Intention, Manifestation, Passion, Creativity

Your soul identity is motivated in the spirit world by passion, not notions or desires of ascension or status. Your spirit exists beyond the parameters of any conceptual ladder of hierarchy. It simply desires to explore its passion. It is simply that, as your passion as a sentient being changes to something else, so too does your aspirations to experience the object of your passion. This is misinterpreted as a path of ascension. It is a path of passion. The passion of God. The passion of Christ. The passion of love. The passion of Self.

Passion is the key. What is your passion? This is what will determine what happens next, both in this life, and in the next. Whether you choose to be reborn on this planet or on another, or not at all. All that matters is you choose something.

I would not bother concerning yourself with discerning your passion or path once you come to pass, for there will be opportunities and directions that open up to you far beyond anything you now currently conceive of. Most, as I have seen it, place themselves upon a very limited spiritual expectation prior to passing, and so it is once they pass they suddenly feel what they had aspired themselves to be or do no longer holds any importance to them, for the doors that open to them make everything else insignificant.

As I have mentioned, spirit is not motivated by egotistical measures of status and ‘levels’ of ascension. You will soon notice, once you walk among beings of pure light that there is nothing greater to ascend to than your own realized passion. As your passions change so too will your journey create another branch to your tree of Self-experience. Every passion (branch) is still part of the tree (spirit), so they are all simply extensions of what you already are. One passion is by no means any more divine or more ascended than any other passion, so this hierarchical progress ladder many speak of is soon realized to be nothing more than a concept of human persona (human attachment to being better than someone or something else). What people call an Angel, for example, though they are not what they presume they are within this idolized form, are actually an archetypical flower, of fruit which has formed from one of the branches of the tree of their spirit. This means, there is nothing stopping you from becoming aware of the possibilities of your own spirit and growing your own branch, creating your own path, and manifesting your own flower or fruit that resembles an Angel to you.

So it is then, what you do, what you aspire for yourself, and what ‘work’ you embody your passion into is really dependant on how you view yourself as a being, and how you wish to embody your intention in the eyes of your spirit. What kind of tree do you want to grow into? What kind of fruit do you wish to produce for others to savour the flavour of your spirit? What kind of flower do you wish to grow to represent your divine beauty?

Talking specifics, I have to say all of the ‘work’ embodied in the spirit world is based around unconditional service to others. This is, the orchestration of ultimate loving intention through manifestation. This is because one loses their attachment to their individual self-important Self, and realizes they are no longer simply a carbon unit. Their consciousness is no longer confined to being just one entity or identity. Since they can become anything they possibly desire within their imagination, this focus on Self-importance no longer holds any weight or value. You lose the sense of competition to become better than someone or something else, simply because anyone in the spirit world can become anything they want anyway. Unfortunately, there are those who, after having a physical state experience restrain themselves within the cocooned mindset and consciousness resonance they carried over, and so they have to be reminded of who they truly are. The passion which comes grows from the work spirit do, the work soul groups do, and individual souls do stems from growing awareness of what is available to do, to be and to experience Self as, in service to all.

Awareness grows because that which God is, that which your spirit is, is continuously expanding and creating itself through you. Your experience of Self, of God, of your spirit changes through awareness of choice. As you choose something different, different dimensions of awareness are experienced as another part of you, hence you grow through the experience of free will, of choice. Choice leads to passion, and passion further choice. This is your soul journey. Through the passion of what you choose for yourself joy is experienced, and love personified through another vehicle.

Within finer specifics, the work you choose to do will be something which allows and perpetuates others to be able to experience themselves as THEY choose to be and do. So for example, if you become aware of a desire in others to experience themselves as human beings, in human bodies, and who want to walk around in human clothing, you might then develop a passion for creating new garments of human clothing for others to wear as their coat of consciousness. Or it may be you want to learn, from the many halls of learning, other garments of clothing other species have invented, and thus learn to make those and design more of those for souls to wear as coats of consciousness. Through this endeavour you would come to learn of the living essence, the consciousness identity behind every single material you come to use, for every strand, every piece, every particle would speak to you with its own voice. Each strand of material will tell of its own ancestral history and divine story of how it came to exist. Then, if your vibration is compassionate and equated towards the resonance of that source, from where such material comes from, it will lend itself to you to use in your ‘works of art’.

