Soul Group

The soul group is a specific energy family within which a spirit has chosen to commit itself to. The spirit will form its roots deep within this soul group over millions of years in human understanding. Each spirit within the same soul group will have a distinct direction of purpose, of aspiration and intention that mirrors one another, which enables a bond like no other. The bond in fact is so deep and intimate that the love felt for each other has no limits as to what they would do for one another.

When we speak of soul mates and twin flames what we are really identifying is another spirit which has origins within our own soul group. The love felt almost immediately between one another, often called love at first sight, is actually your energy signature which is being recognised. The fact that you seem to get on so well with one another, mirroring each others likes and dislikes, having an intuitive sense of connection and destiny, this is merely the bond you have with each and every one of those from your soul group. It merely appears that this one person is your destined partner because there may not even be another soul from your group anywhere within 1000 miles, or even on the same planet.

This is not then to say that you may not have a very specific spirit to whom you spend most of your time in the spirit world with, for often this can be the case for those who share a great many lifetimes with you. There are many thousands and thousands of soul groups being represented here. For the majority of people they will unlikely meet someone else from their own soul group on Earth, and should they do so it would feel as if you had met your soul mate. Your energy vibration and characteristics would be almost identical and attuned to one another far beyond anyone else’s capacity or understanding. While such an occurrence is not at all impossible, the branches of your soul group tend to reach out across the entire multi-verse, on many different planets and experiential scenarios.

Those within your soul group will often splinter out into many corridors of the multi-verse, accessing a wide variety of potentials and opportunities for that group to grow and achieve objectives. If it is a group that focuses on the accumulation of information and knowledge, and subsequently the translation and distribution of such, then each soul within that group will aspire to do that in their own way. They will often go to great extents, and great journeys to facilitate and gather further knowledge.

Similarly, for example, a group that focuses on healing modalities and breathing life into lifeless situations will have souls that pursue routes to put this intention into play and experiential form. In this respect they will go to great extents, and great journeys to facilitate and heal many different situations within the vast multi-verse.

People often wonder why it is that personalities clash, minds think so differently, moral codes and ethics vary and different people seem to have such different gifts. This is because, despite familiar human appearances, behind the curtain sits quite different energy characteristics and consciousness. Because the soul journey of each individual has led such a different path up till this point, this becomes evident in the way each person thinks and feels, as well as what motivates them on a deeper level.

Often it is that such differences are aggravated by and from the immediate physical upbringing of the person, particularly the environment the person was exposed to during their early years of growth into adulthood. So instead of differences being seen and accepted as a wonderful diversity of divine expression, they are often times delivered into the minds of many as something which creates separation, intolerance and violence.

Within a more positive view, it is these differences in energy signature and vibration which triggers within you intuitive alarm bells. But in this instance the alarm is of a positive sense in that it invokes feelings of destiny, connectivity and positive direction. For example, someone who is suffering some sort of illness or imbalance may encounter a person who hails from a healing modality soul group, and intuitively this person will know this and be drawn to them, yet they will not know why. It will be simply felt that whenever you are near this other person you seem to feel better.

Another example would be someone you are perhaps drawn to because of their inspirational imagination or teaching capacity. If these characteristics are something you are in need of at some point in your life then you will be intuitively drawn to beings from the soul groups that specialize with these qualities. Again, it may not immediately be apparent why you are drawn to a specific person, but eventually you will work it out.

There is never a guarantee that any two beings of the same soul group will ever meet in physical state. There is this fictional belief human beings have that the hand of God intervenes to direct this and that soul together to fulfill some divine preordained purpose of destiny. This of course is a myth, for its very suggestion denotes your physical journey, its individual expression of personal value and purpose, as well as its outcome is not your own to choose. The many clouded effects attributed to physical life can often hide away these intricate affinities and attractions to another soul akin to your own. Due to the many masks human beings wear to assimilate into society, their true nature and core central values are seldom seen by those who would seek to associate with them.

It is a fortunate thing indeed for two closely related souls to find one another. This will tend to come about through an affinity of thought, desire, sense of purpose and value. These will resonate of the same vibration and as such manifest the same sort of experiences which eventually allow them to arrive at the same place at some point in time. It is quite possible for two beings of the same soul group to pass each other in the same stairwell but fail to engage in conversation or act on instinct, and consequently they never meet in physical state. This is why communication has never been so important.

It should also be said that the same applies for those who are not a part of your soul group, but who have had past relations with them due to their close proximity of vibration and aspiration. It is not uncommon for your doorkeeper, or spirit entourage, to identify another human being or animal in such close proximity, and seek to deliver you towards them at various opportune moments for your benefit.

