The Spirit World

Trying to explain the natural phenomenon of the spirit world is like trying to answer – how long is a piece of string? It depends does it not what parameters of the string you can perceive, and how you perceive the context of ‘piece’.

I will explain to you what the spirit world is like in simple terms most will be able to comprehend. It is possible to experience dynamics of spatial awareness, in terms of – you are below and something else is above, or similarly you are here and something else is far away in the distance. However you will soon come to discover that this is not set in stone; spatial awareness can become fluid and foldable to new frontiers of alternate perspective, where up is no longer up, and down is no longer down. There no longer becomes an up or down; everything becomes possible in every direction simultaneously. You may at one moment find yourself overwhelmed by buildings and structures that first appear to tower for miles into the sky, yet discover the only entrance in is but a few centimetres high. It is then you realize if you would only be a centimetre or so tall you could get in, and this is when the magic happens. Your consciousness begins to accommodate your intention and you suddenly find yourself standing at the doorway having seemingly shrunk in size. Your intention to enter the building, along with your imagination and intuition to be a certain size to accomplish that intention caused reality to fold to your will and desire. In the same way, there was once a young man who stood very puzzled in front of a magnificent crystal building with no apparent way of entrance, for he expected there to be a door, yet there was none. After many minutes of puzzlement a voice came to him, seemingly from nowhere, which said ‘You are the door. Open your heart and you shall enter’. Within his own realization a doorway opened before him in response to his own conscious will and loving vibration.

In the spirit world nothing is as it seems. There is much more to all things than the eyes of the mind can see. One must open their hearts to open the door to greater possibilities, always, and in all ways. I have always said, the greater the love in your heart and the more aligned to love are your intentions (vibrations) the greater access within the spirit world, and to your own spirit identity you will gain.

Now friend, when you come to ask what is the natural phenomenon of the spirit world, you must first understand that every universal law and principle, of other universes other than your own, and their many diverse structures of life and consciousness are all represented in the spirit world. This is to say, the spirit world is overflowing with a very broad cultural diversity in terms of its architecture, landscape and consciousness ‘units’. Now what I mean by consciousness units are individual representations, or fragments of consciousness that belong to a specific spirit origin, which have then been bestowed with complete freedom to express its Self (identity) in the eternity of now. Said differently, an aspect of spirit has separated an aspect of its Self (to form a consciousness unit) to embody certain qualities and potentials that it wishes to bring to life, and for as long as it desires, to preserve in its purest untainted form for others to enjoy and experience. In a sense, it is like a painter who has painted a great piece of work and who wishes that unit of art to be made available to its Self, and to others, and thus it remains in existence within the spirit world for an eternity.

So what you have are breathtaking landscapes, architectural feats and vast cultural communities which exist in its purest untainted form. Notably we are not speaking purely of that which is found on Earth, but of all planets, dimensions, universes and time periods. However, whether or not you will be able to access or perceive such is another matter altogether. A consciousness unit, or collection of units, are always found within a very distinct vibrational band. If your own conscious awareness is not aligned to the frequency upon which such things reside, then you will never perceive them or even know of their existence. An example of this is when you yourself pass over into the spirit world. Now because your consciousness has been aligned to this particular time period of Earth, you will thus only experience the spirit world from this expressive unit of time. In which case you will not actually perceive or come to meet your ancient ancestors or observe such things as dinosaurs walking around as soon as you cross over. It is because these units of consciousness originate from another vibrational bandwidth making them invisible to you. What you would then have to do, should your intention be to connect with such things, is to ascertain how to get from where you are to where they are. Since you cannot visibly see where they are located what you must do is find a doorway which will take you there. While some are quite proficient in doing this by themselves, many will be drawn to the halls of learning which act as a grand library of living knowledge. It is here where you can use your loving intention as a key to open the door which will present itself to you after spending time seeking out answers. Such books would have been written, presented or endorsed by the very soul group of whatever or whomever you are reading about. So if it was you were reading about whales, that book would make the soul group of whale aware that you were reading about them, and should they so choose, they will grant permission for you to connect with them more intimately by opening a doorway for you to where they reside.