That is why to sponsor the thought in others to be compassionate towards animals of whom they eat, and of whom they neglect to communicate with on an equal platform, for if your actions speak your intentions and resonance of heart, then this will be carried over and seen by those beings in the spirit world, who you will later rely on for much of your work.

Another example, if you had strong affections for, and an affinity towards botanical life forms and so forth, then through the halls of learning you would educate yourself to other forms that once existed, that do exist, and which can exist on Earth and on many other different planets across the universe. You would then utilize this understanding to participate with groups of other beings whose passion it is to nurture and beautify botanical life forms all over the physical and non-physical universe. You would literally participate in harvesting new botanical life forms and strings of evolution like a God upon a throne of divine influence. There then watch them grow as if they were your own child, personifying your deepest passion and delivering your grandest concept of love to the universe.

If your passion is that of teaching upon a specific subject or sponsoring new thought and idea for others contemplation, then you may seek to become a teacher or guide. Again, you will develop these skills via the halls of learning, where knowledge is infinite and experiencialized. It is experiencialized because knowledge here enters consciousness experientially, not merely upon a mental level, but all levels simultaneously. After all, it is another dimension. This information, as part of your experience, you will then interpret to others elsewhere, or actually within the halls themselves to those who visit.

Remember, though knowledge is infinitely available, it is only available through the adequate energy resonance of your ability to understand such information, and your desire to know such information. This means, in the spirit world, until you desire to know something, it will be invisible to you. Similarly, as your understanding of a particular subject or concept grows, further understandings and dimensions of such a subject will magically appear to you when you are ready and wise enough to comprehend it, in the way it is presented. Teachers or guides then are utilized to dispense information and understandings to those who have not yet developed to a certain state of understanding in certain subjects or aspects of experience. The teachers or guides will then present the information in another way as to simplify it to others, so that they can then make the next step themselves.

As you expand your capacity of passion into realms which have nothing whatsoever to do with Earth or human beings, you no longer interpret information, reality or language the same way anymore, you see? You become more than just a unit of consciousness with singular desires, you expand beyond it.

You will also not be confined to doing one thing at a time as well. For, as I have suggested, you are no longer a carbon unit, you are no longer ‘one’ identity. Your spirit is not a unit. To comprehend what your spirit is, you must look at it as though it is not a singular body, it has dimensions beyond singularities. This means for example, your spirit can, in a human sense of the word, fragment itself into more than one ‘thing’ at a time. So if its wants to go off in some other realm and ride a horse in a field, while at the same time research into the complexities of the universe within the halls of learning, then it can do this simultaneously. It will not be that each aspect, each representative aspect of that spirit is now less than what was before, or is somehow now incomplete. In actual fact, each fragmented identity will be an exact perfect pure replica of your spirit. In other words, you can be two souls at once doing two completely different things at once, yet both souls, or better said, both bodies of consciousness will be just as divine as the other one. They lose nothing in this division, for there is actually no real division taking place. When one aspect has finished doing that task of passion it will simply return back to its other parts.

This, my friend, is your relationship of your spirit to that which God is. When you apply this knowledge you can see that, although your spirit has been fragmented from that which is God, source, you are not then less than source, but in actual fact still complete and perfect as was original source, God. Just as your spirit can fragment as exact duplicates of itself to do different tasks, this is what God does through all spirit that has ever been created. So then, with your spirit wanting to join with God, it will be the exact same principle as you joining with the full magnificence of your own spirit. It is just that humanity alienates their own spirit and its magnificence and calls it God.

‘So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him’…as quoted from Genesis 1:27.

So then, back to the sponsoring theme of ‘work’, or intentions experienciated. As I have spoken of previously, there are these things which you can do which allow you to retain and explore the values you still hold as and within a human soul, who has had a human journey. Once you realize your spirit, your consciousness, is not necessarily limited to human experience or understanding, you begin to disassociate yourself from such things and move on to other intentions. This however, as you will find, is much harder to do than it is to say, for those who have physical lives tend to retain a sense of sentimental attachment to maintaining its connection, both to the Earth, and to the people upon it.

It is also important to know you are not actually required to move on, or do anything, or go in a certain direction in order to attain some ‘better’ state or heavenly position. You can stay attached to the activities and unfoldment of the human species and planet Earth for millions of years should you so wish, and no one will think any lesser of you.

