Origins of Life on Earth

To ascertain the origin of all life on Earth you will wish to familiarize yourself with the way in which solar systems, galaxies and in fact universes themselves are created.

The universe you currently exist in was once held together as a mass of atoms no larger than that of a child’s beach ball. That collection of atoms was also a part of another much larger body, and that so too a part of something even larger and of a different vibration.

When it came to be that the inherent forces generated within and against this small body of atoms breached its condensed atomic structure, the atoms were forced apart with unprecedented force which created, and is still presently continuing to create the universe you know today.

Due to the collision of many different properties, energies and gasses galaxies like your own were produced. Due to such collisions you observe your own galaxy spinning in rotation. This is because your galaxy was formed after it collided with another galaxy within its proximity, which then propelled it into another direction in the universe. This galaxy, as it slows down, or/and as it enters the gravitational and vibrational attraction of other forces within the universe, shall be pulled into another cosmic orbit until it collides with another existing body. This galaxy then will collide with another cosmic formation sparking yet another cosmic event which in turn will create a whole new galaxy and propel it off into another direction in the universe. Eventually, when the conditions are right, new life will begin to develop and form from the newly deposited properties within that galaxy.

Now, when we look at your galaxy, which is relatively young since its formation from other deposited debris from other galaxies, we can look closer to the Earth to understand its origin.

The Earth, which is clearly abundant with a rich diversity of minerals, metals and other chemical compounds originated, in part, from the collision of another planet within the solar system. This planet is now what you observe to be your moon, and the remnants and remainder of its debris can be seen orbiting the planet of Saturn. It was in fact this collision into the planet of Earth which brought about the necessary conditions favourable to produce life to begin with. For it is prior to this cosmic event life had not yet actually formed on the Earth at that time. It was then, due to favourable atmospheric conditions, and other conditions to do with mineralisation and chemical interactivity which created life on Earth. It was not some biblical deity or extraterrestrial authority which triggered original life, it was natural evolution through biological mutation.

As far as human beings are concerned, who have mutated throughout their five million year existence on the planet, have done so through a variety of factors and facilitations. Being that there were many tribes of mankind walking the Earth during this time, within many different harsh conditions, means that those tribes evolved in different directions apart from one another for various reasons. One of the primary reasons was due to differences in environment, lifestyle and diet. Some had more fur that others due to the extreme weather conditions they faced at the time, from sever snow and freezing winds, to scorching desserts and jungle rainforests. The differences in habitat they lived within at those times contributed significantly to how they physically evolved in order to adapt and survive.

The 5 million years to which I refer relates to humanity as an individual species. In that, humanity has walked the Earth for 5 million years, regardless of what it says in your university text books. The memories within your cellular state prior to this are somewhat subdued by certain events in history, and because they resonate to a different frequency to your more recent evolutionary activity.

Humans have evolved through variable instances of mutations to what you see today. Your genetic material was seeded here from other parts of the cosmos, as is the case for many other planets. While evolving naturally in its own habitat of the Earth, within its own mutating climate, variable instances of intervention have occurred to the human genes to introduce them into a more customised ideal by other influences. Through interbreeding of different evolving tribes across the globe humanity has come to produce the races you see today. During these instances of intervention certain memories of your origins and natural connectivity with mother Earth became subdued and forgotten.

Throughout humanity’s evolution and environmental adaptation they encountered both internal as well as external influences which has led them to where they are currently. The fact that the different tribes, or evolutionary families were exposed to different types of influence and degree of those influences, has thus resulted in the differences you can see, as well as unable to see, in the tribes that exist today.

There is indeed a vast complex continuum of dimensions and realities akin to what you experience on Earth, where reality is perceived solid and tangible by its inhabitants. The race of humans on Earth are a long descendant of a much, much older chain of species within this current universe and originating from a completely different universe altogether. The genetic model of the human, as well as the actual physical properties of this current physical universe are a duplicated blueprint from another universe from a much earlier time period, as you would understand time to be. With this knowledge I empower you to comprehend your true origins and the potentials of your inseparable bond to a great many other species you have yet to encounter in your evolution. You are not alone in what you experience, for there have been many like you, and will continue to be for a very, very long time.

