You ask what is the point, yet not all you perceive necessarily equates or exists to serve the convenience of your human intellect alone. Because you are far more than simply intellect, it is not for your intellectual mind to fully understand all aspects of the being that you are. It is for your intellectual mind to accept there are dimensions to who you are which do not have to adhere to any significance or have a specific point to satisfy the physical brain or perception of value. There are values to your spirit, to your soul, which your human intellect will never fathom through analytical mind. Just because you cannot perceive benefit in a physical sense, does not mean there are no benefits for other aspects of that which you are.

With this said, first understand you are not responsible for the dreams you have. Should your dreams be uncharacteristic of your waking state, perhaps they are immoral or disturbing in nature, this is not a clear representation of your true being and so you should never feel guilty or embarrassed by them. In your waking state your free will prevents you from acting out such immoral or disturbing thoughts, or so it is for most people. Understand thoughts are living conscious creations which take on a life of their own. You are not your thoughts; you are that which is made aware of thoughts, and it is your human intellect which seeks to place ownership upon them to call them yours. They are not you, they exist independent of you at all times. Just as bacteria that help keep your physical body alive exist independently with their own consciousness. You make use of them, for they serve a valuable purpose in experiencing the physical world.

During your dream state your human brain is still very active and receiving and sending signals, chemicals and producing electromagnetic fields. Thoughts, because they are independent living things, seek self-expression and exploration. They do this by interfacing with different cellular memories, particularly your sensory functions to facilitate imagery to play out creative potentials of themselves. Understand thoughts come from many sources. From your subconscious, from your own cellular memories and from other beings altogether, that live inside you, and those that live outside of you. Because they interface with your cellular memories they mimic your human persona, your human personality and desires wonderfully. However, because your thoughts are not you, they lack your conscious will and consequently do not adhere to your waking moral code or structure of self-restraint. So then, these thoughts, which you often call yours, embark on a voyage of self-expression and creation which are recorded in your consciousness memory as dreams. In a sense, in your dream state, certain potentials are played out using your cellular memories to write holographic fabrication thought programs.

At times when those in spirit choose to interface with you in your dream state, they will connect with your cellular memory, your cellular computer drive, and in a sense load themselves into a holographic fabricated thought program. In other words, they will initiate a thought transfer and direct their own thoughts to create images and sensations in your dream using information, or symbolisms from your cellular memory.

What you must be discerning of is your own personal desires which overlay the interpretations of your dream states. Understand your own human biological brain and how it continues to function and process information in your sleep states. As the muscles of your body relax, your attention is detached from exterior stimuli and you enter your sleep state, your conscious will persona folds in on itself. This means the observer that you identify as you is folded inward into its core vibration, the vibration that flows through your solar plexus through your etheric cord. This is one and the same vibration as that of your soul group which you have raised query to. In a sense, your personality, your conscious will is detached from your physical body and your body functions independent of you, though you are still connected via your etheric cord. What your physical brain then does independent of you is it continues to stimulate areas of the brain which control visual patterns of information. Information, more specifically memory, is stored within different vibrations.

Many of the visual experiences you encounter within your sleep states relate to the way in which your brain accesses stored memory images and brings them to life. If you can imagine your consciousness like that of a crop circle formation. A crop circle is a visual pattern of information which is given language through form. From a perspective on the ground the crop circle is simply a perplexing fold of corn. From the air it has a different perspective of greater value for it reveals patterns of information that forms images and diagrams.

Like a crop circle, your brain processes patterns of information which are interpreted and given value by you depending on what perspective you have of it. When you perceive imagery within your dream this is because your brain is accessing memories of imagery and form to give interpretation and language to patterns it is receiving and processing. Your brain is trying to make a crop circle formation within your dream state to express certain activity inherent within your active mind. This means you will often dream about things which you may fear, which portray you or another acting out questionable things or sequences which are re-occurrences from past events. You are not actually causing or controlling these sequences, simply that your brain is responding to stimuli still taking place to which it associates visual forms of language to, borrowed from the memories it already has access to. Put simply, much of the time your dreams are simply a natural process of your brain working independent of your free will conscious identity.

Your conscious identity, though aware of such dreams, is often folded into a deeper state of consciousness, which withdraws its conscious will somewhere completely different. On the occasion when it gains access to such dreams, this is what is known as lucid dreaming; when your free will persona is present within the aforementioned activity of mind.

This is however not to say that all experiences within sleep states are the functionings of the independent mind. Sometimes those of the spirit world, those of the physical world, and those between will place something of their own within your awareness during sleep.

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Should we come to discuss the concept of dimensional realities within the parameters of the human mind there is going to be immediate boundaries of language. This is because a state of mind, a state of feeling, and a state of consciousness necessary to relate and comprehend these other realities fully can only be achieved whilst entirely free from human persona and individuated consciousness. In other words, you would have to entirely and completely let go of your human identity.