As you, an embodiment of all of what God, source creator is, and within this realization in the spirit world, you begin to gain access to ‘work’ more in tune with being a grand creator. After all, that which source creator is wants to explore being a grand creator through you. This means becoming one yourself.

So this is to say, there are opportunities for you to create new life potentials upon platforms of reality, within the physical universe, and within the infinite other universes (that don’t necessarily have to be physical as you understand it). You can learn, or re-member, to become a creative force and participate in creating whole scenarios, from minuscule bacterial life, to vast universes, to which you can become a God yourself. Remember the spirit world is only limited to that which you can imagine. If you can imagine becoming a grand creator and a persona of God yourself, who is to say that is not within your grasp and capacity to do?

All activity pertaining to and expressed within the spirit world involves the inherent drive to create; for you, I, and we all are branches of the One Source Creator. This means it is within our inherent nature to create. If we did not create then we cannot experience ourselves through the values inherent within form. It is through form that you seek a language through which to communicate who you really are.

Resonate with the wisdom of your heart to understand that your human life is merely a form you have given to a specific language your soul is speaking to relay and express certain values important to you.

You as a creative being are creating perspective within experience of who you are through the process of living, and soon to be, of dying. What does this process, this language of light and sound, through time and space, express to you about yourself? What process do you wish for yourself once you return to the spirit world? What form do you wish to communicate your greatest and grandest vision of yourself through?

It is for those who graduate their consciousness and understanding of Self-worth to create anything they so choose for themselves and for others. This may be, as is the case for some, participation in the creation of new species and new planets within new universes. This may encompass realms you deem as physical and many which you would not. Through this active involved process of participation your spirit gives form to values it wishes to express. For example, planet Earth was given form in order to express the value of harmony and co-existence between diversity, hence you were given an abundance of species to experience this concept.

It is for those who align to more consistent accommodating structures, such as a sculptor or carpenter, to give form to their energy through the creation of magnificent living monuments, buildings, landscapes, cities and many other embodiments that capture specific culture essences and ideals. This may mean working with many other species and realms within the spirit world inventing and giving form to reflect and communicate information about past events, planet cultures, processes and behaviours of consciousness or simply constructing homes for newly arriving souls through thought mapping. You will see many constructs throughout many halls of learning depicting all manner of life, process and inherent nature. For example, within the halls of learning where you will go to observe your Akashic records, you will witness visually grand picturesque depictions of human beings covering the entire walls, of which move and animate as you focus upon them. The artistry upon pillars, doorways and furnishings will radiate their own light life force and will actually interact with you. This is to say, they may even respond to your physical touch upon them by changing their colour or image, or may respond with a verbal sound of joy having been touched by you. This is much the same as would a kitten purr from your interactive touch of love. Your love and appreciation of that created structure, painting or monolith is actually received by the very essence that created it and it responds directly, personally to you. This is made possible by the love of those who wish to express this as something of value, just as you will create something in your own form and of your own energy intention.

It is for those who have come to recognise and embody a very specific value to strive and aspire to share and express this within many realms of the spirit world, often to those who have never experienced it before. This is to say, there are those in the spirit world who make it their passion to communicate and deliver to other beings, other realms and other dimensions of language their specific refined and perfected form of value, which when delivered to that other species or dimension causes a chain reaction of evolution and expansion never seen before within the spirit world. This can be a specific embodied emotional value, a specific creative thought concept or any form construed from any language you can imagine. What is basically happening throughout the spirit world is that everything is seeking to come together, yet at the same time expanding within its infinity.

The question you must ask yourself is in what form do you wish to represent the greatest and grandest vision of who and what you are?

In the physical state, creativity occurs when imagination is exercised through the connectivity of the spirit with the human persona personality and that of its thought processes. The personality of the human persona identifies aspects of a concept which can be cultivated into creative outcomes by applying aspects of your own energy resonance upon and through it. This means, applying aspects of your own individual character, personality, core values and past memories and experiences to and through the concept being imagined. The more character, personality, core values, past memory and experiences you identify within you, the greater shall be your imagination and outward creativity. Without first identifying these traits within you your perception of any relationship you have with any given imagination (image-in-motion) will remain limited to the energies already existing in that concept. This is to say, for a concept to evolve within your imagination you must connect energy resonances from yourself into it in order for it to take on new evolved form. What you first identify within yourself will determine what creative outcomes you can achieve for all you aspire to imagine.

