Infinite Expansion and Self-Realization

Your spirit has already existed for eons within many fabric facets of the spirit world. Your spirit existed, along with its capacity for individual Self identity, long before the formation of your present galaxy. You can attempt to visualize a future for yourself as far into the future as you can strain your imagination to conceive, and even this will remain a miniscule spec of your spirit journey. Far beyond anything or any time you can presently conjure in your mind, there will be a spirit world as it exists now. The spirit world is the cellular and consciousness mass memory of all things in existence, in all dimensions, in all time fields. This means, regardless of any change which occurs in any reality, whether you interpret that reality as a physical one or an etheric, all things will be retained in memory of prime creator. The spirit world is an expression of those memories, and more. Not only is it an expression of such memories, but those memories come to life and forge their own identity and growth. Those memories cause an attraction of, what you may understand as ‘new spirit’ which gravitate from prime creator and are conceived into new life forms, new dimensions and new possibilities. Although the spirit world is constantly and eternally changing in a manner inconceivable to the human mind in its understanding of time and space, nothing is ever lost, for prime creator forgets nothing.

That your individuality as a spirit may one day be melded with all that is: I remark that this is possible at any time you so choose. You have been led to believe that your worth-less human soul is required to accomplish and endure some hierarchical enlightened pathway of destiny in order to immerse yourself back with the great spirit. I inform you that you may in fact release your individual persona and reintegrate back into the blissful union of the great spirit at any time. Not only this but I inform you that you may thereafter choose to once again separate from that union at any time to indulge your individual persona journey where you left off. Due to the complete and utter dissolution of time, it is described as an experience of perfect bliss which lasts an eternity. Yet for those who greet them on their return experience only a short elapse of time.

What you will find is that it is the realities which present a structured process of linear time that will lose their expanding momentum as in your current universe. The universe you are in presently was the result of many different ‘big bangs’ in effect, and not merely one as portrayed in your scientific teachings. These were the result of other universes reaching their expansion and imposing their energetic pressures upon one another, just as black holes are caused by immense pressures that pierce into neighbouring universes.

At the moment the universe is still expanding in every direction simultaneously, at different rates of speed and vibration. Eventually parts of the universe will slow down, cool down, and it will only be the galaxies which will continue to rotate from their own momentum. But even these will eventually lose momentum. What will occur thereafter is, you will find, other universes will continue to expand and pierce through into your own reality fabric. You already know what occurs when two forces collide.

A big bang occurs.

The universe as you know it is but one of, what human beings can only understand through the term ‘infinite’ , though this is in itself inaccurate. Though there is no closer understanding than this that the human brain can comprehend. You will simply have to experience it for yourself.

Within and from these many canvases spring many realities far removed, and far different to the one you presently call home. To access such realities, dimensions and universes requires a completely different set of principles, thought processes and consciousness doorways. There are places within other frequencies of time and space which would startle any human being. There are also places profoundly more beautiful in colour, in sound and consensual sensuality. In such diversity, one must learn to adapt to new forms of language, new sensual perceptions and even the absence of such senses human beings are accustomed to.

For example, there are realities where emotions cease to exist, and your presence within such reality, in order to experience it, you would thus be void of all emotion yourself, yet it is not void of beauty however. It is simply a variant of reality within a variant time frequency. There are realities void of colour, where all things appear as dull as a black and white newspaper. Such beings there have never before seen colour to the nature that human beings are accustomed to, and would surely be startled by its intrusion within their reality. There are places where beings exist more as sound frequencies and harmonic rhythmic luminescent lights. Such beings speak by conducting chemical and bio-electrical currents within organisms and reanimating images, memories and sensations stored within cellular memory.

What is it like to commune with this vast diversity of life? It is humbling, and it is a challenge of adaptive perspective. One must, in all circumstances, be willing to let go of all previous belief systems and persona-imposed perspectives to gain access to the information which other beings process and present. For even their way of processing information is by far different to that of any human being. I am blessed; for we are all blessed; for we are all One.