With this said, it is still possible to relate certain foundations of conceptualization to reproduce understanding through the human mind. I see this is most commonly done so through the use of numbers and defined divisions. Such as the third dimension, the forth and fifth, and so on. This division is understood to allow the human mind to relate to things in a linear, progressive and individuated way. So this is the way we shall look upon it.

The first dimension can be equated to the core energy of the Earth. That is the vibration at which the consciousness of the planets heart resonates. Here lies the seed and emitting energy source of all native life upon the planet Earth. The heart of the Earth is also the location upon which meditations should be focused to connect with the ancient databank of knowledge and memory of all living organisms.

The second dimension can be equated to the mineral kingdom. This relates to the aspect of the planet around its lithosphere. Here is where the beings you understand as elementals govern the chemical, mineral and such things as bacterial life. These very ancient beings will communicate and interact with you through the mineralization, chemicalization and bacteria elements of your biology. Synchronizing those within your biology with the resonance of Earth will facilitate healing of all known disease and disharmony. This is what I have previously referred to as terrestrial sound and healing.

The third dimension can be equated to the reality human beings reside within. This is the dimension where linear conceptualization dominates; the concept of space and time. This is where chemicalisation and mineralization expand into evolved physical forms. This is where human beings co-exist and experience things of both the 2nd dimension and aspects of the forth.

The forth dimension can be equated to mass consciousness. It is here the spawn of new ideas and concepts of imagination are brought into human perceptibility from the more subtle realms. It is here where clouds of consciousness and energy either uplift humanity or invoke devastation and atmospheric corrosion. It is also here where other beings, often mistaken for extraterrestrials reside.

The fifth dimension can be equated to the dimension of love and heart wisdom. It is here where the individual surpasses mass consciousness and discovers their own inner voice; their own guiding source of spirit. It is here where unconditional love and states of bliss are experienced. It is also where beings often interpreted as angels communicate from.

The sixth dimension can be equated to the foundation of sacred geometry and the blueprint of all physical life. It is here where all things are given form from light and sound frequency. This is where divine knowledge and information comes through in symbolism and sacred shapes that form the structure of all manifestation. It is also where such beings as those who communicate to humanity through strange dreams, divine signs and crop circles originate.

The seventh dimension can be equated to cosmic and universal sound; the sound that governs vibrational resonance. It is sound which produces the foundation of sacred geometry that forms the structure of life itself. It is from here that the formless is Self-realized into divine form and given their characteristic vibratory index. It is here the sounds of the universe can be heard and their properties fully realized. This can be equated to the voice of prime creator.

The eighth dimension can be equated to divine light, for it is here that light gives birth to all things, and makes all things possible. This can be understood as prime creator, or oneness with your divine spirit. The light emanating from this source penetrates, permeates and produces all things in existence.

The ninth dimension can be equated to time. Here lies the seed of the entire process of all universes, all dimensions, all life. The process of life, of expanding consciousness is possible due to the unfoldment of time; the time it takes for awareness to expand, form to evolve and Self to become realized. All that exists, all that will ever exist, and has ever existed exists here. Through the function of time does all that is become made manifest through ‘the process’ called life.

What lays beyond time is currently beyond human comprehension.

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Duality, Balance, and Flow

Duality is perceived as two opposite ends of a spectrum, whether it be good and evil or anything else which has opposing natures.

Limitation? No. That is simply a mindset or attitude of those who have yet to foster deeper wisdom, to identify value in that which allows the full spectrum of your Source to be expressed in all its diverse beauty and opportunity.

Duality is something which grants you the gift of perspective, from one vantage point or state of consciousness to another. When one teaches you duality is something to be transcended, this suggests someone else is trying to steer your own ship to their own horizon and tell you your own destiny. They may try to teach you that one thing must be forsaken and forced out for the sake and justification of attaining some elevated transcended state of enlightenment. Your spirit is already enlightened, it has always been and never ceases to be so. They may try to teach you that you must steer clear of the dark and embrace only love and light, for unless you do you live in duality. Yet you would not know the value of love and light should the dark not present golden perspective and Self-realization. You cannot find value in the beauty and purpose of a simple candle light without the presence of its opposite. You cannot be fully self-aware if all you are aware of is one end of the spectrum.

Duality is an inherent attribute of physical state. Hot and cold; light and dark; near and far; love and fear, are all aspects of the duality which you are immersed in as a physical being. You are not here in order to conquer it, to wage a war with darkness and fear, for these things are your greatest teachers. You are here to sample the state of it that you may see your Self from a different vantage point; that you may sample another flavour of the source that is yours to create with as you choose.

