Service to Others

It would be my pleasure to speak of the spirit, and of service to all.

To first begin with a basic facet of understanding, let us approach a misconception of what spirit is, and is not. There appears at times to be those who, when they relay undesirable experiences of the spirit world, speak of an encounter with an evil spirit. Perhaps it is through some instrument like a Ouija board, poltergeist, or disturbing out of body experience. While I do not deny or discredit the personal accounts of those that incur traumatic experiences of this kind, I feel it is necessary to illuminate the fact that they are not interacting with a spirit of any kind. They are more accurately interacting with consciousness on a much lower vibration, which has in a sense become fragmented and disassociated with its spirit identity. This is to say, no being will ever have a negative encounter with a spirit, for such a thing is impossible. That which all spirit is, regardless of what soul group they attract to, is the same loving vibration intent as that of Prime Creator. This is to say, if you are not connecting with pure love and unconditional acceptance, you are not connecting with a spirit of any kind. Spirit remain within a vibration which is aligned to a state of intent which is indefinitely compelled to be in self-less service to all that exists. A negative thought never, ever, enters the domain of the spirit. A negative intention or judgement simply cannot exist within the vibration in which your spirit resides. This is the same for all spirit, of all species, of all dimensions and universes. Regardless of whatever actions a physical being may perpetrate in physical state, on Earth or on any other world, those actions and negative attachments of behaviour can never, ever, remove, destroy or lose the pure sacred identity of that being’s spirit.

What tends to happen with beings in physical state, is that they attract other energies, states of thought and behaviour into their field of consciousness, which then after their passing are worn over their spirit. The effect of this is that this lower density layer of thought and persona attracts to itself a perceived reality which most matches its vibration. This means the soul persona will continue to attract to it those things, and those experiences which gravitate to them based on their projections of mind. So then, such things as those energies which attract to Ouija boards and so forth are not spirits, but are personas of consciousness which still hold together strong forms of mental or emotional behaviour, causing them to remain within denser vibrations close to the Earth. This does not mean their spirit is lost, for their spirit still remains in bliss and infinite love. It is simply that, that conscious element is not aware of or intently attracted towards its own spirit or its vibration of intention. The intention of service to all. The intention and duty of care to all beings. This is the natural state of your spirit, your true Self.

To begin to imagine how your spirit behaves naturally, try to hold within mind the concept of unconditional love. This concept will not be accurate, for this state cannot occur through the mind. It is not a state one comes to via the mind, and is not a state that can be reached by means of effort or measurable progress. Unconditional love is something which is allowed to happen when the human being lets go of motive and sense of Self-gain. When you impart your gifts to the universe without requiring thought to do so; without requiring a reason to do what you are doing in service and honour of someone or something else, this is the beginning. The moment you attract a thought to a condition or conclusion of value to that deed, it is no longer unconditional love. Love simply is the exhale of the Self, releasing and letting go of all that it is to the existence. This is a tiny fragment of what the natural state of spirit is attuned to.

To gravitate ourselves forward further in thought about spirit in service we can also talk about the many forms in which these self-less deeds are manifested. A good place to begin, as always, in all ways, is the halls of information. This is a central hub of knowledge, travel, and exploration. It draws to its doors an incalculable number of beings from all over the universe, from all walks of life, seeking answers and doorways to new opportunities. From here you will meet all manner of personas in many shapes and sizes who offer all manner of fulfillments designed to increase joy and raise the vibration of all the beings within that proximity.

This can come in the form of healing modalities, which are given freely without judgement to whosoever may need it. This can also come in the form of facilitation or representation of groups, of specific intentions or sacred places. It can come in the form of contributions to events, tours or activities relating to specific abilities or skill sets. Whatever your innermost heart extends towards will likely be your foremost afforded act of service.