Before we speak of the human entity, know that your spirit cannot get ‘more spiritual’, that is a false truth. This is also why spiritual ascension is also a false truth. There is no up or down, higher or lower in the spirit world, as you perceive reality to be, there is only expansion in every direction. That which is perfect and complete lacks nothing, and does not need more of something else to be its True Self. Your spirit is a mirror image of prime creator. When you are Self-realized, that is, when your spirit is made real within reality, you become God personified. When you realize the potential of your spirit is infinite, you understand that all that remains is for you to choose something from that infinity to experience joyfully. As you choose more, as you choose differently, you expand and grow outward into infinity. This is not a process of ascension, but a process of self-choosing. Accept the moment of the creation of now. Your purpose is choice, to choose. To choose here and now, accept it and experience it joy-fully. As the human race evolves joyfully along the path of love and wisdom, spirit, or Self, becomes another step closer, which enables growth between both worlds.

This is the state of Self-becoming. That is, you continuously strive to discover and fulfill your most loving potential within each moment of now. Only love can unlock the doors to the true potential of humanity’s original purpose and design. However, it takes wisdom and acceptance in knowing that perfection can never truly be reached in physical state, since potential is infinite, the process itself becomes your ultimate joy. So it can be said, joy is your ultimate purpose. There is no higher joy than the joy of Self made manifest. You understand the simple pleasures of this joyful journey become your grandest fulfillment and achievement. It is not the big things you presume to be of great importance, but the little things, for these are what define you as a being. You will never, ever, lose this individual identity you know as ‘I’, even if you return to source.

Humans have been present on Earth for 5 million years, albeit in a variation of genetic form. The different races and skin tones seen today are the result of modified genetic characteristics by visiting foreign species. The human race has been observed to have progressed in some areas, but regressed in others, such as their diminished emphasis on spiritual values. The process of Self-realization, as a species, is not a straight line of progress, but more of a fluctuation of events and influences. While you may think yourself to be a tiny spec within this process, the process itself is meaningless and has no true purpose or function should you yourself, as an individual, hold no true value for it. For it is the values you yourself place upon this process of Self-realization that give purpose to the whole journey. It is not the end result that is significant, but the experience of the journey you yourself took to reach that end result. Do not then bewilder yourself with the unfathomable plan of prime creator, for in doing so you miss the point of it all, and that is to experience the actual process itself, your Self.

I speak of Self-realization in terms of human beings as an interstellar multi-dimensional species. This is their intention, their True identity and purpose. The original genetics of human biology were designed to last forever, to allow the soul counterpart to come and go consciously at will, and to alter their vibration in order to access many different realities. Much in the same way as their genetic brethren, the sasquatch, who presently do so. This is to say, they were originally intended to be immortal. It is only through corruption, abuse and neglect that this is no longer evident.

As a spiritual being, and a soul counterpart to this intention, called Human being, it is in service that you are here to influence the direction of the species, and those of others. With the many spiritual gifts you possess it is the hope of your soul group that you apply these to facilitate growth and direction upon the planet. For the events on planet Earth have significance and consequence to millions of other planets and species beyond its own solar system. Events upon the Earth also have significance and consequence within the spirit world, as it is that all things are connected, unperceivable to the many.

An evolution upon the Earth triggers an evolution in the spirit world, and also an evolution of the universe itself. All is part of a much larger ‘body’. When one limb evolves, the whole body evolves.

The work you facilitate here on Earth as an individual will be amplified a hundred times in the spirit world, allowing much in the spirit world to evolve and expand. Not because the spirit lacks a thing, but because spirit is infinite in expansion. In order to be infinite it must forever expand and forever evolve continuously without end. This is why you should never underestimate your true worth, and that one person can, and always does make a difference, in this world, or the other. It is by far more difficult to make a difference in the physical world, simply because there is by far much more resistance against you. However, no effort or progress ever goes to waste.

The basic structure of the Cosmos is movement. Everything is moving, even that which appears not to. Movement is expression, it is vibration; the inhale and exhale of Prime Creator. It is within all matter in the universe, and within the symbolic structure and form of the torus I have illuminated to you for your benefit.

Since it is constantly moving it is constantly changing [form], it is a process; it is a journey of consciousness. Just as human beings change form as they move through their physical lives. Just as human beings shed their physical form to an etheric form at what they call death.

