Transcending Mental Conditioning, Fear, and Trauma

Since you were a child you have been systematically told and instructed how to think, what senses and functions of yourself to use for specific tasks, and how to translate what you then are taught to perceive into a final product – your reality. One reality! Their conditioned reality.

It is not the fault of your parents, your school teachers, your medical doctors or your loved ones, for they themselves are also victim to the same psychological manipulation and fragmentation. These individuals are quite innocent in their facilitation of the conditioning taught and reinforced upon you since childhood. Such conditioning is often so subtle in the midst of so many day-to-day distractions, responsibilities and survival pressures that most individuals either do not notice, or do not act upon things that are felt to disagree with their moral and intuitive wisdom. In their hearts they aspire things to be different, but with the pace life has been conditioned to be, and its fierce competitiveness, most people ignore their gut instincts for the more convenient and socially acceptable reality.

You are taught from birth that you are a being of flesh and bone, and that you should inherit all the fears associated with its many vulnerabilities and limitations. This is reinforced by schools and universities, medical institutions, corporations, media networks and so on. Fears, boundaries, concepts of lack and limitation are spoon fed to you via all of these communication routes continuously throughout your lifetime. Never are you taught your true Self, your true spirit origins or your true abilities as multidimensional beings. Never are you taught aspects of yourself, or reality, beyond a distinct vibration of understanding. You are kept within a set vibrational bandwidth of awareness in order to maintain the structure of society as it serves and functions the few. In a sense then, the problem lies within communication as a species. Most people intuitively know they are more than what they are taught, but they fail in the respect of communicating this inner truth to their fellow human beings. Fortunately, this is changing.

Now you may ask who these few are who would benefit from maintaining the current structure and educational system of human beings. Who supplies and maintains the current system of reality as it presently functions? The answer is those behind, and those with the clout of the monetary energy system. The monetary system is a significant factor in maintaining human beings within their present vibrational state, and is a primary factor of why many have not discovered abilities as you have asked about. Those with the clout of monetary abundance, who control the monetary system, are those same individuals who fund and direct the foundation of banks, schools, universities, hospitals, medical pharmacies, news networks and so forth. If indeed one conducts a thorough investigation, they will find exactly who provides funding for such foundations, organisations and corporations that ultimately reinforce these illusions, fears and limitations of mind upon you. You will find in fact, most of such foundations are funded by the exact same few individuals and families across the planet. Those who control the monetary system, control society. Those who control the monetary system control the choices you are given. All of such choices are manipulated to benefit the same such elite. The same elite who threaten to cut funding should the organisations and corporations you rely on every day not bow to their manipulative control. Your evolution and consciousness development is limited in its current state because of the choices you are manipulated to choose from within your reality construct. All of which keep your vibration lower than what you are profoundly more capable of attaining.

The solution then is to develop effective interconnected communications globally to illuminate the people of the world to the truth of who you are. The truth that is not taught in schools, which is suppressed and reserved for the few. With better communication there is greater Self awareness. With better Self awareness, there is greater Self development. With better Self development, there is greater potential for psychic and associated gifts, with abilities as I have described.

Fed beliefs

There are many reasons human beings are conditioned into believing they are lesser, lower and more limited than the angels, aliens and ancient gods they place upon pedestals. One of these reasons is because you are taught, from birth, to trust in the beliefs presented to you as facts by those of self-proclaimed expert status. You are taught, this is how reality is, and this is what you must do to survive within it. Rather than the real truth, which is you did not choose to come here in order to learn how to simply survive as a human animal. You came here to enhance, enrich and enjoy the human experience through the divine expression and interconnectivity of your beautiful ancient spirit.

A little exercise for you to play with. Write down 10 beliefs you currently hold about yourself or your reality which represent either a limitation or a belief which makes you feel worth-less or power-less. Anything that makes you feel victimized, disempowered or anything less than a divine angel.

When you have done that reflect and assess deeply where each and every one of those beliefs systems came from. Draw the roots of origin of each belief system. So for example, if a belief system came from your school teacher, write down where your school teacher would have received that belief system from. Continue to reflect upon and discover the true source of each of your beliefs. If you wish to share them here on this thread, please do so for others learning.

Once you have completed that exercise take a look what you have written and observe who or what has been behind your beliefs. How many of those beliefs have YOU as their root and original source?

When you answer that question yourself you will see whether or not you are currently being fed and controlled by others beliefs. In this way you do not have to take my word for anything, you will be able to discern this yourself.

Are you creating and living your life by your own intuitive knowingness and Self reflection? Or are you living a life someone else has created for you and manipulated you to accept?


If you did and completed the former exercise you will have a better perception whether you have neglected your Self or not. Are you being true to your True Self?

