ET Agendas

The agendas are complex as they incorporate various facets. To understand the agendas one has to understand their mental processes and sense of values. These are not something which the human race has been able to comprehend or yet develop in themselves because they do not operate as a unified planetary species or align their daily pursuits to cosmic events. Humanity has not yet unified in purpose as a species and have not proclaimed their destiny beyond the mundane and terrestrial concerns of their individual lives. These other species are much more in tune with the unfolding of cosmic events and rhythms of the universe. The principle motivation for many of these species is the pursuit of knowledge and their own understanding and interpretation of prime creator. They seek this knowledge and power in many ways, and primarily it is about unifying all things to their sense of purpose in the cosmos. Many see themselves as the chosen ones to unite all else and bring things together in accordance with their own interpretation of the grand existence. Their efforts are tireless and ever pervasive, ever persistent, they will not yield to the emotional or ethical reasoning of humanity, for their sense of purpose is far, far beyond anything humanity sees in themselves at present. For this reason their own agendas will always come first in and between any contact made through close encounter. Those who appear in such contacts, be warned that they do so for their own benefit. They do so with the premise of helping humanity, yet this will only be what they want you to see in order to facilitate an orchestrated intelligent plan. For those who truly love you, and who are watching you, protecting you, do so beyond your current awareness, and there they will stay forever, for they will never reveal themselves to you, as they understand this will change the direction of your own destiny and purpose you have chosen for yourselves. Those who appear to you, do so because they desire something in return. They desire an end result.

As a branch of the prime motive lies the augmentation of their own species and possession of genetic and mineralised resource abundant on planet Earth. These are prerequisites for their broader agenda which aligns all things to their own view and sense of purpose. Suffice to say, the multi-verse is a garden of genetic abundance, yet it is also a dominion with many regions governed, fortified and kept in balance by its architects. Earth has long been fought over, as has the rest of the planets in this solar system by dominions of power in the multi-verse. This particular region of space lays claim to a particularly activity-rich crossroad and network of life and trade. Where trade is the common barter system, dominions exchange minerals, genetic material, food, purification and technology with one another to ensure their species survival and augmentation. Some of these species seek total perfection beyond their genetics and seek the answers to their own existence by perfecting themselves through every new resource they discover. Unfortunately there are some dominions more aggressive in their means of obtaining such resources than others, and intelligence, resource and regional influence is the primary weapon. These beings do not fight with primitive nuclear weapons or ray guns, they employ much more sophisticated tools of manipulation and power. They wait until a species requires their assistance, then they exchange this assistance or resource, which is of low value to them, for ultimate control over that species and its resources for their own agenda and sense of purpose. This is a common occurrence.

In terms of your solar system and neighbouring star systems, there have been many thousands of conflicts between the variable 500-600 races in this quadrant of space, over many millions of years. Several major ones where planet Earth, and many different star systems in fact have come under friction and refraction due to differences in value and morality. Earth itself was for a long time kept quarantined and under significant observation by a large number of different species, in a sense to preserve and protect its independent development and natural genetic evolution. In the same respect many other planets have met with disastrous fates, while others have successfully survived and flourished free from manipulation from other entities of other origins. Those who appear to be causing the most friction, and those who have instigated many of the conflicts spoken about in ancient texts are those you perhaps identify as the reptilian species.

A note of caution regarding these species, and their sub-species, which number in the hundreds, is not that they are inherently ‘evil’, but rather they are void of emotion, sympathy, compassion, and the whole human sense of morality which you use to determine right from wrong. It is these species in fact which govern and have come to manipulate a great many other vulnerable species to work and function for their own purposes and goals. These goals are primarily to obtain and gain control of anything and everything to expand their dominion. Though it is observed the reptilians prefer to use forms of manipulation and deception to gain this control, rather than brute force. However, at times there have been many races who have banded together in having recognised this manipulation and war has inevitably erupted. These pockets of power and dominion, within their pursuit of expansion have, throughout their various conflicts, created many different splinters and fragments of communities who have banded together to preserve and protect their way of life, their culture and their knowledge. This in effect is really what your friends, those who observe from afar, are attempting to do on your behalf, in preserving your way and quality of life from manipulation.

The majority of the species who visited Earth in the past had little interest in human beings and their own terrestrial desires. It is often for them about expanding their dominion and trade routes of influence, but also to orchestrate life in a certain direction for their own benefit. For them, the most efficient course of action which benefits their own species is to not conquer and destroy the human race, but to employ their own genetics upon and within them to facilitate opportunities to benefit the whole dominion of space. Abducting people and modifying them may be seen as inherently evil to human beings but they do not share the same values and philosophies you do. They actually believe they are doing the right thing for the universe, and changing imperfections where they see them. They see humanity as children and they presume to know what’s best for them. There are different fractions of species who differ in this respect. Those who believe it is for humanity to decide and unfold their own destiny on their own, and those who believe humanity is too primitive and violent and thus need to be intervened and ‘saved’ from themselves. These beings do not respond or act through emotion, but through intellectual efficiency and practical application.

