Akashic Record and Life Review

Though you are not all that ‘solid’, and many beings within the universe are even less ‘solid’ than you, for the sake of convenience we will simply use the term physical life. All physical life, whether it be a dog or sparrow, a human or an extraterrestrial, whether they be a murderer or fancy themselves to be some enlightened guru, all pass through exactly the same gateway to the spirit world. A gateway, or soul reception as it is often called, is not so much a physical structured room, but more of a vibrational energy harbour or consciousness reservoir. You, as a human being with your mindset for physical structure tend to interpret this harbour as an actual place upon your passing. This means you may find yourself immersed in pretty white clouds that cushion your fears and bathe you in love and light, as a deceased loved one steps forward to greet you. What is actually happening is the many beings present are accessing your consciousness memory and creating an environment to enable you to feel comforted and reassured.

The many other beings across the physical universe will go through the same process in a manner which is comforting for them as individuals. Though they all come through the same gateway, and billions of beings are passing through at any one time, you as a human soul may not actually see anyone else because of your specific consciousness vibration, which in effect quarantines you in a bubble of awareness which excludes everything else. Those loved ones that appear to you within this bubble of awareness do so because they have attuned themselves to your specific vibration enabling you to see them. This is why you will find you will not be met with or interact with other deceased relatives or friends until you think about them. In thinking about them you focus your consciousness vibration to that of the person you are thinking about, allowing yourself to be able to see them. If your awareness of those of your human connection are still invisible to you, then it is prevalent to say you are not going to see the passing souls of many other planets, or in fact those of other animals of your own.

What you will then find having been cushioned through this soul harbour, this reception of light, is that from there you will be taken to the halls of learning, or the halls of information, usually by a loved one who will then take you to read your Akashic book of life to reacquaint you with your true sense of identity. While in the halls of information you will actually find that books are seemingly floating around in thin air, with pages turning by themselves. Sometimes you will observe blurred transparent figures, orbs of light or vortexes and streaks(strands) of light flickering around hallways and rooms. Do not be surprised by this as these are simply other beings, some of human origin, some of animal or insect, or some of a completely different planetary origin who are there accessing information in your proximity. The fact of them appearing blurred or completely invisible to you is due to the differences in your consciousness vibration making you invisible to one another. If they are a blur to you then it is very likely you are also a blur to them. This is very commonplace in the spirit world and you will experience this phenomenon regardless if you have just crossed over or if you crossed over thousands of years earlier; there will always be differences in consciousness vibration and subsequently there will always be beings that are invisible to you, regardless how ascended or spiritual you deem yourself to be. This will hopefully and adequately explain to you why you will not see extraterrestrials immediately after your physical passing.

If after your passing you would like to assign your awareness to states that allow you to perceive extraterrestrials, for example, you will need to first explore the halls of information to acquire a consciousness frequency of their species. So what you would do is you would go to the desk in the halls of information and one of the guides will read your thought and intention to acquire this information. You would then witness a particular book of reference floating almost immediately towards you, like a beloved pet running to your feet in excitement. This book will open up before you and present you with the history, the essence and the consciousness vibration of the species, or the extraterrestrial you are aspiring to learn about. It is after this energy exchange that you will discover you are now able to see these beings walking around, or floating around the spirit world where they were previously invisible to you. The possibilities, as you can imagine, are realized only by your own pursuit of knowledge and awareness.

Every thought, every word, every deed, every event are all eternally a part of the Akashic record system. From the dawn of time and space, ever since your soul and spirit was conceived into the realms of possibility, and the physical planes of existence spewed forth, all your memories and experiences have been saved and scribed into the halls of records; the halls of learning.

In the halls of learning, which there is one in every soul group to which you will return, books are merely symbolizations of knowledge. This means, if you are entering the halls of learning with a human mindset, you may access this information via book form. Because you associate archives of knowledge through libraries. However, since you have shown interest to ask, I will tell you that such information does not actually have to come in the form of a book. For example, many species on other physical (and non-physical) planets do not have books, they utilize other formats of storing information and data, such as bioelectrical machines or crystalline and light technology. This access route will then be symbolized and utilized in the spirit world when THEY pass over, for they will be comfortable and familiar with this process of acquiring information.

