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In late October of 2014, I came upon the writings of a fascinating Seer who goes by the name “Sparrow”, scattered throughout hundreds of pages in various threads on a forum dedicated to spiritual topics. I found the relayed information so inspiring, profound, challenging, and thought-provoking, that I have been moved to compile it in this blog format, with her approval and permission, so that the reader may have an opportunity to explore it by topic in one designated area, uninterrupted by the various comments and questions of others in the original extended threads.


The best way to introduce Sparrow is by offering her own self-description:

“I am, in simple terms, a cosmic tourist attracted to the direction of human destiny.

Firstly, the name Spirit Guide Sparrow represents a fragmented persona of my spirit. This is, it is a persona, for it is a role forged for a very specific purpose; to interact and create familiarity and association with those in human form. I am of course, and have been for a long time, a spirit guide within many different dimensions associated with the spirit world. I have worked as a spirit guide to those on many different planets, some as solid as the Earth, some as etheric in substance as the spirit world itself. Since not all planets have the density of matter as Earth does, or utilizes the same universal laws – should they be of another universe altogether. I have a long history of this.

It is this persona, or title of reference I use on this forum to attach a sense of familiarity and understanding of my purpose for others to relate to. It is not one produced from ego – yet in a sense it is, for it is created out of desire from the identity of Self. You cannot exist as I, and not have an ego, for ego produces personality and desire. I could not call myself a spirit guide without a personality, therefore it is derived from ego. Ego derives from emotion, and emotion is beautiful.

My actual name, which I will not print here, since it does not originate from any human language, is the actual name of my spirit identity. Though I go by the name of Sparrow for your association, I am actually known by this other name within my soul group of whom I represent. This group of which I am apart is called the Asceleottyi (pronounced a-sell-lee-ot). Our group primarily consists of beings from other parts of the cosmos, from other dimensions and other universal dynamics. If you meet me, or us in the spirit world, we are unlikely to appear human, for our affections lie in a different line of ancestry.

The Asceleottyi are the vibration, the intention and the very soul identity of that which I am. They are all that is good within me, all that I aspire to be, and bring light where others cannot see. They go where others cannot, and know not, bearing wisdom and knowledge from worlds, from dimensions and from realizations beyond the perceptions of others. They bring galactic species, both ancient and adolescent together through the illumination of truth, of history, and of nature. They are observers, they are the watchers, and they are the facilitators of perspective, of morality and mentoring civilisations. They bring the wisdom, the values and the historical lessons of worlds and species to one another by facilitating communications between them. They are ambassadors for voices of council that know no physical form, that in themselves create universes of their own, in their own image. They are voyagers and explorers of both time and space. They are caretakers and care givers, they are guides and mentors of progress, of change and of evolution. They are your friend and mine. They are the Asceleottyi.


As for what I do as this identity is engage contact with many, many different species, in my different realities and observe, collate and collect information and knowledge and process this information into other formats of understanding which other people, other beings, may comprehend and understand. This information, awareness and perceptions I provide for others assists them to gain access to more of their own potential. While in human form this information will be presented in the form of images, feelings, healings, music and words. It will be translated through my wisdom and my love.

So when you observe me writing the things I do, what I am really doing is accessing this information and attempting to present it to you in a language which, for me, is very restricted and prone to misinterpretation. This is because English words carry their own meanings within each individual, and thus, my words are only translated as one desires them to be.

I also have other roles and perform other duties of service, which are not associated with human beings. My time and travels within the spirit world have been extensive and penetrating; my roles and commitments have been many. The Asceleottyi to which I am apart traverse many frontiers of many different realms in order to communicate with different beings from different origins and backgrounds. We observe many different species on many different worlds and collate information, experiences and lessons from what they have gone through, then translate this information to many other beings in different realms that their influence may weave threads of wisdom and wonder throughout the halls of information and beyond. This is one of my functions in the spirit world, and this is my function in providing you with new streams of thought and new opportunities for a better future for your children.

I provide answers to questions that you may use the information I provide to better protect you and your loved ones, and to better harmonize your relations with other species, as well as your planet.