I am aware of many occurrences across the globe which involve individuals, or family generations, or specific geographical locations, where human beings and other animals are exploited, abused or deceived, both by other species and other human beings. It is primarily because, as I have already outlined in my previous answer, humanity has not progressed with studies in consciousness as a form of universal technology. It is also unfortunate that the radiation from the sun as well as man-made radiation you expose everyone to is making your brain function at a lower and more vulnerable density.
As alarming as it may seem, most visiting or resident intelligent species are significantly more advanced in telepathic ability than you can comprehend, and can manipulate the visual perceptions of hundreds of human beings on the surface at once, even from their own craft or subterranean city. Though with this said, most of them do so for their own protection from you and your hostile reaction to them. Most human beings are not psychologically stable enough to handle a visual or physical encounter with an extraterrestrial. They tend to panic and their survival instinct takes over leaving little ability to comprehend the encounter in its deeper significance.

Generally speaking, you are still being genetically modified, but mostly due to your own actions, and inactions through behaviour and attitude. The thoughts that you have about yourself, the foods you are modifying and consuming, the animals you eat and their excretions, the chemical changes in water composition and so on. This has much more of an influence on your genetic structure than the influence of extraterrestrials. Nevertheless, the intervention I speak of is primarily the direct physical influence from other species who did not naturally evolve on planet Earth. As I have spoken elsewhere on this, there was originally several different distinctions of man, whose characteristics differed through geographical location, climate, diet and lifestyle. The Neanderthal is a loose relative of the infamous sasquatch, or Bigfoot, who are also a part of this human heritage who walked the surface of the Earth.

There are those also who evolved differently deep underground away from the suns direct radiation and tribal conflicts. Within these original genetic distinctions there have been various interbreeding and genetic alterations that have occurred by visiting races. This should be very obvious to those with a sound scientific mind who understand it does in fact take millions of years for any one species to evolve so dramatically as human beings have. For example, much of the reptilian life you see today has evolved very little over millions of years, yet humanity has seemingly evolved ahead of its time and has now taken over the whole surface of the planet and has become the ultimate predator. This was not a natural process or product of nature’s harmonic balance unfolding, it was the result of orchestrated interference.

The interference involves a variety of different species, so it is not accurate to place blame upon one alone. The reasoning was also different in each case for their own individual motives at the time. Much has to do with compatibility between their species and yours and their ability to use other species for their benefit as humanity does with cattle and horses. Reptilians were once the arising dominant species, as you will find still in existence underground, but there was to be an uprising of warm blooded mammals, which of course you have come to represent.

The neanderthals and sasquatch were primarily reduced in number through tribal war and mass slaughter by migrating tribes. Others through interbreeding. Because they do not produce offspring as human beings do today they were rapidly depleted in number and had to relocate in isolated protective regions. Some neanderthals still exist today underground, and there still exists thousands of sasquatch in the northern hemisphere.

Species of all origins have been visiting, living upon and interacting with the planet long before human beings walked the Earth. The many thousands that have hold their own agenda concerning their own specific state of who and where they are coming from, and thusly differ in their goals, values and visions. Planet Earth exists close within the proximity of a bustling crossroad of interstellar commerce and the planet itself is rich in elemental and genetic resources. These resources can be detected from a long distance away in space. It is also known that the fate of planet Earth will ultimately have a profound effect on the rest of the cosmos and other intelligent civilisations. So many other species then have a vested interest in processes taking place upon the Earth.

In time this information I share will be common knowledge when humanity becomes a member of the cosmic brotherhood and special alliance which exists. It exists because evolved beings have learnt to recognise the values and purpose which connects and binds them together as part of a much larger cycle of events. Humanity is at present oblivious to such events since they take thousands of years to measure and detect with technology far exceeding that of this time period. As beings on other planets develop the capacity for space travel it soon becomes apparent to them that they are a part of a much larger pond of life, and that they must learn to find ways to get along with other races. In a great many cases races eventually have no choice but to rely on the aid of another race in this cosmic community when their planet atmosphere begins to deteriorate, their primary star begins to implode and their technology reaches an impasse.