Reflect upon the food and drink you consume. If you consider your physical body a divine temple of light and sacred energy, is your current dietary intake in complete honour, harmony and respect to that? Or do you sometimes neglect its care? Only you can answer that.

With such interests in personal development, let us say, the development of psychic ability, just how often each day do you commit to perfecting this discipline? Do you honestly, sincerely commit to pursuing this aspiration with total passion and conviction? Or do you often neglect such commitment to perhaps, let us say, watch a television programme, or go for a drink with friends? Do you sometimes make excuses to yourself? Only you can answer this.

Are you doing the work professionally you truly and deeply aspire to do with all your heart? Are you following your deepest calling to fulfil the purpose your heart beckons you to pursue? Are you doing the work that allows your true spirit, your true character and qualities to shine through you? Or are you in fact neglecting your own heart to be or fulfil what is more convenient, expected of you or paying you the most paper notes? Only you can answer that.

The answers you give honestly to yourself to these questions will help determine your energy and physical vibration as a being on Earth. It will not effect your actual spiritual vibration as a being of the spirit world, but it will effect the behaviour, attitude and outcome of your human identity.

If your vibration is low because you neglect yourself; if your belief systems are adopted by manipulative sources; if your mental thought processes are conditioned within limitation, how can you possibly expect to exhibit psychic or other gifts of likeness? Only you can answer this.

Unraveling the Threads of Trauma

Unraveling the threads of trauma is really a matter of understanding why you behave in the way that you do. Why you have the thoughts that you do and why you react a certain way to situations and events around you. Why you have the attitude that you have and why you have chosen the path that you are on delivers illumination into the processes of past trauma.

Despite what some may say, there is a real definitive reason you do something. Every little thing that you do in your life you do as a result of a taught behaviour created from learnt belief systems and memorised reactions. If I do this – this will happen; if I don’t do this – this won’t happen. If this happens – I will feel this way. If I feel this way – others will think this of me. If others think this of me – I will feel this way and this will happen – and this will not. These are the belief systems you teach yourself from past responses and behaviours to previous events and play a large part to the trauma that afflicts many. The way that you feel within different circumstances are so too a learnt mechanism of response from memory.

What many people do is they re-enact and invoke negative feelings they have learnt to associate with specific things which once were remembered as a bad experience. Even though they are having a completely new experience they are acting out a learnt process of responses and reactions from memory, from values and interpretations already existing in their mind. In this, human beings can become very predictable in their behaviour just by accessing their past activity. There is a great vulnerability in this, in that there are those who identify this as an opportunity to exploit you. When you leave yourself open to be exploited in this way you invite further trauma to occur in your life.

There are many individuals who follow a path that does not effectively serve them for their highest good, health or happiness. They may develop bad habits and impulses, crave things which create imbalances for them. They may choose a path based on previous fears or misplaced anger or distrust. They may develop self harming behaviours or behaviours harmful to others. They may hold themselves back from who they wish to be, what they wish to do due to past events which continue to impact the present.

The truth of the matter is every past event continues to exist in the present moment, regardless if you choose to be ignorant of it, deny and avoid it, or simply choose to forget it. It is how something is remembered, how something is accepted, which determines its present influence on you here and now. The key to resolving your present trauma, or present behaviour, is actually to resolve your past memory; how you have chosen to remember something. Remember it is your memory that determines your present responses, attitudes and belief systems. It is therefore your memory which determines your state of being. It is your memory thusly that you take with you to the spirit world which then goes on to dictate your experience of transition.

So what you will want to do is identify aspects of your present choices, your present behaviours, your current path, and reflect upon why you are doing it. Identify the values you are using to make your decisions; are they in line with your core central values? Identify previous experience that has caused you to develop your current default behaviour in specific circumstances. If you have remembered something as a traumatic experience, a fearful or negative one, then you need to reconsider how you choose to remember that event. If you do not, that event will persist to impact your present life in a negative way regardless if you ignore or avoid it.

Despite what some may say, simply opting to forget traumatic experience altogether as part of a healing process will actually only create future complications due to repression or re-associative remembrance. As part of any healing process trauma must be addressed via means of acceptance through knowledge, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and truth. The trauma must not impose upon the true value of the individual, and as part of the healing process, this sense and understanding of their true value must at all cost be reassured and replaced. The matter of self-value is the core cause of all present behaviour and all paths which individuals take, and it is this which must be addressed and re-membered differently for change and healing to occur.

Transcending Fear

In order to transcend fear we must transcend perspective.