Now in terms of the physical side of the coin, in whichever way you wish to relate to me on, I have lived a pretty common life symmetry to anyone else. This is to say, I had quite a challenging childhood. It was very difficult to be different, and spent much of my time sobbing and projecting my rage into the stars from whence I came. So infuriating this was, so painful, and so alone I was, that I was brought to take my own life, simply to join with my beautiful spirit which I felt so separated from at the time.

Though I did not die, for death could not touch me. What I was left with was stillness and silence of mind, of heart and soul. All questions became irrelevant. All desires became inconsequential. All fears became illusive. I lost my persona of who I was, for it was no longer important. Here then followed a clarity of mind, a peace of heart, and a union of soul and spirit that was to propel me into dimensions of awareness, wisdom and profound love I had never anticipated.

From there till the many years that followed questions that arose became answered by themselves. Till a point came when no more questions could be formed, for so swiftly did such answers come that questions were no longer necessary. This was the act of be-ing that which I knew. Knowingness comes to those who no longer question, but simply allow life to speak for itself, on all matters, within all things.

If I may quote Friedrich Nietzsche:

“When you stare into an abyss, the abyss stares also into you.”

If I may quote myself:

“When I glimpse into infinity, I no longer exist. When you surrender all you think yourself to be to the infinity of nothingness, all you think yourself to be ceases to exist; neither in form nor concept. Put another way; when you surrender all that you are to the complete unknown nothingness of mortal death, that which you are ceases to be important.”

This is the beginning of selfless being. When you are not attempting to be some thing, every thing becomes your experience. So it is then, having glimpsed into infinity upon my surrender of mortal life, who I was before ceased to exist thereafter. In the state of existing purely as an observer and witness of creation I allowed myself to be open to all that I was beyond the glimpse of my mortal parameters. My pure intentions of love and joy for the experience of witnessing life in motion raised my vibration of perception, over time, to such a degree that knowledge and understanding came upon me in many different languages beyond words. In a sense, this language took me some degree of time to observe and understand. Within the state of distillment and within the surrender of my awareness to infinity I observed answers that came from a source without persona or identity, from many different perspectives simultaneously. I was then able to apply any one of these perspectives to any given circumstance to explain its purpose or function.

It is also so that one of my own spirit entourage, if you like, is an energy facilitator who works to enable me to transcend human consciousness and polish my vibration. He is a healing mechanism if you like. Also those of my soul group are responsible for aligning me with information within different formats of language, which I then present to you within the human language. It is not that I am channeling another being, but that they help to facilitate a mechanism in which information from my spirit is downloaded within me. This was part of a process, not an immediate transformation; for this would be impossible in human state.

So this is who I am. In brief.

As for where my information comes from: To truly connect with deep seated awareness you must arouse your own knowledge and wisdom within you by allowing information to come directly to you. My alignment with spirit is somewhat more intimate and deep rooted than perhaps others are. You could say, in a sense, I have the capacity to gain access to and download information efficiently from my primary state. Though this is pretty much what I have been doing within the spirit world for a long time, so it is perhaps easier for me in that regard. Most every aspect of my physical life is motivated and energized by my deep rooted spiritual awareness. If one is willing to live their life with such focus and purpose then so too will they gain access to understandings of profound importance.

I have reservations in using the term teacher to describe a spirit guide. The term teacher often attaches hierarchical connotations. Guides are not really there to teach you something, but to illuminate a path forward in relation to whatever potential it is you yourself aspire to pursue. They are there also to bring into your awareness new directions of thought which help you escape repetitive cycles of experience. I would prefer the term facilitator. Whether it is – a facilitator of healing, of creativity, of information or whatever. I particularly like the term facilitator of direction.

Those who read of these words, who through their heart wisdom resonate a sense of connection to them, forge little umbilical threads of energy through the nectar of their influence. As I present my energy, my intention and my perception within this language its influence is registered within Akashic memory. This means everything I cause you to feel, to think and to perceive returns back to me in a registry of vibration which permeates every single cell of my being. This is why my message for all to regard one another with the utmost love and upliftment, regardless of difference in opinion, is so very essential to your soul. The approach of how one connects to another via their words has far reaching influences for both parties.

