To understand what evil is you must first let go of all associations you have binding it to any religious conviction or fear based approach within your perception. Teachings based on fear are not teachings at all, but are deceptions and illusions. Fear does not grant you perception, it opens the door for deception. Let us begin then not an approach to this matter upon the platform of fear, but upon the platform of knowledge and truth. To understand how evil exists in the spirit world, you must first understand how it exists in your world.

All life, in all dimensions, all galaxies and all time continuums adopt certain specific values within their own perception of themselves to validate their own existence. Just as human beings assign themselves certain value systems which govern their code of thought and behaviour. These values are vastly different between species and between beings all over the universe. It is commonly observable that when two species interact with distinctly different value systems, at least one of them is condemned for their present nature and conduct expressive of those values. Just in the same way as different cultures in human history have invited wars and slaughter from their intolerance of this broad difference in values and behaviours.

This intolerance within the spectrum of thought and nature is thusly projected into a stereotypical invention human beings have called evil. That is, evil is a name humans have called something which they find intolerable within their own current value system, within their own time period, thought processes and social evolution. It is this intolerance which causes fear as it has done for millions of years in Earth state. Human beings have simply called it a many different things over the aeons, evil is merely one of them. It is the behaviour of a young adolescent species that systematically pigeon holes that which abides to values contradictory to their own as one evil ‘force’ or one side of a two-sided coin. Many of those that humanity would deem evil oppose and fight with each other equally, and are not always a force of solidarity as portrayed in colourful media. There is not merely a light and a dark side, but many intricate layers and levels within that.

Long ago when various factions of extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings visited upon the Earth, some of their values were rejected by the tribes of man, and thusly such races were deemed devils and demons, while others placed on pedestals of Godhood. Many of these beings, just as it is with those of the Earth, will pass to the spirit world holding onto the values they once held in physical state. These values will again contrast against those of human acceptance. Some of these entities and energies have been described as devils and demons by human interpretation, because this is all they understand.

Once in the spirit world, thought becomes form, therefore those values held by such consciousness will take on its own form; any form in which it can continuate those values. This form will change under conditions which interact with such energy or entity. This means, those values within that energy persona will potentially take on many different forms to many different people or other beings it encounters, whether that is of the physical realm or the etheric. Whether you as a human being, or a transitioning soul encounter such entities or energies will depend on both proximity of vibration, of time and space, as well as your own patterns of behaviour, of thought and value.

That which humanity has called evil is not an opposing force against Prime Creator, but an expression of the plan of Prime Creator. This is, the Creator has provided a platform for many different values to be explored and experienced by many different beings, on many different levels of evolution and nature, in contrast to each other. It is ultimately up to you which energies you encounter, and which you do not, by taking responsibility for the values you attract to you.

Hell and Demons

The only place evil exists is in your own thought fabrication and interpretation of value as an individual. Good and evil are simply differences in held values inherent within different beings. An individual may place judgement on something or someone else as being evil in its nature, only because its nature does not adhere to or exist in appliance with their own value structure. When another being behaves in a way compliant with your own value structure then they are deemed as being ‘good’.

To understand the nature of what is perceived as hell, as a place, and the nature of what demons are, one must adopt a broader perspective. Allow yourself to sit yourself above a mountain top looking down upon the great many swarms of life and circumstances that span the land below. This allows a more unbiased perspective of not actually being ‘submerged’ within whatever it is you’re trying to understand.

Firstly, contemplate the fabric of the spirit world. It is a multi-verse of thought; a sensually founded and cohesive living matrix. The very substance and fabric of it melds and bends to your interaction within it. Everything is alive; the matrix that forms your surroundings and manifests image structures to support you, it sings from whatever song sheet you currently have within your soul. If your soul is full of negativity, then the song sung by the living matrix will reflect that back to you for you to experience what you are. So too if your soul projects peace and harmony the living matrix will reflect this back to you in order for you to see that.