Fear is an emotional experience which exists within the bandwidth of the physical state where you are presently. It is a learned and adopted behaviour of species within this particular vibration of expression. This is to say the conditions found in this physical universe assign certain pressures and forces upon your consciousness which produce an emotion called fear. Your physical body has evolved genetically to communicate this emotion, this natural sense, through the activation of glands, secretion of chemicals and electrical stimulants throughout the body. It has evolved to produce this reaction within you in order to survive in its surrounding habitat and environment. Just in the same way as plants and insects develop their own unique characteristic responses to survive in their own harsh habitats. The point of explaining this is to inform you that fear is very much a natural aspect and process of the human animal species in the universe in which you exist. Within this understanding, know that you should never alienate or condemn fear as evil or something which is unnatural. The first step in transmuting fear is to accept it as part of your nature, and do so with the greatest compassion. For it is fear which was initially adopted as an emotional value as means of protecting you as an animal, and alerting you to harm, danger and disharmony. Just as you would place your hand upon a flame, your fear communicates to you to remove your hand from the flame in order to protect you from damage.

Unfortunately, this instinct has been long exploited in people and used to control them.
There is another instinct within the human animal which is responsible for your capacity for love. This is the instinct of nurture, which is found within all kingdoms. Nurture is a genetic instinct (originally from spirit nature) which instructs the human being how to behave in order to exist in harmony within its given environment. It communicates intuitive understanding how to form relationships in order to survive within mutual wellbeing with all that is. It is a learnt evolutionary behaviour which expresses the vibration understood as love.

In any thriving successful harmonic civilisation nurture will always lead over fear. This can be observed in all other species on planet Earth who teach you this lesson within their humble simple lives. Though you may witness a lion hunt and kill a mother deer for food, you may then witness the same lion nurture its fawn and defend it from predators. Other animals behave in harmony with their environment and perceive equilibrium and balance. Because of this harmonic behaviour they are in harmonic resonance with the Earth and with one another. This harmony allows each of them to communicate with one another across the species barrier in such a way as they understand one another. If you study different animals in their interactivity with others you will observe this taking place. Human beings are the only animals who have lost their natural ability to communicate in this way with other species. This is because human beings no longer vibrate within the same intuitive connective frequencies that these other animals exist on.

The reason for this explanation is to place your perspective in the right place where it needs to be in order to understand the behaviour of human beings. You must relinquish the pride and the ego attached to human superiority before you can resolve the afflictions of such attitudes. Human beings have become fearful creatures because they have adopted lifestyles that disconnect from all other animals and from their natural planet, which were always there to support and nourish them. They are alone in their own survival for supremacy with one another, within their relationships, within their careers and within their self centred aspirations. They fear because they have lost touch with their nurturing instincts often found within smaller family communities that once were commonplace upon the Earth. Because nurture has not been the founding value within technological and knowledge advancement, great cities have been constructed on the foundation of other values. These values have promoted adverse behaviours of disconnection, competitiveness and egocentricity. With so many animals (human beings) living so close together in such disharmonic environments that disconnect them from other species and from nature, of course chaos and fear will ensue.

To overcome this fear the human being then has to first alter their current behaviour which attracts the experience of the emotion known as fear. They have to behave harmonically with their environment and embrace their nurture nature which produces the emotion called love. Only through love can fear be transmuted.

Altering behaviour to one of nurturing nature changes the thoughts that you have, for it changes the values that you posses. Changing these values causes changes in attitude. Changes in attitude lead to changes in consciousness. Changes in consciousness lead to changes in cellular and consciousness memory. It is within memory where new patterns of programming are written for new generations of your children who come after you, who behave in response to that memory within their genetic blueprint. This is how you overcome fear. Not by alienating it as if it is some evil aspect of you, but by allowing natural nurture to lead the way to love. The wisdom of the heart leads the way to resolution, for it is within your heart where the voice of your nurturing nature is found. It is this voice of love which, in its own behaviour and natural function, works to connect you with everything you need to exist in harmony and balance as a sentient being.

Overcoming Low Self-esteem

Overcoming your low self-esteem is really a matter of examining the thoughts that you have and learning to change them, or attune them to the resonance of a different attitude. These thoughts create the value system through which you build your entire human experience upon. These consciousness value systems functions like energy currents which resonate sound frequencies throughout your biological and etherical systems. If you are not sustaining healthy thoughts and perceptions of your own self-worth, the energy systems will circulate frequencies and vibrations within you which harbour gravitational attractions of imaginary fears. Understand fear is a by-product of imagination; it is a feature of human consciousness produced by memory fragments which are attached to specific negative values. This is to say, your thoughts have attached specific values to specific memory images (imaginations) and retained them within your consciousness makeup. These value attachments you then carry around with you in your life journey and often haunt you with phobias and other paralysing reactions. As you go about your daily life, the outside environment with which you interact sometimes stimulates such memory images and value attachments in your consciousness, which then invoke sudden panic attacks or other states of fear.