There have been wars both above and upon the Earth, as well as on neighbouring planets. As small pockets of exploring species made their claim to this region of space, there was noticeable resistance between them. Beings of this nature can be very territorial, especially if another species is interfering with their agenda. There were also incidences of betrayals and uprisings against the visitors as civilisations changed faith in their Gods. Every religion of the world derives from the influence of star beings of one form or another.

The race of reptilians, who have evolved into several hundred separate distinct species, are those who are unable to enter the ‘higher’ realms, and consequently align themselves with the intention to dominate much of the physical and metaphysical universe. It is within their thought processes that they perceive themselves to be the chosen genetic model and governing force of the universe. They do not perceive themselves as doing anything wrong because they believe they were created to rule in superiority. This attitude has meant they have, for millions of years, sought to perfect themselves by taking genetic material, technology and galactic knowledge from other races, either by manipulation or by invasion. The wars that have taken place have involved devastating planetary weapons, war machines and armies built from the coercions of many, many other races and cultures. Not content with dominating the physical resonance of reality, they too occupy much of the 4th dimension where they try to infect higher vibrations with their influence. In doing this they hope to expand their landscape by corrupting other vibrations to open doorways of opportunity. So in effect, wars have been fought in a physical sense, with physical destructive space vehicles, but also wars of the mind and the soul. They have sought to tap into the blueprint of physical reality which exists in the 4th dimension and alter it themselves so that it manifests something to their favour in the 3rd dimension. This is also to say, wars have erupted between those reptilians and other races in the unseen dimensions with those of the spirit world who have tried to preserve and protect your quality and direction of life.

You will find that many species in the cosmos actually employ subservience over the more vulnerable domains. It is much more efficient to adapt another species to benefit your own than it is to destroy them. Of course this subservience is not the same as it once was in Earths past. The process is brought about usually by convincing a lesser species that joining their dominion is actually beneficial for them. Though the lesser species gets what they want, the head of the dominion wield the ultimate power and control. The head of the dominion tends to be one species, or set of species, who then align others to their own goals and purpose. If humanity falls under this dependency regime they will lose their sovereign independence forever.

Though there are many species who are now trapped within this regime, there are many who are not. These are the ones who watch, hidden both from such entities and from humanity itself, but whose influence and reach with those in the spirit world is exceedingly vast. Their wisdom is unmatched, their experience profound and their alliances deep and penetrating. Some of these beings are what are often mistaken for angels, but they are physical life forms who have the capacity to shift between universes, including that which is known as the spirit world.

You see the Earth as your habitat, as belonging to you – there are extraterrestrials who do not. They do not foster the same values, morals or thought processes that you as a human being would in the way you regard Earth. There are also subterranean species who would argue they were here before you, therefore, some insist, it is their terrestrial home. Ironically, some of the aerial craft and lights in the sky you see belong to them, and are not of extraterrestrial origin.

It would prove naive indeed to think that any extraterrestrial species would come to Earth primarily for one single species of animal – the human race. Though with this said many of them have in fact made contact with various human beings in various fields of work with a message. Other revelations of communication have also taken on other forms, such as your crop circles. It is not in their best interest to simply land on the white house lawn. They understand humanity very well for they have studied human psychology for many thousands of years. It is equally not in their best interest to come forward with their true intentions, as this would not incite a particularly favourable human response. Not that it is specifically malevolent in nature, only that their values are not aligned to yours.

There are also synthetic, technological and non-organic life in the cosmos, however you choose to term it. Just as you will similarly find small, and sometimes large, artificial planets, moons and satellites which have also been built. Some of which have the capacity to move from one point in the universe to another, much like a spacecraft. A general example of this perhaps is Iapetus. This was at one time a purposely built craft which is now in orbit around Saturn’s moon Titan. This has the outward appearance to many as just another small orbiting moon, though with closer study you will be able to identify it as an artificial structure which has been built, hence you will see a clear visible connective seam all the way around its equator. Titan itself reveals many qualities attributed to the Earth purely because many elements that made up the Earth and what is now Earths moon were dispersed through collision to orbit around Saturn.

What you may tend to find in terms of non-organic life [androids] is that many metals and other such materials within the cosmos have very organic-like properties. This is to say, there are elements in the universe which have the durability of strong metals but with the flexibility and dynamic usability of organic textures. When you then come to meet such life forms, who perhaps to your definition would be an android or robot, would actually appear very organic in texture to touch and their fluidity of motion will often be greater than your own. Many of the UFO vehicles for example you may encounter are in fact biologically grown ‘artificial’ organisms, which give the appearance to human beings as being rigid solid structures. Many of these structures, these technologies, respond directly to thought in their manoeuvres.

So what you may eventually come to find is that the more advanced societies which grow these type of life forms tend to use traded elements from other star systems through which to create greatly diversified organisms.