What state of experience and sensation of spirit you have whilst within the spirit world will depend on how you vibrate as an energy being. Because that is what you are, a being of energy. You can only gain access to particular states, or places, if you so wish to call them that, if you resonate at a frequency of energy that state is placed upon. If you want to travel to a place in the spirit world where you are completely surrounded by beautiful angelic tree formations, or forests, then you have to resonate at a state of appreciation and love for trees to such an extent you will gain access there. If, for example, you have no regard for the wellbeing of trees and could care less about them and their ancestry, you will never gain access to specific places in the spirit world where trees exist within vast paradise communities and speak to one another like humans do.

Hell then, might be considered a place, for there is a ‘place’ for all beings and all things in the spirit world. No-thing is ever denied access to the spirit world. So then, those of hell-ish standing, who resonate an energy of great negativity, hate, anger and cruelty have a ‘place’ of their own in the spirit world. In fact, the spirit world is so vast, everyone has enough ‘space’ to have their own private universe. This is not to then say, all ‘bad’ souls are sent to this one place, or that place. It does not work that way. It is about the law of attraction and proximity.

The fact of you or someone else encountering visual and sensory environments portraying hell-like characteristics simply means you have attuned your human consciousness persona to a particular density, through your own memory retention and interactivity, and thus encountered, not a place of hell, but an expression of detachment from your true Self; your spirit. The observer that you were during such experience was not your spirit, it was observed and experienced through your human persona and had not reconnected to its original source. What you encountered was an experience of a particular vibration, interpreted and interacted with through the instrument of your human persona and its many fears, belief systems and learned formats of interpretation. This is to say, you as a human, interpret such vibrational interactions as ‘places’ because that is how your human thought processes work and relate to it through logical analysis. This is why I have previously stated the common human perspective can only penetrate so far into the spirit world when attempting to define it. Human beings have this tendency to pigeon hole everything into boxes; this place and that place; this is good and this is bad; this is heaven and this is hell. If you are thinking in this format then know you are still experiencing Self from within human persona, and thus subject to its many influences.

What the person is attracted to in physical life will be the momentum force that propels them into a specific state within the spirit world. As said, because the spirit matrix responds to the energy you give it, it will reflect it back to you by creating the surroundings that represent what you have become.

There are gateways to states in the spirit world where energies are collected together by law of attraction, where such energies lose their sense of identity altogether. When I speak of the sense of identity, I mean the sense of who they are as a divine spirit and a part of all that is. Beings who remove themselves from their own loving nature to such a degree as to defy any association with it, can be what are known as demons. These are energy forms which have lost their sense of identity and have become lost within the sea of despair they have created for themselves. They do not, as such, have any specific form, for they have given up their identities in the grace of God, rather they exist as dark dense masses which exist within whatever private universe they have created for themselves in the spirit world.

These energies are made up from life forms from all over the universe, and multi-verse, from all corners of different dimensions that exist parallel to yours. Many people believe demons are deceased humans turned bad, but this is not the case. There are by far, much more twisted and cruel forms of nature in the multi-verse than any so-called evil human soul. These energies may actually manifest to your senses humanoid looking or in some other form which provokes fear because it is effective for them to do so. If they manifest as something which you could not associate with, you would not be as afraid, and more so confused or intrigued. Do not assume just because something appears to you with sharp teeth and wings that this is their true form, for they are merely utilizing the living matrix to manipulate their appearance to you. The fear provoked in you then feeds them your own energy as you acknowledge their presence and feel vulnerable to them, which opens doors of disaster.

There are also life forms, what could be referred to as extraterrestrials, or dimensional beings, who have the ability to shift in and out of your current physical dimension. There are also beings under this category who exist in etheric worlds, like planets, which do not occupy the frequency of physical matter. These beings will occasionally become drawn to your dimension of physicality due to something which is occurring in your proximity. These beings also have the ability to appear as they see fit in order to provoke fear and torment, for whatever purpose they have for being there. Sometimes these beings are mistaken for poltergeists, abductions or demonic attacks. The best defence in this regard is to stay as calm as possible and build the courage to empower your own spiritual authority and gifts of spirit to defend your energy space.