In this way of things, nothing is barred from you, yet not everything is presented to you all at once. It is for you, as a spirit of individual will, to make choices of direction to what doors you wish to open next. Your state of intent must always be in alignment with love or no doors will open for you.

To speak in more romanticised terms of natural phenomenon which may interest you, I could perhaps speak about the nature of sound. Sounds in the spirit world present themselves in many beautiful ways; often you will observe hundreds of shades of colour dancing and swimming within one another in a symphony of living light. Not only will you observe sound through colour, but you will also feel sound as having its own emotional and intellectual consciousness. This is to say, when you observe sound, you will intuitively perceive that sound having a life of its own and emanating a feeling of joy. It will seem to be aware of its own existence and will dance in utter delight like two butterflies in courtship. Understand this is not an experience everyone in the spirit world will have unless they open their hearts to perceive and RECEIVE the very spirit of sound.

It is also of benefit I do feel to make a mention of your soul group to which you shall return. It is important to do so for it is your soul group which is what many understand to be the ‘place’ where they return to in the afterlife. It is the role of the facilitators and greeters of those recently passing over to the spirit world to help direct the bewildered souls back to their natural origins (soul group). These facilitators will know exactly where you come from because your distinct core vibration is present within your soul, and it is this core vibration you hold that will lead you back ‘home’. Many who first cross over jump for joy when they feel saturated in unconditional love and light believing they are finally ‘home’. Yet this is not their true home at all. When they do finally reunite with their soul group a new comprehension of joy and love is realized immediately, which is far more profound and intrinsically more deep than anything they encountered when first crossing over. The love experienced and the connection felt is a thousand times stronger than any bond with a beloved spouse or family member on Earth. It is only at this point do they realize they are truly home.

To describe to you the nature of your soul group I will use a descriptive illustration as comparison. Imagine a vast paradise built from the most beautiful natural resources you can think of; pure gold, crystal, marble, wood or stone, whatever it may be for you. Imagine a vast community of millions within that paradise who were in essence exactly like you; their sense of humour, their sense of values and principles, their aspirations of development, all the key elements which make you who you are. Imagine a love for each other and an intuitive connection so powerful that you finished one another’s sentences, had no need to explain anything to anyone, and completely and unreservedly in service to one another no matter how much effort was required. This is the nature of your soul group; this is the nature of the spirit world to which you shall return should you so choose. If you do not choose this for yourself then do not expect to experience this upon your passing. Nobody is going to force you to let go of your human persona and the emotional baggage you wish to carry with you into the spirit world. If you are content living out your human fantasies and behaviours of mind then so shall that become the limit of your after-life.

Now, when we speak of the spirit world, and we speak of paradise being full of love and non-judgment, well let me explain this. Firstly, this paradise is ‘full’ of love because it is full of ‘things’ which are seen, felt, heard and understood as being that which love is by billions and billions of beings.

The spirit world is actually empty, void, until you place some-thing inside it, such as consciousness that crosses over from the physical world. What happens? That consciousness is added to emptiness and that emptiness becomes something. The consciousness manifests itself onto emptiness, and so it becomes filled with consciousness. Thoughts are living things. The spirit world is full of thought. So, in a sense, when you enter this paradise called heaven, you will experience only that which you are capable of comprehending within that consciousness you have. This is why you will only gain access to realms that your vibration allows you to, simply because you would not be able to comprehend or process it otherwise. There is no judgment in the spirit world apart from that which you ‘bring in’ to the spirit world. Meaning your own. So, it is actually you which places judgment on yourself and your deeds, not some God figure.

So, as for being a boring place, how can it be boring when you are adding to it anything your imagination can conjure? The moment you want something, doors open for you to have it. If you want to experience fear, hate and those other things which give love a greater value for you, then you can experience these things also, simply by altering your vibration to appear where such things exist. Boredom does not exist in the spirit world, as you will see.

