Spiritual Development

To begin with, understand that the term and principle of ‘Spiritual Development’ is merely a stepping stone of understanding to what is actually taking place with you. If you allow yourself to reflect upon what spirit is, and what in fact you are already, you will come to the realization that spirit is actually already developed. Your spirit, is no different to that which human beings depict as the revered and all powerful ‘God’. That which human beings perceive their God, or Gods, having the divine power and miraculous grace to do, is actually within your own spirits capacity. We are not talking about stopping world hunger or ending all world suffering, because that is something which human beings, as a species, need to resolve on their own. Your spirit, however, exists within all time zones and within all dimensions simultaneously. Your spirit, although you perceive it from your human persona as being on a soul journey, has actually already completed its journey, for your spirit exists within the past, present and future simultaneously.

What you are actually, in a sense, ‘developing’ is not so much spiritual development, but a form of Self expression. Your all-powerful spirit does not need an insignificant existence within physical density to develop its already infinite wisdom and magnificence, it was already created that way. It is within physical density to express its Self within the instrument called human-be-ing. Just as you would express your human persona through a musical or artistic instrument.

Human beings have this notion that in the spirit world their consciousness is limited to a singular unit, or confined singular entity or body of awareness, like a human animal exists in the physical dimension. This is in fact incorrect, and you will come to discover when you pass, that your spirit will and does manifest itself into many forms and many personas simultaneously, and does many different tasks and activities simultaneously within many dimensions. It is, if you will, directing a harmonious holy orchestra and your many identities , or bodies of consciousness, are being conducted and synchronised to form beautiful music, which you call experience.

Think about replacing the term spiritual growth with Self-Awakening. You are not a human being embracing a spiritual experience, but an inquisitive spirit embracing the complexities and questions surrounding the human condition. You are not so much growing, but awakening that which you already are, but are currently unaware of. You are bringing your remembrance of Self into being by creating experiences of it in physical reality. Your soul does indeed grow from this experience, but it is your spirit which is Self-Awakened through the process and journey.

You will know when you are on the right path for ‘you’ when you experience genuine heartfelt joy. You do not need divine signs, angel feathers and other beings to tell you what is your right path, for it is not the role of any guide to dictate your own sense of values and the state of anyone else’s journey. There is no right and wrong journey, there is only ‘the journey of experience’. The question remains, what do you wish to experience?

You can measure your own sense of development by observing changes in your intentions and motivations on a day to day scale. What motivates you to feel as you do? What motivates you to speak? What motivates you to act? Do you feel differently? Do you speak differently? Do you act differently? Are your intentions different? If so, in what way? Are they in accordance with joy and harmony for yourself and all other beings? Do they have your wellbeing in mind, as well as the wellbeing of others? Is what you do in your life create growth for all involved, and does it invite in the energy of love and respect? What are you attracting into your life? Are you attracting it or are others around you actually the ones attracting it?

Self-awakening is the realization of your sovereign and most sacred values personified through intention and experience. Self is that which is intangible, illusive and invisible; it is that which is currently unknown to you, but which you seek to discover about yourself. This seeking comes in the form of intention, for it is your intentions which manifest the experience of this journey called life. If one does not enjoy their life then it is a sign to change their intentions and realize their inherent values.

For many millions of years to come you will still be seeking Self, for there will always be new doors to open that lead to many greater revelations of Self. It is a deliberate design that there will always be new aspects of Self to marvel and experience, for that is the name of the game, the joy of the One. The key to each new door lies within each intention you hold, each value you pursue, each purpose you create. It is not a straight line this destined path, for there are many crossroads, and they all lead to Self. The question is, which are your most sacred values that represent who you truly wish to be? Which doors do you wish to have opened to grander and greater things? What intentions will you align yourself to which embody these same very values in your life? For you are not defined by the clothes you wear, the job you do to earn a living or even the success of your social or professional status. You are defined by your most passionate intentions which give purpose to not only your life, but the lives of hundreds of others on this planet. This is who you are to the world, and who you will be remembered as. This is all you need do, to be true to Self, and to awaken Self within thee. While possible to enter into conscious union with infinite consciousness, you will always retain your capacity for Self-realization through individuality.

Just because you perceive yourself to be having a physical experience is not to say your spirit has left the spirit world. Your spirit is of a vibration, of what you may relate to as energy, that far exceeds anything in physical state, or anything close to it. With this said, how then would you suppose such an expansive infinite vibratory state could contain itself or exist within a controlled structure of physical matter (body)? Your spirit cannot be controlled or contained within anything, it cannot even be contained within one dimension, time or identity. So this is to say then, your spirit never leaves the spirit world at all, despite you having a physical life here, or any life in any subsequent reality. The human persona that you are is purely an individuated experience your spirit is having within this unit of time. This human persona, which you tend to presume is all you are, is simply not aware of the rest of itself because of the barriers, beliefs and blocks you have placed between you and your beloved spirit.

Your spirit has existed prior to the construct of time. It has to have been, for who do you presume time to have been created by in order for it to first exist at all? Time simply cannot create or imagine itself into existence. It is then for you to understand that your spirit has always existed, in all ways, and always shall exist. It was never born and shall never cease to be. So when you ask how long do we stay in spirit, you are attempting to perceive your spirit within the context and measurement of time. Since your spirit exists beyond all time, for it existed before your time and shall continue to exist beyond the end of time, there is no time in which your spirit shall leave the spirit world. The spirit world is simply that which is your spirit experienced as a ‘place’. This place you call the spirit world is actually simply another aspect of what your spirit is. All that is, is a part of you.

