Soul and Spirit

The spirit and the soul are not the same thing. The spirit is that spark of purity which, through the mechanics of attraction drew your energy from that which you call God. An aspect of the Creator Source separated from itself through an attraction to a particular vibrational event, within a particular dimension, for a particular identified value which became illuminated. This is to say, through the expansion and expression of the existence, an awareness of a particular embodiment of value was identified and caused an attraction of energy towards it. Meaning, the creation of something very special within the multi-layered omniverse invoked your spirit into an independent existence, that this unique quality would be better expanded, explored and experienced in all its potential. Your spirit, in its perfect purity, over millions of years and through intimate immersion into those specific illuminated qualities began to identify itself as a Self-aware sentient being. Its sense of Self-awareness accumulated from the immersion within and observation of certain sentient forms and their associative persona traits. These forms and these traits clustered together through attraction to form what you will understand to be a soul group.

Your spirit existed and had form, had persona, long before human or animal walked planet Earth. That form and persona developed over millions of years through the attraction to a specific core vibration which belonged to a specific dimensional and energetic expression. This is to say, the awareness of your spirit, as it, in a sense, moved away from Source, gradually slowed down within its vibrational resonance to become aware, and become attracted towards something which caught the curiosity of your spirit. This curiosity and state of attraction developed a consciousness state to form upon your spirit which began to attribute it to specific desires, values and forms of expression. This consciousness formed your spirit identity and sense of independent thought. This consciousness is also what attracted you towards a specific soul group long before you ever had any physical life experience at all. In a sense, you were present simply as a formless observer of the state of existence within that specific vibrational bandwidth and dimension. After a very long time in observation of the state of things, attracting attributes of consciousness and personal contemplations, you took your own form(s) within this soul group in a way which enabled you to expand your interaction. Your consciousness developed a soul — a garment of consciousness which enabled your radiant pure light source to embody specific definable qualities and values within specific environments. One of these environments is the planet Earth in physical state, and the persona you are wearing is that of human consciousness — the human soul.

Your spirit does not leave its core vibrational state to come to physical state. Instead it connects to the physical vibration via the etheric cord through which it communicates its qualities of character, which then create and develop its own human consciousness. This consciousness develops its own self-awareness and therefore can independently function its own course and life journey with or without an awareness of its spirit. This self-awareness creates free will, and thus takes the reins of decision and destiny of that life.

A soul is an embodiment of consciousness which the spirit wears as a persona within any given environment of time or space. The soul is a costume of transient identity and energy. It is something which comes into creation through the attraction of thought and feeling interactivity. It is, in a sense, like a space suit your spirit wears to immerse into different vibrational environments which are not natural to its own. Your human soul is a suit of energy consciousness your spirit is attached to in order that your spirit may have an interaction with the Earth vibration. Your human soul, or persona, is something you create through your thoughts, attitudes and deeds, and it is this persona you first perceive the spirit world with upon your physical death.

Your soul is not who you are. It is a costume you create to experience your spirit in different environments and different intentions of activity. So then, the soul that is human, is a costume, a persona and a tool your spirit uses to interact with and experience itself as a physical being on planet Earth. When it returns to the spirit world, it will then, hopefully, though not straight away, relinquish this persona costume and simply be the beautiful spirit that you are. Unfortunately so many people get so attached to their costume that they refuse to let go of it and continue to play themselves out in it even after death. This is because they are afraid of who they will become when they give up all they have ever, seemingly known.

Your soul group is, in a sense, a cluster of spirit who embody themselves in specific identified values and vibrations, who have become attracted to one another through millions of years since becoming Self-aware. Each wear their own individual personas, but the core energy vibration behind such persona will be the same. Many will not wear physical appearances you are accustomed to within this world and simply present themselves as orbs of light. These orbs of light will be so intimately connected that they appear to merge and speak as one being.

The soul is the Self-aware presence. The consciousness of that which I AM. This includes your memories, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your desires and aspirations, your fears, your sense of character and personality, your knowledge, and all those qualities, imperfections and aspects that distinguish and illuminate you as a separate entity. It is the embodiment of your Self-Journey. This is within a continuous cycle of change and expression, the creative experiential instrument of the spirit. The soul is the changeable consciousness which inherits characteristics from the many experiences it has. Characteristics of personality, ability and destiny. It is the clothing your spirit wears for wherever, or whatever it is doing at any one time. This is inclusive of, but not exclusive to the physical dimensions.

