Planning Future Lives, Remembering Past Lives

Life is a celebration of free will and spontaneous creation in the moment of now. You do not set out with life plans in great detail, certainly not that of your death. The reason for this is because you do not, ahead of time, know the decisions you are going to make, the feelings you are going to experience and the sense of values and purpose you are going to create in your life. The ‘persona’ of the life you are about to create is not apparent to you yet since the persona which is now who you currently are was created by a great many events in your life, which in fact were not planned at all, but are the result of others deeds and actions, and influences of society and species as a whole. You do not know in advance the cause and effects of these others influences on you before you are born into physicality.

To denote that your soul is able to draw up some blueprint and arrange all these fine details for a life which has not even begun yet is somewhat premature. If your soul knew and could arrange everything in that manner which you describe there would actually be no point in coming to Earth, for it denotes you already have the power of foresight of all of your own experiences in advance. The aspect of these blueprints you describe have to do with things which the soul already knows by observation of current circumstance. These are such things as countries, cultures, races, ancestral families, things that are already in place which you can be drawn towards in terms of choice. But I tell you this, there is such a queue of souls wanting and waiting to be born on Earth that most simply attract themselves to an area which resonates to their needs at that time. Some souls do not get such a luxurious choice for if you hesitate the placement will be taken by some other soul who is just as eager to be born as you are.

You do not however, despite what some books may claim, choose in advance to be disfigured, to be blind, to be mentally or physically impaired, to have a premature birth, to die at the hands of some war which has not even occurred yet. Things that, as these books claim, are designed to pay back some ridiculous karma or to teach you some grand lesson. These things as listed have to do with the mechanics of human biology and chemical components within the cellular formation of the child and affects of others actions upon you as a child. This whole ideology about having to endure terrible hardships in order to learn lessons is a very primitive perception of your soul and spirit indeed. In the same light, you cannot therefore chose ‘in advance’ to be rich, to be remarkably attractive, to be famous, or to wield the biggest penis in five states. Such aspects of life are determined by, and are subject to human biology, the cause and effect of other people later in life, as well as planetary events.

I would say simply that all matters of life plans are actually unimportant to your spirit. This is to say, though your human brain and analytical intellect finds fulfilment in mapping out all of these fine details for your Self, it is not something your spirit is particularly ‘picky’ over. The reason for this is because your spirit observes all things, all paths, all potentials with equal fascination and beauty. While your human brain holds judgments and opinionated preferences of one family setting or country over another, your spirit is simply happy to have an opportunity on the tiny planet of Earth in this particular density of vibration, and this particular point in time. This is to say, your spirit does not tend to hover around the atmosphere of planet Earth and pick and choose, I want this one or I want that one. These are thought processes of biological human beings, not the thought processes and preferences of your ancient evolved spirit. What tends to happen in fact, is your spirit acts more on impulse, or is more so gravitated to a particular vibration, to a particular energy atmosphere on Earth, or a particular attraction which you suddenly feel compelled or drawn towards.

To believe your spirit is actually insecure enough to need to plan every small detail of your future physical lifetime is like saying you are a puppet to another power, of which you cannot stray from. It is like saying you have no free will because your intention to come to physical state is merely to act out everything you have already created in the spirit world, diminishing any create or choice making opportunity in your life. There would be no point in coming to Earth should this planning be a state of truth, for in effect, your spirit could in fact simply live out all of those choices within the spirit world and never need to incarnate at all. Due to the mechanics and speed of thought manifestation, the moment your spirit makes a choice about something, it is already being created. If your spirit wished to experience being born a particular race, in a particular country, and become a particular professional in a particular profession, it would simply have to imagine this for itself and it could live out this potential without ever needing to come into physical state. In the same respect, your spirit could actually create whatever lessons you, as a human being, felt you somehow need to learn without ever coming to physical state. It would simply have to create its own details in the spirit world or merely go to the halls of information to learn the lessons from the countless wise ancient beings and essences there.

