Karma is a vehicle of self-illumination and self-orientation. It is a process to which your intentions and actions which pertain to those intentions, can be brought to your awareness experientially by means of their creative properties.

This means that karma is a function through which your choices and actions in life are given creative properties of their own, for you are a creative entity, and what impact and consequence those actions have created for the whole, for the One, for you all. This impact on the whole is reflected back to your awareness via the law of attraction, manifestation and cause and effect. That is, what you do to the whole, the whole does upon you, for you are part of the whole, you are part of the One. What you do upon others, in effect, you do upon yourself. This is the principle of karma. It is a function to remind you that you are all One.

An example of this would be, humanity continues to dump toxic chemicals and waste into the oceans, thus contaminating, mutating and killing many species of life forms in the ocean. Consequently also changing the very purification and properties of the water itself. Those are the creative implications of those choices and actions done by humanity. As a result of these actions, some aquatic species of life form become close to extinction, creating a gap in the whole food chain within the ocean habitat. Consequently, this gap in the food chain disrupts the entire food chain within all other species in the ocean. This consequently causes many other life forms to become close to extinction and also causes dramatic mutations, both for adaptive environmental survival and as a result of chemical contamination.

Human beings then capture such life forms and eat them as part of their own food source. Consequently they ingest the very same chemical toxins they themselves pumped into the ocean. This consequently leads to their own mutation, cell deformity, disease and so on. At the same time, while the sun works in union with the ocean and its life forms to produce oxygen, the properties within the oxygen itself become altered by this chemical toxicity, and thus humanity breathes in this contamination. This then also causes the genetic deterioration of the human biological organism and harbours a mutation in bacterial growth and inter-species transference. Soon many thousands of other land based life forms are suffering the effects of chemical contamination on a cellular level.

This can be interpreted as divine retribution, religiously orientated karma or simply the process of cause and effect. The choices of the one effect the process or journey of ALL. As it is so the choices of the many effect the process and journey of The One.

There exists a religious founded concept that karma is a sort of substance which sticks to a human being, and is thus carried with them from one lifetime to another. It has been said that humanity is not permitted to reach some state of hierarchical ascension unless they erase their karma through many incarnations of recompense. This concept is totally illogical and dictates the One Source (through his many fragments of perfection – you) must suffer and earn his way to his own Self. But in truth, the Self has nothing to earn, for all that you already deserve as part of the One Source, is already yours, now. Instead of having to earn your way to some destination or greater vision of Self, you have actually but to CHOOSE something else. If that choice is to incarnate in human form again, so be it. If that choice is to never incarnate again, but to be of service and be the driving force of evolution for the One Source in some other way, then so be it as well.

In a sense it is your choices and actions in the present moment which dictate what becomes available in your field of present awareness. As your state of choices and actions develop within a more loving vibration, the more choices and options you will become aware of in the future. The less loving your choices and actions become, the less options and choices you have to choose from in the future. This is because your current actions determine tomorrows reality and its experiential parameters. You cannot experience a reality outside of the one you are creating for yourself.

Humanity, as with all life, have the responsibility of care towards all life. For in truth, we are all One. If this responsibility of care is not upheld, the process and function of cause and effect, karma, whatever you wish to call it will continuously remind you….that…there …is …only One of us.

‘Punishment’ is a man made morality concept which serves no divine spiritual purpose other than to fulfil mankind’s insatiable need for revenge. There is no justice in punishment, for it is that other advanced species in the universe adopt therapeutic means to correct disharmony and disorder. Punishment is a crude solution and does not facilitate healing or forward evolution.

Karma, if you wish to call it that, does not work on the principle of punishment. A tradition in thought that pertains to payment in order to return to True Self is a tradition of suffering.

Action, of any kind, including inaction, creates a momentum of energy. The direction and properties of this energy is dependant upon the choice and intent, and action produced. The action of the many, or the actions of the one all effect the process, the bigger picture, the evolution of the One. Therefore the actions of the one do not go unnoticed by ‘the process’, for it is that individual is an inherent part of that process.

The murder of another human life form results in the energy change of the person who committed the murder, so too the energy of every living being who interacts with the deceased subject. For example, the police officer who gets angry at having to miss his wife’s dinner to appear at the scene of the crime. The grieving wife or husband who is left in an emotional distraught state hearing the news. The newspaper reporter who singles out an ethnic group or social group status of individuals to slander and disrepute. There are ripple effects of the actions of one individual that continue for eternity, playing their part in an endless chain reaction of events. The police officers wife has an affair. The grieving wife or husband seeks revenge and murders the murderer of their loved one, then, out of despair for her actions kills herself. The newspaper reporters comments and personal beliefs spawns the rise of hatred, disunited and discrimination. You may think these to be exaggerations. Think again. This example has nothing to do with any form of universal punishment or higher power working to force some grand lesson upon such individual. It is merely the true power of the individual at work through his own immense creative power, which is evidentially been underestimated to his own demise.

