Fate of the Earth

The planet is being neglected and raped of its natural resources. Its potent healing flora and fauna, capable of curing all known disease, is being forced into extinction by deforestation, pollution and ravage slaughter. Oxygen levels continue to decrease due to the aforementioned, so too the purity of your ocean waters. Children starve, are denied basic fundamental rights while thousands of tons of gold sit idle in vaults, and trillions of dollars demanded in taxes are fed into military war machines, lavish lifestyles and other over indulged pursuits. Your children are educated to align to others belief systems, while true knowledge of their spirit and ultimate creative potential are repressed and kept out of schools and universities.

In this respect one could declare humanity and other suffering creatures to already be in dark times. For many beings of the Earth are suffering under the reign and attitude of man. It matters not if you wish to call it a new age or other decorative distinction. What you personally deem dark times, and what another human or animal deems a time of suffering is subject to their own current experience, perception and perspective.

A great many other civilisations of other worlds overcame their tragic past mistakes by uniting together through necessity and survival. For they recognised in their eventual wisdom that if they had not, they would have assisted in their own extinction. In some cases it was an external force which threatened their species and way of life which united them, and sometimes it was an internal threat to their way of life which caused change and action to be consolidated. What you will now find is that such civilisations, for the most part, though still having their factions, function much like those of honey bees or ants of Earth. Less focus is placed upon individual ideals and more on contributing to the welfare and sustainability of a singular harmonious ideal which serves the whole. From birth such beings are instinctually, through genetic cellular and consciousness memory, compelled to think and behave in benefit to and harmony with the whole. There is no question of ‘what do I want’, only ‘what do my people need’. In this sense, there is a great sense of connection, camaraderie and shared responsibility for all challenges and all rewards of progress.

The greatest obstacle to human potential lies in attitude. When many more attitudes are aligned to the sacred core values that ignite and unite nurturing behaviour and common family bonding principles, all other obstacles can be overcome. With the right nurturing attitude you can foster the necessary heart wisdom to ascertain appropriate choices and solutions to all your problems.

The problem observed is not that human beings do not care, or that they are immoral or inherently bad. Millions of individuals are presently dissatisfied with the welfare of the Earth and aspire for something more harmonious in their relationship with it. The problem observed in human consciousness is individual attitudes of mind which believe they cannot possibly change the world for they are merely one small voice. What they must do is find the courage and determination to create a much larger voice to be reckoned with. For it is the human voice of reason is far more powerful and influential than any organisation that would seek to thwart change, even if that voice is without word, but within action, or inaction.

Refusing to take up arms, manufacture weapons, or refuse to fund military intentions will remove its influence upon your societies. Refusing to comply with the manipulation of corporations, governments and suppressive forces will remove its influence upon your societies. Refusing to remain quiet and tolerant of the atrocities of neglect and abuse will remove its influence upon your societies. Many have learnt to say no within their own hearts, but very few have come together to shout it. You have a voice. Use it.

One person can make a difference if they seek the wisdom to recognise the right tools to create it.

From what has been illuminated to me the fate of the planet, as well as the species of mankind lies primarily in the hands of those who exercise the will to act. Whether actions produced from selfish gain or material control and dominance, or actions produced from united awareness, wisdom and love, it will reflect significantly on the end result.

God allows all things. Destruction as well as life.

Intellectual civilizations elsewhere in the cosmos have fallen, planets stripped bare of natural resources and nutritional elements for life. Species who have become dependent of neighbouring species who have waited till such circumstances arose to manipulate whole races into servitude in exchange for food, water and technology. Portraying themselves as saviours yet with just the same discrete motives for control as has existed for billions of years. So too are much the same eyes being cast upon Earth and its inhabitants.

If humanity does not step up to the responsibility of nurturing planet Earth back to health and stop annihilating its rich resources then others from elsewhere will take it from you by orchestrated persuasion. In which case humanity will forfeit its future placement of becoming a respected leader in the cosmic trade circuit. Humanity will simply become a worker hybrid race harvesting for more advanced and established settlers and traders. Such traders, who hold planet Earth in such great esteem will not stand idly by and allow humanity to destroy something which has taken so long to be created. So the likely forthcoming future is either one of sub-racial servitude, or one of great change in human consciousness, where humanity fulfils its promise and potential to unite in love, wisdom and reinforced action.

The Earth itself will continue to exist, in its current state for millions of more years. During that time it will go through many different cycles and shifts which will change the surface landscape, oxygen composition and water displacement. Sea levels will continue to rise and fall. Some land masses which are now populated will fall into the ocean and other land masses will rise again. Weather will continue to undergo different cycles and display mutating conditions. Many species of fish, animal and bird will become extinct causing a chain reaction across the globe. Remaining life will be forced to adapt to new diets and environmental changes, which will alter states of behaviourisms and instincts. Inter-species mating will increase. New species will spawn.