Books in the spirit world tend to be multi-dimensional. When you open a page, or a page opens before you in response to your energy state, it will produce a 360 degree holographic multi-sensory information source which interacts with the very fabric of your thoughts and feelings. Basically, it will reveal to you exactly what you need to see, hear and feel in order for you to understand what it is you seek to know. The book will intuitively know what to show you. The symbolism that is the ‘book’ is merely a door which opens the vortex to archives of energy. They key to the door is a question you have or a desire you hold.

With this said, it is just that you need to think outside of human parameters of definition and representation in order to understand the spirit world. The books, or doorways themselves, literally connect you with the spirit essence of that which you are inquiring about, and it is actually the spirit of that source operating the book and interacting with you and your questions. So, for example, when you open a book about the history of horses, you are actually connecting to the spirit of horses and they will talk to you through this doorway. This is the same principle as how someone connects with you via your Akashic book.

There are many halls of learnings, for there are many soul groups in which they are kept. Each soul group keep and maintain their own hall of records in a way that is best suited to them. Not all physical life forms require an akashic book to imprint their journey, but sure enough you yourself have one. It is this book which you will look upon to review the life you have just lived upon your passing to the spirit world. It is in and through this akashic book that you will be your own judge and jury. It is in and through this book that you reflect and learn about who you have been and determine who you want to be.

You will not immediately confront your life review, your akashic book, straight after passing unless you are ready and able to do so. Some souls who pass to the spirit world bring with them chains of negativity which shackle them from a place of true reflection and understanding. They must be given time to shed the fears, inflictions and traumas of their physical journey before they can move forward. This may take a sense of days, or thousands of years. Each soul is different in this respect.

Once you are in a place of emotional readiness you will be taken to the hall of records to view your akashic book and your life history. Though many other souls will be there using the celestial library of your soul group, it is unlikely you will be able to see everyone present. Since each soul resonates at different states of vibration, this makes some souls invisible to others. You will simply see books flying and opening by themselves being read by an invisible presence. Those that resonate close to your own vibration will be visible to you, but they will be busy doing their own thing, as one usually does in a human library. Personal ‘space’ is respected and souls are given the privacy of engaging in their own activity of learning and reflection without interruption.

The hall of records works completely independent, and the books themselves are written by your own spirit itself the exact moment a word or action is manifested. Your spirit is constantly uploading and updating your akashic book every moment of your life. With each page is a new day of your life, amassing an incredible collection of volumes in the hall of records. This is why each hall of records is continuously expanding.

When you enter the hall of records you will be able to access certain records simply by your energy vibration. That is to say, the hall of records will already know what it is you seek and will bring the appropriate book to you completely automatically. The book will fly off the shelf and hover before you like a loving pet happy to see you.

You will only be able to access the level of knowledge and information that you resonate to at that specific time. This means if your loving vibration is not at the required state to gain access to specific information, then you simply will not have access at that time. As you develop your energy state to a more loving, universal state, your soul will gain keys to a much broader range of information encompassing every aspect, every corner of the galaxy and universe.

Access to such information is completely dependent on the permission and allowance of the spirit involved in writing that book. If another species does not feel you resonate to the required loving vibration then they will ask you to come back at another time, or they will only show you certain pages of certain books.

Each akashic record, each book, is a living perpetual manifestation. It has a life of its own and responds to the very thoughts and feelings you have. If there is a specific aspect or time of your life you wish to review then the book will automatically open to that page. The page will present the events in real time, as a multi-dimensional holographic projection. It will contain factual recorded thoughts, emotions and sensations felt at that exact moment in time and space. So you could say, you can relive every single moment of your life over and over again.

This is not all fun and games however, as such reflections often invoke deep emotion, guilt, regret, sorrow and sometimes anger. Your spirit guides will help to deal with these consequential emotions and suggest courses of action to remedy them. This will usually involve some kind of recompense or service to someone else, or further study in other halls of learning. You will try to understand why you felt as you did, thought as you did and acted as you did. In doing so you raise your own vibration and open doors to further possibilities within the spirit world.