There is also challenges in the spirit world, should you wish it. There are things to learn and do, and many things to create, both in the spirit world and within the infinite other dimensions which can appear physical to you, should you wish to create something ‘solid’ and watch it grow. Planet Earth, the universe it resides in, are merely one small fragment of the direction you can accommodate your need for challenges. The human project is a challenge in itself. Many beings, once they pass over align themselves with work to restore the balance upon the Earth and make up for their ignorance and selfishness. Though this is a judgment they place upon themselves, and work they do to make themselves feel better about having earned that right to have had that life. Many, for example, choose to work with animals once they cross over.

The pursuits of those within the world unseen have much to do with the ongoing activities of the spirit prior to any physical life. This is to affirm that prior to any physical life your spirit has been actively engaged with a great many interactions and activities which had nothing to do with the human identity you are wearing presently. For it is, your spirit wears a persona many millions of years older than the human consciousness you currently perceive yourself through. It is this original persona, and its associated value structures held within that which you will gradually merge again with following your physical passing into the spirit world.

With this said, there are a great many human beings who hold onto their human consciousness and human value structure months, years or even centuries after crossing the etheric frontiers. The human emotions you conceive many of your human values from are often held tight within your consciousness after a physical life journey. It is often these sentimental values carried over which solicit further behaviours of mind and desire, which then attract you to activities and past times which stimulate your memories and the energies they contain. This is to say, after your passing, the cellular and consciousness memories will contain energies which attract you to do things which stimulate those memories and the values inherent within them. So it is, you may decide that your current persona may continue to create fulfillment for your Self many hundreds of years after your return to the spirit world, and so you may still continue with certain behaviours, attitudes and pleasing past times which allow certain adopted values to live on through you. This is not to say you will limit yourself to just being your current persona, for you will likely wear a variety of forms for a variety of activities, within a variety of dimensions, in and out a variety of time folds. You will not limit yourself to one dimension, one form nor one frequency of time.

Many, many souls who return to the spirit world have been observed to hold the attitude that their life and destiny, their life’s work, was incomplete or they had made a great many poor choices. Because of this attitude of mind they feel a sense of injustice within their own self-evaluation and life review, which they are compelled to engage in order to bring about a sense of satisfaction and completion to their human journey. The emergent wave of renewed activity tends then to refocus their consciousness back upon the Earth, often to try to assist those upon it to bring about a positive outcome to work they had once engaged with. Eventually, perhaps months or years later, that soul will graduate its attitude and consciousness to something different and loosen its active role with those matters of the physical world. The physical persona that once acted independent of its pure spirit begins to dissipate. The thoughts and consciousness of that being begins to merge and function much more closely with their pure spirit, which inevitably opens many more doors to what is possible next.

To return to my former illumination, much of the time, in the sense of time which you understand, will be used to continue with what you were doing prior to you being born in physical state. This will depend on what soul group you are associated with and their vibrational attributes and forms of expression. Meaning, how that soul group chooses to give form to their energy and Self-awareness, and how they work to interlace this energy influence in service to the rest of the spirit world, which is infinite in nature. So for example, you may have a specific soul group who express their inherent values and resonance through the forms of healing. They would have arrived at this mindset of attributes and abilities from the observation, over millions of years, of a great many beings of all shapes and guises who had undergone various forms of suffering or dissociation from their pure spirit. In identifying this need, they evolved their energies and identities to facilitate extremely creative methods of healing functions within their soul group family.

Understand healing in the spirit world is purely an activity of healing, or altering consciousness. If healing is necessary for any being it lies within their consciousness which they wear within their held persona at any one time. In order to facilitate healing of another being, those of spirit must always enquire into the past life journey which created that persona and attitude mindset. It is a state and activity of memory. Suffering is a product of memory, for it is within memory where energies, attitudes and cycles of behaviour are conceived. Therefore the past must be examined. This will often involve consulting the Akashic records, or connecting to the core essence of something which illuminates transparency of understanding over events.