There are presently more than 2 billion soul groups accounted for on Earth alone. Chances are that those of your biological family and close friends are not of your soul group. This is in itself by design. This will shed light onto the differences in persona that you have between you, despite obvious genetic similarities or relationship couplings. One of the held aspirations of all soul groups is to develop forms of relationship with members of other soul group heritage, in whatever form that may present itself. This takes place as forms of service to others in the spirit world. This also takes forms in physical state in what you identify as families, spouses, offspring, pets and such things as nature reserves and zoos. These associative relations can become apparent in physical state where two individuals, not of the same soul group, are drawn together by aspects of their intention, persona or other nature.

Soul group definition

Let us go into detail.

Each and every spirit, whether they have had physical state embodiments or not, all choose to experience themselves within an aspired form of embodiment, or expression of a persona (identity) of their spirit, hence the concept of soul. Even though they are complete within God-ness (consciousness), they choose to embody this as individual persona and perpetual Self-recreation. They choose individual personas of spirit in order to interact and co-create experiences of themselves together, as and within an orchestra of beauty.

That which is soul is consciousness which has been orchestrated by desire, intention and choice which the spirit utilizes to interact with other forms of creation. It enables experiences of its Self and other embodiments that have been brought to life by others. New orchestrations of consciousness persona are both created in physical form, and even by those who have never had physical lives. For it is that you need not a physical life to form an identity for yourself.

As one spirit persona creates itself into a sole identity (soul), it chooses for itself certain specific paths of choice and aspirations of desire. As in, it becomes aware of the many ways in which it can interact with other co-creations of persona and thus creates one for itself and develops kinship and relationships with others which appeal at any one time. Soul groups are spirit personas from many different backgrounds and ancestries which have come together through the mechanics of attraction, and of whom all share a common purpose, aspiration or affinity for one another. For example, spirit which aspire to embody themselves as the path of ‘fish’ will become attracted to one another via their soul-intent and thus create a state of reality, or paradise, in the spirit world which enables them to explore this exploration and recreation of the potential of ‘fish’. As physical state evolution, or bio-genetic mutation of ‘fish’ occurs throughout the universe, the soul group of ‘fish’ will thus experience themselves in new co-created ways. They will work together to co-create what it is to be ‘fish’ all over this universe, and within many others, and within many other dimensions, and time periods.

Of course soul groups do not simply entail categories of species, for they also form from those in spirit who come from all manners of ancestries all over the multi-verse, and who come together to co-create a particular embodiment of intent. For example, such exists soul groups of beings who wish to work together to change humanities behaviour patterns from instinctual to intuitive, from violence to peace, from disharmonic to harmonic. Such as it is, as another example, my particular soul group has come together to empower awareness and understanding to other soul groups, to other individuals, who do not resonate within a vibration which permits them to access specific forms of information and perceptions of truth.

It is possible for those in spirit to become attracted to new soul groups as their spiritual aspirations change. Their consciousness then becomes an added attribute to a specified state of intent, which is then embodied by whatever actions they perform as that group.

Two individuals from one soul group are often misinterpreted as soul mates and twin flames, for the love and bond between those within a soul group is so profound, as a human being, this love is the highest possible feeling they have ever conceived of. In truth, this state of feeling is shared between everyone within that soul group. It is merely that the human attempts to place ownership of that love and call it intimately and ultimately theirs.

It is not accurate to say there are various, but billions of soul group distinctions, and this number is merely that of those closely associated with planet Earth. Each soul group represents a specific soul intention and state of alignment, or state of expression. Each soul group has its own identifiable vibrational distinction and resonate frequency of energy. One is not ‘better’ than another as human beings would attempt to understand through hierarchical thinking. They are simply different, as is red different to blue, and yellow to orange.

What soul group you align with will depend on the journey you have undertaken thus far as a multi-dimensional being of consciousness. This soul group would be your port of call, your harbour and haven of heaven, and it is here where you return throughout your diverse journey throughout the cosmos. It is those within your soul group that assist reintegrate your memory of who you are as a being upon your return to the spirit world. For it is, the cellular memories of human state tend to cause amnesia for many upon returning into the ether, and reintegration back into your soul group may take hours, months, or even years, depending on how you perceive time to be, and other contributing factors.

