it becomes whole and indifferent to all others. Though it is that two souls can share memories of loving roles and bonds from physical life, the same family conditions will no longer apply as each soul will return to their own distinct soul group and soul family.

With such new forged bonds between one soul and another, great divine friendships are founded which expand beyond all time and space. The two spirits will often meet up frequently in the spirit world and reminisce and share memories, thoughts and achievements. They will often retain the same sense of responsibility and duty of care for each other, despite moving onward in their own separate ways.

You will not incarnate again ‘right away’. The spirit world does not follow linear time as you experience it here. Both the past and the future exist simultaneously in the spirit world, but you can only access and interact with that which you know of. So, for example, it is actually possible to incarnate into the past in order to create the potential for a different future. In a sense, going backwards in time to correct past mistakes. The past you see, or what you would consider the past, is still happening in this now moment from the perspective of those in the spirit world. Of course, only those who are attuned to this knowledge in the spirit world can indulge this truth.

So then, this fear of, ‘I cannot see this person, or that person’ because ‘this amount of time’ has come to pass in physical linear time is simply your human brains understanding. There are possibilities which go far beyond anything you can possibly imagine or conceive. Where there is true love, there can never, ever be separation. Love will simply not allow it. Live to connect with your highest concept of love, and you will connect with your highest potential; your greatest truth.

Will I reunite with lost loved pets?

As was spoken, if your desire is present that you would wish such a meeting with your pets of the past, then so shall it come to be. Pets of the physical realm are much more inclined to want to reunite with you than are many other human souls. This is because such pets tend to have a much more loving, forgiving, neutral vibration which allows them to move forward more quickly. Upon your passing your beloved pets will most certainly wish to see you, and the only reason for this not to occur is if you had no interest, or you were not emotionally/mentally ready. Again, your pets will take the form as they once did in the best prime of their physical life. They will follow you around the etheric realms if you so wish and keep you company. Perhaps to your utmost surprise, you will discover they can speak telepathically to you in a language you can understand. This is always an emotional event as both the human, and the animal, finally get to exchange words with each other and express their true feelings.

Will I have to face those people who abused me?

This is a question many humans ask while alive. The answer is quite simply no, you will not. Those who inflicted certain unloving deeds and harmful actions upon you when in human form lose their right to engage with you in any shape or form in the afterlife. This is to say, they will not be allowed to cross your path or cause any further trauma. You will simply appear invisible to them.

At some point in their soul development they will come to understand the repercussions of their actions upon you and will wish to make amends with you. In this instance another on their behalf will raise this desire to your awareness and allow you to choose whether or not you wish to accept this other persons recompense. This will take place entirely at your own readiness, not of the one who did you wrong. It may be that you do in fact wish to confront them as soon as possible and show them exactly how they made you feel. This then tends to invoke in them feelings of regret and sorrow in their loving soul, and speeds their growth process. This ultimately aids your own healing and growth process similarly.

The same can be said for anyone who takes the life of another human being, and in fact, any form of life form whatsoever. An animal you have hunted and killed for pleasure or food will come visit you in the spirit world, and will do so to raise your awareness that they too had a soul journey, which ended through your very actions.

While you are in physical form, it is rather difficult for your loved ones to present audible information perceivable to you, in a way which you can identify with. This is because of the proximity of vibration between you both and the degree of energy focus required to manufacture physical sound from a non-physical dimension. To create audible sounds within your mind they would have to construct a sustainable bridge between their thoughts and yours. The only opportune moments which at present appear best for them to do this is within your dream states. It proves very difficult for those in spirit to maintain a long lasting audible connection with those on the physical planet. This is mainly because of the changing and inconsistent behaviour of your thought state and electromagnetic energy field. It will be of benefit then for you to gravitate your intentions towards attaining a consistent state of distilled mind and mood, at least for periods of time where you designate contact to take place. It is extremely helpful for them when you designate a specific place and time for such chats, as this allows them to construct spirit apparatus in advance for better connection.

For communication, many loved ones will prefer to communicate through images, particularly ones contained within your own cellular and consciousness memory. The reason for this is that images do not demand as much focus or energy as audible sound, and images are more freely available for their use within your own present consciousness. As with all spirit contact and communication, be reminded that it is the physical energy and environment which they have to use in order to connect with you. This is to say, the effectiveness to communicate greatly depends on where exactly you are, and the nature of other materials and furnishings within that location. Electrical appliances and equipment for example greatly affects their ability to create a clear link with you, especially when it comes to audible sound. This is why, in this modern era, many have resorted to using images.

