Value of Physical Embodiment

You ask what makes physical state so valuable. In a sense we could say the value of such is surely determined by the state of perception you have of physical state, and from what energy state you are interacting with it from. This is to say, you as a human being acclimatise and register your consciousness to a specific outlook and set of adopted values. In other dimensions, or even with beings on other physical planets, their learned values and state of outlook can be, and are, considerably different to those of human beings. The way different beings measure and assign value is vastly diversified. So then when you ask what makes physical state so valuable, we would have to ask, valuable to whom or valuable to what? We would need to assign a specific species and bandwidth of perception to explain how that specific value set relates to its interaction and attraction to physical state.

If you are asking what makes physical state so valuable to a human being, their answers are notably going to relate to the reality they observe and experience themselves within. Once the same human being, having crossed over to the spirit world and viewing that existence within their Akashic soul book, their sense and measure of value often changes because they are no longer a physical human being. Though of course, they can still be so in the spirit world, just as solid and physical as they were on Earth. They will just not be confined to being one persona, in one place and at one time; they will be in multiple places, in multiple forms, doing multiple things at once.

If your physical life were primarily to prepare you for the afterlife you would certainly not bother coming to physical life to begin with. It is for you to reflect on the values possible and sustainable here, and in what ways you can apply your inherent gifts to create an environment which aspires to expand those values and enrich them to very beautiful potentials. To understand better why your spirit perceived value in having a physical life, when it actually did not ever need to have one, we must look at how you perceive vibration.

Firstly, it is plain and clear to all in the spirit world that human beings have a fixation with hierarchical thinking and thought processes. For it is, human beings attach this mindset to almost everything they do and perceive of themselves in their belief systems of this time period. This is to say, human beings seem to enjoy assigning one thing ‘better’ than something else in the universe. Their assignment of value is derived from perceiving one thing more valuable to them than something else, thus they will judge one thing as bad, as negative or worth less than something else. This mindset causes not only separation from all that is, but creates fear, suffering and misconception. Human beings have adopted a self-belief that they are worth less than the divine in spirit because they deem those in the spirit world as ‘better’. This then disassociates their physical aspect from their divine aspect, which is the cause of suffering.

Human beings assign one vibration, or one frequency as being more valuable, more worthy of love, and worth more in the eyes of some deity than another one which is different. Indeed, one vibration can resonate and oscillate faster than another. Yet I tell you, it is only human ego that assigns one speed to have greater value than another. For it is only human ego which holds the perception than one is somehow better than another. In many respects this can be seen as true, for the vibration of a bacterial virus resonates at a slower rate than a healthy mammal or fish. The bacterial virus, because of its negative effect on human state, will be valued less, and judged as being ‘bad’. Does this mean to say, a bacterial virus has less worth and holds less meaning to the universe than something humanity considers ‘good’? Human beings only judge it as being bad because they do not like how that life form behaves. That specific life form, within its specific vibration does not act and perform in a manner humanity agrees with, therefore its function and existence is condemned and cursed. Bacterial viruses in actuality have no conscious awareness that they are harming anything or anyone in their own aspiration to exist. Why then are they to be judged as being worth less, and having less meaning in the universe? Why then is that life form within that vibration any less divine than the vibration humans resonate within? The structure of bacteria, within their specific vibration, are what actually made it possible for human beings to exist at all in their current state. This is to say, without that specific vibration that bacteria vibrate at, humanity would cease to exist in their own vibration. Yet humanity condemns and assigns less value to something which granted them their own existence and their own evolution.