Akashic memory is spirit memory. It is the recorded memory of all time, all form and all intent which has ever come into creation. This is to say, if it has had a creative journey, it will have an Akashic memory which celebrates and expresses its Self-realization. A human being has Akashic memory. A dog has Akashic memory. A beetle has Akashic memory. Planets have an Akashic memory. Water has Akashic memory. All that has consciousness has Akashic memory. This memory expands indefinitely as creation occurs, is both unchangeable and indestructible. As it exists outside all time, no aspect of it can be lost or damaged through time, yet it encompasses every moment in time. Every thought, every feeling, every deed of every being, of every planet, of every time, is forever immortal within the Akashic records.

The Akashic records exist within the halls of learning; the halls of information of the spirit world. The halls of information exist in your soul group to which you shall eventually return. The halls of information are like a vast extensive garland library. Both the ceiling and the halls of this library extend infinitely and encompass infinite knowledge. The further in you go, the further it expands before you and reveals itself to be larger than you previously perceived. This is because there are no real walls, nor are there any real boundaries here where one thing ends. Here, an end does not exist, only a beginning to a new interaction.

The Akashic memory of your own soul journey will become illuminated to you within a very beautiful book. This book will be many inches thick and wide and will open and interact with you as if it had a mind of its own. It will levitate, come to your beckoning and turn pages by itself to illuminate to you precisely what you need to see. The language within its pages will come alive, will manifest things in front of you and will take you to relive and return to past events as a witness. You will be literally right there witnessing the events from a great many perspectives while that event is taking place in real time. This is to say, you could be sitting next to yourself as you are reading these words, watching you read them and feeling all the feelings you are feeling now. You will also feel what everyone else is feeling from their perspective from that event or experience. This is possible because we are all One.

Knowledge, information and understanding is accessed by vibration, by genuine intent, by feeling. In being attuned to your own spirit, you can then invite wisdom into your awareness. How this information is made ‘aware’, meaning, how this information is ‘experienced’ coming to you, is up to you to decide and to create. But without the genuine intent, without the genuine feeling, and without the genuine vibration you would not be able to form appropriate questions anyway. There are no real ‘locations’ as such in the spirit world, the projections of environments are merely interactive vehicles for you to connect with, for lack of a better word, energy. When you feel a desire to connect with something, a means to do so is presented to you in a manner appropriate to how you see yourself at that time (how your energy state is at that time). As your energy, your consciousness changes and expands, so too does your ability and means to interact with information also change. It comes to you differently as you alter who you are. You would simply interact with information without having a physical form by connecting with it directly as pure energy. But as I say, you have to be a certain vibration to do this.

The halls of learning is basically a hub which brings everything together locally to make it easier for individuals to find. It connects beings, connects spirit together through these doorways called books. I suppose in a sense it is a kind of ‘social’ assembly hall with many corridors leading to many different realms. People enjoy the interactivity of these libraries.

When you are accessing your Akashic book, this – your life review, what you are doing in a sense is accessing and coming face to face with your own spirit. In this respect, it knows your ever thought, your every deed, and there is nothing whatsoever you can hide from it. For it is, your spirit is your ultimate witness to your life journey. Though this is true your Akashic book does not impose its own values upon you in order to teach you some grand or otherwise ethical lesson. It is the consciousness you hold at the time of accessing your Akashic book which imposes its own values on what is observed and experienced within that book. What this means for you is that your interactivity and experience with your Akashic book, your life review, will be different each time you approach it with a different attitude or consciousness perspective. What you will wish to understand in your wisdom are the values you have adopted from physical state which you are now using to interpret and review that life journey now in the spirit world. You are applying very specific values when you make judgment of that life review. This is to say, the more doleful values you experience during that life review, such as guilt, sorrow and disappointment, originate for the majority from your physical state persona and its adopted values.

It lies within your benefit to understand where those values have come from and why you are applying them to that Akashic information. Understand your Akashic book is pure information. That information will cause you to react and respond depending on how it is processed. Even should you have acted in ways you regret it is not necessary to attach judgemental human values to that life journey. You are simply a student to the human physical universe and its very challenging forces and imposing influences. Your actions are the result of the environment you were born into as a physical animal, and was an expression of that environment through you. Your actions on the physical side of life do not reflect your true spirit identity or nature, and this is a unified truth which all within the love and light of the spirit world acknowledge. The reason why those in spirit do not judge you as a human being is for this reason. It is not for you then, upon your life review, to cause yourself undue suffering in your soul when it is really you simply have not understood the experience on a deeper level. The experience was a brief experiment of what can occur when a fragment of your core consciousness is placed in this particular vibration, on this particular planet, at this particular point in time. It does not really matter what your experience was, your experiment was successful in any event, for it allowed you to observe the many mechanisms, forces and energies at play in this particular environment in the universe. Some of those experiences may not have been pleasant, but that is to be expected in this particular vibration which is susceptible to other forms of energy force, control and corruption.