It would be appropriate for you then to intentfully set up a specific place and time for repeated contact. Create a specific environment which better allows their vibration to come closer to yours, by removing other disturbances of energy, light, sound which create such obstacles. Once within such environment, intentfully practice clearing your mind of thought and outcome. Once your mind becomes clear and transparent allow your loved ones to place images in front of your mind to carry specific personal meaning. It is important however to let your own thoughts in regard to those images go and not begin to contemplate their extensive meaning. Instead, allow images to be placed there and make a note of them at the very end of your sitting. Only at the end should you then attempt to contemplate their meaning. Over time and practice a better compatibility between you shall be forged, leading to clearer forms of information.

About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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2 Responses to At Death

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional Materials from Sparrow:

    What happens will be unique to you. It will be unique in the way that your particular consciousness at that moment of passage will determine what you then perceive to occur. The momentum of your mental belief systems, your individual persona and the nature in which you physically pass all play a part in the way in which you observe and experience your transition into the ether world.

    For those who pass peacefully they will experience a blanket of familiar warmth wash upon them as they experience their imminent last breath. This warmth is the familiar presence of their own spirit and those of spirit who draw close with vibrations of pure unconditional love. Those of the spirit world will attempt to envelop your energy state into an isolated protective containment of loving vibration to facilitate the smoothest transition possible.
    Upon the separation of your etheric string from your solar plexus you will find yourself as an observing free-floating mass. This mass can be perceived to mimic the likeness of your physical counterpart below which now ceases to function. The physical counterpart cannot function without the etheric string which connects your spirit to your physical container (body). The free-floating mass in likeness of your physical body is the cellular memory construct. Every cell of your physical form now exists as a memory thought pattern. This pattern can be altered and thus your form and appearance adjusted to your will.

    Not everybody experiences a peaceful passage, since it is, you exist in a violent and chaotic world in which your body is vulnerable to many forces. In more extreme or violent transitions, such as a collision with a motor vehicle, the separation from the physical aspect is very quick and the experience can be disorientating. This disorientation can be very transient or may continue for many days. When the individual is ready they will be met with a loved one or one of their spirit guides who will lead them into the chamber of light.

    The chamber of light is a loose term to describe the environment in which you first appear into the spirit realm. It is a reception room that neither has doors, walls, ceilings or floors, and it has no definable dimensions you can associate as having boundaries of any kind. Generally human beings experience this place as a bright white light, and often times will describe it as if walking through floating clouds. This environment is a reality pocket where those of your vibration, coming from a physical universe, ascend and detach from the lower vibrations associated with the reality you have left behind. It is a greeting place; a safe harbour where those of the spirit world may come and welcome those who have recently passed. All species, regardless of what planet they are from, harbour here. Though this is not to say all other beings will be visible to you, as this will not be the case.

    You have asked if the transitioning soul has a deep sleep or if they continue to pursue active initiatives. The answer is both. This depends on each individual soul and their state of passage; what extent their trauma is that they bring with them. All beings, regardless how loving they deem themselves to be in physical state still suffer soul trauma due to the very imposing nature of the physical universe. Being confined into a singular physical unit for a lifetime causes consciousness trauma. How quickly this is shed depends on each individual and their capacity to remember their sentient spirit.


  2. Bob OHearn says:

    “Do not fear the unknown. When your time comes and you invest your soul onward into the heavenly realms, you will be overcome with a love you cannot comprehend. It will come from above and from below. It will seem to come from every direction and from within, but never shall you be without. It will be as if a wave of sublime love and peace washes over you, penetrates and permeates through you.

    The barriers of time and space will dissolve. Your human memory will seem but a drop of water next to the ocean of all that has come before you, and all that you are to become. Ancient friends and spiritual family you never knew you had will greet and gather to hear your stories. They will applaud your successes and achievements, and show unreserved understanding of every failure and fall.

    Your pains and sorrows will be nurtured and understood. The grand angels of light will descend down upon you and engulf you with healing and revitalizing rays of clarity and comfort. You will return to your humble abode, your cottage. Your spiritual home away from home. Your palace in heaven.

    You will walk the halls of wisdom and the libraries of knowledge. You will walk the gardens of the gods and the temples of the masters. You will walk the corridors of history and the stairways of the stars. You will see the tapestry of eternal life and the choir of a thousand angels. You will see your own image as you so choose, and choose that which comes next.

    There is nothing to fear upon death, only a life lived in regret.”



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