Now then, what makes a lower vibration have value? What makes the physical state hold value to the spirit state? Well to begin with, the physical state is just as important to the spiritual state as is the spiritual to the physical. This is to say, things are created and made manifest in physical state which did not exist in any other dimension before. Only after it was created in physical state was it then expanded into perfection and alternate perspective within other dimensions. Likewise, there exist things in other dimensions, other vibrations which are manifesting potentials in physical state. The different states of vibration, the different dimensions rely upon, and exist interwoven within one another, infinitely influencing one another and creating new possibilities all of the time. Just as the vibration of bacteria continues to influence the vibration of human beings, other vibrations, other dimensions continue to influence one another. This means one vibration cannot be of greater value than another, for all are interwoven as one fluid mechanism, one interconnected sentient orchestration, and one infinitely expansive and evolving interactive process — That which some call God. God is within the smallest bacteria, and God is within the grandest celestial angel you care to envision. For all are part of the evolution, the unfolding, the One-ness that God is.

You have also asked what you can do in human form, in physical state that holds such positive value and that provides such nourishment for your soul. To really appreciate the answer to this question you must detach yourself from the stereotypical hierarchical pedestal of the human status many have become trapped into. You must dissolve the human sense of superiority and focus and redirect your vision on a much broader value canvas. You must cast your vision upon other animal kingdoms and other landscapes of nature which represent a better, more refined answer to your question. You presently do not associate a great deal of overwhelming value to the human condition because those conditions have become afflicted with unnatural rhythms and structures of living, of disharmonic behaviour which dissolve the true value of physical life. So what you must do is learn to observe the values inherent and presented by your animal brethren of other kindred species. Observe their grace and conduct in nature and in their own life journey. Acknowledge the values they adopt which you, in your human potential, can mimic and adopt in your own life journey to provide a nourishing experience for your soul. Observe in other beings how they do not fret or fray as humans do, but conduct themselves in life unconcerned with tomorrow, unconcerned with stress or sorrows of the past. They remind humanity of the universal harmonic maternal nature which allows all species to coexist and communicate through a common language. Through this universal harmonic language is communicated the true value in all physical life.

To cultivate, in your words, an appreciation for this physical life you have, you must expand your definition of who and what you are, and why you are here, beyond the rigid boundaries of your physical body identity you see in the mirror. You must accept into your responsibility of care all kingdoms, for the journeys of all other beings in the universe will one day be written within your own spirit consciousness identity and memory. All you do, and do not do, creates an influence upon the journey of all other life. Everything in the cosmos has a relationship with everything else, regardless if you have the capacity to perceive this, or experience this as true in your logistics for time and space. However, in the spirit world, you will observe this to be true to intricate infinite extent. This is to say, everything you do now, as a single individual human being, and everything you choose not to do now, is going to impact the entire universe long, long after your physical life span, and will be remembered forever within the life journey of many millions of other beings. Not only are your actions, and inactions affecting other life in the universe, but they are affecting the hundreds of thousands witnessing it from the spirit world right now, and those who will witness them many millions of years into the future long after you have passed.

With this understanding, know that every actions you choose to take, or fail to take in your physical life has far more value, far more meaning and creative power than you can possibly imagine. With this knowledge, what possible value do you now recognise yourself and your life to possess? Despite the challenges of life and the pressures afflicted upon the vehicle you use for this journey, what values are you transporting within your physical vehicle to the physical dimension? What seeds of deeds are you helping to harvest to create a more beautified garden for your soul, for all souls to come, to flourish and grow in your greatest vision? If you do not like the environment in which you live – help to create a different one. If you suffer a sickness or dis-ease – use your knowledge to ease the suffering of others that they may suffer less through your love and wisdom. There is so much to do, yet so few who are willing to do it. There is so much opportunity for change, for greater value to be created, yet so few who are willing to create it, and to lead it. You are a God in human form, for every word and every deed helps to create something which will continue to co-create many other things to come. With this potential at hand, how can one ever wish to be anywhere else than here, than now, for you are privileged indeed, and in deed.

Every time you stand in a grassy field playing catch with your dog, a hundred thousand souls gather to watch in envy from above. For they not only wish to smell the sweet scent of the flowers and the wind that carries the scent of soil and grass, but they wish to experience the wind on their face. They wish to experience the trickle of rain on their heads, and feel the warmth of the sun upon their skin. They wish to be the family pet that digs its paws into the dirt as it loses itself in that playful moment, free from concern, sorrow or regret. They wish to be the ball that flies through the air and summons the dog to race and jump. They wish to be the butterfly that lands on your shoulder and captivates your attention for a fleeting moment by its elegant beauty and intimate physical interaction.