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2 Responses to ET Agendas

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional comments from Sparrow regarding ETs on Earth:

    “In the interest of your own safety I would not recommend deliberately seeking out such groups within their marked territory as many of them are intolerant within their territorial claim and protective of their hidden presence in these locations. They have taken great steps to camouflage their presence in order to increase their survival and escape detection. Many species can detect your presence telepathically a long distance away because of their consciousness development. Though they are more likely to remain hidden, if they consider you an immediate threat, particularly to their young, you will be treated as a predator. These are still essentially animals and act instinctively as animals, as human beings are themselves animals. As any other animal you find in the countryside they have their own habitat and will defend it fiercely, and choose to avoid direct contact with humanity in the interest of their own preservation.

    As to their description, there are simply far too many individual species presently to describe them all, and many of those appear to have offshoot sub-species or genetic mutations which produce alternative physical appearances or appendages. There are generally variations of a theme, from different genetic stock who have altered through factors of environment and genetic mutation.

    One of the more commonly identifiable species are those with scaly reptilian appearance, from green to brown and shades of grey, who walk upright but have no visible tail. They have multiple eyelids and eyes that perceive a much greater light spectrum than humans. They wear very thin tightly fitted one or two piece clothing, and generally find clothing restrictive because of the sensitivity of their physical exterior, particularly to temperature and physical contact. For this reason they may be seen without clothing in their community groups, but not on the planet surface. They exist in highly organised social structures and family groups. They are highly telepathic and intelligent.

    You have the variations of what humanity calls they Grey, from 4ft to 7ft in height. Little in the way of visible exterior characteristics; no hair, lips or fingernails; a thin frame; some with appendages as fine as a few millimetres. Usually observed having overly large oval eyes, elongated arms and digits, large heads in comparison to their body. Again telepathic and very single minded. They are not built for physical strength but instead optimize mental attributes and technical abilities to serve a specific social function.

    You have the variations of insectoid, from approximately 5ft to as much as 7ft in height. Very large protruding eyes and elongated heads, very slim neck, appendages and digits. Can have grey/pale skin tone but others have darker colour tones. Some can be very aggressive, while others seemingly more timid and tenacious. Again, appendages can sometimes be as thin as a few millimetres and are very sensitive to their surrounding environments.

    There are of course many, many others.”

    “They are not inherently evil, nor do you need to be terrified of them. Simply approach with common sense and caution just as you would anything you have limited or no experience of. Your main fear originates from imbedded visual references from movies and media producing preloaded judgements.”

    “Those who are referenced as the “Pleiadians” are not unlike human beings, but more genetically, mentally and technologically refined in their observable attributes. Because of their similarities with human appearance it also means their individual features and differences apart can be easier identified than with other species. For this reason their variations in appearance, behaviour and interactivity can seem broader, but their general tone tied within a strong disciplined femininity and deeper exotic sensuality. This can be mistaken for a male energy at times because of its assertiveness through a strong sense of will and boldness. Those groups who may interact with human beings do not represent all the characteristics of the rest of the species elsewhere.”


  2. Bob OHearn says:

    “We are not alone. We are not prepared for the fact that we are not alone.

    If you are hearing this, or reading this, and you are still unsure whether or not highly intelligent Non-Human entities are intimately engaging humanity, please reference the sources in the notes below. If you have digested and reflected on those sources, and still don’t feel humans are in contact with Non-Human Intelligences, then don’t continue. This isn’t for you.

    This is for anyone open to the possibility that contact between Humans and Non-Humans carries profound implications for human autonomy in the coming generations and centuries.
This is not about what has happened (contact). This is about what we can do now that it has happened. What follows are ten steps that human beings can take to stop, and reverse the forfeiture of our sovereignty.

    I don’t recall who, but someone once remarked (regarding Non-Human Intelligences) that we owe these beings “neither our allegiance nor enmity.”

    I would go a step further, and say that, while we may owe them nothing, we have an opportunity to afford them the same compassion, empathy, and care which we should extend to all sentient beings.

    The problem is we have not, and do not, extended such care for the sentient beings of Earth, much less those of other planets, or other dimensions. Which leaves us poorly positioned to respond to the presence of Non-Human Intelligences with integrity and authority. More on that later.

    At some point in the future, Non-Human Entities will likely cease operating in a clandestine manner, and will engage Humanity in the open. Even though that sea-change ‘Event’ has not yet occurred, human beings have participated willingly in the erosion of our native endowment; Autonomy. Our sovereignty is less being stolen, and more being forfeited. It is largely forfeited by humans to other humans, but also, significantly by humans to other Non-Human Intelligences.”


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