Duality does not create imbalance within you; your attitude towards and relationship with duality is what creates imbalance. Yin and yang – the marriage of energies which dance together to form the structures of life you observe in physical state. Duality is primarily of the mind, for your thoughts seek to wrap experiences into boxes to accommodate a convenient relationship with them. They will be thought of as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Consequently an abundance of ‘bad’ experiences then creates imbalance within you. So what you will want to do, is not seek to ascended beyond duality, but change your thoughts about it. Instead of your experience being good or bad, let it simply be an experience. Instead of an individual being good or evil, recognise their capacity for both and relinquish the labels of either.

The thing about balance is that it is not expressed in a straight line, it is much like a wave form or a dance of two energies. In the same way as I have described earlier, you will witness a lion kill a deer for food, yet immediately after you may witness it nurture its orphaned offspring. This is because the lion intuitively understands harmony and love, yet it also understands it needs food to survive.

With this said, do not bruise your confidence or sense of self-worth if you appear to contradict your highest expectations of balance. Understand you exist in a physical duality of opposing energies and so you are always going to be receptive to external energy influence. It is how you receive and respond to such energy which is important, for do not presume to think you can avoid negativity forever.

I hold balance due to pervasively strong roots to specific values which govern my consciousness. These values radiate their own consciousness and energy field within me which create a state of contentment, wellbeing and deep-seated self-value. My emotional and heart wisdom is such that I perceive understanding of events as they occur. This means, by the time the event being observed is being processed by my awareness, the wisdom to understand what is happening and why it is happening is already taking place. The energy and value of compassion and empathy within me causes intuitive awareness over circumstances which occur around me.

Because I do not hold onto negative judgement I am able to process information in such a way as it is understood on multiple levels, within multiple dimensions, and filters through my heart before it influences my mind. Because my mind is conditioned to be void of thought until I choose thought to be there, the fluidity of my heart energy always governs and maintains balance within me. It is often when people filter information or events through mind before heart that they become imbalanced. This is because the memories within mind assign judgments, fears and beliefs to that information, which changes the structure of value that information forms within your consciousness and energy field. The heart actually ‘feels’ for the truth contained in information before your mind can apply its own opinionated truth.

The discomfort caused by planetary energy changes and interactions with certain people arise because of energy residues you are holding onto. This energy is usually contained within your memory, either cellular or consciousness memory. As outside pressures from another’s energy or that of planetary gravitational fields impact those memories, those energy residues or frequencies, they cause an equal opposing pressure of resistance. This causes such symptoms as headaches, nausea, pain, emotional distress, anxiety, imbalanced immune system and chemical instability. Each memory you have and retain contains its own vibration. It is stored in your consciousness and energy aura as a vibration, for all memory is contained within vibration. This is why you can only access certain memories of your spirit nature as you develop spiritually. It is also why you cannot remember things when you are angry or depressed.

Know then that creating balance with your external environment demands you to attain balance with your internal environment. This means you must seek balance with your own energy, your own memory of your life journey and the consciousness you already carry throughout your daily life. Find balance and harmony with your memories that they may be healed and resonate to a nurturing vibration within your hearts wisdom. Forgive those who you need to forgive, especially if it is yourself you need to forgive. Only by accepting your past within the vibration of love can you expect a balanced future.

“Going with the flow” often translates to going with the flow of someone else’s energy creation. You must remember, this is not the spirit world, you share your energy space with millions of other beings who are intricately weaving their energy influences in and out of the landscape that is your life story. This means, if you are content to just ‘go with the flow’, what you will find is that the flow you are following is dictated to you by all the other people around you who are steering your life in a way which benefits them and exploits you. You become a leaf in a fierce river, taken for a roller coaster ride upon the current of energy others draw you into. The law of attraction is upon you, you are going to be attracted to the rippling effects of others actions unless you can create your own energy momentum to captain your own ship and steer your life towards a horizon of your own choosing.

There are some in the new age mentality that will state assuredly that you have nothing to fear, that you should accept everything as it comes to you for it is for your own good, and if you resist it, you are fighting against the divine force of the universe. Yet try to tell this so-called wisdom to those who are molested, those who are tortured and those who are murdered by the wills of others. There is no wisdom in accepting the fate others dictate for you, there lies only ignorance of your own responsibility as a creator being to have your own voice, your own purpose and your own destiny.

There is a time and place when one should go with the flow, and that is when your internal and external world are in balance and equilibrium, within a natural flow of harmony. If your internal and external environment is not in harmony, then you would be naive to submit to such flow, for that flow is very clearly a journey of disharmony and suffering.

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“Higher Self”

Firstly, you need not define such a thing, for in doing so immediately limits your understanding of its capacity to go beyond your current state of awareness. As your awareness expands, definition will become more difficult to relay the truth of the matter, which will go beyond words. Words will no longer be necessary, or adequate. For in truth all matters of life are so profound they are simply beyond words.

Within a definition, you begin to think and act in ways which throw things into a box, or throw them out of it because of a newly formed pre-conceived idea.