They envy you for you have not only witnessed, but you have experienced all of these things simultaneously, intimately and interactively. The flowers. The grass. The wind. The soil. The rain. The sun. The dog. The ball. The butterfly – are all perspectives, are all values, and are all relationships you have experienced intimately in that transitory moment. Just as you have influenced the ball that flew through the air, and the dog that ran to chase it, all these intricacies influence one another to similar effect. Try to perceive the value inherent within each, by placing yourself as each of such things, that you may better understand yourself and your own value outside of who, what and where you are presently.

Before you, dear friend, and all friends, ask what are the benefits to continue, first ask yourself what it is you have actually begun that was worth coming here to begin with. If you are not enjoying your physical experience it is because you are living it through values that others impose upon you, or values that are not in your best interest or of your deepest heart attraction. There is no reason for you to return to physical state again should you feel this is not for you. Though your attitude will likely change later on after your life review, as it does for most people.

There are no agreements to sign for anyone coming to physical state. Just as you would not sign an agreement to go watch a movie, go take a walk in nature, or any other desire that surfaces within you to act upon. Your spirit acts in the same way with matters of human state. It is not a big deal and the human life span is a miniscule spec of time in comparison with everything else you have previously been a part of. The condition of the human experience is going to depend on the environment you are born into as a physical biological being, and the many influences of others which impact upon your conscious character and quality of life development. It is the aspiration of your spirit to derive value from and bring value to that human experience in the midst of its many evident challenges.

The reason you cannot simply ‘change clothes’ lies not in the absence of spirit power, but in the absence of spirit awareness. The condition is not that your spirit is not evolved enough to perform such feat, but that your physical biological form and consciousness have not evolved to perform such feat. Although your spirit has such power, this power has not been allowed to develop biologically and energetically, consciously, within the physical aspect development, and within your human consciousness development. Because your human consciousness, your human soul has developed free will independent of your spirit, it can only benefit from the power and abilities of your spirit if it applies free will to attract and develop them in its own dimension. Your spirit does not drive and captain the destiny and decisions of human lives, human consciousness does.

Your society has been taught from childhood, to live and survive, and to drive ones Self towards material and materialistic mindsets that cast a shadow of amnesia upon your true purpose and identity. This conditioning has pinned you to a specific vibration on planet Earth which alienates you from the vibrations, qualities and values of the spirit. Human behaviour towards planet Earth and towards the other animals upon it reveal how you have disconnected yourselves from everything else, for you have felt aloft in your self-image and rein over the planet. This alignment of values through behaviour has caused your chemical container, your biological form, to evolve in such direction to vibrate further away from your own spirit and the resonances of the Earth. This has caused a significant loss of ability, perception and intimate union.

Human beings must reacquire and reacquaint themselves to connective bonding values before they ever hope to connect with the power inherent within your spirit. As the free will and mind of man becomes more attuned to the will of the spirit, the will of your spirit will register such miraculous feats within your perception and possession.

Those who teach enlightenment through the dissociation with the physical expression of Self walk a path of exclusion and separation, rather than inclusion and connection. Such are teachings in their expression that one thing has greater value than another, that one status of expression is more ascended and proud than another. If all are One, there is only one true value of every-thing. The body, the being, is the celebration and the fruit of the soul. It is the chalice that holds your sacred waters of life, and the temple through which the symbolism of harmony within diversity is expressed and embodied.

It is your human persona which perceives and pigeon holes the physical plane as a ‘lower’ dimension. There are actually many, many physical dimensions which coexist, yet which at times most, are never aware of each other. One is not ‘lower’ than another. That is a judgment you have placed upon its understanding in order for you to relate to it more conveniently. It is more accurate to say, they are simply different expressions of the same source, or, they are different potentials or canvases of creation. One potential is not ‘better’ or ‘higher’ than another, for all potentials come from, and lead to, the same One source.