Am I aware that individuals are grateful regardless of their responses? Yes. I am aware of quite a few things. I am aware of those individuals who cultivate such value in such words that they copy them down onto their personal computers and papers. I am aware of those who repeat my perceptions to others. I am aware of those who contemplate the implications of such words and who then connect with the spirit world through an alternative perspective. I am aware of those who reach out of me in their meditative states who wonder if I am listening. I am aware of those who have shed tears and those who have taken their beloved pet for a walk while continuing with the connotations of such words. I am aware of those who have set about creating their own communications and personal presentations based on my own. I am aware of readers whose spirit guides and doorkeepers perch upon their consciousness as they conclude their next response in mind. I am aware of those who read such words who both hesitate and hold caution to present their own question or conclusion of perspective. I am aware of those who contend me to be aligned to some egocentric condition or assigned to some self-afflicted delusion of grandeur.

Above all, I am aware of my own gratitude and grace through which I receive such privilege to touch and be touched by so many beautiful souls as those who read these words.

I, as are we all within this soul group, are astutely self-perceptive within our capacity for reflective thought and revelation. Little needs to be said for the many benefits attributed to a reflective and Self-aware consciousness, for in their nature do they speak for themselves.

I do not perceive myself upon a ladder of evolution, as perhaps you may describe it to be, for this is not of the vibration to which I am apart. Evolution, as so many human beings place it, aligns to hierarchical thought processes, which in its human design does not represent the true form of the omniverse. It is my reflection then that I share with you that I am not upon a path of spiritual evolution, but one of human destiny curiosity. That is, I am in simple terms, a cosmic tourist attracted to the direction of human destiny. My capacity of Self-reflection then is not one aimed at achieving some form of spiritual growth, but to expand my capacity to understand human nature, and the nature of planet Earth in general. This is not a product of some lofty position I seat my perception in, but simply that I have let go of my own story, my own need to have specific identity or personal outcome, that matters of ‘I’ or ‘me’ have become mute. I will make use of a specific persona in order for others to relate to me, but this persona is a temporary vehicle. What becomes of it is not really of any importance, only the values and thought processes I awaken in those who receive my words.

My soul group have a very extensive and penetrating presence, with access to many different dimensional realms, different universal platforms, and realities, that to the human mind would seem like fantasy. Due to our vibration as an archetypical family we prefer to adopt form that does not occupy what is considered the third dimension. This ‘third’ dimension is quite confining to us since our energy flows more akin to the nature of water and air. Walking on solid ground feels somewhat alien to an extent, and our movements are more attuned to that of the dolphin. With this said, the percentage of us on Earth is absolutely miniscule.

I came to acknowledge myself as a guide through my own ability and capacity to become my own greatest guide. In all aspects from relationships to physical, psychological and emotional health, to the deepest questions of the universe, my own capacity to acquire wisdom through multiple layers of intuitive reflection, inner inquiry and outward perception; I have been my greatest guide. This innate ability comes from my development and individual capacities within my specific soul frequency of Asceleottyi to which I am a part. As part of my extensive activities within the spirit world my attraction towards the accumulation of knowledge, combined with my relations with many other entities and multi-dimensional beings, has placed me in a position to access many layers and formats of information, of energy and perception which I bring forward to you. On this convenient internet platform I hold the persona of Spirit Guide Sparrow, though this is not the entirety of who or what I am, it is a suitable persona others can more readily relate to in a spiritual culture.

I was not born into a spiritual family, and as such my process of remembrance of Self-realization only occurred through my own self-driven will and persistence. My arduous and most challenging adolescence only worked to reveal my true strength of character, of will and courage. My independent development and self-trust has meant that I did not become captured by the spiritual belief systems that readily conflict and confuse modern society. My spiritual self-reliance and progression towards beings outside of the physical, human or Earth influence allowed me to rediscover, very quickly, my true nature and perceptions and perspectives outside of the human vantage point. This has granted me a more unbiased universal and inter-species perspective on a great deal of questions and observations. I will not hesitate to share what I know with those who genuinely seek to develop their understanding. It is only necessary to keep one’s own spiritual inclination private if they still live and choose through fear.

