Doubt, Expectation, Gratitude, Joy

Doubt: The more you learn of what is possible, the more expectations you place upon yourself. When you fail to meet those expectations, you learn more how to doubt.

Unlearn how to doubt by unlearning to expect. Expect nothing. You are the process, not the end result. Simply create with joy and observe value within that process.

Unconditional love is that which is left when you remove all those parts which are simply the journey. The story. The games you play. The philosophy of what life is and is not. It is the surrender of consciousness, to emptiness. All that you are is given to all that is. What remains is your pure ever-present spirit. Unconditional love has no conditions. It cannot have for it is emptiness. It is complete acceptance. Complete acceptance means no resistance. Where there is emptiness there is no resistance. You may say emptiness is not unconditional love, for it is actually this, or is actually that, yet in doing so you have already applied conditions to it. If you attempt to attach a thought to unconditional love, it is no longer empty, therefore no longer unconditional love.

My point to make in relation to doubt (expectation) is this:

Why should the accumulation of spiritual knowledge demand conditions of you within expectation? It is because that knowledge has not been aligned to wisdom. As was mentioned, knowledge without wisdom achieves nothing. Conditions are divisions. Divisions within your knowledge creates doubt. It also adds more into emptiness, thus, pushing it further away.

When you are busy trying so hard to achieve something spiritual, little have you realized the conditions (divisions) you have placed in front of you. If it is your spirit you aspire to connect to, then there must be no division. There must be no condition. There must be no doubt. Simply unconditional acceptance. Where there is unconditional acceptance, there is unconditional connection. Emptiness.

Within this, do not then assume to expect what spiritual growth should look like, feel like or sound like. The doubts that you create in connection with spirit derive from the expectation that it should be experienced in a certain way. Many will dictate that spiritual growth and progress occurs this way or that way. Perhaps it does to them, but they are all expectations and conditions. Things you need to do in order to become this or that. Things you need to do to become ‘more spiritual’. Nonsense – you are already spiritual. You are already Spirit.

I have often said, with knowledge comes responsibility. That is because knowledge is energy, and you are responsible for your own energy. When you place energy within emptiness, that emptiness becomes a thing. You now inherit the responsibility of that which you have created out of emptiness. Expectation comes when one thing seeks to bring some-thing else into emptiness. When all things are surrendered back to whence they came, the silence fills the emptiness. What is the silence?

Your guides are correct to emphasise gratitude as a form of behaviour through repetitious ritual. The more gratitude you practice as a behaviour, the greater is the circuitry of thought which registers your consciousness to the vibration of love; the vibration of your spirit connection. This circuitry is created throughout your cellular and consciousness memory, connecting and reinforcing pathways of positive energy communication between your thought processes and through your physical body functions. As you assign values and vibrations of gratitude to your memories, remembered through your thoughts, or remembered through your physical sensory memories, these form a map and matrix of energy connectivity which allows the vibration of gratitude, of love, to flow more regularly throughout you as a living being.

Thoughts of positive experiences form connective relationships with areas of the physical body associated with those experiences building a positive field of energy abundance. Such as the field of energy which flows through your hands, where your hands have sentient memory of touching a loved one or creating a work of art. This memory is stored within the cells of your hands and can be accessed as a reanimated sensory experience or as a specific vibration. The more of this vibrational circuitry of gratitude you create and gain access to, on a physical level and within your consciousness, the easier it shall become to maintain a more natural positive state of mind, body and spirit.

Do not aspire to simply identify gratitude for your material comforts and achievements, but identify your gratitude for the experience of a simple feeling of touch. Identify gratitude for what beauty your eyes bestow you, for the beauty your ears attune you to. Identify gratitude for your ability to experience a sense of aroma, and actively seek out such experiences to testify to your appreciation. Each of these sensations are recorded vibrationally within your cellular structure, and not only travel with you to the spirit world, but are passed on as cellular memory to your offspring. Your offspring carry within them the memories of their parents, and thusly they are, in a literal sense, never forgotten and never lost. This memory transference is what also facilitates the psychic connection between parent and child. Is this not something to be grateful for? Truly, for you carry within you the combined journey of your ancestors.

In order to address other avenues of your consistent vibration, you may wish to observe aspects of behaviour within thoughts, within feelings and within physical behaviour. Raising one’s vibration to much greater resonances associated with deeply spiritual beings does not take place overnight. Your optimal vibration will only operate as you allow it to within your current behaviour, no matter how spiritual your intentions are. Your registry of vibration will grow as you grow, it will raise as your awareness raises, and as you continue to ritualistically perform from a spiritual perspective in your persona. Take the time to observe how you behave, in mind, in your emotions, in physical activity, and adjust yourself through one choice at a time, until you start building a momentum of self-recognition of spiritual movement.

Every time you make a decision, identify its spiritual significance to your vibration and give yourself gratitude for making this decision. As you continue to choose spiritually, you begin to live from the heart; your recognition of good intent is solidified within a repetitious behaviour. As your behaviour changes, so too does your vibration. As you gain access to your central core vibration, you will reach a point where it will be impossible to revert back to a lower vibration because the connectivity to lower density behaviour will no longer be present. Doing the things you used to do will no longer attract you, satisfy you or hold any value to you. It is at this point you will realize you have grown, and that you have raised your vibration to a point of no return. Your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviours will resonate to a completely different resonance which will open many doors, and at the same time, close many others.

Learn and understand the keys to a joyful life:

The Now moment

Freedom from the past and expectations for the future. You are not choosing life if you are not living in the present. Life is the present. Be everpresent.


Accept the imperfections of yourself, the world and everyone in it. Accept all things as a process, not as an end result. There is no end result, for there is no end to the present.


Find love for that which you have come to accept. This must always begin with yourself. For if you are not open to receive love, then you are not in abundance to share it. Love is the highest conduit for information there is; the more love you hold, more information and energy you connect to.


Wisdom is that which you already know as a sentient being, and cannot be given or taught.
Creates purpose, perspective and perception. Wisdom comes from the connection to spirit.


Determines direction, destiny and deed. If intentions are both wise and loving, true Self is realized and made manifest. Growth is attained through loving intention. The end result of intention is insignificant, for there is no end, only the process.


Experiences come from the seeds of intention, both of yours, and others. Facilitates growth. Experiences reflect the intentions of all beings. Learn to observe the connection to facilitate peace, joy and wellbeing.


Knowledge is that which is learnt, taught or created.
Creates belief, outlook and values.


Understanding and applying these keys will facilitate joy.
Joy will always be found in the now moment, hence, a process, not an end result.


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My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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