Time is simply another word for awareness. If you confine your mind and your experience in time, then you simply have chosen to confine your awareness. This is neither good nor bad, for all experience is golden. Humans perceive time by the rate at which events transpire in relation to one another. As one event precedes another, which follows with another, this linear cycle is a mechanism purposely devised to allow free will and choice to be REAL-ized within a physical reality. Rather than having your choice, your desire immediately manifest as it is in the spirit world, linear awareness is a gift which permits experience of not having a ‘thing’, in order that you may experience yourself choosing it, creating it and sharing it. As you seek to define your place in time, what you are really doing is seeking to define your place of Self-awareness.

As Self-awareness expands so too does the flow of time, for time is awareness. Within your current awareness you experience your Self as existing in linear time, with a past, a present and a future. Yet in truth these are all one and the same. It is the case that human beings think by face value and interpret reality as if looking at a square. To understand time one must think spherically, with the sphere itself representing the present moment. By moving such a sphere you can understand time moves in every direction conceivable. Even if you place your awareness in the past it is experienced by your Self as your present. So too even if your awareness is placed on your future it is experienced by your Self as your present. Whichever way you look at it you will always remain in the present. It will simply be what you are aware of in your present will be precisely what you choose in that moment. That which has not been chosen will not be within your experience.

That which you understand as your spirit existed prior to and permeates beyond the awareness of time. That which you understand as time is merely a state of awareness of one event that proceeds another; a state of relationship between two things, or two points of reference. Your spirit existed prior to the relationship between one thing and another therefore time, as you know it, ceased to exist. Your spirit is that which precedes time, but your experiences are made possible by the awareness of time. In a sense, your spirit cannot fathom how old it is until it experiences that which you know as infinity. That which you understand as infinity is the closest concept you, as a human being, can relate to in terms of how old your spirit is. That which is, has always existed, simply in a different form.

Is it possible to reincarnate backwards in time? You are already doing it. You are simply not aware of your Self within the past and the future in this now moment. The moment you are, you would be there experiencing that as your present moment. Yet you are doing all this simultaneously, and it is only the human persona you are playing which is not presently aware of its past and future Selves, for if it were aware, it would not be able to play the persona it was presently creating for its Self.

Déjà vu? This is your present Self experiencing awareness of its Self in the past or future. Remember, time does not exist in the spirit world as you understand it, so then, what would stop your consciousness being in multiple time periods in physical state at once? Who is to say the life you are now living is not the past of your True Self from the future?

Human beings have very presumptuous notions of how time exists in the spirit world, and that in fact human beings would do better simply abandoning their insistencies of trying to compose and calculate fictitious numbers from hearsay belief systems. I will say this, and those reading this would be at an advantage to remember it. As each being, it matters not from when or from whence they came in the universe, find themselves immersed in the world of the spirit, they will, each and every one of them, perceive and experience the passage of time differently. This is to say, if you and your domestic pet passed at exactly the same time upon the Earth, you both would experience the passage of time differently, in how you perceived events to take place thereafter. This can also apply to two human beings who perceive and experience the passage of events differently, whilst in the spirit world, not because they are in different locations within the spirit world, but because they THINK differently; they DESIRE differently, they CREATE differently.

With this understanding, know that no two human beings who relay information from the spirit world, in regards to the passage of time and how long one thing or another takes to occur, will ever be exactly the same, for their perception of time will differ to such effect. One being may recount reading his Akashic book for no more than what felt like 20 minutes. Yet another may recount their own experience to have taken 20 days. Time, in the spirit world, is understood by individual perception, not by external events, unless you choose to experience time this way.

You, as an intellectual human being, who perceives his own reality within the passage of linear time, are understandably attempting to look for a ‘beginning’ to everything which exists. Yet since the past, the present and the future all coexist simultaneously, time itself becomes irrelevant where everything exists as one. Since we are all one, and have always, in all ways been one, there has never been a time, beginning or end, when we have not existed as one.

The moment you attempt to imagine a beginning to existence, what you are doing is attempting to create a form of detachment from one-ness. You do it all of the time. You create a detachment from the one infinite present moment by dwelling in thoughts of a past and a future. This of course is an illusion, or in a more beautified term, a form of Self-expression. Your human brain cannot fully accept something not having a beginning because it cannot fully accept everything is one.

That which you perceive time to be, and that which you perceive parallel realities to be, are basically matters of vibration. In this, the reality you presently perceive and the identity you presently perceive yourself to be is adherent to a specific vibrational pattern. It is adherent in its nature because you have taught your consciousness to perceive reality through your human physical senses. Other realities of time and space are invisible to you because they are beyond your proximity of vibration; they are beyond your ability to sense through your physical senses.