One must utilize their own heart wisdom in this. There is no being within their greatest wisdom and self-love who would purposely plan their own state of suffering, or that of other loved ones. A child does not plan being raped by their family member nor does a soldier plan on having his or her legs blown off by a grenade, perhaps to learn some grand lesson or repay by suffering some fictitious karmic debt. Suffering does not make a wise soul. Suffering causes soul trauma and only lowers the vibration of a being who then has to deal with this upon their passing.

It is enough to say, your spirit is gravitated, attracted to a particular vibration, a particular planet, and the moment their thought-intention merges with the intention of Earth, they become co-joined in consciousness. Here then, the spirit attaches its consciousness, via the etheric cord to the first two forming biological cells within the mother of compatible energy.

Speaking of planetary events, such things as tornados and tsunamis are not known by your soul prior to having a physical life, so how would you choose this exit in advance? You cannot choose something which has not yet happened. You can only choose something which has already manifested or is in the process of being made manifest; something which is within your interactivity capacity. You must be able to interact with it to choose it.

It is really the human intellectual and analytical mind which theorizes your soul would want to plan and arrange every little detail of its life, like the behaviour of the human instinctual ego. For the soul, death is but an instant, a blink of an eye, it really holds little significance. As you are born and live, the nature of your death, as your soul will understand, will be determined by the proceeding choices in life you make and the cause and effects of those choices. For example, if you choose to take up smoking, expect a high likelihood of a lung or heart related death, or that of cancer. It was not pre-determined you would become a smoker, you see. This is undeniably the result of human habitual behaviour.

Past Lives and Hypno Regression

Firstly, it is premature presumption from analytical conclusion that 6 billion human beings are supposedly tied to the Earth and limited to repetitious rebirthing of one species. This is, how to say, an urban myth. It is a conclusion understandably brought about from the vantage point of a narrow dynamic, or collection of interpreted information, which continues to lack key ingredient nodes of perspective within further avenues of understanding, which have not been taken into serious scientific study.

Said differently, those who have presented these apparent states of truth, whether they come in the form of books, videos or from self-proclaimed spiritual professionals, have as yet not studied their belief systems from any other vantage points of consciousness, and take their findings at face value. What tends to happen, my friend, is that an individual will read and study the beliefs of others, perhaps through books or other such media vehicles, and then actually set out to prove that information correct in their own eyes by attempting to recreate that other persons experience. So, for example, having been taught that one can seek out the services of a hypnotherapist and conveniently tap into all these supposed past life memories, what they then get back in the form of experience must therefore immediately be a past life memory, because someone with a PHD says it is.

Being able to deliver another human beings past life memories I am sure does look very good on a résumé.

The state of the matter is, cellular memory and consciousness memory do not simply unravel neatly under the convenience of a crude consciousness interface as hypnotherapy of present day. With their current level of understanding of what practitioners are opening doors to, it is the equivalent of doing heart surgery with a garden shovel. What comes back through such doors they open they willfully presume to be precisely what aligns best to their inherent belief systems, as it has been for thousands of years in human history. So what you have are these many past life memories on Earth, in human form, because you cannot at present grasp any other level of understanding of what these experiences are, and where they are coming from. It is enough to say, you are happy to accept these experiences as past lives, whether they be within hypnosis, meditation or through an intuitive energy reader, because they fulfil a deep seated need that you have to connect with your higher Self. Furthermore, anyone thereafter who tries to tell you differently will perhaps trigger a defensive response, as you try to protect this deep connection you believe you have found. After all, who is someone else to try to change your beliefs about who you are?

The version of how it is that I am going to present to you is somewhat different.

Your spirit existed many millions of years before the planet Earth even existed. As such your spirit had an identity and persona of soul prior to you ever having an interest in planet Earth, or this particular universe. Your spirit has no ties whatsoever to the physical state of human be-ing, for it never manifests in physical density. That is why you have an etheric cord attached to your solar plexus. You are like a cosmic space traveler of consciousness, and the human body is your space suit. This space suit allows you to interact within physical density and the environment of Earth. Your etheric cord acts as a life line, if you like, that connects you to your mother ship, a bit like an internet cable. The moment your spirit detaches this etheric cord from its physical counterpart, that is it, it no longer has any ties with the physical world, except those that are held within cellular and consciousness memory.