What will be facilitated by healers is the presentation of memory information, which is causing the suffering, which they will deliver differently, within a different state of perspective to that being, sometimes from a completely different persona altogether. This means they will give that recipient the ability to examine their problems outside of their human persona which created it. Once retained memory is understood and processed differently, positively, lovingly and wisely, it is healed. Because, in a sense, consciousness is created from memories, that consciousness will then become healed and that persona, that soul, will become lighter, more luminescent and beautiful.

Again, your existence will continue in the spirit world just in the same form as you currently have, or will have at the time of your passing. It is only until your awareness returns that you can manipulate your appearance by focusing your thoughts that this eventually changes. You do this by holding the thought clear in your mind and letting go of the previous persona.

When you realize the substance of your etheric form is merely the residual cellular memory of your physical body you will then perceive it as a sort of outfit, which you will choose to wear from time to time, most often to reminisce with friends of the Earth. Should you so wish, and with assistance from other beings, you may choose to take the form of an animal, or a tree, or a mystical fairytale character, or an extraterrestrial. You will simply implant your personality within that chosen form. I suspect once you pass over you will care not as much in what gender or sexuality you hold, for it will always depend on the intention of service you are undertaking. It will no longer be about you, but about what you can do for others.

If you understand that your soul, once vacating the physical body, is attuned to specific realms according to the energy you have, you will also understand that the access you have in the spirit world will similarly depend on your energy state. You will find nothing much reveals itself upon you until you first open the doors for such opportunities to come forward. If you retain an arrogant or careless, uninterested frame of mind and attitude, then this energy will bar you from becoming aware of other locations which are possible to explore. If you open your heart and give of yourself in a free loving way, and your heart’s desire is to expand your knowledge and awareness in certain subjects, realms or locations, then your spirit aspirations will attune your soul to doorways which open before you, within which access is granted. If, for example, you could care less about planet X Y Z, or about other species in the cosmos, then you would have no way of gaining access to these worlds simply because of your mindset. In the spirit world, it is your genuine spirit desire and intent which reveals your true motives in action. Also to know, is that you could not visit a planet of X Y Z nature if you have never been there before, or know of it. What you would have to do is study the species or destination through the halls of records, and from there you will be given the keys to proceed further.

This explanation will help you understand why so many near-death-experience stories are so different in their description. It is because each individual has varied access to locations, beings and resources depending on their energy state.

Further on from this, you may for example, as I myself have, train to become a spirit guide of some description for other species elsewhere within the universe. If this is your heart’s desire then so be it. You will be required to spend an extensive measure of time studying language, morality codes, belief systems and practices, biological functions and so much more depending on the nature of your work. You will also have to do a lot of observational work prior to working on a 1:1 supervisory basis. This is not to say however that you cannot just go and attempt to help in some way, but within caution and awareness that your actions may have adverse effects on other energy beings who don’t function the same way you do.

It is naïve to presume that once gaining access to the spirit world that all challenges and obstacles are now over and done with. To testify to this are the many hundreds of thousands of souls who still persist to behave in the same manner as they did upon the Earth, with the same attitudes of mind, even though having passed over hundreds of years ago. There is no universal rule of governance to declare one must think or behave a certain way in order to exist outside of physical state. This presents many challenges to many individuals and groups alike. Even if you consider yourself to be a loving law abiding citizen of Earth, you will still have a great many challenges ahead of you after your passing. This will extensively involve the way in which you think about yourself, the universe and your relationship to all other things that exist. I further remind you that accesses in the spirit world are determined purely by your vibration. This means you will only be able to gain access to beings, to places and to information that are in distinct relevance to how you currently think at that particular time. Everything else will be completely invisible to you until you overcome the barriers you yourself have created to separate yourself from those accesses.

As a small example, should you perhaps wish to visit or learn about another species upon another planet within your own universe (not to mention others), you could not simply just go there on a whim. You certainly could not observe such beings in the spirit world walking around the halls of information if you believed extraterrestrials did not exist. You would simply observe a transparent blur like that of what you experience on a hot summers day. What you would be assisted to do would be to change the way you thought about specific things, and how you perceived your relationship to that.