A brief point of perspective: Africa was not the origin of human life, per se. Though I understand remains of artefacts and decomposed remains found there point to this conclusion. It has simply been that evidence has not as yet been discovered elsewhere, due to it being under hundreds of feet of water, destroyed or, in fact, underneath the progressive growth of rainforests and woodland which has hidden such evidence. There were originally several strands of the human biological model, who came to evolve differently due to their physical geographical locations and environmental survival needs. Those of the northern tribes tended to develop thicker and greater amounts of fur, and were typically larger in size compared to the more southern tribes, who were shorter and grew less hair. As the planet temperature once again rose over thousands of years, those of the southern wastes shed more of their fur and developed characteristics to survive in grasslands and open planes. Some of these evolved to form the tribes spoken about within the land of, what is now Africa. However, these lands were once abundant with vegetation and had a different climate.

It is primarily the northern tribes which I have been illuminating you to, though there are smaller pockets of the same genetic family towards the south. Typically they live away from human cities and populaces in order to survive. There are currently greater pockets of these beings in Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Russia, though you will never find traces of their presence as such, because they are solitary beings who live off the land and who do not form homes or villages. They actually live in caves, trees and other reclusive environments where they can stay hidden. I understand however, that a very privileged small number of human beings have made contact with them, such as in Tibet and further east.

They do not speak human languages but they are astutely telepathic and can sense a human being and his or her intent from more than two kilometres away. This ability within their natural evolution and genetic mutation has allowed them to remain hidden, for the most part, from their malevolent human brothers. Though as said, there is recorded evidence of their contact with humanity within many cultures and native tribes. These beings hold the key to humanities past and retain many abilities that humanity has since lost or suppressed. They are now facing extinction because humanity is destroying their food sources and habitat through deforestation. They are intrinsically bound and harmonic with the spirit of the Earth, which is the essence you will wish to connect to, within any desire to communicate telepathically.

Because of the composition of the planet, its unique chemical and electromagnetic properties, its behaviours of expression will be distinct in comparison to other planets. You would perhaps identify this with a sort of personality, for such compositions contain cosmic cellular memories which contribute to its overall behaviour and consciousness. This is to say, planets and galactic bodies inherit and adopt the memories of former planets and galactic bodies, much in the same way as humans pass their cellular knowledge and memory to their offspring. In this respect, there are presently many extraterrestrial/interdimensional species who look upon the Earth as a vast library of information. It is this information which attracts some of them, rather than the human belief that they are interested in human beings themselves. How much of such memory and sentience being successfully beautified and illuminated by each planet is variable by the specific conditions it adheres to in its galactic state. With the great many species of life the Earth is host to you can begin to grasp just how much sentient knowledge the Earth actually contains. This knowledge is expressed through the great abundance and diversity of life which animate from its inherent properties.

Planet Earth is a biological organism, and as such attracts a spiritual connectivity which hosts a platform for consciousness to manifest itself. All biological life has spirit, that is, it has a source and origin in a spirit dimension that is supremely sentient and infinitely loving regardless of what the physical aspect of it is doing in your own dimension. The conscious physical aspect of biological life, including planets, will occupy and interact with numerous different dimensions simultaneously at all times. This means it is inaccurate to say planets are of a higher dimension than a human being since human beings also occupy multiple dimensions simultaneously. What you associate with as your emotions, your feelings and your thoughts are actually communications from a completely different dimension than the physical one. Their effects on the physical dimension, on your physiology, is merely a vibrational echo and cellular response from activity within another dimension. Both planets and humans have the capacity to engage in or be oblivious to many different dimensions depending on processes taking place within the organism.

Galaxies as such do not have souls like that of its composing planets. Further towards the microcosm point of perspective, neither does bacteria. Bacteria and viruses do not possess a soul. Their consciousness does not expand to facilitate contemplative matters or emotional components associated with individual persona. They do not retain conscious awareness of cause and effect beyond their own mechanism of multiplication. To describe their consciousness would be to say that they are singularly attuned to cyclical self-perpetuating awareness contained through their language of multiplicity.