There is never any need to return to Earth or in fact the physical plane of existence again, unless you so wish. Those that preach that the sentient being behind the physical form has to keep incarnating back into this challenging species simply do not understand what takes place in the spirit world. They are so caught up in personifying the Earth as the only school for a sentient spirit that they do not even comprehend the extent or nature of learning and growth in the spirit world. They simply do not understand that this physical universe is merely one miniscule classroom in a kindergarten, next to millions of other schools, colleges and universities in existence for your spirit journey.

The conclusion that your infinite consciousness is somehow limited or boxed into repetitious cycles of rebirthing upon a small water planet works only to make you feel worth-less. Compare both vantage points and feel which one resonates a higher universal truth.

It is for me now to explain a little bit about the memories you interpret as past lives. For it is, if I am going to say something is not as it seems, I had better explain why and how. Though I have explained this point before, I will touch upon it again briefly.

When you connect with your beautiful consciousness, whether it be through hypnosis, meditation or through a medium who interprets images and sensations, you must be made aware of what it is you are actually connecting to. In the case of many mediums, many a time it is observed that the intention of contact will attract many different souls to that proximity. What will tend to happen is that all souls will want to talk to that medium and have their voice heard, as it is a very exciting opportunity for them. However, this ultimately ends up with the medium, or energy reader, receiving information from multiple sources. Because of the way consciousness works in the spirit world, thoughts merge and pool together and can often be mistaken for a singular voice or singular entity, certainly to the human practitioner.

So what is observed, unawares to the reader, is that he or she is actually picking up on the energy connections of many different beings at once, who are all telling them about their past life. Or it simply may be, in order for that etheric being to present its consciousness persona, its identity in order to relate to the human subject, it will alter its energy vibration to resonate cellular memory to the one connecting to the spirit world. Cellular memory is what the being used to look like and the memories that were associated with that physical journey.

Similarly can other misunderstandings arise, also in the case with hypnosis and meditation, where you are reaching out to the spirit world. Some beings, sensitive to your proximity, will sense your desire to connect to the spirit world and will attempt to connect with you, resulting in them imparting thoughts and images into your mind. If it is a spirit guide perhaps, who wants to share their past human identity with you, in order for you to relate to them mentally, they may present to you past life images and experiences which they deem helpful to you.

At other times, when your intention and focus is so well delivered, you will make the connection to your spirit. Or rather, to your core source energy vibration – your soul group. When you connect with your higher Self in this way, what you are actually doing is connecting with a specific consciousness signature which you and those of your soul group represent. You are tuning into a specific radio station. Your station. Because you share that specific station will thousands, or millions of other beings, you will be more receptive to their thoughts and energies than anyone else’s. Because this frequency, if you like, is so familiar to you, being of your own energy, you will often merge with the consciousness memories of those of your soul group, simply because you love one another so profoundly that you are inexplicably linked. You are then, inadvertently perhaps, picking up on all the other information and thought signals of every other being on that station. You, as a human being, as human beings like to do, you then place ownership onto your thoughts and call them your own. That thought, that image, that idea and that past life was mine, you say. It was mine, you say, because it was in my mind, nobody else’s. Yet you are not your thoughts. Thoughts come from many sources; do not presume all thoughts originate from and belong to you.

Why do you not recall memories of other worlds, other places? Simply because your logical human mind has no tangible source of reference to identify a connection. It cannot recollect that which it has no physical, sensual or present-moment experiential association with. Your human brain needs a point of reference to connect to in order to trigger consciousness memory of other origins. Your human mind has been programmed into a human persona to such degree that it only connects intuitively to that which it sees, hears, smells, tastes and touches, or that which comes through the human mind filter.