If in words I am to define such a thing as higher self, within my values, I would relay this as follows:

Higher self is that which you align to as being your most pure state, your grandest aspiration, your highest potential, your deepest love, your most divine concept of God, your most intimate relationship with yourself; that which is your spirit! Your spirit is all these things and more, for it is beyond my palette of paints to portray.

When you attempt to align yourself with your ‘higher self’ – which is in fact a misleading and somewhat disempowering mindset ( I will explain why in a minute ), you are attempting to attain the most profoundly intimate and complete relationship with who and what you truly are – that which is your spirit. Your spirit is the closest connection you will ever, ever experience to that which is God, for God IS through your spirit. There is no grander experience than this, and this is your gift, your very own relationship with God, through your spirit.

You will often hear ‘new age’ theories that insist your spirit must become something ‘more’ or join or ascend to something ‘more’ in order to know of God. It is within my knowing, and experience as a spirit guide that this is false, for not only do I know it is false but I await one to disprove me so who has access to absolute truth via the halls of learning beyond human state.

The mindset of seeking ‘higher self’ is misleading because you are enforcing a statement of reality that – that which you truly are (your spirit) is higher than you, and thus beyond your reach and creates concepts of lack, unworthiness, less-ness, SUFFERING. As long as you imagine yourself to be continuously seeking it, you will continue to experience separation from it by your own thoughts and aspirations. Thus, it is a game you choose to play. As is this so called new age ascension process. Your spirit is already God-ness (conscious-ness) and perfect, there is nothing greater to ascend to, only another form to embody it within. Another way to paint it.

If you already are your magnificent spirit, then why would you assume you have to seek it in order to be it? You cannot NOT be it, for it is you, always, in all ways. This is the understanding that the journey is over when the realization occurs that the destination has already been reached. You are already who you truly are, you need not seek it out, simply experience it in EVERY way: whether that way is in a positive way or a negative way – all is a part of your higher self. It is simply a matter of choosing in what way to experience that which you are – to embody it how you choose to.

Higher self can be simplified to simply – Self. Simply be your Self. It needs not be higher, simply closer in awareness. Your closer-Self. Simply be aware of yourself, always, in all ways. You are profound in every way, to be aware of this is to be Self-aware, and thus higher Self is transmuted simply to Self.

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Suffering is a product of thought. It is a consequence of the thought processes consciousness has been conditioned to within a specific environment or immersed reality. This is to say, suffering can occur, or be carried over into many different realities and dimensions where thought adheres to adopted attitudes. Any cluster of thoughts which gravitate together within consciousness produce attitude. Attitudes create action and inaction, both from you and upon you. It is your relationship with the environment within, and without, which attracts your relationship to thought. Your relationship to thought produces your relationship to attitudes, beliefs and your perception of what you deem truth to be. When that state of truth is incomplete, when that state of perception is blurred, and when that state of belief is conditioned through fear, suffering is born.

Suffering occurs when you become disconnected from your roots, from your core essence, from your core values. Spiritual development, as it has been called, is about discovering your connection. Through connection you forge communication, whether it be to your spirit, your planet or your wellbeing. Through communication you forge a knowledge of and relationship to that which you are a part.

When you are stricken with dis-ease, distress or disability it is because a part of your biology has become disconnected from your root energy centres. Those infected cells are not communicating with or have a strong relationship with your core central values, your core energy sources. This disconnection in physiological or psychological health can create further disconnection in attitude, intention and action, for your thought processes become aligned to disharmony and fear. This changes your relationship to your core energy source and values, as well as your core central happiness and quality of life. This model of thought and understanding can also be applied to world suffering and the suffering of planet Earth.

The service you can offer to those in suffering is to help them rediscover their sense and experience of connection. Whether it is a human being, animal or a physical place, you always, in all ways, have a part to play. Help reconnect that person, thing or place to their core values and root energy centres.

Those that aid in the cause of suffering to others are those that suffer the most, for they are the most disconnected from the truth of their attitudes and actions. Help them connect to their roots that they may be nourished and grounded. Help them receive light that they may grow, blossom and be fruitful in their lives. Help them connect to their sense of purpose, their sense of peace and their sense of positive perspective. Help them connect with balance, with harmony and with happiness. You will know what to do in the right circumstance, within the right frame of mind, from the right heart wisdom and for the right reasons.

Let us again be reminded that suffering is a product of thought. Regardless of what takes place within the physical reality it is thought, your thought about that reality, which causes the reality of suffering. Suffering occurs when you attach specific fear attributed values to an interpretation, or specific perception, of your view of reality. Perhaps it is you have an open physical wound, or that cancer has enveloped a region of your biology; this might lead to an impression of suffering in your reactive learnt attitude of thought. The truth of such would be, you have not sustained an injury nor have you become afflicted with cancer; your physical biological counterpart has. These physical biological components (which you identify as you) were infused together from the soup of the Earth and were not brought here by you, your ancient spirit. These components, in their raw state, were already upon the Earth existing independent of your already existent spirit prior to you being born. As such components come from and are of the Earth, such components are thusly prone to the flaws, frailties and fractionations associated with planet Earth and its environment. Just as your spirit detaches its etheric cord from those components do they return once more to the Earth from where they came.