Your spirit on the other hand is that which does not change. Does not give way to any imperfection, flaw or fear. It is the aspect of you which is closest to that which God is. It is that which requires nothing, but provides everything. It is that which is unseen but forever felt through the vehicle of love, wisdom and service. It is the pure, the perfect and the permanence of the divine. It is the sublime marriage of that which is God and that which is conceived into you. Your spirit is your true Self, the original identity which represents the unique vibrational pattern and resonance that no other being ever created has. Although it is of God nature, that it is of God, an expression of God, it is also unique, original and separate in its will and destiny. The consciousness that forms its many personas do not, and cannot touch, taint or take away anything of your spirit. That is why there are no evil beings. Merely questionable deeds performed by the masks of consciousness.

When your physical human counterpart perishes, the cellular memory retained from the entire human journey is embodied within an etheric vehicle. This vehicle, or soul, will initially appear exactly like your human body because the cellular memory has retained its shape and characterisations. The personality as well as the human being you were, is also stored in your cellular memory and thus transferred, by your soul, into the spirit world to return to your natural origin. Your soul then, which is a bundle of your thoughts, feelings and memories, is interchangeable and subject to different environments of experience. Depending on the nature of these thoughts, feelings and memories your experience of the spirit world will differ significantly. These characteristics remain predominant within the journey of the afterlife, and will often cloud other characteristics and memories associated with your ancient spirit identity. This is to say, you will not necessarily remember who you truly are straight away after your passing. It may take some time to let go of this consciousness coat, in order that you accept other possibilities of who you truly are, in order that you can access and enter other states, realms and realities.

With the above understanding one can differentiate that which provides with that which manifests from provision. The spirit provides, and the soul manifests. We call the spirit world as such because it is a place of provision. It is a state of being provided for with every need that you may conceive of. This is why the spirit world is a state and place of infinite potentials and possibilities. Thus, some term it ‘Heaven’.

So then, to understand better how the soul sustains itself in the spirit world, you simply have to understand the spirit, and the world of spirit, simply provides all the sustenance that is required. This is simply radiated from your beloved spirit into your soul and engulfs it in blissful rays of energy. That is also why, upon crossing over to the spirit world, you will experience a great surge of revitalization and invigoration.

It is this that feeds you, fulfills your necessities, in a permanent state of eternity.

What can be experienced as one’s pure spirit

When you meet face to face with your own spirit, in one sense, it is as if you are looking into the eyes of God itself. Such an experience is truly so profound, for to describe your spirit is to compare it to a form of holographic personification of God. This is to say, everything you aspire God to be and represent is actually that which is your own spirit. This is why all forms of hierarchical ascensionism spoken about simply does not exist in the spirit world, for it cannot. All spirit are equal to that which you know as God. One God cannot be more ascended, better or more divine than another, for all are One.

There is only one source. That source projects its Self through many holograms of light, which you know to be your spirit. Your spirit is the sum of all things, within all times, within all dimensions, within all possibilities. However, you experience your spirit through the progression of the awareness construct of time, in order for you to experience your Self through free will. That which you know, or may not know as God wears many personas which have been given free will, through the construct of time and awareness, to create who or what it wishes to be through its own eyes. This is to say, there is no-thing your spirit cannot be or do, for your spirit is EVERYTHING, of the past, present and future. Again, you simply experience being separate from all of that because your human consciousness persona presently operates as a singular unit of consciousness. In truth, your spirit is actually having other lives in what you call your future, elsewhere in other vibratory realities. Even human beings can multitask, so why presume your own spirit cannot perform billions of similar feats simultaneously. Many of the extraterrestrial and multi-dimensional beings who will come to Earth are merely you from another time frequency. Another way of perceiving your spirit is to look upon it as the present you, but billions and billions of years into the future.

Just as humanity once looked upon extraterrestrials as Gods, the human persona tends to look upon their own spirit as God. This will aid you to understand why there is no judgment upon your physical passing, only that of your own reflective experiences.