Just in the way you taste a variety of ingredients when preparing food; one ingredient is not ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ than another, they simply provide different flavours, different experiences. The physical dimension to which you relate is simply one of many flavours, one of many sources of experience, which present you with an expanded insight into what can be created from the ingredients of that which you know as God. So, in a sense, you are like a child playing in the kitchen of the cosmos, or the cradle of creation. If such is your human experience that leaves, how to say, a bad taste in your mouth, then your beautiful divine Self will simply pursue other ‘ingredients’ within the cosmos to cook up and create new experiences of its Self.

There is this ludicrous belief that an immortal spark of prime creator (your spirit) is subservient to a repetitious cycle of physical rebirths in order to perpetuate and earn its worth in the eyes of some unseen authority. Since the construct of the human vehicle allows very limited learning or advancement opportunity, it defies logic that any wise being would choose to continuously return to Earth to suffer further constraints. The fact that human instinctual behaviour is repetitious and they continue to make the same mistakes throughout history proves their insufficiency in terms of a ‘speedy ascension’, as it is often portrayed.

Your spirit is like a playful inquisitive child. Given the ingredients and toys of the physical state, its appeal and opportunity to live a fantasy existence as ‘a human’, it is not surprising so many choose to pursue them. How many can recall past memories where you were told as a child not to go into the spooky dark cellar or cave, yet despite the fears of such forewarnings you actually went ahead and explored it anyway?

While it is clear and evident many lessons can be learnt within physical state, many of these learning’s are to benefit and bring value to your human journey, and may not necessarily have great significance or bring great wisdom to your already noble spirit. After all, your spirit has existed for many millions of years observing and interacting with many forms of information and experiences far beyond the comprehension of the human mind, in many other dimensions. Most of the so-called lessons that you learn as a human being are there to help you develop certain values and understandings to help you better coordinate yourselves within physical state in a physical form, and to deliver to your spirit a satisfying experience with your time here. What you may tend to find, is that many of these learnings of the physical Earth no longer have significance or application in other dimensions which have nothing to do with physical state within the spirit world after your passing. It also has to do with the greater access to true accurate knowledge and information which becomes available to you, which overrides many of your human conditioned beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of truth you felt you had learned. This is to say, you gain access to much broader illuminating perspectives and perceptions previously unavailable to you, which then amplify your wisdom surrounding every lesson you deemed to have learnt while on the Earth.

Your purpose then, in physical state, is not so much to teach your sentient spirit lessons, but to co-create values to bring back with you, which then can be applied to other dimensions, other expressions and other destinies of the soul, to enrich and expand them through your personal experiences. Any lessons you learn on the way should be utilised to make such journey more pleasant and enjoyable for all. The values that you co-create with other human beings, and equally with other life forms, will play a significant role for you in the afterlife.

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My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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5 Responses to Value of Physical Embodiment

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    “What each individual finds so hard to comprehend are the measure of value identified by and values lived by other beings from other walks of life. This is because you are making judgements about their quality of life and their own ability to perceive value from that life from your own set of personal values. You have developed a set of personal values all of your life and these have become your measuring stick in the way in which you observe qualities in other beings. This does not make you or your values right or wrong, or those of another less or more than yours, they are simply your own personal experience. Those values have helped you develop a sense of identity for yourself and a sense of personal value and purpose.

    What you do not comprehend is how another being with different abilities, or perhaps to your senses disabilities, can experience the same sort of values and live a quality of life at a measure of your own.
    The answer is, they may or may not have the same sort of values that you do, but it could be their values are much simpler and basic than yours, as are those of beings such as a bear or a swan. You may determine that a bear or a swan is of less value than you in the universe because their quality of life or their purpose in life, or their personal values are thought to be less than yours. Actually a bear and a swan are quite spiritual beings and you would greatly underestimate their spiritual wisdom. It is merely their physical forms have mislead you to believe they are less capable of spiritual development than you are. The same goes for those you observe to be labelled with disabilities or injuries.