Another example is that of CMRP – or cellular memory reconstructive projection. This is your ability to reconstruct your light body to look and feel how it once did in your physical youth. Most human beings would not have the mindset to understand how to do this without being told by their spirit guide. This is not then to say, immediately upon your passing you are going to look 30 years younger simply because some new age teaching told you so. It will actually take a degree of effort and concentration to accomplish this.

Further to the matter of problems to solve, it is similarly naïve to presume all your work is now over and done with now you no longer occupy physical state. The truth of it is, your work has only just begun, for you have been engaged with intense activity for millions of years prior to having any physical life experience. You will merely resume your practice and pursuit where you had left off, which will likely take you into many different dimensions.

When it comes to the spirit world, many human beings perceive language and communication to come in the form of verbal conversation, as it has become their accustomed means of primary self-expression. However, this is only what they perceive about themselves. I can tell you in fact, that there are other species within the physical and surrounding universe that do not observe verbal sound and language to be the primary language of human beings. It is also felt that humanity limits their ability and capacity to communicate effectively because they have come to rely on verbal language to such a degree, they have become ignorant to more effective and universal languages. This, they see, is a primary factor in their inability to live in harmony and cooperation with one another, and something which should be addressed in order to evolve.

With this said, I will explain to you that it is not always necessary for you, as a spirit being, and for those of spirit, to exchange information in the form of words and verbal languages. In fact they rarely do unless they are interacting with souls who have crossed over and are accustomed to communicating in this way. In such instances, spirit will adopt forms of a physical nature that the individual can relate to, and communicate to them in a way they are comfortable with. These are what I refer to as ‘personas’. These are something which spirit adopt from time to time, either as someone they once were in physical form, or something they have learnt to manifest as through the halls of learning.

As you step away from human persona, and associations with planet Earth, your spirit identity will begin to remember other means of communication and information exchange from and through the interactivity with their soul group. This is to say, soul groups tend to adapt and expand means of interactive exchange to suit their aspired sense of purpose and service to all that is. You may find that you become accustomed to utilizing ‘living’ animated images in partnership with sensations which can best be described as emotions, from a human point of view. So in effect you will be manipulating light and colour to express information, as well as sound, which invoke emotional responses. However, not all spirit understand or experience emotion as you would as a human being, and so it is often for spirit to first learn how to have an emotion, either by becoming human themselves, or recreating such experiences through the halls of learning.

You will also find that you can talk for hours to someone about what you think or feel, but the most efficient way to communicate this information is to actually allow them to ‘know’ your thoughts directly and to ‘experience’ how you feel intimately. That is exactly what occurs. You allow another being to experience what you are feeling, and what you are thinking, by allowing their consciousness to merge with yours on a very intimate level. How this exchange is experienced by different beings varies, depending on how they interpret it, and within what vibration they receive it from. It is common for a gathering of many hundreds or thousands of beings in one room to all merge as one mind, in order that they may all contribute simultaneously to one another to fulfil a singular purpose or agenda. You may observe this while channelling beings from the spirit world, where personalities may seemingly alter, or where the channel seems to suddenly be able to speak another language altogether. It is because those in spirit are all connecting as one-mind and have become a singular pool of consciousness.

As you explore other realms and states of expression within the spirit world you will become accustomed to ‘feeling’ new sensations, which to you will feel like they are just ‘happening to you’. You will not simply observe something, or simply hear something, you will feel it inside you, as part of you, and it will speak to you, through you, in ways you have never known before. It will feel like a remembrance, an awakening, a profound insight or connection you have rediscovered. As if you are discovering a new flavour of food for the first time. But this is merely how other spirit is interacting with you and communicating to you. It is very rare that beings show their true form to other beings in the spirit world, particularly when interacting within other realms. When in fact they do, I may explain to you the experience is best described as being in the presence and audience of God. I understand through accounts of near death experiences shared by some individuals here that they feel they came face to face with God. What in fact was the truth of the experience was they came face to face with their own spirit, or the true form of one of their soul group counterparts. The experience is so profound to the human being that they believe it to be an all powerful and ever watchful deity of the cosmos.