Your spirit is attached to your physical aspect via your etheric cord, which is basically a pulse of intention anchored within and from your soul group and spirit. Because of this you will, from time to time, get memory echoes from those of your soul group, and then persuade yourself that they must be your memories, your thoughts, your ideas. As mentioned, if you were to come face to face with your own spirit, regardless of who you are or what you have done in physical state, you would be so mesmerized and in a state of utter bliss that you would think you had arrived in front of the presence of God. In a sense, this would be an accurate revelation. This is because the energy, the consciousness of your spirit is always, and in all ways, forever and eternally pure and perfect in every conceivable way. The light of your spirit is so intense, so powerful, its energy so potent and so pervasive that if it were to enter physical state directly it would dissolve every atom in your physical body in an instant. This is because the containment of your atoms could not retain their structured form and behaviour in the presence of the vibration of your spirit, so they would simply disintegrate instantly. This is why you have an etheric cord, to dilute your core essence into human consciousness without destabilizing your physical experience. This is also why you cannot have so-called great ascended light beings being channeled directly through simple human mediums. To receive a thought, just a single thought from one of such pure sources would completely dislocate and disintegrate your atomic structure in an instant. What is often used are energy conduits and consciousness apparatus, which are set up by trained spirit facilitators of the spirit world, who then speak and relay information on behalf of other energies and entities who are unable to enter your proximity, for your own safety.

It is for you to understand that cocooned around your spirit you have all of this added consciousness created by your individual persona, as do all other beings in the universe. These layers of consciousness extend out into many different vibrational layers and dimensions of both time and space within the omniverse. Think of the layer of rings found within the trunk of a tree. You have similar layers around your spirit, and each of them contain and represent different vibrations, different growths of consciousness that expand outward. While the rings are all connected to one being, one tree, they are nonetheless separated by distinct visible characteristics. There is a state of proximity where one ring is closer to that of another. Just as it is for your layers of consciousness, and just as it is for the etheric planes of the spirit world and that of physical state. Though all are one, distinct characteristics within the whole give the perception and experience of separation and variable location. Just as the rings of a tree express distinct periods of significant events, so too do the many dimensions and the states of consciousness that reside there.

The closer you are to your pure source spirit the closer everything else of you and about you becomes. This is to say, the closer you get to your spirit, less and less does time, space and all forms of separation exist. There is no concept of time, and no concept of space between one thing and another from the perspective and experience of your spirit.

What can be experienced as your pure spirit is dependent upon what aspect or to what degree you are able to access and identify with your own spirit. In a sense, that brings us to your next question, which is what can we experience as a soul. For it is, your soul is the instrument through which you experience your spirit through creative choice.

What can be experienced as soul

Your spirit, having been attracted towards the embodiment of certain potentials it imagined for its Self, helped to create those potentials through the canvas of many, many realms, realities and dimensions. In a sense, it was actually you from your own future that helped to create the cosmos you are only now, in this present form, experiencing through this human instrument.

During the attraction towards certain beautified creations of its Self, it began to form its own individual identity and persona. It created a sense of Self-awareness through which to experientially indulge its imagination of potential.

As you became attracted to certain potentials, you sought to embody and personify them within the development of consciousness. This consciousness formed the soul groups to which you are now a part and represent as your core vibration as a sentient being. Such soul groups, of which you belong, attract themselves to certain potentials of imagination and creativity and expand them, explore them and experience them to their infinity.

What can be experienced as a soul, are the qualities you have imagined for yourself, inherited through your journey within your soul group, and the desires and attractions of aspiration that motivate your free will to be anything you wish to be.

Your spirit has always been and always will be. It is the beginning and it is the end; and it is neither, for it is infinite in every direction you can conceive. Your soul is that which is the creation, which shall change and transform, and continue to transform infinitely. Yet it is also the creator, for it is the aspect of you that chooses what comes next.


About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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12 Responses to Soul and Spirit

  1. Aliman Sears says:

    Bob, this is another amazing post. Blowing my mind! Aloha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. riffat suhail says:

    Bob I live in Pakistan (lahore) to see young minds like you meditating on the intricacies of inner self is amazing I am truly impressed may Allah bless you

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional comments from Sparrow:

    Souls came into existence through the order of consciousness attraction. That which your spirit is was first attracted from the realm of infinity of that which you perceive as God. The essence of God, that which is your spirit, gradually over millions of years began to form an individual identity and persona as it accumulated consciousness and awareness of Self. This awareness of Self identity formed when its core vibrational essence interacted with and observed other sources of life which it mimicked and attributed itself with unique characteristics. This is to say, your spirit essence, which moved away from Prime Creator many millions of years ago began to attract and aspire for itself very specific behaviours from many different beings and life forms in many different realms and realities. Over millions of years your spirit, much like a human embryo forming into a foetus, began to take on its own core energy vibration which eventually created the consciousness which created your soul and individual awareness of ‘I’. This means, your soul was formed over millions of years travelling through and observing different energies interacting with one another in the multiverse. Your soul of which was naturally attracted to a specific soul group within a specific realm within the spirit world. Your very existence and purpose for being thusly comes from your attraction to this soul group and the work that you do within it. The work that you do within it is of the utmost importance and extremely profound.