What you must learn to do to dissolve these adopted fear responses is to examine your own value systems which you are attaching to your own thoughts, and those of past events you retain in memory. This means you may find it beneficial to examine past memory events and dissect the value structures you attach to those experiences. If when examining these past memory events you discover negative or fear-based values attached to them, you will want to understand where those values have come from. As you examine the memory, perceive in this examination that you have the capacity to apply other values and interpretations to those images in mind, those experiences, and recognise you are able to juggle a whole spectrum of thoughts and attitudes to not only heal, but to redefine and reintegrate that memory back into your consciousness on a whole new level of understanding and acceptance.

Learn of your innate ability as a bundle of consciousness that you are, to reaffirm different thoughts, different attitudes and different values to activity which occurs in mind. Within this process your emotional wellbeing will become far more stable and supportive with your internal value structure and state of self-worth.

Spirituality is not a process of vertical movement as if ascending upon some hierarchical ladder of so-called ascensionism. Your spirit, that is, the identity you were first created as many millions of years ago, is already spiritual and cannot be any ‘more’ spiritual than what it already is. For what it IS, is the same as that which is Prime Creator. So then, your ‘level of spirituality’, as you have called it, is simply your human brain, your ego, trying to fabricate challenges, obstacles and interactive pathways for you to somehow ‘achieve’ something which, in fact, you already are, always have been and always will be, regardless of anything and everything you do in physical state. So before you, or anybody who now reads these words lowers their own spiritual Self-value, know that regardless of what ‘spiritual’ progress you presume you have made through physical ‘learning’s’, it does not and will not change who or what your spirit is. You are beautiful, you are perfect and divine, and you do not need to achieve, suffer or struggle for this to remain fact, in life or in death.


About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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3 Responses to Transcending Mental Conditioning, Fear, and Trauma

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Sparrow on Building Self-Worth:

    To build self worth one must have a strong foundation upon which such worth can be real-ised. If the foundation of the self is built on counterfeit beliefs, doubts, fears and false truths then consciousness will be made real-ised as the experience of worth-less-ness. For that which you think, you also create.

    For this strong foundation to be successful you must first dismantle the defective and destructive foundation you have thus far fed upon, feared upon, and failed upon. This means returning to your roots; the roots of your beliefs, doubts, fears and false truths. Identify where these constructs of thought and attitude first originated and understand the way in which they have formed your perception of yourself. Look for the thought behind the thought, and identify whether it is one of love, or it is one of fear. All founding thoughts from fear always, in all ways, disintegrate your capacity to behold your greatest experience of self worth and real-isation of who you truly are. So then you must unlearn that which you have been taught in error as erroneous truths about who and what you are, and only by doing this can a new foundation of self worth be experienced through greater self perception. This perception can only be realised through thoughts born from love; you must re-member the act of self love.

    The mistake many human beings make in deciding their own self worth is to base this value from what other people are saying, doing and being. In this act you are setting yourself up to fail, to be worth-less, in your own eyes every time. You must go within and rely not on thought, but on feeling. Feelings are the language of the soul, and your soul knows all and sees all there is to see about you. Listen to your feelings, but do not mistake a thought for a feeling. Your thoughts will attempt to question that which you feel is true about you, and thusly fear is born and doubt suffocates all that which is worth anything. Go within and let your heart illuminate that which is true, and that which represents and embodies your greatest vision and experience of yourself. Do not adhere to a thought that tells you your self love and self worth is ever too great or glorious that it must simply be the product of ego and self importance. Once you have discovered new value within yourself never let that which takes place outside of you diminish this inner foundation.


  2. Bob OHearn says:

    “In terms of healing and therapy, it may not necessarily be applicable or advisable to uncover and open all childhood and forgotten wounds while in physical state. In some cases doing so can lead to greater distress and destabilise the individual. The human brain has its own mechanism of coping with traumatic events. It is only appropriate to open all doors of this nature in the spirit realms because, quite frankly, the therapy and recovery methods are vastly more advanced and effective than anything on the Earth. Resolving these painful memories in the spirit world allows the consciousness of the Self to advance towards other perceptions of themselves not open to them before. It could be said similarly that resolving them while in physical state can also open doors of opportunity not open to you before. But only if safe to do so, and practical to do so. Common sense speaks volumes.”



  3. Bob OHearn says:

    “I observe that females generally practice self-love far better than males. This is generally because they adopt a more nurturing and respectful approach. Females are more in tune with biological rhythms of life and work in harmony with the natural flow. Males tend to resist the flow and natures rhythm and will push, pull and try to force what they desire. This again is a deeply rooted instinct from many generations of past practices.”

    “It is a common truth that human beings still treat the planet they inhabit in the same way as they treat their fellow inhabitants, especially in terms of business relationships. Which is exploitation. Just as you experience trauma in human relationships due to a disassociation from what you call universal agape love, business relationships also suffer trauma.”



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