If you observe the structure of an atom under a microscope you will see that it is almost completely composed of void and space. This will remind you that there is essentially no such thing as solid matter as I have previously illuminated. In the sense that humanity calls their universe as physical, and their lives as physical lives is actually very inaccurate and misleading. Though I continue to apply such terminology [physical] for your familiar association. What you will observe is that all matter forms by the grace of an invisible force which brings particles of an atom to vibrate and to hold specific form and movement like that of a solar system. You may observe that as you amplify a frequency the structure of matter will change form. It is for you then to ask yourself, who or what is creating the inherent frequencies which give instruction and form to matter?

You may recollect from a phrase in ancient text in reference to the creation of life: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Furthermore: All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.

What this is explaining to you is that in the beginning was the voice of the Creator, was the sound. It is this cosmic universal sound, this word of God that created the vibrations that caused structure to manifest as a response. If you visited space from the spirit world you would actually witness a resident sound emanating from the very fabric of space itself. This however is nonexistent to the perception of human beings. That sound, that word, and that vibration is nothing other than love. The word of God was love, or at least in the translation and language human beings can understand it.

To give you a broader understanding of how creation unfolds and what the participation of spirit have to do with life I shall reveal. Each of your soul groups which you represent as a sentient being resonate to a specific vibration and energy signature. That resonate frequency seeks to express itself through form. Hence my friend you are here on Earth in human form to express your core vibrational frequency and give form and language to your inherent values. Within each form you observe in your universe there is a specific soul group and specific matrix of frequencies interlayered, which is instructing the inherent behaviour of all form. This is to say, thousands upon thousands of soul groups are participating together to add their specific core resonant patterns [information language] into the matrix that animates physical energy into form. This principle is mimicked in the fact of you bringing your own distinct vibration and spirit essence to planet Earth to interact with other beings of other soul groups to create something new in physical state, in order to participate in the direction of human evolution. Adding your pattern of vibration to the Earth at this time you hope to alter the form and direction of human destiny, in the same way as the direction of matter is formed, or in the same way as a galaxy is given form.

The ether, the soul or the human energy field are really forms of language which are given their structured identifiable forms by the interactivity of variable spirit consciousness engaging one another. When I told you that we are all One, I was not commanding a romantic new age philosophy, but explaining to you that the whole matrix of life is the result of all parts of the whole having an expressive relationship with each other to become One. This is why I have also told you that every dimension effects all others, for there in truth is only One. This should also help in your understanding of how the spirit world and the cosmos ‘operate’ and relate to one another.

As a simple analogy for your study I propose you to examine how sound affects changes in form. For example, what effect does sound play upon water or upon something like a wine glass. What happens to glass when the intensity of sound is increased? What response does the glass have? The glass attempts to change form – it shatters and breaks free of its original form.

What happens when you throw a stone into a distilled pond? The interaction and life force vibration (not the stone itself) pushes against the life force vibration of the water (not the water itself). The result of the two vibrations interacting creates a response, a new form to exist, in what you observe to be ripples in the liquid water. It is actually not the physical stone which is creating the force (as I have already illuminated to you, solid physical mass is an illusion), it is its vibration; its sound, its voice, its consciousness.

When I explained about the halls of learning and how the walls and architecture respond and move, or speak, in response to your interaction, it is because your own vibration, when woven and interacting with the vibration of whatever it is, causes a response, a movement and a form to take shape. This my friend is God speaking to you through language, through form, through unification and love of one thing and another.

Your thoughts in the spirit world instruct the subtle submissive resonances that exist in service to your interaction to create form in that divine union. Within the highest, greatest and grandest understanding you and that which you are effecting are ONE and the SAME. So in a sense, your thoughts are not effecting anything but your Self, only Self is being presented to you as an experience outside of you. So when you imagine a beautiful home appearing in front of you, this is possible because there is no separation between what you are and what the house is, you are merely looking at Self through another form. This will also help you understand how it is possible to be in multiple places, as multiple personas at the same time in the spirit world as I have already illuminated to you.


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  1. Bob OHearn says:

    “The universe to which your soul is anchored is presently expanding in all directions at a speed you could not calculate. New solar systems and planets are being formed as you read these words. New species are being seeded and new forms of life are being born for the very first time. Such universe has millions of parallel existences cohabiting the same space. There are billions of universes, many far, far larger than yours.”


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