Spirituality is not a process of vertical movement as if ascending upon some hierarchical ladder of so-called ascensionism. Your spirit, that is, the identity you were first created as many millions of years ago, is already spiritual and cannot be any ‘more’ spiritual than what it already is. For what it IS, is the same as that which is Prime Creator. So then, your ‘level of spirituality’, as you have called it, is simply your human brain, your ego, trying to fabricate challenges, obstacles and interactive pathways for you to somehow ‘achieve’ something which, in fact, you already are, always have been and always will be, regardless of anything and everything you do in physical state. So before you, or anybody who now reads these words lowers their own spiritual Self-value, know that regardless of what ‘spiritual’ progress you presume you have made through physical ‘learning’s’, it does not and will not change who or what your spirit is. You are beautiful, you are perfect and divine, and you do not need to achieve, suffer or struggle for this to remain fact, in life or in death.

Your life in spirit involves the exploration of the potential of all you can imagine for your Self. Within the soul group to which you are apart, who number in the millions, you pursue many avenues of possibility and creative choices which are discovered and brought to light through your interactivity with, in a sense, other soul groups, as well as other realities within many universes, dimensions and time scenarios. Since all these points of interaction and exploration are infinite, your pursuits are literally endless and consistently expanding and taking you towards new concepts of experience. The trouble with human beings is that they consistently try to limit themselves to one species of one planet and insist they must keep returning to this one singular possibility. If you can imagine your consciousness travelling through the fabric of the cosmos like an excited playful child, and as it observes the goings on within planet Earth, it does not ‘stop’ its journey through the cosmos, but simply ‘touches’ the Earth for a brief moment (what you define as a lifetime) as it continues its fascination with whatever else it can see in the distance, perhaps on another planet or within another solar system. It may even become aware of, and fascinated by, some other dimension, universe or weird and wonderful canvas altogether. A human child does not contend itself to just one toy or game, so why would any individual presume their own spirit consciousness to be content with or adhere to one species, planet or notion of reincarnation?

Death is merely a process of transformation from one state to another state. It is a state of transference. It is a format of information, or awareness of Self which is encoded into another format of awareness of Self. Your spirit does not transform, for it is already everything. It simply implants a seed of consciousness within physical state and allows it to grow like a flower. Your human soul is that flower. When the shell of your human body perishes, all that was created through that seed is transferred into the vast garden that is your spirit. That human experience then adds to the beauty of who you as a sentient being. Instead however of planting the same seeds and adding the same flowers to the garden of your spirit, try to imagine your garden full of many different species and forms of flower.

As I have revealed elsewhere regarding spiritual growth: why do you need to grow spiritually? You are already a Spirit my friend. The notion that you have to do something to become ‘more’ of what you are already is simply a game you are playing with yourself. But that is ok, because you are enjoying it. Being spiritual is not about fighting ‘evil’ and doing good things. You do not need to do it in order to progress to some ‘thing’. You do it because you, whilst in physical form, want to live in joy, peace and harmony. You want to have a good time. You want to create something beautiful, then step back and watch it blossom like a child. You would fight for your child, so, you fight for your aspirations of life in kind. The human project, planet earth, is a child. Your child. This should put things into new perspective.



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4 Responses to Spiritual Development

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    “In terms of living as a free spirit, you will find that perceiving yourself as a spirit being living a physical existence will provide the framework for more productive perspectives. Your body is just a piece of meat my friend; a conduit and container for your soul voyage in physical density. It is not you, it is a tool for you to use to experience the real you. Whatever occurs with the physical form, it is not happening to you, you are simply observing it occur from a chosen perspective. Change that perspective.”



  2. Bob OHearn says:

    Spiritual Practice

    “Human beings generally can only persevere a particular energy initiative for so long until it concedes and conforms to opposition. This is why you have highs and lows; good times with the bad. It is because you cannot sustain a high enough oscillation to outlive your imposing external influences which then go on to sabotage your efforts and desires.

    To prolong a greater experience of a higher spiritual oscillation you need to merge spirit, mind and body. You do this by uniting your every thought, your every deed and every spoken word to the sole purpose of your spirit intention, its core values and its inherent energy representation. I am speaking complete ego surrender and unwavering commitment to the point all else becomes secondary.

    You must literally walk the face of the Earth as a spirit, and train your mind to forget you are physical at all. Indeed, you will still experience physical conditions, and many of them unpleasant, but you can always choose from what perspective to interpret and experience them. Until finally, you will not even experience what other human beings experience, as you will be operating on Earth on a whole new level, both energetically and genetically. When you train the mind to obey the truth which is the spirit, your thoughts, deeds and words will synchronise to the will of your spirit and all of its many gifts.

    Go within yourself and speak to each and every one of your physical cells, that they may know of the light and love which shines through them. When your physicality no longer matters, your reality becomes another matter. These words must be interpreted from your highest wisdom possible.”



  3. Bob OHearn says:

    “It is important that you understand your development and growth is not a linear straight line, it is a rhythm and a wave form which takes place in cycles. To be able to be open to new wisdom, new experiences and new opportunities of self-creation one must be willing to surrender what has already been obtained and created.

    Understand the things you do, which all do, which you as a human call spiritual, is not an end in and of itself, but rather a means to an end. What I mean by this is that your spiritual pursuits, as are all your pursuits, are merely a vehicle for you to aspire closer towards something else. When a desire for something else or something more enters your awareness you will again feel the desire to pursue the means.

    Instead of stumbling from left to right confused over which religion or which philosophy is more appealing, simply focus on what it is you wish for yourself as a being. What aspects of yourself do you aspire to experience, and what are your deepest core values which you wish to bring to the planet? What gifts and qualities do you have within yourself that help you to create who you are to the world? If you can answer these questions then you can pursue the means most appropriate. Be persistent, patient and positive in your pursuits, but do not adhere to them should they no longer align to your core values and aspirations.”



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