Universal Laws

As to any reference of God, and what God can and cannot do, that would depend on your interpretation of what God is to you, and how God is experienced in your reality. If, as I have said, that which God is allows destruction as well as life, then there would be no intention of intervention on the part of God to initiate either. To suggest that God would choose one thing over another implies that God has an ego similar to man, therefore is prone to flaw, similar to man. This philosophical view of God is then flawed. It is the process of certain universal laws, which animate the current universe which produces life, and thus takes it. Do not limit that which God is to the mere foundations of law of a singular universe. Should it be that one planet, or one race be extinguished in physical state, then this is a result of universal law in motion, not the result of a personified God figure choosing one thing over another. This is why humanity must accept full responsibility for its fate.

There are many names for these laws, in many languages and cultures. Some say there are 7, some say there are 12, others perhaps more. The real number is around 52 in essence, which are revealed through the process of awareness. They correspond to one another and work in harmony with each other.

It is possible to attempt to define such laws and subsidiary laws, but that would prove most ineffectual for optimal spiritual benefit. The fascination with humanity in accumulating more and more information within the persona, while having some transitory benefits, also produces many burdens and barriers. It is simplicity of the mind and of the heart which gains true spiritual wisdom, hence it is not for you to pour in more information, but in fact to pour out what you already possess which is diluting your very soul.

In light of this, consider these brief but important laws which at present are particularly relevant and useful for you at this time.

Law of free will – Life that becomes self-aware becomes aware of their own will to choose that which they create.

Law of karma – Every cause gives way to an effect. You reap what you sow. That which you create, returns to you. The created seeks the creator – the circle becomes complete. That which you do onto others, is done onto you, for all are One.

Law of intent – Your every intention is a statement of a truth. The universe shall always, in all ways, deliver the experience of the truth of your intention. Your intentions will always define the experience of your Self.

Law of equilibrium – Otherwise known as the law of harmony, reveals that the universe in its very design finds its own state of equilibrium through the process of change.

Law of proximity – Everything has its own proximity to everything else and is therefore subject to other conditions which separate it from everything else.

Law of growth – All things which exist are compelled to survive and grow in their very nature, even if it contradicts or opposes the growth of something else.

Law of One – Nothing exists which does not originate from the One source of all life. Nothing exists which is not connected to all other things in existence. All aspects of the source shall ultimately seek one another out for it is their nature to nourish themselves on their original source which first conceived them.

Law of attraction – Like attracts like; that which you give out you shall in turn receive, for you are giving onto yourself. Thought forms intent – intent affirms choice – choice manifests reality.

Law of change – All things are designed to change to accommodate its own design for growth, perfection and harmonic equilibrium within its own environment.

Law of relativity – All things are self-realized only by its relationship to all other things.

Law of polarity – All things have its equal and opposite polarity. This allows free will and choice to exist.

Law of rhythm – All things move and behave within their own state of rhythm which is inherent to their natural state of harmony.

Law of creation – All thought creates. Nothing manifests but through a thought which invites its existence.

Law of action – Any and all action or inaction produces an equivalent reaction.

Law of resonance/vibration – All things resonate a core frequency vibration which determines its core nature and its relationship to all other things.

Law of correspondence – As above – so below; as within – so without.

Law of time – The experience of time is relative to the awareness of the relationship between different things in motion.

Law of truth (universal truth) – All truths may co-exist simultaneously. The experience of truth becomes a choice.

There are subsequently sub-laws which extend from these, such as the law of sequence which is experienced via the law of change. Such laws are experienced differently depending on relative awareness within those laws and your ability to bend yourself around them. Yes, some may say you cannot bend universal laws. Yet such laws operate differently depending on what frequency you exist within. Currently humanity is significantly influenced by these laws because of the frequency they occupy.

Power, control and greed flourish far beyond this solar system. Where there is a shortage of something and an abundance of it, there will always be manipulation involved. This stems from survival and preservation instincts of biological organisms on many planets, and amplified by fear, belief and self-importance. Because such instincts are commonly produced in life forms it is common sense to conclude other races experience the same disharmonious behaviours in their societies, and subsequently have both ‘good’ eggs and ‘bad’ eggs, or as the case apparently is, fractured groups.

The universal laws have often been interpreted as ‘Gods will’ by tribes all over the world. What they really saw was a force in effect which was greater than their own ability to create themselves. Yet this is not the will of God in effect, but merely the energy matrix program functioning by itself as it was set up to do. Humanity can either bow and become subservient to the laws of the known universe, or they can ascend their frequency state and learn to bend themselves in such a way as to manipulate such laws to their own whim.


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