The spirit in its perfection and purity is never once subject to afflictions of the physical dimension, for it never at any time enters physical density reality. This nature of physicality should not in anyone’s wisdom beckon an attitude of suffering, if an accurate understanding of who they truly are remains present. All that becomes of the physical counterpart, which you tend to identify as you, is simply a part of physical nature. As such should not be condemned, feared or fought, but accepted with gratitude for whatever experience it allows you to become part of. The challenges, and the difficulties you face as a human being through the use of the body are not karmic conditions forced upon you, or some other predetermined form of spiritual learning you must endure to ascend, but are mere consequential values you inherit from interacting with physical reality and its many combined components. Suffering is not a prerequisite for enlightenment, ascension, or any other state of bliss or mastery of spirit nature.

Let us first understand from this then, that whatever apparent ailments or transient conditions afflict the human organism, your core energy and pure spirit consciousness remain unaffected at all times. This basic truth must be incorporated into your attitude and approach if you wish to align with an optimal healing outcome. What this attitude of understanding enables is a connectivity with your core vibrational state; that which you originally brought with you to Earth. This vibration has the capacity to heal cells of the physical biology when brought through your consciousness. Why is this? This is because your core central vibration contains sentient coded language which your biological cells are programmed to understand, and thus respond to that coded language by awakening their own optimal function. This is to say, they become alive and begin to function optimally and communicate efficiently with their surrounding cells. This core vibration is what you would equate to, or perhaps identify as unconditional love, and is what flows through your etheric cord, which is connected to your solar plexus. This encoded language flows through your biological energy centres and delivers the spirit gifts that you have through the various outlet applications you develop in your life.

Now before you indulge your human intellect and begin to map out complex details of the various energy centres of the human biology, simply stop, and let go of that necessity for mental detail. The human chakra centres and other connective streams will take care of themselves independently as you progress. It is not a prerequisite for healing or spiritual mastery to intellectualize the works and functionings of these processes. With the right attitude and approach, such processes will, like the rest of your biological functions, take care of themselves independent of your conscious control. Just as your heart or lungs do. What you must do is facilitate the optimal environment and conditions necessary for healing and wellbeing. The rest will take care of itself. This is to say, creating the conditions for your core central vibration to flow freely unrestricted through your solar plexus, through your central nervous system, spine and throughout your entire body. This in itself would be a normal and natural process which would require little effort on your conscious will. However, since birth you have built a whole fortress of walls and barriers within your physical biology, through diet and lifestyle, as well as those within mind and attitude. What you must do then is to start removing all the walls and barriers you have created in order that the natural rhythm and flow of your spirit essence can permeate freely through and to each and every cell of your body, and every thought within mind.

Healing then, at the root and source, must start with the removal of something, rather than the addition of something else. Connectivity on deeper levels cannot take place with existing barriers that you have build within you. Your task then is to find and remove them. You must seek to remove all harmful and adverse components that reside within the body, as well as within your mind and consciousness persona. This included unhealthy diets, lifestyles, living conditions, working conditions, relationship conditions, attitudes, behaviours and unresolved memory traumas or attachments. Look at each of these and identify something in each of them which has harmful and adverse influence over you.

The key to healing then is to invite in that perfection, that purity into physical state as best you can. What you want to be doing then is to align your physical cells and the frequencies they resonate to one of optimal healthy alignment, balance and communication. This means returning those dis-eased cells, or dis-eased thoughts to their original core functional vibration. This is done through an alignment of attitude and action to one connective and receptive to your spirit source. This is done through connecting to your core central values. Suffering, in any form, does not resonate to your core central values.

As a physical being you will encounter two types of pain – physical pain and emotional pain.

Physical pain is a result of communication between nerve endings, the central nervous system and the physical brain. Damage or injury to your physical body only causes you distress, fear and retraction when communication from your central nervous system triggers your cellular memory response. This cellular memory contains instructions and belief systems about how you should respond to that nervous system information. In other words, you create a thought from past learnt behaviour and you produce a reaction in response to that thought. In many cases this triggers a sensation of fear as you enact the behaviour of a victim, for this is how you have been taught to react as a biological species over thousands of years of cellular memory transference.

You also experience emotional pain. This is the pain you choose to carry within and around with you as a result of a traumatic past event. Since the event is no longer taking place in this present moment it exists only as a memory in your mind and cellular structure. The event can only continue to cause you distress if you continue to think about it. Thus the cause of your suffering due to any past event is the result of a present moment thought. Just in the same way as anxiety or dread over a future event exists only in your thought about it. That thought communicates with your cellular and consciousness memory of your interpretation of that event at that time, and you continue to reanimate its interpretational values in your present moment of mind. So yes, pain is caused only by your mind.