You see here, even if the murderer did eventually feel remorse for what he had done, in the above incident, this change of heart still did not prevent his own death. Some may say, he had it coming. But in truth, it was simply a rippled effect of cause and effect; energy interaction in motion. His actions caused the direction and fluctuation of the energy field within others, influencing their free will, causing their own awareness of choices to become limited through negativity.

Unloving choices and actions as exemplified above directly alters your energy field; the energy you are both projecting and also receiving. Negative unloving intentions and actions lowers ones perceptive and creative ability to become aware of greater more profound choices within the true power and potential of love. Choices and options which are only available through the pathway of love, and only love. For example, the consciousness technology I have previously spoken of, which cannot become a practical property of application for humanity unless unloving intentions are dissolved.

One cannot change what they have done yesterday, but they can choose how they may experience tomorrow. This is divine resolution.

The currency of ‘payment’ if you will, is that of your own self-reflection of your own deeds, thoughts and attitudes towards yourself. To gain access to further reservoirs of wisdom and wonder within the spirit realms requires close inspection of all your unspoken thoughts and undisclosed deeds. Payment then must always come in the form of your own self-motivated understanding of past actions within your own capacity of compassion. This comes as a natural understanding, as something you must do in order to move from where you are presently to where you aspire to be or go within other realms.

In order to understand within your wisdom what laws are in place, in your human mentality of what you deem as justice, to enlighten those individuals to the errors within their own behaviour towards others, you really are to come to understand what drives them to commit such unloving deeds to begin with.

From the perspective of those who observe the intricacies of the lives of those who come to neglect or inflict wilful harm upon another we see that it is commonly a result of mental, emotional and chemical imbalances within the human being. This is to say, this being was not a negative, neglectful or abusive being upon his or her conception into physical state, but in fact it was the unloving and undernourished environmental conditions that individual, through childhood or through another vulnerable period in their life, which then led them down a path of cruel behaviour.

All beings whose consciousness are first conjoined to the first biological cells via the etheric strand are inherently very loving and compassionate beings. Often we see that those individuals who have had this basic component instinct of nurture and protection suppressed and overridden are typically those who then go on to inflict abuse or neglect upon others. We see that this tends to be the result of very challenging and undernourished conditions placed upon such individuals in their development as a physical being, which in effect suppresses their nurture nature for survival nature, which disconnects them from their own spirit qualities and subtle values.

Often we see that, within the Akashic records, should those very same individuals have received a greater quality of upbringing, within environments which allowed them to develop and grow their nurturing and protective natures, those individuals would not have come to commit such ugly acts upon the lives of others. A being who is not raised within a loving environment will consequently not act in accordance with loving intentions. Similarly, those individuals who have psychological imbalances and chemical imbalances within the biology of the body will also behave in manners contradictory to social values.

Now, in terms of the spirit world, with the vast capacity to perceive the cause and conditions leading such beautiful beings down such distasteful paths, it is not ever necessary nor acceptable to subjugate other beings into a set way of thought or behaviour. Such beings actually yearn for the right kind of love, support and guidance, of which they did not receive upon the Earth. Again, the spirit of that human persona has done no wrong, for their spirit had no part in it. It is only the human aspect which perpetrated those acts of distaste, therefore it is this aspect, the human persona consciousness which must be transmuted through the introduction of greater wisdom, greater love, and greater perception of responsibility.

What then occurs following the passing of such perpetrators is that this coat of consciousness limit’s the perceivable access they will have once in the spirit world. The deeds and behaviours that are retained as cellular and consciousness memory within the soul lock that being within a set vibration. This vibration then determines the kind of experiences that will follow after their passing and will make much of the spirit world invisible to them, until they have transmuted their energy to a higher vibration through wisdom and love. This will mean, they will not get to meet their own soul group from whence they came, nor experience the true capacity and abilities of their pure radiant spirit, which for others can be comparable to visions of an audience with their own God.

In order for these beings to gain access to beautified audiences with other magnificent beings, with creatures of other worlds and beings of their own ancient lineage, they will have to face and address their own actions with genuine resolution, understanding and desire for forgiveness. This eventually becomes apparent to such souls, who come to aspire to be more than what and who they passed as. The dawning then of, I can only become this or go here if I change my attitude, causes them to seek resolution for their past deeds, not because another demands it of them, but because their own soul wisdom seeks to understand its human journey before it can move forward to something else more than that.

Justice is best served by providing education, knowledge and awareness where it is needed, and within an environment which allows nurturing and protective values to be self-realized in their wisdom. Punishment does not invoke wisdom, regret or greater capacity for love. Seek not to change the individual, but seek to change the environmental conditions which first created that individual.


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