That which you shall imagine first for yourself shall become the evolutionary force behind the creation of your external world. For your external world is an extension of yourself.

Explore then this, your human and spiritual character further, deeper and more intimately that you may have more to connect with within your imagination. Your personality and character is the key to your imagination; exercise this as you would any other limb, that it may become a powerful tool for your creative endeavours.

We may make mention of divine intention. For it is this which allows life, structure and form to exist at all.

Planet Earth alone hosts participation of several billion soul groups, each of whom are extending their distinct vibratory light, their love, their rays of intention into physical state. You as a human being interpret this intention through the many laws of physical state, the many atomic structures and energy mechanics, which act as a form of language to the design and purpose of the canvas. How you interact with these laws however will come to change as your interaction with divine intention changes through awareness and interpretation of it.

When you choose to come to physical state, you direct your core central vibration, which is that of your soul group, towards the Earth and this becomes your primary intention and seed of creation. The many consciousness memories that are already present within that ray of intention are what form your personality and persona, for the most part, in the developing foetus. This is to say, your original character traits radiate their own rays of intention that begin to register into the physical biology. This is why each child is born with different personality traits. It is because they each carry different memories which animate their own energy intentions through character.

This core consciousness state that you have has an effect on and within the existing energy matrix of the physical universe in which you exist. There is a reaction from the universe to your presence, to your vibration within it. Your vibrations, like a stone in water, cause ripples in the fabric of the universe, and your presence causes the design to change and shape to form. The form and language which is presented to you, through the awareness of time and space, is that of experience. Experience is something which you perceive as happening to you, but in reality this is an illusion. You have invented a point of view, a point of perspective within human embodiment, which places you at the receiving end of that which you have in fact created. For the Creator to know that which they have created, they must become that which was created. Thus, you experience the phenomenon of ‘happening to me’. Through the eyes of the created does the Creator know itself for what it is.

Both the unconscious and conscious mind are creating, translating, designing experiences for its Self. The unconscious mind works different to the conscious mind, in that it simply seeks expression through form unhindered by conscious values of what you deem ‘good’ and ‘bad’. That to say, it draws into your field of experience both positive and negative experiences because it experiences all as one. What your conscious mind is actually doing is it is making decisions, deciding values and adding personal perspective to events which have already happened. These events have already happened on many other levels of reality. So what is actually taking place is the information has taken ‘time’ to reach you, your conscious mind in order to have an experience of it through physical form.

Every choice you could possible make in every circumstance has already taken place. This is because the Creator explores all potentials simultaneously. You as a human being do not experience every outcome, for you resonate a persona which is attuned to the relationship of 1:1. This means you perceive yourself as a separate entity, and everything else exists apart from you. Because of this attunement you not only experience a thing as happening to you, but only perceive one outcome at any one time. The outcome you experience will be that which you have aligned your specific human instrument to. Although from time to time you may experience fragments of other outcomes within the echoes of your consciousness, or dream states.

If you wish to experience only the most joyous, beautiful and loving outcomes, then align your thoughts, words and deeds to only the most joyous, beautiful and loving behaviours. For it is, behaviours form attitudes and attunements of consciousness. Attitudes and attunements of consciousness form energetic memory patterns in mind, in body and upon the spirit. It is these memory patterns which begin to gravitate you towards experiences of their own inherent nature. If you desire something, think, speak and act as if you already posses it. Teach that which you wish to learn, and learn from yourself, always, in all ways. Cause another to have or experience that which you aspire for yourself. For in this alignment of attitude, through mind, body and in the spirit of love, the universe shall provide. Do not struggle the path between A and B, simply Be.

In your darkest hour, when all that you seek does not come to pass, despite your every ounce of effort, lay to rest your anger. Know simply that you share the Earth with many creative beings who possess the same creative power as you, and at this time someone else has created something which has influenced the outcome of your own manifestation. What you give out in response will influence how future events are next time received.

The most accurate understanding of what energy is, and what vibration is, is that it is conscious intent. Though intent is just another word, it will actually open many other doorways of understanding that the word energy or vibration can offer. Energy is movement. Vibration is movement. Intent is movement (or what you may define as choice or action). When your conscious intent is more aligned to your heart and spirit you are said to have a higher vibration. Ask yourself why this is so. What has intent got to do with vibration?

All life is conceived through the transfer of energy, the transfer of vibration, and the transfer of intent.