You will arrive at the dawn of realization to this when you have learnt to let go of all thought. For when there is no thought, there is no judgement or clouded interpretation; there is no re-enacted learnt behaviour; there is no past and no future; there becomes only one-ness with the present. This seems alien to you because you have not stepped into such a place. Such a place you are trying to place in your mind, but your mind is already too full of contradicting thoughts to accept it. Such a place cannot and will not exist in mind, not as an accurate idea or concept, but must be a condition beyond mind.

So it is then you walk into an environment where there is certain behaviour interpreted by your thoughts as negative. Perhaps you feel someone is draining your energy or there is physical violence taking place. Before you have even arrived at that encounter you have set yourself up as a victim because you have preconceived interpretational values of that event. In other words, you will immediately interpret the event as negative and then reinforce that negativity by telling yourself you have to protect yourself from it. When you are then unable to protect yourself completely from this interaction you then become disillusioned and doubtful in your abilities. This is an exhaustive cycle and repetition of behaviour.

As an empathic being you are going to want to immerse yourself in this sacred gift of sensitivity and connection. What you are going to want to do is train yourself to remain open and sensitive yet to relinquish your focus and necessity for personal ego and persona. This is to say, you are going to learn to become a silent witness to events as they take place without adding your personal ego, your personal perspective and your own memory infrastructure. Basically you are going to let go of that which you perceive is ‘you’ and become one with that which you are being empathic to. But, the most important part, you are going to need to let go of it once you have experienced one-ness with it in order to relinquish ownership of it and its influence when returning to your human persona. That is the difficult part, but it is possible by learning to let go of thought altogether. If I can do this, so too can you.

Remember, feelings are perfect truth. Perfect truth can never hurt you. That which you feel does not hurt you. What hurts you is the interactivity of the thought you have about that feeling. Your thoughts attach your morality values of good and bad, right and wrong, your naiveties and your perceptions, and in doing so attach instructions to your human persona how to respond. So what you do is you respond negatively, you respond by perceiving yourself as a victim because you are now experiencing something undesirable. It is undesirable because your thought says so. In owning thoughts, your thoughts own you.

I used the term victim to describe a state of attitude which robs an individual from their perception of Self-worth. Two individuals can be hit by a moving vehicle and brake both legs. The one who plays the role of a victim is the one who is angry, the one who seeks to punish the driver, the one who feels less or disadvantaged than they were before the accident. The second individual does not perceive themselves as a victim. They are not angry over the event, they understand punishment will not cause their legs to heal or the driver to feel more remorse, and they do not feel any less or more disadvantaged than they were before.

Greatest insights are never the result of suffering, for if this were so then suffering would be an inherent nature and characteristic of the spirit world. The spirit world being home to the most wise and insightful beings in the multiverse. Great insights are the result of an individual becoming more receptive to the language of their feelings; the language of truth. Unfortunately it often takes some form of suffering to motivate a human being to feel anything strongly enough to act upon it, or to seek the wisdom and guidance within it. This is the value you are referring to, and yet this value need not come through the catalyst of suffering.

There have been many noble souls who have sought enlightenment through suffering.
They have failed.

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What Is Best for the Child

What is best for the child?

Does the child know what is best for them, or does the adult know what is best for the child?

Do you, reading this at this moment now know, truly, what is BEST for you?

Do you really?

In my experience with observation, and with those who observe you and speak about you, I would say most human beings do not know what is BEST for them. What they do know is what is easiest, and what is most convenient, and what is most expected of them. For if indeed they really did know what was BEST for them, the whole human race would change the face of the planet overnight. Literally. Your oceans would be pure and clean and your oxygen uncontaminated. Your countries would never know poverty or starvation. Your bodies would not age through sever deterioration. Do you really know what is BEST for you? If your answer is still yes, then why do you still experience suffering?

The reason people generally do not know what is best for them is because they do not know who or what they truly are. If you do not know who or what you truly are how can you truly make an accurate decision regarding that? If you truly knew, nobody on the planet would ever act or think in the same way again. Are they then in a position of wisdom to know truly what is BEST for another, let alone a child?

On the other hand, a child being born into the world lacks the education of mind, of experience and sense of danger that is necessary to protect them within their new environment. What is best for that child is then seen by the parent to be best decided by the experienced adult. This is a good valid argument and is perfectly true in its act of nurturing, for the parent is acting on behalf of the wisdom of previous experience – which the child does not possess at hand.

The problem with this is that this then presumes the adult to know BEST all of the time. This of course is not true, as we have already illuminated. So how does the parent protect the welfare and development of the child while at the same time allowing it to grow and choose independently? By teaching and educating the child to IDENTIFY and EXPLORE who and what they are, that they may begin to identify their own thoughts about what is BEST for them. These thoughts will then in turn teach the parent more of who and what they themselves are – and thusly the cycle perpetuates.