Every time you make a choice in your life, every time you act on an intention, you resonate a specific pattern of vibration. The patterns within that vibration then form the fabric and manifestations of that reality you resonate within. So it is, depending on what choice you make, such a choice will alter the vibration of your present reality ultimately manifesting the outcome you are most aligned to. Other outcomes within the many potentials within your capacity as a being permeate through a great many vibrational strings. The outcomes of other choices are invisible to you because they take place on a different vibrational awareness to your present one. Your thoughts and imagination states allow you to traverse some of these outcomes through mind, because thought itself is a living thing which does not adhere to any one time or space. In the same way as astral travel or out-of-body-experiences do not adhere to any one time or space.

You are not in full awareness of your own ancient spirit, for its vibration is far beyond your physical capacity to grasp or gravitate into. Hence it is invisible to you. It however exists independent of your human persona, as you currently perceive yourself to be, in the same manner as your heart and lungs function independent of your conscious will and awareness. In the same light, expressions of energy which originate from you as a being, which then permeate through the great many dimensions of time and space, also function and expand independently from you and your spirit. This is to say, they have a life of their own and are not controlled or manipulated as a puppet on a string by your ancient spirit.
Unless there is very specific focus and intent to observe other outcomes and other alternate realities, these will cease to exist for you in the spirit world, as you will continue to perceive yourself in singular terms of identity. The attachment to other physical state outcomes often cause isolation for those souls who struggle to come to terms with their past physical existence, and refuse to move on until a more satisfactory outcome of events is perceived.

Time is not an illusion peculiar to Earth. Many other beings in the universe have a perception of, and use within the measure of time. Only that it differs from one species to another, from one planetary system to another. It is not necessarily an illusion, for if it were you would be freely traversing the corridors of time by the whim of a thought. In the spirit world, it is simply that thought itself no longer has the barriers found in physical state, so a thought can transport you to both time, as well as space, instantly. That is, so far as your vibration is within that proximity of capacity.


When we speak of coincidence, we must be careful not to systematically adopt the presumption that all things are pre-planned and orchestrated by some greater unseen power. This notion presumes you to be a puppet of the will and whim of another being in the universe. Synchronicity is the dance of energies which coexist and interlace one another within the tapestry of life. If an event or occurrence takes place in which you define to be a coincidence, it is because you have placed it there, or because the energy you have created has caused it to be there by your own participation within the orchestra of life.

Would such and such a person have sought to telephone you had you not created the energy for it to occur? On what levels of your infinite being were you participating with the delicate canvas of the universe? It matters not the names and numbers of the architects of your life who weave and sow threads of circumstance, for we are all One. The question is, how did ‘I’ participate to bring my experience into fruition. This is the key to unlock the door to your understanding of synchronicity.


About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have several other sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: http://www.pbase.com/1heart Essays on the Conscious Process: http://theconsciousprocess.wordpress.com/ Poetry and Prosetry: http://feelingtoinfinity.wordpress.com/ Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: https://westernmystics.wordpress.com/ Free Transliterations of Spiritual Texts: http://freetransliterations1.blogspot.com/ Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: https://spiritguidesparrow.wordpress.com/ Thank You!
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One Response to Time

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional material from Sparrow:

    “Time as you currently experience it is essentially a product of awareness and perspective. This is to say, it is not something which is fixed, but something which is experienced differently depending on the consciousness of something in relation to something outside of itself. So then, a fly experiences time different to you as a human being, because your consciousness is different to that of a fly. A being from another solar system will experience time different to you as a human being, because their consciousness is different to yours.

    When you return to the spirit realm from whence you came your perception of time will be based on the consciousness you take with you after your physical life. Because it is a learnt perception of thought, those thoughts continue to adhere to this form of relationship to external events and their relationship to you. However, this is not to say that all else adheres to your specific interpretation of time, or that you will always adhere to your present perception of time.

    Time then becomes a value which is experienced differently depending on your perception of something else in its relationship to you at any given moment. As your perception of that relationship changes, so too will your awareness of the parameters of the experience also change.”

    “Past and future as you experience it on Earth are aspects of vibration and frequency. Meaning, someone who lives in your prehistoric period timeline on Earth resonates to a different vibration to the one you presently occupy. This is why you presently cannot see them still on your planet. As such they will also resonate to a different consciousness in the afterlife. Meaning, they will be invisible to you, unless you know what their resonant frequency is by means of the halls of information. To explore something of the past, or of the future, you would need to know the resonance of its ‘location’ or state of existence. The vibration and frequency between timelines can be significantly different, and as such intolerable or undesirable to many. Experiencing other aspects of all that you are in totality is then a matter of exploring and breaking through different resonant boundaries of your own consciousness.”


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