What do you do when you act on intent? You give of yourself outward; you expand yourself and your energy outward. Intent is motion and energy transference. Your loving intent is giving your energy outward, allowing it to be free and grow. You yourself are creating vibration through your thoughts, words and actions. Another word for this is expansion, or creation.

When you attune yourself to a higher vibration of the spirit world, you are attuning yourself to a greater degree of expansion, or of creation. More of who and what you are becomes more expanded. Your memory expands, your knowledge and wisdom expands, your creative possibilities expand.

When you look deeper into your cellular state within your physical body you will begin to detect everything speeding up. Something within you is causing immense movement and facilitating intense expansion of energy. It is facilitating degrees of creation. As you go deeper within yourself, and this can be translated in more than one way, you will actually discover more of your core vibration, or your true Self. What is causing this expansion, this creation, is the power of intent. The intent inherent within consciousness is causing particles and subatomic particles to respond to it. The behaviour of those energy properties inherent within the original universal structures is dependent upon the information given to them by the interaction of your conscious state. This is also the same in the spirit world. Your vibration in the spirit world, and the vibration of what you experience as ‘places’ in the spirit world are all created from the intention of conscious interaction. This is to say, everything which exists does so because someone or something has intended for it to exist.

To this effect, when studying vibration, or speaking of it, one has to take into account the state of intent, and of whose or what intent is interacting with that energy for it to be there in the first place. Other words we can use then to describe vibration are intention, expansion and creation.

Your capacity to create through manifestation is determined through the law of attraction and proximity. You are an orchestration of consciousness having a physical human experience. Your consciousness is then consequently subject to and receptive to the influences of your physical world and environment. Your perceptive vehicle, your sensory body, through which you use to explore physical state tends to dominate your sense of identity and behaviour of mind. Your behaviour and attitude of mind attracts to it different perceptions of choices available to you at any one time, which align you to states of intention you will use to coordinate actions to move you forward in your life. So what is taking place within you is your proximity within physical environments and its attraction of your energy sets off a chain of events that manifest circumstance in your life.

The environment in which you are energetically immersed is a complex soup of energy interactivity and influence. All that which you can see, and much more which you cannot. Such close proximity is this energy interactivity in physical state that creative forces interlace, compete and often suppress one another. This is to be understood by you in light that regardless of your will and state of intention to manifest something positive in your environment, the competing energy interactivity from other people, other places and other processes are always going to impact upon you. You must remember you share the planet with billions of other life forms, all clustered together unleashing their energies in all directions, all competing for space, success and survival. These other energies will either support or suppress your own state of affairs. Raising your awareness of the energy interactivity going on around you will help you coordinate yourself successfully in your life.

If you are finding it difficult to manifest something you have chosen to create for yourself it is either because you are not grounding your intentions with the right kind of actions, or the actions of someone or something else is preventing that manifestation from happening.

To create something within one specific dimension you must anchor energy into that specific vibration in order for that energy to manifest in form. If you do not anchor energy into form by action then that energy begins to dissipate and lose its energetic orbit. What I mean by energetic orbit, is the circulation of a thought, idea or imagination (image-in-motion) within consciousness which is attracted into motion, into momentum by the being who created it. That orbit of energy within consciousness continues to influence that being in their thought processes as long as it has momentum. Manifestation occurs when that energy, or that thought, idea or imagination is acted upon, or engaged by another energy process. This can mean, even if you as a human being do not act upon a thought, idea or imagination in your consciousness, it may still manifest in part, due to someone else’s energy engaging with it on a different level of consciousness. This means, the energy created around you through your thoughts, ideas and imagination can still influence other peoples consciousness, regardless if you perceive this activity going on or not. If you do not act on this momentum of energy within your thought, idea or imagination its orbital structure dissipates from your consciousness and it leaves an energy residue, an energy signature which you understand to be a memory.

This energy residue or ‘memory’ can still influence you or gradually manifest in some form or another. An example of this is when your biology falls into dis-ease as a result of negative energy residue, perhaps a past trauma or unresolved fear manifesting gradually over time. Another example of this is your dream state. Often when you dream your consciousness plays out fragments of energy residue, or ‘memory’ fragments which, because you have not yet acted on them, but hold onto them, orbit within your conscious or subconscious mind. They are still there because a part of you is still feeding their existence and allowing it to influence you on some level. When you re-member something, you feed it energy and it becomes an influence in your conscious mind and thought processes. Your dream states then can be a platform your consciousness uses to manifest certain thoughts, ideas or imaginations that have not been manifested in physical state. Many of these will take place within your dream state because your conscious will and sense of morality or attitude of mind prevent them from manifesting in your waking state. This is why sometimes you will experience violent, sexual or uncharacteristic events in your dreams. It is because your sense of morality and conscious will have detached from that process within sleep.