The characteristics of soul groups are as broad and complex as you can possibly imagine them to be. It should also be understood, there is no such thing as an evil or ‘bad’ natured soul group. I promise you, such things do not exist, for they simply could not exist, where your spirit resides. All soul groups, regardless of race, species or any other concept of separation you can think of, all exist to serve. It is as simple as that. Due to the immense broadness of ways in which life exists, not only in the physical dimensions, of which there are many, but in all others, there so too exists an incalculable number of ways one can choose to serve, express and explore. The embodiment of the great many soul groups fulfil this broad spectrum of diversity and the many ways in which one can experience a soul journey.

Each soul group experiences this journey via their own distinct vibrational frequency, and this is why each soul group experiences things different to everyone else. This is also why beings share such different perspectives, for their journeys have been taken from within different vibrational states of expression. No two soul groups have identical vibrational directories. Those who share the same vibrational soul group as you, you will believe to be your ‘soulmate’. Yet these number in the thousands, or even millions. However, this is not then to say they all have lives on Earth, or even will have lives on Earth, for most beings of the spirit world never come to the physical dimensional spectrum of existence. The physical universe as you understand it to be is but one of billions of realities available upon the spectrum your spirit occupies. That is why this belief system that all humans repetitiously reincarnate on Earth, and in physical density over and over, is inaccurate and incorrect. This can be validated through your own Akashic records, or through conversation with your own soul group. The past life ‘memories’ that so many human beings believe are theirs, through hypnotic regression, are actually memories of those of their soul group distinction, who share their vibrational frequency.

You have asked in regard to the interactions between soul groups. My answer is that such interactions are dependent on the law of proximity and consciousness awareness. This is to say, soul groups of similar vibration upon the spectrum of that which is spirit, tend to work more closely with one another simply because their awareness of one another is more apparent, whereas soul groups which resonate much more differently than your own will remain invisible to you until an opportunity arises where your paths eventually meet, in one reality or another. As it always is, in the spirit world, all things remain invisible and unknown to you until you enter their proximity of vibration. This is achieved by exploration, learning and advancing aspirations via choices. It has nothing to do with any form of hierarchical advancement or achieving some distinction of ‘grand master’ status upon a fictional ladder of spiritual progress. Such concepts are held only by those captivated by the remnants of human ego.

When such interactions arise, these are orchestrated in a manner of great love and service, where the qualities associated with one vibrational pool (soul group) are exchanged, taught and presented to one another like works of art. Much of these exchanges involve one being, or group of beings, allowing another the sacred gift of seeing existence from their own eyes, their own perspectives, and from their own recorded experiences. For example….a lion will teach a human being how to adopt the consciousness that is experienced as the species ‘lion’ by allowing you to take on their form, experience first hand their memories, and visit their vibrational abode as a lion. It is guaranteed, the human being will never again perceive a lion the same ever again. For this sacred exchange will grant profound emotion, wisdom and comprehension far beyond any human understanding. Such experiences and exchanges often leave the participants sobbing in tears, both of joy for such a profound intimate gift, as well as of sorrow, for the memories of loss and suffering that were shared for the benefit of wisdom.

The list of interactions and their natures is an endless one. One simply must use their imagination to the best of their ability. For this too, for you, will always change as your own consciousness proximity alters to new directions of potential.

It has also been known for some to migrate from one soul group to another through significant changes in attitude, desire and deed. This however tends to be over a very long period of time. Soul groups and their inhabitants tend to retain a strong common bond for eternity, if not for a very, very long time until their paths divide, and their proximity to one another widens.

Most of your soul group are discarnate beings of consciousness which are not to be found in a human physical spectrum of vibration. The reason being, it is simply not necessary for great numbers of voyagers of the same core vibration to experience the same event (human incarnation). The matter of finding them then would not be a state of physical recognition and discovery, but a deeply personal internal event. This means, regardless of any geographical distance you travel to discover such answers, you will always return back to the source – yourself.

Before you can find your soul group you must first find yourself – your true self.

You may do this by learning to listen internally, learning to tune in internally. Each human being on Earth resonates a distinct individual oscillatory energy pattern, like a fingerprint, which sets them apart from all other beings. You must find this natural energy pattern within you, for it is this pattern, this prime vibration, which is key to a great many questions. This may come in the way of colours, sounds, symbols, sensations, visions, emotions, or a combination of many expressive outlets. Once you have found the frequency within your own heart centre you must attune your thoughts, feelings and actions to it in order that you may anchor that frequency into your current dimension. Only after doing this for some time can you hope to invite in more of your central sentient source and develop a relationship with it in your physical existence.

How you go about this is of your own choosing.


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    An9ther amazing post. So, a soul group isn’t as much of a group of souls as it is a group of spirit(s). Aloha

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