    All living beings have the capacity to observe and develop values for themselves, even if those are not judged to be equal by those who would determine their fate and future. It may be they learn the true value of companionship, of kindness, or sacrifice. It may be they learn the simple pleasures of food, of flavours to their available palette, or developing an ability to help create a meal for the first time. It may be they learn the true joy of playfulness, of games and trips out and other leisure pursuits, or having the self-respect to be able to tie their own shoe lace. It may be they learn what it truly means to feel loved, to be protected, or to give the opportunity for another being to be in spiritual service to them. These values may not mean much to some at first thought, but to the sentient spirit they hold significant spiritual value long after their physical life has expired. Do you understand?

    As to life contracts, such things only exist in human imagination and some of your new age books.”



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  3. Bob OHearn says:

    “It can be that the prevailing propulsion in every thought, word and deed for your soul in the spirit world is that essence felt through your eternal spirit omnipresence. It is this closeness with spirit that inspires your vision and experience as a communion with God. It is this closeness with spirit which dawns the understanding that all are One, and thus those of the light exist purely to be in loving service to all existence.

    In physical state that purity is much further away and you must contend with the laws that govern your world and the forces and influences which impose themselves upon you. During meditation and other positive activities which induce harmonic states bring you closer to this purity. Yet I tell you through eyes of the deepest compassion, there is no purity, peace or perfection in physical state to rival that born into infinite love of the spirit domain. If you are committed to endure physical hardship and persevere to draw purity and spirituality in each breath, not to blindly reach outward to grasp the intangible spirit, but to invite in and manifest spirit essence within physical life, then maybe you will be blessed with a momentary glimpse of the true realization of who you really are.

    For as long as you exist in symbiosis with your physical biological body your human consciousness and mental persona will always dictate choice. This is inescapable, and intentional by design, for you are here to experience your highest and lowest qualities through the medium called human being. It will always be the choice of the human persona to connect with and to allow the purity of the spirit to influence your life. It is through the infinite joy and celebration of free will, to be able to choose something which is not good for you, to have a change of heart, and to behave recklessly that the true meaning of life is revealed to you, by you, through you. It is then a challenge for you to endow your human journey and experience with the values and gifts which best communicate, and best demonstrate the will, the joy and the fulfilment of your higher Self. This is a journey towards yourself; a journey you cannot fail on because the destination has no final end – only a continuation, a transformation and a recreation.”



  4. Bob OHearn says:

    “What the world needs are souls of wisdom and compassion who can deliver positive and inspirational action. This may be on a simple one to one interaction, or on the world stage. Good people who choose to do nothing entrust their future to those who would destroy it. The spirit world is where you should do more of your observational work, and physical density is where participation should become more primary. For far too long good people have stood by in observation of bad events, never to give equal or greater energy to the participation in changing those events. This has led to the early loss of good people in physical density who can no longer participate in the outcome of such events. More participation from good people is what planet Earth needs at this time.”



  5. Bob OHearn says:

    “Physical immersion is not a prerequisite for experience of what you are calling constraining characteristics of physical state. Many beings, including my good self, have gained experiences of such characteristics within other civilisations without actually being physically immersed within them. It is only human mind and conditioning which so tightly fastens what they define as experience to one state of reality. You are perhaps approaching it from the conventional human belief system which dictates it is a precondition for spirit, in all its wisdom and capacity through the Ultraverse, to come and have a physical body in order to observe or experience the nature of it. Consequently, all those who choose not to do so can therefore never have the same experience or wisdom than they. This notion is actually laughed upon in the spirit world because the very concept represents inequality, limitation and egotism. It simply ignores everything else beyond the borders of planet Earth, and of consciousness, in terms of what exists.”



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