Devils and demons are religion grown and fed interpretations and beliefs perpetuated to wield influential power through fear, over the naïve and the uneducated. Just because something behaves in such a way as to disagree with your moral mindset does not justify it to be interpreted as evil, demonic or ungodly. Evidently here, particularly in the mindset of religion, there is much room for education and broadness of love for those things they do not understand. So too for those who chain themselves to rigid moral principles which alienate them from the rest of the multi-verse. There is no such literal being as Archangel Lucifer; for indeed if there were a hierarchy of archangels as human beings persist to portray from colourful religious depiction, they would certainly not be in the vibration to affiliate themselves with violence. The spirit world does not adhere to the structures of hierarchy that human beings try to adopt in their understanding of it, trying to create more division and separation where actually none exist.

Often it is, forms of consciousness from many different bands of vibration present themselves in a state which invokes fear. Because thoughts from human beings are living things, their interaction and movement through vibrational corridors sometimes draws the attention of energies, or pockets of consciousness within that proximity. Their energy, when interacting with physical state, and consciousness of human state, is translated into something ‘evil’. This is because, the energy coming from the consciousness of that thing is being translated and regurgitated by your own consciousness as something which invokes fear and firm judgement. This is done, in a sense, to advocate warning within yourself, to compel you to put your firewalls up. Basically, your consciousness is telling you, I do not like this energy, therefore I will present it to my mind and thoughts in a way which I can understand as being ‘bad’ for me to interact with. As your vibration changes and your consciousness changes, you will interpret energies differently and respond to them differently. So, for example, what may seem like a demon to you may be something quite different to someone who processes information within a different vibration.

Often faith in Angels or spirit guides are eroded because people commonly ask, well why didn’t my guardian angel or guide come to rescue me? The answer is because often times these events happen so quickly and spontaneously your guides and helpers are not immediately aware of what’s happening. They do not watch over your every move 24/7. That would be a violation of privacy, and they have their own things to do. The event may also be out of their immediate capacity to handle due to the complex energies involved. Many of those helpers around you will not be trained to handle aggressive energy forces like this and may have to seek assistance from specialist light workers in other dimensions. So please do not lose your faith in your guides and helpers over the fact they cannot solve every negative experience you have.

Who are dark entities?

You would be correct not to refer to such phenomenon as dark spirits, for there can never be anything dark or negative associated with a ‘spirit’. For the spirit is that aspect of you which is closest to God.

Dark entities or that which is categorised as malevolent forces in human interpretation can be one of many things. It would be naive to presume all related phenomenon is the manifestation of mischievous ghosts of the recently deceased or demonic creatures painted in religious indoctrination. Such as it appears some of this phenomenon is instigated by other living beings who occupy the same physical space, some other physical place in the cosmos, or are manifestations from other native peoples or animals of the Earth. There are beings who live underground for example, not native to the Earth, who have been observed to perpetrate malevolent intentions which are interpreted as such things as spirit attachments.

Other spirit attachments, as they have been called, though nothing to do with a spirit, involve clusters of consciousness; personas of those who once had a physical life, usually in numbers of two and three or more, who become attracted to vulnerable individuals. Vulnerable in that they exhibit behaviours, patterns of thought or attitude, emotional instability which diminishes their light. Or in the case of some, that they are perhaps mentally or physically impaired, places them in a vulnerable space for any who would seek to cause them distress. It is not always the negative individual who attracts negative entities, for it is often a matter and state of proximity and opportunity which above all contributes to such phenomenon. You can be a very beautiful being, such as an innocent child, and still become victim to malevolent intentions. What the perpetrators desire from their activity is an emotional response from you. It is this emotion which you create in reaction to their activity which energises them in their own vibrational state. If you learn to master your emotional state, you will learn to master your energy field as not to become vulnerable.