Planet Earth is not the only planet that is home to human beings. In comparison, Earth is relatively young to other habitats where other human exist.

As humans on Earth evolve, their biological features will adapt to the changing environments which have come about due to their own actions. So cells will mutate to accommodate changes in air, water and diet. As well as changes in surface temperature. It will also develop new cell structures that have greater capacity to send and receive information on more levels, or frequencies, than they currently do.

Earth is a very beautiful planet, from any perspective. People simply need to acknowledge this beauty and allow it to become part of their lives. People need to reconnect with the spirit of the planet and rediscover what is most important in physical life. To awaken the awareness within their cellular memory of the deeper sentient connection between man and nature. To look beyond their mundane miniscule self orientated lifestyles and invest their hearts and souls into harmonious conscious living. People need to wake up from their deep sleep and start living the life they aspired to create for themselves all so long ago. Then, and only then, will the brothers and sisters of humankind extend their will and love to planet Earth.

Both humankind, and outside races have had a hand in the orchestration of human DNA. Once the ‘Gods’ from above did so to safeguard their status of power and control. To limit the amount of energy spectrum receptivity the biological organism could process, preventing humanity from developing higher spiritual functionality and multi-dimensional capacity. Yet developing it in other areas to allow development of the biological brain and other functions which would allow it to adapt to and dominate the surface environment. Yet more docile and less aggressive.

Once the Gods had left, in a manner of speaking, certain groups of humankind took it upon themselves to attempt to replicate genetic modification. Horrific mutations occurred and hybrid creatures were born to live but short lives.

There are, as we speak, beings of alien origin upon and below the surface of the Earth. There are beings who exist deep below the ocean surface in various locations around the globe. There are beings who exist underground in various continents. There are beings who exist right under your nose, yet are able to bend light in such a way as to appear invisible. They are not, as such, all conspiring and plotting against humanity, but rather acting independently from one another within their own intentions and factions.

Whether or not humanity still walks in servitude for another race is purely dependant of perspective and perception. Some facts draw some convincing evidence for one side and some for the other. There is simply so much information and so much which is taking place. So much which changes from one potential to another. The question which must be asked on an individual mind, is what is it ‘I’ choose to believe? What is it I choose to accept? What do I choose my own destiny to be?

There are many different races which are both observing as well as interacting upon planet Earth. While there are those who remain hidden, and who observe the spiritual awakening from a passive position, most of the others are races seeking to expand their trading routes and resource stockpiles. These have little interest in human beings themselves, despite what some people think, and their intentions are focused upon the resources which Earth has in abundance. These are water, elements , botanical and biological resources and energy. Rather than see these resources destroyed by human beings, these beings will do just about anything to protect the potential these resources pose. This will either come about through unseen intervention or cooperation and planetary trade. Human beings will never see interstellar war upon the planet from an invading race since such races understand that much would be lost through such a course of action. It is within their capacity and with little resistance they can still get whatever it is they want working behind the scenes.

This is not to say then that humanity is fated to some servitude relationship for some interstellar race. That line of thinking does nothing in your favour. If it is that humanity can demonstrate their ability to act on their responsibility to coordinate themselves in a harmonic peaceful way to benefit all life, in all forms, and harvest their own world in a way which is both respectful and self-replenishing, then other races will be persuaded to adopt less clandestine activity for an up-front interstellar trading agreement. Humanity should seek wise council to this effect for entering into such trade agreements has, in the past, led to subservient situations between other races elsewhere. Humanity needs to quickly enforce and impose their own rights of will and governance of Earths resources as a singular race, instead of fractured nations, and forge a self-governing system that makes you become independent and free from corruption and dependency. If humanity becomes dependant on outside assistance then there will soon follow loss of much liberties and diplomatic leverage.

There is out there a utopia of incalculable souls who cultivate an ongoing question, an intriguing experiment and an aspired dream that the spirit world and the physical world will one day intertwine as sacred partners, and heaven shall be no more a place above and beyond, but instead shall be a place on Earth as it is in Heaven.

How to achieve the unification of human culture as it is, with the divine essence of the spirit world, is a matter of understanding why planet Earth was created to begin with. This I have already illuminated.

Planet Earth is an experimental canvas to express the value of harmony and co-existence between diversity. You can observe this through the way in which other species exist in harmony with one another and maintain balance despite using one another as a food source to sustain themselves. They are consistently aware of how to sustain balance and equilibrium despite some being predators to others. In this respect and expression, they all embody the spiritual truth of, all are One.

What human beings have to do then is return to this teaching and align themselves with the original purpose for the Earth, and to each and every single one of the other creatures upon it. For such creatures, without their inclusion in the design and pattern of expression, human beings will fail and fall. Aligning yourselves to the larger unified pattern and purpose of the planet, functioning as One, this raises the bar of potential, and raises the vibration of the entire planet to align with that of the spirit world. In this, comes humanity’s ability to bring heaven into the hands of man.