In order to teach a child to identify who and what they are, the parent, the adult and the teacher must first identify within themselves who and what they are, that they may teach through example. How do you do this? You do it by teaching that which you have to learn. You do it by giving to others that which you seek for yourself. You do it by helping another become who and what they wish to be, which in turn reveals in you who and what you are also. The student and the teacher are mutual symbiont mechanisms of life and consciousness evolution, as are the child and the parent. Instead of one or the other fighting for control they must learn to act as a harmonic mechanism of mutual reliance and deliverance. That is, the parent delivering knowledge and experience, and the child being allowed to choose their own relationship with that through a safe environment of free exploration and expression. The parent then observing and being educated by that child in the way they are responding, the way they are expressing and what they are choosing to create. It is the role of every parent to provide a safe environment for the child to identify, explore and choose for itself what is BEST for them.

Since most human beings do not know what is BEST for them they ultimately make decisions about their life journey, the life journey of their friends and loves ones, and that of the planet they inhabit which is consequently not aligned to their BEST interest and wellbeing. What this creates is disharmony with your true nature and true sense of purpose as a sentient being. Disharmony creates suffering. Hence human beings continue to create their own experience of suffering because they do not know, or do not act in a manner BEST for themselves and the planet.

As more and more human beings begin to align themselves to what is BEST for them and the planet Earth, as symbiotic life forms, a harmonic energy momentum and frequency is created which allows all beings, all life forms, all journeys to coexist more prosperously within the same environment. What you will then find is that your awareness becomes expanded, healing processes quicken, energy levels are raised. There are infinite benefits which will begin to expand within your progressive awareness as more and more of you work towards be-ing and do-ing what is BEST for you ALL.

Most people make decisions on what is BEST for them by choosing an immediate reward, an immediate end result and an immediate gratification for one person or just a few. Most advanced successful civilisations in the cosmos decide everything on what is BEST for their whole species survival and progression. So they think and behave as one entity in harmony with what is BEST for all of them. The combined focused intent and power of thought that this creates literally changes physical reality for them. They literally are able to think their way out of all difficulties that they face in their species progression. It is the same within the spirit world, and within your own soul group, where thousands of beings may speak as and through one voice, for they are all so synchronised in harmonic intent that there is no opposing force or interfering signal with what is presented.

The power of thought is so very underestimated; if only more people would unite as one mind to solve humanities problems there would be so much more beauty to behold which is so far unseen, untouched and unheard.

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Raising Human Consciousness and The New Age

Certain formats of information, if you like, can be accessed by delivering your vibration to a higher cycle per second range. Different doors to information will become available to you as and when you resonate to the appropriate frequency. You will discover information simply arrives within you, so to speak, without the filter system and intellectualization system of the brain. It is not something which can be taught to you by any self-proclaimed master, for it is something which will happen to you when the time, and the vibration is right. You will not be able to define within your mental processes exactly where such information comes from, since it is beyond mind, but merely such information will happen to you on another level, and seem to come in from every known sense. In a sense, it will arrive as a knowing; you will not have to question the information.

Do not be mislead by media-fuelled spirituality which proclaim you must do this, that or the other to achieve some ascension status in order to bring this about. This line of thought is simply aligned with ego-persona and intellectual mind, rather than spiritual truth. In truth, to raise your vibration and connect with your true identity of spirit, you merely have to let go of human consciousness. If you think about it for a moment, your spirit, before your consciousness was forged into physical form, was already within a divine ascended vibrational state. It is simply that the events of physical state, and all the negativity which comes with this state, has coated this pure vibration with negative human consciousness.

This is not to say that being human is all about negativity, just that upon taking on the energies of such dense state creates a type of amnesia for you. So, in a sense, to get back what you once had as a beautiful child; that radiant glow about you, you want to let go of the consciousness you have since accumulated as ‘yours’. You want to let go of the mindset of ownership to the consciousness you carry so it is no longer interfering with your vibrational frequency. Let go of your persona of ‘I need to be this person’, and instead simply be without condition, without question or conclusion. In this state you become infinite within this moment, and nothing is barred from you. Simply practicing surrendering your persona to selflessness will remove the filters, and thought processes which bar this intuitive connection with your spirit. That which is your spirit then can happen to you on its own terms, instead of yours, in human state.

In light of referring to this particular universe as a kindergarten, this is not to belittle anything. This relates to the fact that it is still very much within its early days of expansion and formation, next to a great many others which have, if you like, come to completion.