Again, in terms of ratio, most of my work, noble or otherwise, takes place in the spirit realm. In physical terms much of my time is fed into caring for disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable children. I would not consider myself an advanced soul. This soul is but a transient persona I am using to facilitate a means. To consider myself advanced is to consider something else, someone else worth-less in comparison. There need not be such comparisons. My soul simply is beautiful, as is yours, and whosoever comes upon these words.”

give sparrow

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  1. Candace says:

    Aloha Dear Brother,

    I am most grateful for your willingness to share Sparrow’s work with us here in this format. I’m curious to know how Sparrow’s insights have changed your own? Would love to hear your thoughts!

    Love & Blessings!

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    • Bob OHearn says:

      Dear Sister,

      So glad you find this blog of interest! When I encountered Sparrow’s writing, I felt it would be a great benefit for others if it was shared in one location, sorted by topic. The response has been very positive, I am happy to report!

      In terms of the effect his writings have had for me, I would say that they have mostly re-affirmed what I have previously discovered, with some delightful twists too, particularly in regard to clarifying the differentiation between soul and spirit, and the mechanism involved in taking birth here, especially as it relates to free will vs the traditional concept of karma.

      Moreover, I am also grateful for his clarification on ET agendas, as well as the origin and fate of humanity. It’s wonderful to get the perspective of the bigger picture spelled out in the kind of detail Sparrow has done!

      Love & Blessings!

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      • Candace says:

        Mahalo for your response, Brother, and for sharing the particular effects his writings have had for you! I’ve experienced similar effects and am incredibly grateful for Sparrow and you of course for your efforts in organizing and sorting the information to make it more easily accessible to us!

        Much gratitude and love!

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  2. lovelygirlie says:

    Thank you Bob. My kindest thoughts go out to dear Sparrow, and to you for sharing his words here. Many blessings.

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  3. Alisha says:

    after reading all your posts I have experienced exactly the same feelings as you have experienced reading Sparrow’s writings ..I am grateful to you brother Bob….thanks for sharing

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  4. How is it that you came across his writings?

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    • Bob OHearn says:

      I get a report on my WordPress blog of where readers are located i.e. if someone is linked to google, or another blog on wordpress, or some internet forum, etc.. Anyway, about a year ago, I found that someone from a spiritual forum had linked to my blog, so I traced back the link and found a very large message board forum dedicated to all sorts of spiritual topics. I found one subforum dedicated to NDEs, which is an interest of mine, and it was there I discovered Sparrow. He has long since stopped posting at that site, btw.


  5. robjam972000 says:

    Does Sparrow post new posts and topics or is his work done here now? xx


    • Bob OHearn says:

      I noticed that he returned for a few months last year to the forum where he had been posting, but has since not been active. I did add his recent comments as an addendum to the relevant topics here (in the comments section beneath each essay).


  6. Elisa says:

    Dear Bob,

    I am so grateful to you for posting these articles by Sparrow. My soul has received so much healing from reading the articles on Soul Groups, Soul Mates, Reincarnation, and Planning Future Lives in particular. Such a burden has been lifted off of my heart after reading these.

    You have done such a great and important spiritual work by compiling these articles. If it were not for you, I may never have found Sparrow. I would like to thank you and Sparrow deeply for assisting me on my spiritual path. I love how he said he is aware of those touched by his writings.
    I am one who strongly resonates with them.

    I believe that your Guides and Soul Group members are very proud of you Bob!

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  7. Bob OHearn says:

    More from Sparrow on himself:

    “My association with past identities have had more to do with star systems and species elsewhere in the cosmos and of other semi-physical states of reality.

    My purpose to incarnate has never been to learn lessons. The lessons had in a sense already been learnt through the observation of both primitive and advanced cultures on many planets over many thousands of years. Having documented my observations and assimilating the accounts of other sentient observers from other dimensions of perspective, these lessons have been accessible to many millions of species in the halls of information. These lessons have more to do with the survival and advancement of cultures through the many challenges, obstacles and interferences visited upon them through their development. Many once prominent and unique cultures have ceased to exist in the physical domain because they have not had access to, or acted upon knowledge and wisdom from historical warnings. The human species in this regard is considered to retain a very poor capacity to learn from past historical references and seem bound to repeat the same mistakes in their relationship to Earth, to the protection of flora and fauna of the Earth, and to each other as a society.