The reason you cannot remember your time in the spirit world is because such memories are of a multi-dimensional state information format, which are stored in your spirit state. Your ancient spirit does not come with you into the physical dimension and therefore such memories remain behind. It is your soul, or body of energy consciousness which interacts more closely with your biological body. Information of your physical status and energy state is transferred through your silver cord to your spirit, which is attached to your solar plexus. It is possible to download information from your spirit in this way, much like an internet cable, if you learn to listen and engage the voice of your own spirit.

You do not remember your original source identity, your original intent, because the human being you have become, the persona you have created for yourself from birth, to be as it is, has overridden the subtle-Self, the pure Self, to the extent that it no longer has a voice which is heard. Said differently, the ego of your current persona (costume), which has largely developed from survival instincts and singular thought has become the dominant sponsoring controlling thoughts about who you actually are. When I say singular thought, what I mean is, your consciousness from being able to be multiple identities at once, doing multiple things at once has suddenly found itself confined into one singular carbon biological unit. The effects of you becoming limit to just one ‘thing’ has compacted your perception so much you actually believe this ‘thing’, this persona is all you are. Your consciousness has been pushed into a tiny box and now all you presume you are is that which you can observe inside the box, so your thinking is limited. You need to think outside the box.

Because being in physical state and its constant obligations to survive, to focus on your environment, to look for food, look for work, keep yourself safe from harm, all this has placed your thinking and perception into survival persona. This of course is not something you are used to because none of these requirements exist in the spirit world. These are very powerful influencing factors which cause amnesia to who you actually are as a spirit.

It is also to be understood that memory is accessed via vibration. In oscillations of energy and beats per second. Being in human form, within a dense physical vibration means you will undoubtedly find limitations in what information is available to you, and how it is experienced. This is also why I tell you, if you want to access more information than you already have about who you are, look towards your feelings, for they resonate at a higher oscillation than most of the thoughts you have.

A lot of the dense matter you consume in diet, such as animal meat, alcohol and white products release chemicals into your body which lower the oscillation count and vibrational rate at which your energy resonates, creating more layers between you and this ever-present vault of information from your spirit.

It is the state of ones beliefs and state of intentions, of thought and of feeling we speak of. It is these things which cause the amnesia of your spirit identity. As your beliefs, intentions, thoughts and feelings begin to lose their attachment to your physical body and the physical life you left behind, you no longer become infected by their dense hypnotic persuasion.

If your state of mind is one of intense anger, fear, shock or some other negative state upon your passing, this can certainly have an effect on your transition. What your experience shall be like in handling these states during your transition will differ to everyone else’s depending on your actual character and self-awareness. Someone with a strong character and good awareness of their spirituality will recover very quickly from these negative influences and will brush them off quite easily. However, someone who perceives themselves to be a simple body of flesh, and nothing more, will often struggle for long periods of time after their passing to overcome these negative feelings. It is a matter of acceptance. Some individuals, in their proud human persona will simply not accept they are immortal and/or have a divine spirit and will not be able to perceive their deceased loved ones, even if these loved ones wanted to be seen.


What occurs to these unfortunate souls is that they become fixated on unresolved matters of their human journey, their story, their definition of who they are. They attach strands of energy to material possessions and material people which do not release in their possessive attitudes of mind. It is not so much they have become trapped within a specific place, but they have become isolated within their own attitudes of mind, and their cyclical emotional states become a form of sustaining nourishment which they become subservient to. It is this subservience to their attitude and emotion that envelopes them into their own private universe.

First of all know that it is not their spirit which is trapped, for such a thing is impossible. The spirit is that essence of you which in its purity and perfection remains always, in all ways, free and joyous. It is the attracted cloud of consciousness, your human persona and memory mass which alienates itself from its core source, your spirit. Because it does this, it also alienates itself from the rest of the spirit world.