Who you were in a past life is not who you are anymore. Who you once were was a completely different persona, a different garment of attributes, which were forged together by the circumstances of that lifestyle and quality of life at that time. A human life is not a very good or accurate representation of your True Self as it is in spirit state, for the great many influences of this physical domain tend to cloud the real picture. Knowing who you once were or what you once did in another life would at best reveal the values you held during that time period by the actions you took. Often times when looking at the past, human beings often undertook roles and deeds necessary to survive and provide for their family. This was the main focus and aspiration for their lives. Glancing back upon these past scenes would reveal very little of your spiritual nature in fact, but more so of the personality traits associated with the persona you had become at that time.

For example, just because a human being was a murderer in a past life, does not mean to say in the spirit world they are not divinely blessed and of great spiritual character. It would simply be that the circumstances of physical state and survival instinct which often dominates human behaviour drove that individual to commit desperate acts of violence as a means to cope with their life, and the heavy burdens and difficulties which come with it. Yet, in the spirit world, where such difficulties essentially cease to exist, that individuals True Self is reawakened to its former grace.

The message is, the information you retrieve back from a past life will often create far more questions than provide answers. It may also re-open wounds which have since healed, or are in the process of healing. Some therapist will tell you that the answers to healing your present circumstances lie in confronting your deep dark painful past. This is not necessarily true for it only opens doors which are best left closed. This is not to say everyone has a gruesome violent past, though moral values were significantly different in times past.

Memories of past lives are most often carried forward with the consciousness of a being, if they are of a specific vibration, when they are born. This is to say they will bring these memories with them. It is far more difficult to access such memories as a fully grown adult who did not come into this life with them. But this capacity is not barred from you either. Memories are contained and transferred through layers of vibration. As your vibration increases, your cellular memory also expands, so too your capacity to receive information of spherical language and format. I spoke of this previously. The more light you are able to create and hold, the more information you can access and process as a being. Sometimes random images, scenes and sensations which seem out of place and sheer fantasy will appear in your mind, at such times do not dismiss them so quickly as these will often be forms of memory retrieval. These are sometimes triggered by touch, smell, taste, sound and powerful images, or at times when you are doing the dishes or other casual states.

If at all such knowledge comes into your possession, it is best used to understand the complexities of the human condition and what mistakes are not to be repeated. Such knowledge is best used to comprehend the nature of the species as a whole, and what is best for its future, and what is not. For it is, humans have walked the Earth for 5 million years, and three times have they met with near complete extinction.

I hope this information has been helpful.


About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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One Response to Planning Future Lives, Remembering Past Lives

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    “I would reemphasise the point that human lives and destinies are not something prewritten into plan in advance. Since you experience a cloud of amnesia immersed within physical density any such plan would become unknown to you and defeat its very purpose. Subsequently this would result in inviting disappointment having not then fulfilled it and consequently sabotaging your own sense of self-worth. This would be a self-defeating exercise, and thusly one that only human mind purports to exit.

    On the subject of close-up observations, where you perhaps feel that your physical form grants you a clearer close-up observational perspective, I would myself counter than the spirit holds a far greater close-up perspective of physical density than what you are experiencing now. If anything, your physical immersion clouds your perception of what is actually taking place because it limits your scope of access. Remember that spirit is pervasive of all life, within all perspectives, of both microscopic and macroscopic scales. If this were not so then the spirit world would be totally oblivious to what takes place on the planet’s surface. The spirit world also has far greater advanced viewing technology than anything you have on planet Earth at this time. There are intentions to make some of this technology available to human beings.

    The essential focus of my point on this subject is that your heart wisdom comes from pre-performed observational work from other dimensions, which is what you should access to increase your scope of interactivity in physical density. You can sit and observe for one hundred years with the intention of learning something new, but you could have saved yourself a hundred years and simply listened to your spirit which already has all of this information. Don’t waste a single precious moment observing what your spirit can already see when every moment gifts you with an opportunity to do what your hearts tells you to be true.”



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