The fact of you raising human consciousness does not immediately denote you are bound to the Earth, that being born on the Earth is the only way to raise consciousness, or that human beings are the only means to raise consciousness. Much of the consciousness being raised is actually due to the involvement of beings within other dimensions and other planetary systems and energy cycles. Whatever happens on one planet effects others which exist on the same vibratory platform. It is not actually necessary to physically incarnate to ‘make a difference’ or facilitate changes in consciousness upon a planet. In actual fact it is much more difficult to make a difference immersed within physical state purely because of the great many boundaries and forces that work against your efforts. Within physical state you have this clash of different intentions which collide and compete with each other making it very frustrating and difficult to achieve anything. This is not to say you cannot achieve great things on Earth, it means you just have to work that much harder to facilitate lasting change.

Now when you speak of raising consciousness as perhaps the focal agenda of souls birthing into human state, what then of those souls who choose to have an experience as a Neanderthal or prehistoric being, who have no understanding whatsoever of raising consciousness or spiritual advancement? For indeed many souls are still incarnating there as we speak. Their existence is purely driven by survival instinct, much to the likes of many other wild animals. Do you think souls choose to inhabit physical bodies at those times for the same reason as suggested in today’s society?

It is observed that every few thousand years someone else invents a new reason to justify their existence on the Earth, usually in alignment to their degree of morality and sense of value structure, and it gradually becomes accepted throughout many other cultures for hundreds of years.

To help you think more outside the box, about other reasons souls come to Earth, detach from your focus on human beings alone and think about other species that share the planet. Do you think they are here to raise the consciousness of human beings? Or perhaps of themselves? Consider the possibilities within your deepest heart wisdom.

The so-called new age as it has been coined is really a cyclical process and period which occurs within many species on many worlds. It occurs at the height of consciousness where communication has reached a specific advancement, which thusly causes a rapid cycle of changes and evolution for a degree of time it retains its momentum. With the easily available forms of communication now across the globe, and via the advent of internet certain values and attitudes have forged stronger voices. Just as the plant kingdom use the wind, the rain and many insects and animals as their vehicles to carry their seed for life advancement, human beings use the vehicles of communication to spread theirs and advance themselves with their seeds of knowledge.

The increase of awareness and transparency has arisen not as a result of an evolution in human consciousness, but as a result of human survival and fear. This is to say, the advent of advanced communication has not progressed in balance with the advancement of human ethics and morality. More accurately, the advent of this communication has been used to illuminate the failings within human behaviour which is harming the habitats and inhabitants of planet Earth. It is this fear for planet Earth, for the environment you call home, which has spawn the momentum of collective voices that aspire to adopt more spiritual, loving and nurturing behaviours. In overview of human consciousness, there is a great collective fear for your own survival which is gaining the attention of many other races in the cosmos. In response to this growing concern for your survival, through your inherent survival intuitive instincts, you have all come together to embrace natural inherent loving principles which have long been repressed. It is not so much that this is a new age, but you are in truth re-membering your true nature as a collective species in harmony with your environment, as was once maintained by your ancestors. It often takes a great darkness to illuminate the value of, and the path of the light, the right, and the just.

The changes you are going to experience are further eruptions of planetary devastation caused by changes in gravitational forces within the Earth’s core and your atmospheric energy field. This is part of the planetary cyclical changes which occur as different pressures shift from one part of the planet to another. This will effect the tides as well as global weather. Similarly it will effect the gravitational forces within the human being and your own energy field. You may find you develop headaches, nausea or symptomatic eruptions caused by changes in your body chemistry balance and energy field. Different people will be effected in different ways due to their distinct genetic makeup. For example, some people may experience disturbances in sleep patterns due to fluctuations in their body chemistry and the way their energy experiences shifts from one point in their body to another.

In terms of consciousness you will find that there is a growing disposition for cleaner, greener power sources as fossil fuels and current existing sources no longer resonate with your value structure within yourself as a being. There will be significant focus globally on the environment and imposed pressures on governments to adopt more humane, harmonic and honest practices in recognition of the environment. More people will resonate to the enticement of a vegetarian diet while others will feel increased pressure to change jobs, change lifestyles, relationships and attitudes of behaviour. What is occurring is the changes in planetary pressures and energy fields will cause the human body to adapt in order to synchronise itself with its surrounding environment. This means your body will begin telling you things you may not want to hear, and you will feel the need to change something in your life in order to establish balance.

Because of human ego, in that they generally like to feel superior to less intelligent life forms, they interpret planetary shifts and cyclical energy transitions as heralding some grand new age enlightened evolution they feel they have earned. When in truth, a majority of it had come about only through the advancement of technological communication and the fear of their own extinction. They like to romanticise the events into a spiritual fantasy and write about ages of ascension, while simultaneously the planet withers around them from neglect. It is a wake-up call for all human beings to embrace the wisdom within natural law and to work in harmony with their environment, instead of abusing it. Many have seen the light and try their very best to put right what those before them have destroyed. There is not much time left, one cannot sugar coat the truth and the state of reality, for it is your children who have to inherit it.

May the wisdom of the heart lead the way to resolution.

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