You asked: “Why do we have to be very careful while we are travelling to other dimensions in our dreams and meditation? What harm can they do?”

The harm done can be defined as a response that they invoke within you and the cause of distress imposed upon you through such encounter. Though they cannot literally harm you, they can persuade your thoughts to think a certain way as to rob you from your own sovereign authority as a sentient being. The fear that they will try to draw from you will immediately place a sense of authority over you and nourish their sense of purpose and persona. Fear and other heavy density emotional values can become a nectar of addiction for negative entities as it amplifies their available canvas upon which to paint their own power with. Step into your own authority of mind, body and spirit and never, ever paint yourself into a corner to play victim to any other entity or energy.

You expressed: “I’m really confused – I thought that the Spirit World was inhabited only with friendly spirits.”

In the kingdom of God there are many mansions as there are minds to imagine them.
Where the soul goes, so too does the attitude. Losing ones physical body does not cause the loss of ones attitude, it merely reveals a broader canvas onto which to realise the components of that attitude.

You asked: “Where are those evil entities coming from?”

As we have previously illuminated, there are many places, many states that these forces come from. Whether from living entities projecting malevolent intentions towards others, or by consciousness attachments of the deceased, they have become attached to the enrichment of negative emotion.

Evil is not an inherent nature, for in the beginning there was only love, and all things are made possible only through and by love. That which you call evil is merely an object or instrument of your own fear. It is an expression of action and behaviour which does not adhere to your own value system or ethical framework. In calling a thing evil you immediately invoke fear within yourself and become victim of, and vulnerable to that thing. Instead simply seek to understand its motives for self-realization, and their thought processes within compassion and wisdom. Within compassion and wisdom is peace and security found, fostering a much greater sense of authority and self worth under any circumstance.

You asked: “Who created them? God could not create evil spirits.”

God does not create good or evil, nor does God decide the morality values each species assign themselves to. God simply provides the canvas of opportunity you have to realize you are the one creating everything, always, and in all ways.

These entities created themselves through their own choices of attitude and action. Just as you have created the human persona you wear over your own divine spirit, they have created their own persona in absence of many of the values you hold dear. It is often the environments and their imposed conditionings which cause and create these negative traits of behaviour to begin with. The world on which you live was not always as civilized as it is currently perceived to be, nor did it align to the same values of morality and attitude. There exist deprived, mutated and diseased societies who feed on the suffering of vulnerable life forms as a form of pleasure and pastime. Who derive satisfaction from prolonged torture, live experimentation and forced mutation for entertainment. There are those who cannot comprehend what love, compassion or remorse is because of the inequality of life they have themselves endured.

You asked: “What can they do to naive and trusting human souls?”

They can, as it has been observed, lead individuals into a false sense of security and false sense of identity. It may be their true identity is kept from you as they garnish themselves as something which they are not. It may be they attempt to persuade you of your true identity or value, which will often take the form of something which they then gain more manipulative influence over you. Many beings who reside or traverse within the obscure folds of the Earth wear multi-faceted personalities and behaviour traits. This means they can assume guises of a friendly nature or even present themselves with promises of guidance or gifts of spirit. This is a ploy to convince you to trust them and allow them into your personal energy space. It is at this time their interactions will begin to exhibit questionable behaviour and reveal something much more malevolent. If you give such forces an opportunistic pass into your energy field you will find them very difficult to remove. This is why is it in your own best interest to avoid naïve approaches such as quija boards to reach out to the spirit world. It is therefore most wise to first and foremost raise your own vibration in order to register your consciousness upon a more refined platform of communication.

You asked: “How can we protect ourselves from their energy?”

You become vulnerable the moment you are persuaded to think of yourself as a victim to what is taking place. Although the events unfolding before you may startle you or display malevolent values, this does not mean you must therefore become victim to it. Such forces or entities will always try to change the dynamics of their relationship to you, but it is you, and always you, which must dictate the terms and forms of that interactive relationship. You must be the one to choose how to respond to their intentions without relinquishing your sense of self value and governance of your emotions.