    Individual lessons relating to any transient persona I wear at any time interacting with physical density is more of a means to coordinate myself more fluidly and effectively through such state, and bares little lasting significance to the wisdom and identity which has existed for millions of years. It is not a lesson then to be alive, but a celebration and a responsibility to manifest that which I already am that it may benefit planet Earth on its journey.”



  8. angusmacro says:

    I don’t know how else to reach you, Bob, so forgive me if this is not the best way…

    I’m intending reading as much as I can of Spirit Guide Sparrow’s guidance you’ve compiled. I’ve also started reading SGS’s own website. Will there be much duplication of material in these two packages? And are you still compiling to present date? I notice Sparrow hasn’t been around much on Spiritual Forums this past few months and wondered why that is – do you know why?


    • Bob OHearn says:

      I do not think there is much duplication between the 2 sites. Sparrow dropped offline shortly after I compiled the materials, and then reappeared briefly last year for a couple months, but has not been heard from for a while now. I am glad to hear you find the materials to be of value!



  9. angusmacro says:

    Oh and a big “well done” for doing what you’ve done! The thread Sparrow started on SF website years ago is enormous and removing member-comments, plus ordering and grouping, leaves the most important material accessible. I remember when Sparrow started but never thought the thread would continue as it has.

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  10. angusmacro says:

    thanks for your swift response – Do you plan on continuing to log further postings by SGS should he return ‘full-time’ to his thread on Spiritual Forums?

    Or do you think he’s maybe said all he has to say about the general issues that apply to us all?

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    • angusmacro says:

      I would ask the last question of SGS directly but I don’t know where to find him and he’s not posting on SF nowadays as far as I can see…..


      • Bob OHearn says:

        If he should return and provide new information, I would certainly post it. For example, you will note on a few of the essays that I did add to the Comments Section, in order to include materials he shared the last time he returned, and which fit the theme of that particular essay.


  11. angusmacro says:

    I haven’t had an in depth look at your compilations, Bob, but I did notice that you’d later posted extra material in some of them – thanks. We’ll just have to wait and see what he does in future.

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  12. Bob OHearn says:

    Another Sparrow Site

    Prior to my assembling this blog, I was told by Sparrow that a former website had been created to communicate his answers to questions of a spirit nature, but had been taken down by the owner.

    I recently found out that it is back up, so for those who find Sparrow’s information useful, inspiring, or simply interesting, please check out



  13. mac says:

    Thanks, Bob, I took your lead and posted the Sparrow info see my link in my name above. I hope Samantha doesn’t sue us for copyright infringement 😦


  14. marcelvuijst says:

    Wonderful, didn’t read the ‘about’ page yet.
    I’ll offer some words from Robert Monroe for anyone who desires to have contact with guides as sparrow or the Asceleottyi.

    I am more than my physical body.

    Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.

    Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience; to Know, to Understand; to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me.

    Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development and experience are equal or greater than my own.

    I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires.
    ~Robert Monroe

    Recite it from the heart, then “let go” of all words and concept, return to “non-dwelling” or “Silence”

    Om namo Buddha Ya
    Om namah Shivaya

    Joy to the Heart Love Lives, Emaho.

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  15. Bob OHearn says:

    Misconceptions regarding Sparrow
    by Sparrow 9/17/2020

    Sparrow is a teacher. He wants to be followed.

    I do not teach, and have nothing to preach. I share observances and points of view from other life forms. This does not have to be the ultimate truth for anyone; they are simply perspectives from other intelligences outside of the human experience. They are shared to those who ask for them. Those who do not ask for them, yet feel compelled to diminish the value of the sacred experiences of other intelligences, invite me to assist them to reflect on their own ignorance.

    Sparrow must adopt one approach for all.

    While I would like to be all roses and rainbows, your species, your very way of life for your children, does not afford me the leisure of sugar coating responses to pamper human sensitivities. One does not use a teaspoon to break glass, nor does one use a hammer to stir tea. The various attitudes of mind and patterns of thought often require different tools for different shifts in behaviour. It is always my predilection to help you see things from another perspective, and I am very good at it. If this makes you feel uncomfortable or defensive, then you may want to ask yourself why this occurs within you.

    Sparrow uses an internet forum from the ether.