All species upon the Earth are interdependent on one another for harmonious cyclical survival, for the life cycles and sustainability mechanisms are all built upon each other’s coexistence. If you remove just one species from a coexisting energy platform that Earth is, this will have a cascading influence on all other species in one way or another. This principle is universal within all kingdoms of the Earth. For example, the oceans and the forests provide you with the majority of your oxygen to survive. The very harmful change in ocean acidification, the rapidly increasing devastation of photosynthetic life by humanity, this will permanently extinguish millions of species in a cascading chain reaction of extinction, ultimately causing humanities own downfall. You will have no more oxygen, and your food and drinking water will be highly toxic. Your quality of life and available resources will be minimal.

What is happening to planet Earth can be observed on other planets. Also this can be observed within the sun itself. The stream of cosmic energy, and the surge of ions entering the solar system are gravitated towards the sun and other planetary bodies like Earth. What you may see is an increase in the activity of the sun as it absorbs these energy particles to fuel its temperatures and magnetic fields.

You will also find that the magnetic field of the Earth, of human beings and other life forms are also changing. As magnetic fields change, so too does DNA and cellular development. An energy transference is taking place which is effecting physical matter on every level, and the increase in energy output, as you witness in the sun, is also occurring within the human being, and all other things. An increase in energy fields are the result of the rising oscillatory vibration of matter. That is what is understood as the raise in consciousness, or ‘spiritual awakening’. What is really occurring is that the particles of your current form are receiving information through sound and light frequencies bombarding the solar system, which travels down your spinal column like an electromagnetic conductor, through your chakra system and instigates changes on a spiritual, energetic and physical level. The Earths core similarly is experiencing this increase of energy output, and as human beings refer to a ‘human awakening’, the Earth is also experiencing an ‘awakening’ because it is awakening from a cyclical dormant biological process. As I have said before, everything is a process. The awakening of humankind is merely a cyclical period the species undergoes from their dormant period. The observations of surface wide natural disasters can be understood by the increase in energy output of the Earths core and its increased activity.

Many changes will be temporary, as part of a process, but will give way to lasting changes, causing humankind to rethink some of their practices and theories. One of these changes is that of your perception of time. Time itself is actually altering as it is understood, and you will likely experience time speeding up or slowing down. Seasonal cycles and behaviours will become altered and shift from what has become expected. The position of the moon and stars will become altered from their expected alignment from existing star charts. The way in which your consciousness interacts with the current known physical dimension will alter. The way you process information as a being will experience subtle changes and enhancements, and as such, during certain times you will feel more sensitive and emotional than usual. You will be drawn to seek out truth and understanding, and feel a desire to want to act in ways that raise your vibration. These subtle desires are an aspect of the law of attraction, and how cosmic and planetary changes cause similar ‘gravitational’ changes in your thoughts, feelings and innate instincts. Gravitational in the way that you feel gravitated towards wanting to raise your own vibration almost instinctually, yet not consciously knowing why. Children will experience such changes more profoundly than adults, as such will likely behave irregular and erratic, and will be most vulnerable to these changes. Though it is adults that will find such changes the most difficult as this increase in energy oscillation will present many challenges and resistance.

The power of the common voice will always be more powerful than the power of an army or instrument of war. It is the role of the government to exist in service to the voice of the populace, not the other way around. From time to time such governments need to be reminded of this.

There is alarming multiplication of human beings upon the Earth which are absorbing much of the Earth’s natural resources to accommodate the growing population. You have human beings decapitating the harmonic resource of the forests which Earth relies upon to maintain life support upon its surface, and within its core. You have human beings which hunt and slaughter life forms for profit and pleasure, which upsets the food chain and creates massive chain reactions on a global scale. You have biochemical pollutants being allowed to freely contaminate and kill the inherent living cells within seas and oceans which changes the very vibrational consistency of water, rain and cloud – not to mention the protective atmosphere. You have human beings drilling into the Earth’s crust which creates cracks and underground crevasses many hundreds of miles away. You have state wide, country sized haze of consciousness which hover above and around cities, towns and villages like a mushroom cloud of toxic gas. The list goes on.

There is little humanity can do in terms of changing the natural cycles of Earth. However they can better predict and prevent the loss of many lives by investing in technology which detects and familiarizes itself with such cycles and movements. How one event elsewhere on the planet invokes an event elsewhere on the other side of the planet. How severe weather conditions manifest as a result of mutating/clashing smaller weather conditions from different global regions.

Humanity can better protect itself in many respects by planting billions of more trees and other plantations. The existence of which would allow the bio-structure and eco-structure of Earth to absorb most of the harmful effects of different events.