    Spirit has always existed and shall always continue to exist. For where spirit originate, time itself has no meaning. It is only through the consciousness attraction to values that time itself is experienced to have a value and meaning at all.

    My friend, in the spirit world, that which you call God may become to you anything you wish it to become. Each individual experience of what God is and can be is always different, for God is and can be everything to all beings simultaneously.


  4. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional Material from Sparrow:

    When the soul rises from its physical enclosure, and the etheric strand is detached from cellular state it is that the body will no longer grow nor resonate any sign of life on any measurable instrument. As it is that the inception of biological life as you know it, experience it, was only possible through the connection of your etheric strand to the first activated cells that further form the foetus. Without this connection your cellular state would never even survive in its infancy. It is the purity of your spirit, that which is a part of the energy of Prime Creator, which animates life itself and is thusly connected to your solar plexus at all times. The will and intent originating from this ultimate pure source which is beyond human descriptive is the subtle ingredient behind the mechanism and function of spiritual ‘vibration’. That which is your spirit, you must come to understand, is beyond limit and boundary which you as a physical animal are accustomed to existing within. What this means is, is the very spiritual essence that you in fact are penetrates and permeates every single last subatomic particle within your construct. This is to say, at all times, your spirit is in constant communication and observance to every last atom and subatomic particle you can at any time identify within you. Thusly it has been said, your spirit and the energy and voice of God lies within you. This is a very accurate statement. You as a physical life form are in constant dialogue and relationship with this inner spirit presence within your cellular state. This is why you are able to duplicate every last single cell of your physical appearance after passing over. However, this dialogue and relationship is in constant flux conditioned to the attitudes you align yourself to, the state of your thoughts and the choices which create your actions. Your interactivity and stimulation of this inner relationship is what allows, or disallows you to hold a specific energetic frequency as a being. This is to say, what we commonly refer to as the vibration of a human being is the energetic relationship of your own thoughts and persona to that of the spirit essence inside you. As you develop this relationship and communication pathway your oscillation and vibration as a physical being will increase because your cellular state has become more active on a multidimensional level. You must remember, you are a multidimensional life form, at all times, in all ways.


  5. robjam972000 says:

    Amazing article.
    I do think as souls we DO choose certain things before we incarnate and soul family to incarnate with. For example, I have had many experiences in previous lives with my younger son in different roles, i.e he’s been my father, partner etc and I immediately fell instantly in love with him when he was born because I recognised his energy, so he would be what you would describe soul family or lineage or whatever you want to call it. My soul or higher self has chosen specific lessons/experiences for this lifetime.
    My beloved twin sister has recently died and I shared a wonderful childhood being a twin sister with her and that bond with her persona in this lifetime will never be broken.
    Yes I would agree that my inner/higher self is always in dialogue with me whispering to me, plus my many soul family/collective who are there as well.


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  6. robjam972000 says:

    Thanks, love your articles. Do you channel them? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bob OHearn says:

      No, as mentioned in the “About” link, I discovered Sparrow on a forum dedicated to spiritual topics, and was quite impressed, so I asked him if I could compile his answers to various questions into a blog format, to which he agreed.



  7. robjam972000 says:

    OK..just read your “about” That’s very interesting. I connect to the soul group Sananda a lot and have been told I belong to that Oversoul family. I found out last year my soul name is SaDa, pronounced Sah Dah. We all have many names and facets actually….


  8. robjam972000 says:

    BTW I have a question. Above Sparrow says that souls do not come in choosing a disability, but I believe some souls do so that comment is not entirely true. Some come in with certain challenges to teach others about compassion and empathy. My brother was born very severely handicapped and he died in 2008 at aged 36. I feel he was a very highly evolved soul and maybe his light just couldn’t handle the density of Earth. Many souls also only come in for a short period of time, for example a baby may die for a reason to give the parents a lesson or experience. Do you understand what I’m saying here?


    • Bob OHearn says:

      In re-reading this essay, I do not see where Sparrow claims that. I do recall that he mentioned in another post that not everything that happens in one’s life is planned in advance, there is a lot of room for creativity in other words. At any rate, most of us tend to rely on the human intellect to try and make sense out of certain events, conditions, and experiences, but without being able to access Universal Knowledge, that is a rather futile effort, and only leads to speculation and second-hand belief.



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