    I am not an astral entity communicating from the ether. While there exists holographic tablets and four dimensional screen technology, I do not utilise such to speak with you. I use normal technology, and consciousness technology, and therefore prone to associated errors or difficulties. And while I am not sitting upon a white cloud playing a harp, I am not very far from those who could be said to be. In fact, the Asceleottyi represent a great many species throughout the cosmos.

    Sparrow is being channelled.

    I do not have a channeller. I need not enter some resemblance of trance to be that which I already am, nor do I need another vehicle to translate for me. In this respect, there is no possibility of mistranslation or misinterpretation. My knowledge and understanding exists here and now, but my consciousness exists wherever my heart takes me.

    Sparrow is fake. Sparrow is a liar.

    I do not fabricate my authenticity as a spirit guide. You merely have to expand your definition of what a spirit guide is, and is willing to do for the love of the human race. Though I am known by another name within the expansive realms, the name would mean nothing to a human being in any human language. However, anyone with authentic spirit contact will be able to verify my identity within the resonant frequencies, or the Akashic records, of the Asceleottyi. I therefore invite them to do so. You may also access the Asceleottyi through meditation.

    Misconceptions regarding spirit guides, the spirit world and multidimensional beings.

    Spirit guides and multidimensional beings are not without ego. All beings who develop individual identities, through their journey of Self-aware consciousness, all develop unique personalities and character traits. This may include humour, cheekiness, playfulness, wit, irony and any other trait you associate with human beings. This does not then denote they are any less spiritual, or any less capable of great wisdom and generosity of heart.

    The spirit world is not simply a place of puffy white clouds and angels playing harps. The spirit world encompasses and intersects with all other dimensions, and as such is home to all creation and all possibilities. The fairy tale, wishy washy wonderland of Hollywood and internet depictions paint a minuscule and misleading portrait of what the spirit world is.


  16. Bob OHearn says:

    In reference to what you generally refer to as Goddess, I associate with the manifestation and expression of femininity, fertility, benevolence, beauty, tenderness, togetherness and pervasiveness within the multiverse. It is a pervasive cradling melody which transcends time and space; whispering endearment and endorsement to each and every molecule in the universe. Like the flower responding to the kiss of sunlight; it’s song awakening an adolescent curiosity within all life to become conscious of the celebration of its existence. It embraces the assertion of the splendour of eternity through the cyclical dance of everlasting change and renewal. It is the comforting stillness of silence left upon the battlefield, that weeps a distilled wind of unspoken sorrow, yet rejoices in the resurrection of the immortal soul. It is that which allows our core values to recognise our relationship to the existence.

    I am the instrument through which this melody is played; I am the flower which opens to its kiss; I am the dance of words which delivers its change; I am the stillness of its peace and heart wisdom.



  17. Bob OHearn says:

    Most Amazing

    In response to the question (what are some of the most amazing, fantastic, thought-provoking? fascinating things you have ever encountered), this is really a matter of context. I could refer to situations that you could not currently relate to, so you could not interpret it’s context appropriately to comprehend the true significance. In addition, many experiences, and indeed, many observances are simply beyond the restriction of human language to interpret effectively. Any attempt to do so would be futile. Those who have had a near-death experience or out-of-body experience may understand this perspective perfectly.

    However, I will provide a spectrum of examples of things you could relate to in the context of your given definitions.

    An example of something amazing:

    -Being witness to the unconditional love from the soul of an animal who has passed, to its living counterpart, or living human companion, to such an extent that it refuses to leave their side after death. To observe it following the other, making every attempt to protect and support them, often failing miserably.

    This interspecies devotion never ceases to amaze me.

    An example of something fantastic:

    -Stepping into a space that has no space; that has no sense of time nor form; that speaks with a trillion different voices yet through one. A state within which nothing exists to reflect back that which you presumed you were, thus, that which you have been ceases to exist.

    The ability to cease to exist, but never die, can be rather fantastic.

    An example of thought-provoking encounters:

    -Making first contact with a completely new and undocumented species from another dimension or living condition. Observing their custom of introduction and being invited to observe how they live. Observing their responses to known stereotypical personalities and attempting to inadequately imitate one other as means of communication. Observing a whole new tapestry of core values and principles beyond what is categorized as good and evil.