You ask whether the non-physical realms are part of the manifested. Again this is a matter of proximity and attraction. This is to say, you will either send off into the ether realms, or receive from the ether realms only that which is within your proximity of influence. What I mean by proximity of influence is the vibration to which you resonate as a being, and the vibration of your attitudes, intentions and actions. This is to say, you are not going to be significantly influenced by, or have influence upon beings or places who vibrate energetically much further away from you. Their proximity to you on an energy level is so distant that you simply do not have enough momentum to make that connection. From their perspective similarly it becomes very difficult to connect to you because your energy processes are vastly different to theirs, making you completely invisible to one another.

There are however other beings, other places, other states of energy activity within the proximity of your own human consciousness, which you attract to you, and which you become attracted towards. Whether energy from you manifests on Earth or elsewhere depends on what other energy is interacting with it, and in what way it is interacting with it, whether it is feeding it or repressing it.

Art Work in the Spirit World

Now we may speak some, on the subject of art-work in the spirit world.

We would at this time like to replace the, perhaps insufficient term, with that of heart-work. For what we speak of is the heart at work through the intellectual ego. Or we could also call it heart-play, for it is, thousands of human beings place great emphasis of personal dissatisfaction upon the term ‘work’, for many in their physical lives endured great hardships in what they deemed their ‘line of work’.

Heart-work, or heart-play, is the creative expressive embodiment of conscious awareness; a marriage of the Self-aware ego identity and experiential feeling that consummate and give birth to a particular perception, which is beautifully immortalised within chosen structures of interactivity.

These chosen structures of interactivity, these heart-works, greatly differ in all imaginable dimensions for those fortunate to access them in the spirit world. The more expansive your vibration, the more open and receptive you are as a Self-aware entity, the more access you will gain to greater and grander heart-works of the spirit realm. You will only encounter and experience that which you allow your Self to do so at any given time, within any given place, for any given purpose you grant for your Self. If you do not grant your Self access to a particular perception, nobody else will.

For as it is on the Earth, artworks are really states of perception that are presented in containers of interactivity. Whether you are interacting with a book, a painting, or a stone sculpture, each is a container that presents a particular perception that someone once held. A perception held and portrayed by a conscious living being for others to interact with, perhaps many hundreds of years later.

In the spirit world, these perceptions are immortalized forever, often containing the very spirit essence of the being who has created it, or who or what it has been created to honour. Such is the case with many books in the halls of learning, where the essence of its contained subject will extend out from this container and interact with you. An example of such a book is of course your Akashic book of life. As you behold your book of life, so shall the pages open of their own will, to reveal precisely the page which your consciousness intuitively needs at that time. Within such a book are not mere words, but interfaces to actual events in real time. This means you will be witnessing yourself, in a physical state of the past, as if you were physically there watching yourself from a distance. Your perception and state of witness will encompass your point of view, and those of other beings of whom you had interacted, for better or for worse.

This is really to remind you that the interactions of the spirit world, between that which you are, and that which at first appears simplistic as a physical book, actually extends beyond the obvious, into many different avenues of possibility. To illustrate the point of a simple book further, it is not unheard of for a being to open a work of fiction, in the vast libraries of the spirit world, for that being to suddenly then discover they have literally entered a whole new world contained within its pages. So instead of visualising such places of fiction in your human mind while on Earth, here it is possible to experience those visualisations as a very real interactive environment. In other words, the line between what is fantasy and what is reality no longer has boundaries. This is made possible because thoughts themselves are the very paint with which reality is created around you. So in a sense, this literary art, if you will, is not simply an interaction of word and mind, but becomes an encompassing experiential doorway of personal adventure.

Similar to literary art, I will also speak of another familiar container of interactivity, that of portraits.