Preparation and prevention is always more preferable to resolution. With all your spiritual practices and communications always be well prepared and set in place the right parameters of protection. This may take the form of a short prayer of intention to your doorkeeper and/or a short meditation to raise your vibration. Be also vigilant of the dietary energies and attitudes you ingest within your inner reservoir of inner resonance. This also includes the current belief systems onto which you build your sense of security and core value from. If the structures in place within you are not stable and strong then the pressures from without will cause a psychological and emotional collapse.

You will recognise ploy and deceit, as well as questionable intention by the approach they apply to interact with you. This is to say, they will always attempt to lead and dictate the terms of that interaction and that relationship. This means they will turn up out of the blue when you have not invited them to, as well as become unresponsive or depart precipitously when threatened by a specific question or loving intention. They will immediately reveal themselves in their intention if they ask you to do something, specifically if it is something you do not wish to do. Your genuine guides will never ask you to do something which makes you feel uncomfortable or goes against your core values.

All beings within a loving intention towards you will always acknowledge those in physical state are within their right to dictate the terms of contact. If something occurs which you have not purposely warranted, then you are not dealing with a completely sincere source. Take steps to alter your thinking and your behaviour to avoid further engagement with that source.

This is really to lay additional thought to your practice and for you to be mindful of your own vulnerability should any source claim to be one of your fore mentioned. You can for example, pray to your own spirit or ‘higher Self’ and facilitate the same fruition of prosperity. For both God and the essence of all Saints speak volumes through your own spirit purity. Your purity of spirit is a source which you can relate to for it is that which speaks through your core central values. In all that you do, whether it is in prayer or within your work of life, align to your core central values and you will always invite the very best of all worlds within your experience.

We can define danger as something which poses a condition to disrupt us from our natural balance and wellbeing. In this instance, any being, regardless of who they are or where they are from, is susceptible to danger if they are susceptible to negative suggestion or deception. Those susceptible to negative suggestion or deception will always be those who have yet to educate themselves to their own Self worth and Self understanding, which makes it possible for them to become victim to something else. Those within higher vibrational states and ultimate Self-realization are never susceptible to victimhood, and as such are never susceptible to any real danger. This empowerment can be a condition of those in physical state or those of any other state.

The only way you can, as a sentient being, be influenced by an entity or energy is through free will. This is to say, you become influenced by it by your own choosing of the thoughts that you have and the behaviour that you create. This is brought about by the relationship you yourself authorize and authenticate within your perception to the imposing entity or energy engaging you. You are choosing your parameters of relationship to that experience. You are interpreting and adding your own values onto that entity and energy as it interacts with you. It is these values you attach to them which determines not only its effects on you but also your response to it. By changing the values you add to energy which interacts with you, you can choose how it manifests in form and language within your emotions and within your thoughts.

It is through the memories that you retain and place ownership of which composes these values you then apply onto present and future experiences. By understanding your past and healing it, by changing how you value retained information, you can help to change the present values which you use to react to circumstance. In a sense, to explain another way, when you react negatively to something in the present it is because you are reacting to something you have re-membered to do with your past. It is a learnt and self-programmed behaviour. When you have nothing but love for your past, your present is experienced through the values of love, and your future delivers all that you love. This attunement of understanding is your greatest protection.

Thought, to the human being, is much in the way of a reactive program of impulsive responses. That is, thoughts present themselves to the human being from past memory fragments of learnt behaviours or belief systems. In this, thoughts will attempt to inform you and define the nature of a thing from a past event. This is, your thoughts will interpret this moment in the present from values and belief systems held from a past event. This means your thoughts are consistently programming you to re-enact sequences of behaviour and responses you have learnt and memorised as instinctive nature. Things you observe in the present moment trigger memory fragments to instruct your conscious will to behave a certain way, or to think in a certain framework of parameters. Your thoughts then are not to be trusted with any depth of clarity until that memorised self-programming has been rewritten and relinquished from its core control over you.