To attract themselves more intimately to their own spirit nature, in a sense to touch the very essence of their original Source, souls align themselves to deeply loving values gravitated towards service to others. Performing these acts of service and care to others raises the vibration and access of everyone in the spirit world, and subsequently everyone in every other dimension, as they are all connected. The fundamental purpose of spirit being in service to all is the desire of Self-awareness through Self-expression. This means spirit wishes to experience the awareness of its own existence and nature by expressing it through creation and interaction. This creation and interaction can only be made possible through the formation of loving relationships with other states, other beings, and other elements of consciousness. Though this is by no means defined by romantic or other such human-conditioned relationships, such will not be excluded from your sphere of expression, for you have chosen to sample such in your current human form. Understand simply that there are billions of other expressions of relationship and connectivity which your soul will wish to explore long after you have passed on. Your soul presently exists in relationship with the Earth, to this specific physical state, in order to express your spirit nature within and through that relationship. It was hoped that this attraction of relationship would create opportunities for Self-expression of those gifts and values you bring with you.

If an individual chooses to be in service, it is because they identify within themselves the capacity to touch the lives of others. They identify a sense of value for and within themselves which they feel compelled to express through a relationship with their own deeds. This can be an expression of sharing of a simple gift, skill or quality which increases the joy of others. This can also be an expression of sharing of a simple gift, skill or quality which alleviates the suffering of others.

A challenge of being in service is to learn to overcome ignorance. If one is ignorant to or neglectful of the many beings who cry out in need on his or her own doorstep, they have failed in their duty and responsibility of their own intention of service. You cannot merely reserve care to one race or species, or one distinction of division or another, but must encompass all forms of life to which you are aware. In actively seeking to nurture and expand your own awareness of others needs, you consequently place yourself in a position to do something about it. Through awareness comes responsibility and a duty of care. To neglect your duty of love to another is the same as neglecting yourself; for they who do not give of themselves also fail to receive that which they are a part.

Those in need do not always attract the most appropriate helper; for the approach of one, despite their sincerity to help, may inadvertently cause more harm than good. This occurs when the intention of service outweighs their present ability to perceive an appropriate course of action in their wisdom.

It is not for the one wishing to be of help to resolve the immediate need, but for them to find the wisdom to ascertain who or what may be more appropriate to attract into that situation. If in their wisdom this means stepping back and allowing others with more appropriate tools to take over, then this is very noble indeed.

The world is inherently not that complex. It is perceived into complexity by human choosing. It is perceived into complexity by differences in individual values. These values have come to differ by how energy itself has come to formation within individuals, and how such individuals have developed thought processes. Within different environments, different climates of energy interactivity, human beings begin to form distinctive thought patterns and behaviours consistent with that environment. From time to time there appears one individual who displays values not inherent to that environment, and it is because they have retained more memory and connectivity to their ancient spirit origins, or it is because the genetic mutation of that being has altered its chemical structure and consequently its behaviouristic attributes.

You are at a time upon the Earth where it is relatively easy to travel and disperse yourselves from one part of the planet to another; one culture or community to another. This means you have at this time far greater diversity of values, thought patterns and behaviour differences clustering together than ever before. With the added strain of explosive population numbers as they presently are, in such small spaces of community, this makes for a very complex and chaotic outcome. The result? Human beings are pressured into former animalistic tendencies and attitudes of mind focused upon individual survival. That is, the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many of that community of which they are a part. Hence springs the mindset of personal ownership.

Personal ownership: My body, my thoughts, my feelings. My family, my child, my house. My job, my car, my relationship. My money, my lawnmower, my pet dog. Whether they be physical or psychological in nature, humanity loves placing ownership upon everything. This is mine and that is yours. What this actually does is create separation and fragmentation, from something simple and connected as one, to something complex and chaotic. As people fragment things in their mind in order to place ownership, they develop attitudes and behaviours to fight and argue over what they have or another has; what they do not have or what someone else does not appear to have. The bigger picture of the canvas of life is picked apart into separate unrecognisable pieces like that of a jigsaw. Only then, nobody can see the beautiful canvas of life for what it is in its simplest form, for all have picked it apart in hope of owning a piece of the bigger picture. What they see instead is merely the fragment they have taken for themselves.

This you must understand is not something which is to be approached with blame or anger, but with a sense of compassion and absence of judgement. If one is to blame, all are to blame, for all hold pieces of the same puzzle, and only by uniting all together, for the benefit of the many, may the bigger picture, and more simple nature begin to be revealed.


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