Again, like books, portraits and pictures found in homes and other dwelling places are multi-dimensional. That is, the images of the people, places or objects come to life and move, as if you were watching a television screen. If it is perhaps you see a portrait of a soldier upon a beautiful horse, so too will you hear the sound of the horses hooves and the rattle of the soldiers cooking pot in his satchel. Every detail, every essence of that creators perception is right there contained within the framed image for whomever shall come to gaze upon that work.

Remember, you are not interacting with these works with physical eyes, for you are no longer human. You are looking upon them with your consciousness.

Picture yourself looking at a painting of beautiful flowers. It would not occur to you at first this was nothing more than a painting. Yet interact with it from an open mind, and perhaps you have a novel idea to blow against the picture with what you once remembered as breath, and to your surprise find that the painted flowers sway in response, as if a subtle wind had brushed against their delicate petals. This is the spirit world; this is the rich interactivity which awaits you.

Many of the buildings and social dwelling structures you shall come upon are in fact lined and cascaded with magnificent art works, typically from mixed cultures and species who have interweaved (inter-communicated) extravagant convoluted ideas and visual concepts. The resulting collaboration between such visionaries are the vast halls, temples and social complexes which would be impossible to duplicate on Earth, or any physical vibratory planet. Here, any and all natural resources and materials can be duplicated, moulded and interlaced with many others without too much difficulty.

Although cities are not necessary in the spirit world, many social groupings form where like-minded souls come together to pay tribute to certain shared values and concepts of paradise, where beings can interact within settings familiar to them from physical state. These paradises, it could be argued, are the reason why most beings never choose to have a physical life experience, for every beautiful thing coexists in its own paradise with neither flaw nor fear of decay.

As you gravitate away from those things which associate themselves with physicality, and as you detach from your physical persona, you may explore other dimensions which, in a sense could be experienced as a form of art, yet to others something completely removed from any physical concept of expression. Or perhaps, at first a place which touches the frontiers of physical reality yet has no physical structure whatsoever. Imagine yourself, neither sitting nor standing, but simply present and aware upon a membrane of living consciousness. From this membrane you look out upon an ocean of electrostatic consciousness, waves of complex iridescent colour cascade into awareness carrying thousands upon thousands of prayers, thoughts and praises from billions of beings across the universe. Voices in the millions, of many languages, yet each and every single one heard and understood regardless of their origin. Words and thoughts of gratitude, of complete selfless love and compassion. Words of forgiveness, and wave upon wave of joy emanating from beings far, far away in distant galaxies, yet felt so close as if you were apart of them, as if all were One.

Imagine this, for this is the artwork of God, this is true heart-work.

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My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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3 Responses to Intention, Manifestation, Passion, Creativity

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional from Sparrow:

    There Is only Choice

    You are given ‘the mental arena’ in order that you may experience choice through the perception of linear time. That is, through the passage of one event after another, you have given yourself this mental arena to construct different experiences and perceptions of yourself.

    Your mental arena as it is, is a construct for your higher consciousness to operate and coordinate your core sentient energies in an environment incompatible with your spirit source. This means, planet Earth and the dimension you presently occupy is not vibrationally or energetically compatible with that of your spirit, for your spirit is so advanced, so pure and sublime that it would simply disintegrate physical mass on contact. In order for your spirit to exist here it must occupy a container which allows it to coexist in this reality and function within a structure compatible with this vibration. This means your mental arena is configured to this specific vibration on planet Earth. This set of mental mechanisms enable you as a physical human being to survive and endure this form and vibration.

    Your mental arena is a construct for you to give form and realization of specific values you have discovered within your personal experiences of your world. Your mental arena functions characteristically in crude terms, on different levels, depending on what dimension or state you exist and function within. As your consciousness moves closer to its core spirit state your mental arena and your feelings become merged and your thoughts evolve into something quite remarkable.

    You get to that point when you realize there is no point, there is only choice. What human beings conceive as achievement, as advancement, as a certain point, is simply an expression of a choice. When you are striving to better yourself, striving to achieve spiritual mastery, what you are attempting to do is merely experience a choice you have conceived for yourself. You have conceived what advancement and progression should look like within your mind and this has become your choice. You have conceived things you must do in order to reach that ‘point’, and thusly you already have distanced yourself away from it. You distress for you find that you are unable to fully experience that choice because it appears beyond your present reach. You distress because you have chosen where you want to be and subsequently invent other choices in front of that which you presume you must first experience in order for your other choice to manifest. And that is your mistake. Your mistake is believing an experience of a thing must come before you can think yourself to be something, or to know you are something. The truth of the universe will reveal to you that it is thought itself which comes before the experience. It is your thought that is real, not the physical apparatus you get so attached to. Your physical apparatus is only there to show you the nature of your thoughts. Whatever you choose for yourself, do not invent obstacles in your path that you must overcome in order to experience that choice; simply know that what you choose for yourself has already been granted to you, you have only but to change the way you think in order to experience yourself having it.