To traverse into the atomic and subatomic particle perspective, neither do these have soul. What they do have is consciousness – only it occupies a completely different space time frequency as human consciousness. This is to say, they will be home to, subject to, and creation to a whole host of life and conscious state which have no awareness of human state or human consciousness. They, like bacteria, for the most part, have no comprehension of human persona and human conscious state. Just as you are not aware of what is taking place outside of your galaxy. However, this is not to say they are not receptive to human thought consequence and intent, for they are very much so. It is further to say, there is much more going on within a single particle than human science currently paints. A single particle is an entire universe onto itself which is held together by a whole cyclical storm of interactive impulsive and intent-full language forms. There are storms of energy lightning, great voids of interactive sound and colour symmetry, and massive vaults of vibrational data encoded deep within its fibres. To describe their consciousness would be to say they are highly active diverse vibrational patterns which express, mimic and respond to emotional truths (feelings). This means, human feelings have great weight upon the condition of atomic structure.

The creative blueprint for the formation of life for the many species on Earth, including humankind, are extensively replicated elsewhere within the universe. Life on Earth would not have even occurred at all, as it had, if it were not for the biological material within passing debris originating from elsewhere in the cosmos. Debris which contained the building blocks for new life which fragmented from planetary systems, space oceans and life forms which occupy the fabric of space itself. This should indicate with confidence that Earth was not the first planet to harvest intelligent life, nor will it be the last.

Since your own DNA is a replication from DNA which has come from elsewhere in the universe, it is also prevalent to conclude that similar humanoids, and other animals exist, though be it some perhaps biologically and spiritually more advanced by millions of years.

That is one perspective.

From a personal perspective, I can tell you there exists a great diversity of planets close to the description of Earth elsewhere in this universe. I can tell you for example, to my knowledge, there exists planets the size of Earths sun which contain an abundance of life. There are quite a number of these. Some are home to humanoid species which are some 12 feet in height, with a varied skin tone. There is a planet of this size also which has no humanoid predominance and in fact is observed to be almost completely water based. Whose primary intelligence are those of whale-type organisms, but much larger in size and intellect than those found on Earth.

There are several planets which have been completely constructed by beings using biological materials found upon other planets. Such planets have then been manipulated in such a way as to become movable through space by its inhabitants. Raw material trade between species within the universe is the commonly accepted barter system utilized. In fact, I predict that soon humanity will have such extraterrestrials on their doorstep seeking to barter with humanity for raw materials, in exchange for advanced technology, historical data, biological advancement and medical knowledge. Earth is rich with useful raw materials which are considered precious throughout the cosmos. Unfortunately the barter system is not perfect and there is much manipulation, deceit and employment of dominance over weaker civilisations.

Some of the UFO’s you are seeing in the skies were actually purchased through a barter system of such means. There are certain species which mass produce specific type of craft and barter them to other species for long distance travel. I can also tell you that while some are metallic type materials, many are actually biological vessels which have the capacity to occupy different vibrational states/dimensions.

You will find that the universe is teeming with an abundance of sacred life, most of which does not take the form humanity expects it to. For example, those that do not require the use of arms or legs. Those that do not communicate verbally, but use thoughts directly. It should also be understood that just because a region of space at first glance appears barren and void, it actually contains hidden treasures of life that simply exist beyond humanities present ability to perceive. You must remember that your biological senses have evolved to accommodate your interaction requirements within the atmosphere of planet Earth. These biological senses are not attuned or accustomed to interpreting and perceiving many other energy state life forms which exist in the universe. Or it is that the human vessel simply lacks the tools to be able to detect such other life in its alien state. What humanity will have to do in the years to come is adapt their biology, mental capacity and alternate intuitive senses to be able to perceive and interact with these other beings elsewhere in the cosmos.

There exists in several locations around planet Earth certain portals, or gateways, which permit travel between dimensional realities. If you like the fabric of space has been torn in such a way as to create a gap, or opening between one world and another. I believe one exists in Mexico, another further North, and several in Europe and in Australia. The ancient tribes of man knew of these portals and used them somewhat proficiently. The Mayans for example.

Humanity will discover that when they raise their own vibration as a race of energy beings, they will themselves shift into a different spatial location within the universe, and rediscover aspects of their ancient history which has since transitioned into different vibration dimensions. Much to the fact that many of Earth’s sacred historical treasures have become invisible to human senses because of the now differentiating vibrations between you.


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  1. Fred says:

    This man has quite a prolific imagination I must say!


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    Cool, love the familiar pitch it brings.

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    It’s similair to what I read from Robert Monroe in my teen years

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    kind of hope it’s all true 😉

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