So instead of judging your life review through typical human behaviour, through typical human mind and thinking, witness and experience the event as a nourishing blend of flavours which gave you an intimate personal account of what it is like to be a human being. Witness how certain events in your life, nourished or undernourished by certain specific environments gave rise to specific experiences for your consciousness palette. Observe what events took place and why and how they came to manifest. Have the compassion and heart wisdom to understand blame is neither necessary or effective within your perspective, for it is, the immense loving being that you are in spirit would or could never truly harm, or inflict ill-deed, upon any other under the perfect harmonic vibration your core energy originates from.

You must remember, always, your human actions do not reflect or represent your true spirit identity or nature. They merely reflect the nature of physical environment upon consciousness which tries its very best to grow into something beautiful.

Many past loved ones and many animals, both wild and domestic you once had interacted with may come to appear to you from your Akashic book. They will simply manifest next to you as you engage that consciousness memory of them in the halls of learning. If you had ever fed a rabbit, if you had ever rescued a bird, or if you had ever shown kindness to a spider, they will appear to you to remind you of what you had done, even if you had forgotten. They will speak to you through emotion, through images in your mind and within your consciousness and relay their deepest gratitude’s.

What you get out of the process is always entirely up to you. Not everybody will need or want assistance during their life review. It can be a very intimate event which you may wish to indulge alone at great length. Your guides will join you afterwards to support your understanding and facilitate direction, while others will have clear perception of what to do and where to go next.


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One Response to Akashic Record and Life Review

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional Material from Sparrow:

    The life review occurs when you interact with your Akashic records. The records become a holographic immersed experience for you, as if you have returned back in time to the actual event in real time. The book shows you precisely what you need to see at any one instance. It is basically your highest and greatest wisdom speaking back to you, not in words, but in a language much more effective and powerful. Of course, this is not to say other light beings cannot also reflect and illuminate events as this in order to teach you.

    Life traumas – mental, emotional and physical are addressed in your Akashic records. Every word, deed and intent done by you and upon you is recorded for all time. Your doorkeeper who is with you from birth is your life witness. It is they who know you better than you know yourself and who will guide you through your life review. This is not to say others will not also help in this regard, however this life review is always, in all ways, for you, and only for you. There is no judgement but that which you impose upon your own thoughts as you observe your life events. These events will be revealed to you , by you, by your very own spirit. There will never be another judge of your life, for there never needs to be. All events speak for themselves in their own wisdom, and in the wisdom which exists already within your own spirit. It is the challenge that comes upon you in how you choose to accept what you witness about yourself and the life you have lived.

    Forgiveness is a human concept, not a spirit one. Spirit does not forgive for spirit does not judge. Spirit perceives not just a small part of you, but all parts of you, including the aspect of the Creator which exists inside of you. When you speak of forgiveness, you are merely identifying human behaviour, thought and principle which you are attempting to impose upon the nature of the spirit. The spirit knows only unconditional love. Within unconditional love forgiveness cannot exist, for there exists no such thing as right and wrong – merely choice. Whether a choice is good or bad is of your own making, within your own consciousness creation. This is why you are the only one who will ever judge you on your own life after you have passed. Anyone else who would be compelled to do so would simply not be able to see you as you would be invisible to them within another vibration.

    You have nothing to fear from your Akashic life review if your heart is open and honest with itself. These events are viewed by you within an environment of unconditional love which will strengthen your resolve, compassion and understanding of yourself to find wisdom and completion. Things which you do not understand will be explained to you by others who are extremely proficient in their ability. There is no judge and jury, as it is not necessary.

    The best thing you can do is try to process and understand these past events prior to your actual passing. If you are able to accept them with compassion and some degree of wisdom, then your transition will be much smoother and pleasant than you actually think.


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