What spirit guides tend to try to do is they look for opportunities to place things in front of those unfortunate souls to trigger new thought processes or thought associations towards higher vibrations. They try to trigger association within their cellular and consciousness memories to do with very loving familiarizations, such as loved ones or former pets. As soon as their thought fixation changes, this opens doors which allow access from the spirit world to come in and become visible to that soul. For example, as soon as they think of their deceased mother or father in loving fondness, they will usually manifest in front of them and escort them into the spirit world. This is often a problem for the spirit world if that soul did not hold any close connection with very many others who have since passed. It is difficult for their spirit guides to manifest to them because that soul has no former memory or association with which to open doors for them to become visible. It is at such times when those in physical state are closer to their vibration and in a better proximity to get through to them.

While most of the time souls of the Earth tend to eventually break free from their isolating attitudes and ascend back to their source, there are those who are so lost within themselves that they simply refuse to acknowledge any other supporting presence around them. To human state and mind, sometimes this can feel like an eternity in isolation. Sometimes for hundreds of years. However, from the place and state of the spirit where time has no relevance this becomes only a minor absence from the rest of their divine celestial journey. For it is, all spirit continue to prosper regardless of what its limbs of consciousness are doing at any point within time.

White Light and Colors

You as a human being will always perceive higher vibrational beings as fantastic bright white light because your sensory mechanisms at hand cannot process the full spectrum of all the colours which are inherently displayed from and within that vibration. When within a higher vibrational dimension than where you are presently you will not simply observe and experience white light, but in fact countless other shades of colour not presently perceivable upon the Earth. At your present vibration these rays of light merge into what you perceive to be the traditional white light experience. To presume you simply see other spiritual beings in the spirit world as white light, and that is all there is to see, because that is all you can see from your physical point of view is very presumptuous.

What you will find is that the spirit world, as well as the universe you occupy presents itself much like you would see through a kaleidoscope in terms of its cascading rays of light and energy expression. These colours represent inherent nature, characteristic and quality, and through their associations with each other produce dazzling displays of beauty, form and language. These combinations of characteristic form the very signatures which weave together to form the very canvas of the omniverse itself.


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  1. Aliman Sears says:

    Wow this confirms several things that I’ve felt for 30 years but have never seen anywhere else. Many Mahalos, Bob.

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  2. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional Material from Sparrow:

    An accurate term (for the transition at death) would be transform, or, like the journey of a mountain stream – reintegration back into the unity and oneness of the ocean energy. Does away with much of the antediluvian fear based thinking surrounding the experience.

    Following your transformation, or reintegration, your interaction with the law of proximity means that you are now operating outside of the time frequency of the Earth’s physical gravitational rotation. That is, you are no longer rotating upon the Earth or experiencing events within its oscillatory energy field. Your sense of the passage of time becomes blurred because you no longer have a fixed parameter of reality to measure the passage of time. Time ceases to become important.

    Some souls after passing over simply float around in their cellular memory form for days fascinated by what they are observing below, and only realize there is somewhere else to go when they choose to redirect their focus towards it. Others are gravitated almost immediately into the rift of light which takes them to the reception pocket to be met by facilitators and family. This pocket is often described as if walking through beautiful fluffy white clouds. It is basically a vast reception room, though it has no doors or walls, for its size parameters are infinite, and the majority of those present are occupying a much higher vibration so are invisible to you. It is basically a landing bay for your vibration to make contact with a much higher vibration and for you to integrate and transcend.

    On the matter of time, each case is an individual one. Many may choose to spend months at a time, as you know it, learning from their own Akashic records and processing feelings and emotions, revaluating values and decisions. This time is spent primarily adjusting ones attitude about themselves. This can be a very deeply intimate and overwhelming experience which may take their focus away from the events taking place on the Earth rotation and time sequence. During this time their consciousness is still attempting to track the passage and experience of time from their memory of it from within physical space. This is a challenge in itself because there are no clocks or watches in the spirit world, except those on display for historical purposes.
    Then there is the introduction of you back into your soul group, which may not even take place until much time later. When it does happen your sense of time will be dissipated and you will lose much of your desire to fixate on human culture and affairs taking place on the surface of the Earth. Though that will possibly return through the work you actually do through your soul group. The point being, you will quickly lose track of time, in the human sense, when you are immersed back into your ancient origins where you have come from before Earth was ever created.