Humanity also needs, urgently, to save and rescue its water purification levels, as it is the oceans which has the utmost influence on the majority of factors. Both for the atmospheric defense system of the Earth, and for the sustainability of life upon its surface, and within the oceans itself. Also noting that the many chemicals being pumped into the oceans are being harvested into very toxic gasses in the atmosphere via heat from the sun. Such toxins are then being freely distributed over cities and towns around the world, breathed in through the skin, lungs and within food resources. This ultimately leading to cell mutation and disease.

People have a voice, yet they bow down to their regional governments and simply accept what they are given and told is best for them. It is up to each individual to step forward, unite as a civilization, within cities, towns and villages and form a voice to be reckoned with. A voice that no government dare repress. A voice that no greedy corporation can hide under the rug or manipulate with wealth. Such inhuman atrocities are taking place around the world simply because communities are not banding together and creating a voice for themselves to not only invoke, but demand change. Do not let wealthy corporations lead your country, lead your country by the foundation of love and respect and the power of communication. Communication and information circulation is your most powerful tool at the moment. Through this awareness is raised. When enough people become so intolerant to the atrocities of ignorance and selfishness a new voice will form and lead humanity into a new era.

When we speak of other species in the universe who have developed the wisdom to overcome the obstacles faced by humanity, this did not come without its sacrifices. In some cases many millions of lives were lost, planets made inhospitable and many alliances that were forged to ensure survival. Sometimes this was as a result of centuries of war and conflict, sometimes this was the result of catastrophic environmental, planetary and galactic events that forced their race to unite for survival.

It is because of these tragic histories that many of the same beings come to your aid at this time, through their own empathy for the consequences ignorance, violence and abuse plays upon the direction of the human race. There are many who have a vested interest in the welfare of humanity and Earth itself.

The way in which other species have reached their status of peace was typically through the uprising of many millions of individuals banding together in recognition for a singular vision. Many times it has been necessary to dethrone those in power and their dictated course for the many millions of individuals who did not accept this course. Communication has always been the key. Once each individual claims their right to have a voice in the direction of their own species, and has the courage to use it, miracles can happen. It is only by banding together as an undefeatable, unwaverable voice of reason that a new course can be set in alignment to the vision of the majority, rather than the vision of the minority in power. This power must be given to the general population, not to the politicians that govern the populace. It is for the politicians, presidents and prime ministers to enforce the will of the people, not for the people to adhere to the will of one. It is for those appointed leaders to identify corruption within the monopolies and corporations that hold humanity back through greed and ignorance.

There are many millions of individuals who envision something better for humanity. These are the everyday husband and wife, the butcher and the barber, the teacher and the student. They all hold within them a spark of light to illuminate a better future. If they would but set aside their personal drama, step beyond their comfort zone, and stand up for what is obvious to be right. If they would but refuse to turn away their gaze at what they perceive as wrong, and learn to say no, this will not be tolerated! If they would but forge a voice with their neighbour, their friends and their co-workers and persist for what is wise, what is just and what is loving, the true vision for humanity would be realized.


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My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: http://www.pbase.com/1heart Essays on the Conscious Process: http://theconsciousprocess.wordpress.com/ Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: http://feelingtoinfinity.wordpress.com/ Verses and ramblings on life as it is: https://writingonwater934500566.wordpress.com/ Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: https://themindthatneverwas.wordpress.com/ Verses on the Play of Consciousness: https://onlydreaming187718380.wordpress.com/ Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: https://themysteriousexpanse.wordpress.com/ Poems of the Mountain Hermit: https://snowypathtonowhere.wordpress.com/ Love Poems from The Book of Yes: https://lovesight.wordpress.com/ Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: https://travelsindreamland.wordpress.com/ Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: https://freetransliterations.wordpress.com/ Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: https://westernmystics.wordpress.com/ Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: https://spiritguidesparrow.wordpress.com/ Thank You!
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2 Responses to Fate of the Earth

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    “Eternity may last forever, but planet Earth and the favourable way of life millions presently enjoy will not. I have said before and so shall I say again, for darkness to triumph within the realm of duality those calling themselves of the light simply need do nothing. One of the most common thoughts I have witnessed from others during life review, during the formation of proactive soul groups, as well as conversations with the proverbially deceased is “I wish I had done more”. Many of those had similarly adopted the approach, “I have all the time in the world”. Those who indeed have access to the frequencies of the human timeline, of which there are a few, are often those with a motivated sense of urgency and determined responsibility. Not necessarily for themselves, but for the bigger picture which they perceive of greater importance than their own personal needs and desires.

    Time need not even be the focus of ultimate fruition, merely an acknowledgement that each precious moment provided to you by, with and for Earth is an opportunity for pro-active creation. You cannot be in a state of creation if you are physically preoccupied within a state of observation.”



  2. marcelvuijst says:

    Sounds reasonable, thanks.

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