When you, as you say, feel negatively, two things are happening. Firstly your feelings, which draw from the wisdom of your spirit, are communicating with you to inform you something is wrong. It is your spirits way of informing your human counterpart that something you are doing is not in alignment with your core central values and vibration. This unpleasant feeling is a signal for your human counterpart to act. If it was not unpleasant you would not then have any motivation to change your behaviour or thinking, and thusly drift away from your own spirit connection. In the same way as your physical organism communicates to you through pain signals to inform you something is wrong, and to initiate you into a form of action to prevent damage to your biological system.

The second thing which takes place is that your thoughts re-enact negative emotional states from the past. This is, it creates chemical conditioned responses in your biology which you experience as surges of emotion. Certain thoughts that you have bound in cellular memory have associative chemical attractions and attachments, which when stimulated cause a release of chemical activity in your body chemistry. You then say that you are feeling negative within a specific scenario, because your thoughts about it are instructing a specific chemical response causing you to feel a dis-ease. In a sense, your thoughts are disguising themselves as feelings, and you are confused by them.

What it is for you to do then is rather than listen to your past memory about how you should or should not feel about what is presently taking place, focus on the source within you where you feel love comes from. You may feel it comes from your heart, or some other energetic place or source. That is the connection to your spirit and to the wisdom of your spirit. To truly know how you feel, do not think about how you should or should not feel by invoking further thought; go to the source where Self-love resonates from. As you re-member how to love yourself your connection to your true Self will become stronger. As you learn to focus more of your energy on Self-love and Self-identified-value you will identify a source, a place for you to tune into to recognise true feelings.

Safe Space

Upon the subject of ‘safe space’, I would suggest to you to release this mindset. If you constantly encourage yourself to protect yourself in some safe space you are making a statement that there is something to be afraid of. Upon meeting a negative entity you will by default then focus all your energy on defending yourself against this unknown, thus empowering such entity to have more of an influence over you, for it will know you fear it by your intent to defend yourself.

Perhaps an alternative means would be to envision yourself as a pure body of light to which no other being can penetrate, unless you so wish. For this in fact is a universal truth. You are wise to adopt this state of self-assurity that should any being, no matter how powerful they present themselves in appearance, and no matter how much they seem to take from you or do to you, they can never truly destroy who you truly are as a being. Such a thing is impossible. No matter how many times you fall, no matter how many times you are hurt by another, you will always possess the infinite ability to rise again and defy the will of any entity, foe or force that stands before you. Such is the truth I see in you, as it is in all beings I see, as I see and master within my own everpresence. I fear no other being, for I am everpresent and ever pervasive in the process to which I exist.

Negativity, the dark side, whatever term suits the stage of your life will always remain everpresent. There will always be the duality of the spectrum of life, in order that experiences may be attained of Self. Being spiritual, being ascended, or being a human angel does not dictate one must cower and isolate himself within the box of his own creation. It is not for the person to reject one thing and confine themselves to another. But it is for he, or she, to open the door to all things, black, white and grey. It is for you as an infinite being to stand in the presence of all things, as THEY truly are, and be as YOU truly are, without fear, without doubt, and without expectation. It is for you to recognise the process that is all things, and that such a process is not something to be feared or fought, but loved and lived.

If one is able to stand in the midst of considerable negativity, immense darkness or ones worse nightmare and prevail in will, in integrity and in love, he has not only mastered himself, but she has also mastered the process to which we are bound, and to which all are set free.


This state humanity calls purgatory is a man-made layer of consciousness projection, and though not designed by any deity, ruler or governing body within the spirit world, you will create this for yourself within the Ever-life should you project this from your inherent power to manifest thought and belief. What you can imagine for yourself, you can create in reality for yourself once within the Ever-life.