    Understand that your consciousness and your human brain has been configured to function within a specific vibrational band and sphere of perception. What this means for you is that it is going to take much persistent practice of reconfiguring your thought processes in alignment with what I have described to you in order for you to experience having something you have chosen. Your human mind in its programming will continue to tell you that you must do this or do that before you can have this. Yet I say think, act and speak in a manner that personifies the reality of you already having and experiencing it. Others will think you are crazy and try to incite doubt within you, yet this is only because they themselves do not understand their own reality and how it is created.

    I would recommend starting small with something which you can currently believe is possible, and strive to master your thoughts that you become a masterful creator of your reality, instead of one another has created for you.


  2. Bob OHearn says:

    When your physical and mental components are synchronised with your spirit component, and you have trained long and hard to join these components to function together as one unit, you will find you have both the energy and the capacity to do all sorts of spiritual tasks in physical density.

    If you want to live in the paradise that is the spirit world then all you need do is live a life in service to, and in practice of, unconditional love. This is your closest experience to what the natural state of being is in the spirit world.

    The spirit world already exists within you, literally. It exists in every cell of your physical body and also outside of it. When we speak of focusing on your inner core values and your inner happiness, we mean this is the closest proximity to your spirit and the spirit world you have, because it accessible through your solar plexus via the etheric strand. You can experience the spirit world through this connection, by doing what spiritual people suggest in going within yourself.

    Think of this connection as a constant stream running down from a mountain top high up in the heavens, filtering down a river of nourishment what helps sustain all sorts of other life. It supports and sustains fish and vertebrates, insects and invertebrates, and all manner of fauna and flora. This same principle can be applied to this spirit connection you have which helps support and sustain many components of your physical existence. When there are obstacles, pollutants and damages done to the flow and properties of said stream then all other dependant things become affected. What you most want then is a clean clear delivery of the purest flow possible from regular care and maintenance. That is your first task.

    Your next task is to integrate divine will with human will. This involves merging physical intent, thought and action with your core spiritual intention and vibration, that they may function in harmony with each other to create your experience. In this way you are bringing into manifestation qualities of the spiritual world. For indeed, it is not for you to so quickly dismiss planet Earth with the attitude that it is somehow ugly and a horrible place to be, but for you to actually work to bring the spirit world into manifestation to create beauty upon the planet. You have the rest of eternity to bask in eternal etheric bliss of the spirit world; do not distract from the infinite beauty and experiences which already exist right in front of you. You only desire to traverse back into spirit because you fail to identify equal beauty and equal value on planet Earth. For that is your true personal lesson here. Once you understand this in your wisdom, any overwhelming urge to rush off to the spirit world becomes nonexistent. You have a great challenge ahead of you.

    Do reflect on the broader implications of these words, for they come from many important sources.



  3. Bob OHearn says:

    On Music

    “The tones and vibrations within music have a much deeper and diverse capacity to evoke emotional responses within you, than stimuli from images or words you are used to. There are more dimensions to music than there are to an image or a word you are observing in the distance or on paper.

    You are not simply experiencing music on an auditory level, you are receiving it on a cellular level, and feeling it on a chemical, electromagnetic and physical vibrational level. So there is much more going on within you during the experience of music.

    Your physical organism functions and communicates much more closely with that of musical tones, and is therefore more receptive and interpretive of rhythm and moving energetic patterns. In the same way you may understand plants will also respond to music compositions from such composers as Johann Sebastian Bach. Indeed, even water will respond to music.

    I can confidently confirm the music of Johann Sebastian Bach was divinely inspired. As I presently speak to you I know hundreds of musical composers, and even beings who are not composers, who are in this moment inspiring their own works within the minds of composers on Earth. In a similar way as I can tell you that many authors are also being inspired to write by other authors of the Ultraverse in this very moment. Musical composition is a very noble pursuit, and can be a very spiritual one. There is still so much untapped potential within the application of music and sound.”



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