    The thought is provoked: If this also exists beyond the veil of the unknown, what else must also exist?

    An example of something fascinating:

    -Observing the cyclical routine lives of human beings; from the time they get up in the morning, to the time they reluctantly go to work, to to time they allocate for leisure, relaxation and recuperation. How each family unit creates their own consciousness universe within which their whole existence revolves. How this universe then becomes disconnected from the rest of the species and consequently severs itself from infinite resources to solve problems. How these consciousness bubbles are changed slowly from within by the overlap and interaction of those of others. How individuals within these family units yearn for their own space and fulfilment of their private dreams, but simultaneously seek distractions to excuse themselves from the burden of responsibility to themselves.

    While often heartbreaking to see, the creative means through which this occurs is extremely fascinating.



  18. angusmacro says:

    I’ve followed Sparrow for some years over on Spiritual Forums and knew about your website here with his words and ideas.
    It’s two and a half years since last you posted here, Bob. Why the long break from commenting and/or why return now?


    • Bob OHearn says:

      Greetings Angus,

      Actually, Sparrow takes long breaks, so I only post materials that are added subsequently. I have been updating various posts with additional comments where relevant, in the comments sections.

      Best Wishes!


  19. Bob OHearn says:

    Note from Sparrow when he first began the conversation online:

    I do not have all the answers, as nobody really does. But I bring to you reflections of my spirit and my soul through the wisdom and knowledge I have to share as a spirit guide. My experience of what truth is originates from the vantage point of my current experience and awareness. Your own truth lies in the realms of your own experience, through your own eyes, within your own soul understanding. I will not answer questions from the resource of books or videos since this simply would be somebody else’s beliefs. Knowing something to be true does not require the beliefs of others, for there is no doubt present. What is left is an innate desire to share it so that a deeper connection is forged with the universe.

    I write from my perspective of spiritual truths and mechanics that appear to me from my own state of understanding. Not from my human mind or from human belief, but from a state of awareness and observation imprinted in me by my time within the spirit realms. Spiritual truths – those that exist whether you believe in them or not, have a very specific resonance which can be identified within you. You can acknowledge this through how something makes you feel, how your energy responds. I am not speaking of emotions or thoughts, but of feelings of intuition and soul wisdom.

    I may not explain things perfectly, and can understand the human languages can sometimes be very restricting and prone to misinterpretation. Or at least, when speaking of the spirit world, words can only paint a certain fraction of the fullness of its true nature. For it is so that to truly understand, you have to see it, experience it, and know it, for yourself. I can only show you the door.

    I write this, that I may speak and paint some words for those who to come to them, that they may reflect on their meaning in their own way. And with them, through what I share, others may aspire to look within to discover their own truth. For the answers I provide are truly available for everyone, when your heart is in the right place.


    • Bob OHearn says:

      “As a being, in the work that I have being doing for so long, I have existed in multiple dimensions, or ‘spheres’ at different times. I have existed as part physical, part metaphysical, being able to weave in and out of both worlds, on different planets, or domains of consciousness. Both utilizing aspects of the, as it is understood, 5th dimension to the 7th. These dimensions, as well as the physical, are necessary to work in for certain structures of information to be communicated to other beings, in a way that they can understand. There are domains where I have worked within which have very human looking structures of society and community, with temples and sacred buildings, and houses to hospitals. There are also domains, which you perhaps may associate with celestial planes or heavens, which do not align themselves with the same type of structural communities. Within these domains it is exceedingly difficult to describe since they are more of a sensual and perceptual environment, rather than a structured humanoid environment. You are actually using different or modified soul senses to interpret and interact with this platform, and so describing them with tools from the physical dimension is futile. These realms rely much less on the lower-ego identity projections and more on the expansive conscious awareness of the spirit.
      As a facilitator of information, it is my experience as thus far, to interact with many different domains, or spheres. So I am blessed to work and facilitate with, and associate with very enlightened spiritual beings, and also very ignorant and self-deluded beings on the opposite spectrum.
      My current role in human form does not represent at all my spiritual origin, sphere index, or advancement in spirit. It is simply one direction, or project I am currently engaged in. As can be said for others you will certainly come across.”



  20. angusmacro says:

    Is that an old piece, Bob, or something recent?


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