Likewise is that of sin, which too is a man-made concept and more of a construct of morality created by the human species. The ever-life is vastly shared between every conceivable race in the omniverse, and thus human morality plays a very miniscule role within the realms of the Ever-life. The creation of sin is a tool for the human mind and morality construct to manifest a sense of self worth and value mechanism for reflection. Within the Ever-life ones Self-worth is immeasurably amplified beyond any possible conceivable thought human beings can have, and their recognitions of Self values are reformed and rebuilt by other aspects of their Higher Self which have very little to do with life on Earth from previous incarnations. In a sense this is to say, sin exists only for the human race, because they wish it to exist for their own crude value based structure, and will continue to do so as far and as long as there is a belief in it, and a need for it.

It matters not if you are a murderer or a saint, all spirit reside in the same kingdom, and never leave this kingdom. Only an aspect of their consciousness incarnates, and is later recalled back into this divine kingdom where it will always, in all ways, be accepted and loved regardless of the deeds of the physical persona. The deeds of the physical persona are a result of physical influence upon the consciousness aspect incarnated and such actions cannot, and will not forever taint any spirit, for each and every spirit always remains pure and untainted. It will simply be for that aspect of consciousness to let go of its human belief systems so that it may once again merge with its pure spirit counterpart. It is all for the experience of the Self; judgement and morality is a game human beings like to play for their own understanding of Self-worth and persona development.

Should you wish to incarnate again, at any time, will be your own choosing, regardless of your past deeds or apparent self-opinionated mistakes. There will never be another who tells you what your mistakes were in life, nor will there be another who questions your morality, for these things are your own individual creation as part of your journey of the One. Those who manifest great beings of light to act as judges upon them do so from their own creative powers of fantasy, and will remain as their own experience, not as a shared one to be experienced by all.


That which you call a murderer is a mental projection of human morality. Those in the spirit world, at least in the rainbow gardens of which I walk, do not live by the moral code of one miniscule species, on a tiny planet in the vast multi-verse. The shared moral overview and principle of acceptance in these realms of light are forged from billions and billions of species who have come together in love and harmony. Who have created a place that all are welcome, regardless of any action performed in physical state. For they know, and you will come to know, that no matter how evil a human being may become in nature, their true nature, which is their beautiful spirit, awaits them in pure perfect loving acceptance.

It is simply that the soul identity which is attached to that spirit has, at some point within its human experience, forgotten its true nature and lost its goodness. This does not make the spirit of this human evil, for it is not the spirit which is perpetrating evil acts. It is the biological aspect which has commandeered control of its soul destiny and abused the gift of life. Despite fallible belief, no being is ever born evil. It is actually the social and environmental, both external and internal which corrupts hearts and minds, and produces unbalanced behaviourisms. It is the quality of life a person has been born into which determines the traits they foster in later life. This is not to do with wealth or material possessions, but of love, nurturing companionship and personal centred education. A civilisation which hacks away at tribes of trees to build farm factories, promotes murder and violence on television and cinema screens, and produces racist and sexist music for children cannot place all blame in merely one misguided individual, and then call them a murderer. So too for those who are then manipulated in their hour of weakness by false prophets and misguided leaders, who then perform savage acts in the name of a God they know nothing about. Each misguided action is always preceded by a tormented twisted story of a once pure heart which fell from grace in their weakest hour.

So it comes to pass these individuals return to the spirit world from whence they came. What good would punishment do to the aspect which seeks alignment with goodness and truth? For punishment begets hate, and hate begets rage. What does rage achieve? Who are you to inflict your own moral code upon the free will of another? Would you likewise seek to punish the billions of other life forms which do other species, on other planets wrong, in terms of your own human moral concepts?