  3. Bob OHearn says:

    Sparrow on merging with Essence:

    The physical density has quite a grappling effect on the consciousness of the soul passing to the ether world. It may be some time before they are even willing to believe they have a spirit, or even a soul group to which they are a part, let alone identify with the energy of all of creation. Those who prioritize their spiritual nature while in physical state generally find it much easier to transition to the spirit world and immerse back with the many groups they once associated with.

    There is a merging which can take place, which is unlike anything you can presently imagine. It is not so much a merging with a specific being, but with the very essence which you were created from, and which your own spirit exists as. You are always connected with this resonance, this core essence within your spirit, it is simply that it is cloaked by the consciousness of your persona and your soul. What this merging does is it removes the outer layers of this cloak and enables that purity you are behind it to radiate freely without limitation, boundary or linear thought. So essentially you lose all awareness of limitation and become one with eternity.

    It is of course possible to return as the individual journey and persona you are, because that is the ultimate aspiration that created your original existence. Just as you were originally drawn from this eternity to begin a journey of attraction and expression, you will again find you are drawn to continue it, so you will lose nothing.

    There are many different experiences of merging in this way that most have no concept of, because the energy does not exist where you are presently. But you can similarly merge with the energy of whole groups, thousands of minds, whole species, planets, elusive energies, intermediary dimensions and many weird and wonderful realms. So it is, there is still so much to see and do, you would not necessarily wish to exclude yourself from so many opportunities by giving up your individuality.

    Should you return back into such an ocean of eternity, communication would only be possible if that particular raindrop wished it so. If they wished to sever all links with other vibrations and expressions of creation that is within their will to do so. Yet I find that most tend to retain a residue of commitment and connection to those who have shared their journey, as this connection works to reinforce their own sense of identity as a being. Generally all beings desire connections and relationships. With this said, I have no present knowledge of any being who has never been able to be contacted through one means or another. What you tend to find is that you can still connect with the energy and consciousness of that being through the Akashic records. So what you will find is the being may actually manifest in front of you after you have sought them out through the halls of information, even if they have disappeared completely from your dimension.


  4. Bob OHearn says:

    Sparrow on Justice in the Spirit World:

    While it is true that all beings, regardless what they did with their short physical lives, are unreservedly given unconditional love and support within the spirit realm, it is not then to say all this bliss and beauty occurs immediately. For it is, it may well be many of your years before such soul breaks free of their inherent ignorance of their deeds and fully accepts the consequences to others. While all beings coming back into the spirit realm are given direction and guidance, it is not to say those souls wilfully accept such illuminations and may actually isolate their existence away from many other entities they once knew. If they are unwilling to, or unable to confront these deeds which taint their energy and consciousness then the justice you speak about will simply come in the way of a continued existence within ignorance. They will not have the luxury that others have to access the many reservoirs of wisdom, knowledge, beauty and incredible bliss, for their vibration will remain at such a frequency which prohibits this access. They will simply find themselves reliving and reanimating their own thought patterns and behaviours within a confined reality. It is only when they accept responsibility for their own vibration, for their own deeds, that wisdom is offered and doors are opened to process these soul stains and deliver recompense to the victims in question. This recompense can take a very long time to complete if the former victim still wears the scars within their own soul energy.
    Justice then, while not administered as a form of punishment, still exists as a form of the very fabric of the spirit reality to which your consciousness seeks expression.

    Liked by 1 person

    • marcelvuijst says:

      Interesting in the sense of “karma” and “forgive them for they know not what they do”
      could you say something inrelation to uprooting the vasanas?


      • Bob OHearn says:

        This physical stage is one effective platform to explore the facets of love, and so here we have the opportunity to recognize in very immediate terms how every form of resistance to love merely narrows our ability to fully circulate the light, and contracts our natural conductivity of joy and freedom. Vasanas are impediments we ourselves have generated which dim the light and free flow of love, but can be transmuted into wisdom through the power of recognition. Recognition liberates by spawning an innocent humility, which in turn serves to reintegrate the mindstream with its essential nature, which again is love.

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