Soul Journey

Do not fear the unknown. When your time comes and you invest your soul onward into the heavenly realms, you will be overcome with a love you cannot comprehend. It will come from above and from below. It will seem to come from every direction and from within, but never shall you be without. It will be as if a wave of sublime love and peace washes over you, penetrates and permeates through you.

The barriers of time and space will dissolve. Your human memory will seem but a drop of water next to the ocean of all that has come before you, and all that you are to become. Ancient friends and spiritual family you never knew you had will greet and gather to hear your stories. They will applaud your successes and achievements, and show unreserved understanding of every failure and fall.

Your pains and sorrows will be nurtured and understood. The grand angels of light will descend down upon you and engulf you with healing and revitalizing rays of clarity and comfort. You will return to your humble abode, your cottage. Your spiritual home away from home. Your palace in heaven.

You will walk the halls of wisdom and the libraries of knowledge. You will walk the gardens of the gods and the temples of the masters. You will walk the corridors of history and the stairways of the stars. You will see the tapestry of eternal life and the choir of a thousand angels. You will see your own image as you so choose, and choose that which comes next.

There is nothing to fear upon death, only a life lived in regret.

Some belief systems will try to convince you that once you have crossed over to the spirit world everything miraculously changes and you become one with God. Some will try to persuade you that you will enter an infinite state of bliss where there is no longer separation seen, felt or experienced, and that your soul and spirit loses its individual identity. They may say that you no longer have any distinguishing appearance or form and you simply enter into some void of everlasting state of completion and perfection with Creator.

As pleasing to believe for some it may be, such a reality would deface and defy every purpose and value of the life you now have. In actual fact it would make your physical life journey completely irrelevant and pointless. If such a state of union was so wonderful and desirable why do you suppose your own spirit left such a state to create an individual soul and a soul journey? It was not so you could have one human incarnation then return back into ‘all there is’, for all there is – is a continuation of creation. To be one with all there is, is to be one with continuation. This continuation is the journey of the soul, and the soul group. The very fact that you have a soul is a proof of the pudding statement that reveals the spirit’s desire to know and be a separate entity of consciousness. The soul journey is the spirit’s way of being one with the continuum that God is experienced as. This is the true state of bliss. This is the true adventure and relationship with God.

For those who insist reality is contrary to the case, it reveals they themselves cannot recollect their soul journey prior to their own physical conception, and the work they are continuously doing in their soul group. The whole purpose of soul groups, of which all are a part, is to perpetuate the gift of free will and choice to manifest your own destiny through your own individual soul journey. It is through this gift, this vehicle of individual-ness, that all of what God is can be created, explored and experienced through the mechanism of time and co-manifestation.

The state of which you in fact ascend to upon your passing is more or less the same as you experience in physical life. You still retain all the many human facets of thought and feeling, all those beliefs that form your identity. The difference will be that many souls will gain swift access to a much broader range of opportunities and potentials in the spirit world. They will have access to a whole wealth of resources, knowledge, understanding and direction. Some soul pathways and modes of exploration, especially when venturing into other dimensional states, can be described as being ‘one with everything’, because that is simply a close approximation to the description of the experience in human language. It is not in fact a literal experience of being one with everything, but a state of consciousness, a state of being that resembles your idea of what it would feel like. A literal experience of being one with everything cannot be achieved as and within a state of soul over spirit. The soul and spirit would be required to be transcended and have no consciousness left of its Self whatsoever.

So then, any experiences the spirit has via the soul journey which resembles being one with everything is purely an individualized interpretation. It is not possible to experience a literal state of one-ness whilst in physical form, only a fragmented reflection that meets the individual’s current state of comprehension. The same applies in the immediate afterlife. What is experienced then is the one-ness with your divine spirit, and the bliss attained within your own understanding of the continuum that God is experienced as. As more and more of this continuum is explored, the more you literally become one with all that is.

It is not a journey TO Self-realization, the journey itself is the actualized act of realization itself. Your Self is being realized (made real) by your experience of it. Your experiences, created by your soul journey via your soul group is the means in which you actualize, activate and put into action your awareness of Self. Self-realization has already been reached, for you are doing it right now putting your aspirations, thoughts and feelings into real-ized form, in the form of real-ity. Whether this is experienced in a manner of isolation or collective union depends on how you create your reality. The choice is always yours. The journey ends when you stop aspiring something else, yet you will always aspire to something else, for infinity awaits your experience through Self-realization. For indeed, your spirit is infinite, and to experience this requires infinite expansion, infinite potential and infinite choice, upon a journey of infinitely new passions and personas.

It should be pointed out that your spirit, although it has a unique identity of its own, should not be confused with ego as human beings understand it. Ego as human beings understand it comes in two parts. Survival instinct ego (animalistic) and personality ego (costume). It is the animalistic ego most people associate with negativity. The personality of a person, which is beautiful, is the costume ego which is essential for forming relationships. The survival instinct ego, which many people alienate, is also essential to have in order to survive in the physical environment your soul resides in. If you did not have it, you would die within a day. Ego as a whole is a vehicle your spirit uses to interact experientially with different environments and dimensions.

Would it surprise you to know that while in human form it is actually the human identity which makes most of the decisions and takes control of your direction? It is true, for your spirit cares very little in the little decisions you make in your costume. It is of little significance to it, for none of it changes your spirit. Your spirit makes the intentional sponsoring ‘thought’ to have a physical life, in order to bring about a specific intent. But that intent is going to be fulfilled regardless of what other little decisions you make once you are playing with your human persona. It is, in a sense, already assured.

It is the soul persona which allows your spirit to experience things, and so it is this aspect which gets its hands dirty. It is not so much the spirit which creates its sense of purpose, for this is a construct of persona, because we are talking about values. To the spirit everything is of value, to the soul, it picks and chooses what it feels is of value to it at any given time. As the soul has these profound journeys and creates profound purposes for itself, it makes the decisions of what comes next, depending on how that soul persona wishes to grow. This is why, you see, that when you cross over, your spirit does not immediately take control and get rid of all the negativity. The soul persona is the one making the decisions, that is why it clings onto fears, passions, affections and relationships, and all these other things. In your daily life it is usually a conflicting struggle for power between your survival instinct ego, and your personality soul ego.

Your spirit just desires for you to be happy with who you are, as simple as that. When the soul becomes light and transparent the spirit shall shine through more profoundly. This is what is known as enlightenment and ascension. It is through this understanding that you can ascend closer to your higher Self and that which is God. There is no journey to God but through you. There is no love of God but through you. There is no one with God but the continuum explored through you.


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