Now then, those loving beings who actually committed such deeds of disgrace would have done so purely because of the harsh conditions associated with physical state. It is important for people to understand that human beings do not act is such despicable ways because of spirit nature, but purely because of the nature of the environment which influences their behaviour. When such individuals return to the ether world, their true beautiful pure Self begins to be re-membered, and they feel remorse and regret for their deeds upon other physical beings. In order for these beings to fully re-associate themselves with their divine identity, they will feel compelled to resolve these feelings of remorse and regret by forging a loving bond between them and their subject of injustice. This is usually done by acts of selfless service to the soul group or family to which the other belongs.

It lies within one’s wisdom to understand, very little indeed will be gained by returning to such difficult human conditions since they will simply make the same mistakes again and again, creating more remorse and regret. This is true because of the repetitious instinctual nature of human animals and the poor environment they currently exist in. I have spoken before about the effects of environment on human actions.

Suffice to say, such ill-deeds are best resolved in earnest through the clear mind, intent and ability of one’s own spirit, in the spirit world, and not through some tainted persona on Earth which caused such problems to begin with. So then, such resolutions are facilitated within the spirit world, where one is more open to receive love and forgiveness, as well as open to give it. Those miniscule few who do return to the Earth do so, not for some karmic journey of recompense, but because they wish to create something that was not fulfilled previously.

For the individual who has crossed over to fully understand and accept the consequences of their actions, love and education is the only route which can initiate deep change. It is only the power of love and education which can illuminate something which was once wrong and unjust. This then becomes a personal journey of purification. Experiencing regret, sorrow and compassion. Then, within their expanded heart, they determine their own recompense to those they have harmed in physical life by giving of themselves in service. This service of kindness demonstrates sincere desire for forgiveness and is then left for the corresponding individual to grant it at their own time of choosing.

It is also the case that, because of the negative vibration of consciousness such a being carries back to the spirit world, this very same consciousness filters them out from accessing realms of knowledge and communion which others freely enjoy. It will only be possible to access these other folds of community and potential when they have resolved the mindset they have come across with. This is to say then, that until they have acknowledged the consequences of their energy and actions, their energy being produced in their auric state will bar them from passing through higher realms of the spirit world. In fact everything visible to most will appear invisible to them until they raise their vibration to the required state by accepting responsibility. They can freely punish themselves all they wish, but only when they accept love and truth will they find a way forward.

So it is then that your own consciousness you carry with you, in its own dynamic functionality, works only at its best when you accept love and truth into your soul. Although a murderer will go to the same place as a saint, one will perceive and behold very little in terms of paradise, and one will perceive and behold a vast amount, all in accordance with vibrational state. Wanting or seeking vengeance upon others will just as likely bar you from greater knowledge and freedom than will the actions of those who caused your anger to begin with.

Let love be your guiding light.


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3 Responses to Evil

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional from Sparrow:

    Malevolence exists because free will exists, and all things are permitted to exist and coexist. Life cannot know itself as one thing without knowing that which it is not. You would not know you were a loving being unless your opposite was permitted to exist and to be experienced.

    Where malevolence succeeds it is generally because those who are benevolent have chosen to do nothing.


  2. Bob OHearn says:

    “You may of course ask the universe for justice if it eases your heart to do so. However the universe does not operate upon the morality or mental principles held by one individual species. You are in effect asking it to think as you do, to hold the values and perspectives you do, and to act as you would. Yet when a lion hunts and kills a zebra or buffalo and eats it, its colt, filly or calf does not seek moral recompense for its loss. Should the universe intervene on behalf of them anyway? Teach the lion a lesson? Or could it be the lesson is actually for the colt, the filly and the calf? Who decides who needs the lesson and what should or should not be taught?

    There is nothing wrong with seeking justice. Yet know whenever you do so it is to preserve and promote values that you perceive to be a statement of who you are. That goes for all those who would join you in bringing about that justice. But do not expect all beings to adhere to the same values that you do, for their perception of themselves can be quite different to yours. In their eyes they may see themselves as the ones in the right, and perceive you to be the one in the wrong. Whose values are to take precedence in the eyes of the universe? After all, all beings originate from the same Prime Creator and have equal right to exist as they may.”



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