My understanding of prime creator [Source] would be a challenge to place through the vehicle of words. A very feeble attempt it would be. To attain a greater understanding a person would need to process concepts, thoughts and laws of infinity not associated with the human brain and its current design to process information. Information would need to be processed within a greater speed, spectrum and dimension altogether. The human animal brain is currently not capable of processing all the information necessary to understand prime creator. It is as if the structure of the brain was like that of a mouse, which was then expected to process concepts that would allow it to build a space rocket, or asking the mouse to speak Italian.

Firstly, these words are of course painted labels of the human language and interpretation. As with all words, they can have as many meanings as there are people who use them. For this dialogue we will use them loosely in order to form a relationship with a common understanding.

In a way, perceiving the nature of God within the physical logical mind is like an earthworm, in its simple thought processes, attempting to process concepts pertaining to the vast expanse of the cosmos. In that process the worm would have to create its own perception of relationship with the cosmos through its own thoughts about itself. This is what human beings are also doing in trying to understand the nature of God. This does not make your thoughts or ideas about God wrong. What it does is it makes them personal to you; it makes your relationship to God profoundly intimate, as it should be. You will only experience God in such nature and form as you are open to receive at any one time.

In the presence of the purity of Prime Creator, questions would never arise, for you would be in such profound awe that you would not be able to articulate a single question. In fact, all matters of life and of death would instantly dissolve into irrelevance; all you would wish for…would simply be.

For eternity.

Yet you would not know it as eternity for you would have no concept of time or space. Time and space would no longer exist. You would no longer exist, for you would simply become that which IS.

This is where you have come from; a place without space or time, and you have existed there for eternity. This is the purity from whence you came and this is the purity that is your ancient angelic spirit. This is the purity that is called God. This is the precipice of Prime Creator. There are no written words to adequately describe that which IS Prime Creator, for any attempt to do so filters its purity through your own ego and vibration filter. All that can be done is to experience the Creator as a personal journey, through time and space, through the expression of choice through form and deed, personifying the values which connect you to the original purity of Prime Creator.

What Prime Creator is then, is not a thing which can be defined in one sentence, but something which must be revealed, explored and experienced by you, through you, throughout eternity. This is to say, Prime Creator is so vast and incomprehensible that it will literally take you eternity to experience a complete understanding of what it is and can become for YOU.

Even the wisest and most high within the world of spirit ponder these very same questions, and will continue to do so for a very, very long time.

It is you who is creating who and what God is through your own relationship to your own thoughts and their relationship to all that is. God is whatever you want it to be within the journey of creating who YOU want to be. This is possible, for God is everything to everyone simultaneously. God is not a thing; God is everything. If this were not so, this would dictate that God was more loving or favourable to, and more connected to one species of life than another. For God to be connected to all things simultaneously it must exist in all things, always, in all ways.

The easiest process-able and most universal idea to accommodate God into would be to think of it as the one source. That is, the one, the source that all other things are made possible through. It is the one thing which is infinite. It is the original infinite source of the omnipresent harmonic which pervades all living things. It is the source within your being which observes your core vibration as an entity; the source of your ancient sentient spirit. It is the source of all consciousness and all of creation; that which all species on all worlds identify as the origin of all universes. It is not something which can be explained to you in any spoken language, only something which you can be led to experience.

One cannot place something more into that which is infinite in order to grow, therefore infinity cannot be Self-realized within itself. Infinity cannot perceive value where perspective does not exist. For values inherent within infinity to be realized experientially, infinity must place perspective outside if its own nature. Yet that which is infinite cannot truly exist outside of itself, so it must create something from within that appears to itself to be without.

An infinite number of miniaturized copies of itself were conceived; an infinite number of seeds carrying identical essence of its source exploded out from a single thought, and still continue to do so. Your consciousness was born from such a seed, and as it became Self-aware it developed a sense of singular perspective in relationship to all other seeds. With the infinity of such seeds scattered were equally infinite landscapes through which they were to sprout and bloom into incredible beauty. Through such diversity perspective of value would be Self-realized. All that was, was now able to have a relationship with all of its infinite nature by being Self-aware and choosing what to experience of its own nature.

You are Prime Creator; you just choose to experience the perspective of diversity within division. You are choosing value for your Self by choosing who and what you wish to be at any one time. You have created time in order to facilitate this process of perception. Through time you have travelled the speed of light; in light you have illuminated the frequencies of sound; through sound you have created form; through form you have created love. Through love you experience your true value.

The difference between God and Prime Creator is whatever you make of it. The value of everything, whether it is your life or it is a simple word, lies in your own interpretation through your relationship with your consciousness. I would not choose a particular human philosophy to in any way define that which is Prime Creator – to do so would impose limits, borders and conditions inherent to human thought. I would therefore suggest never to look or attempt to define Prime Creator via the human mind, but instead rely on the language of feelings, for these are less restrictive and can resonate to higher frequencies of truth than any spoken language. This is to say then that a personalised relationship with, and experience of Prime Creator can best be sought by inward exploration and realization through feelings. Immerse yourself within the greatest and grandest feeling you can connect to and channel this energetic source throughout your entire being, throughout every cell of your body, that it may translate truths beyond time and space itself. This is the true experience of knowing.

It is of suitable benefit to keep things simple as to permit the mind to settle enough to accept its boundaries. It is enough to say that this universe is but one miniscule spec of sand in relation to all of what is. The universe is a part of another larger universe, and that part of another larger still, so on and so forth. Each one having no measurable boundary or edge due to the continuous expansion of them which takes place at a speed unconceivable to man. Where each universe exists, an immeasurable spectrum of vibration resonates and oscillates, which facilitates all things in existence within the same space. This could be understood as infinite dimensional corridors that are living, moving, expanding, interweaving membranes. All things are happening. All things moving. All things becoming. All is a process. A process of Self becoming. The One is becoming that which is. This One is prime creator. For trillions and trillions of years will this expanding Self expression, Self-expulsion continue, until in an instant all shall return as One. Yet this One, this prime creator, the source of all things, this source process, this life giving mechanism is in itself just a miniscule fragment of something else. There is no end, all is a process of something else, even prime creator.

Free will is a means to which ‘the process’ becomes not just a process, but becomes a REAL-ization of Self, or Prime Creator, through the invention of time.

Let us expand.

Understand Prime Creator is a being that undergoes its own evolution, expansion and growth as you understand yourself to do so. This evolution of Prime Creator is facilitated through the application and function of time by the process of recreation of Self. That is, Prime Creator is continuously recreating itself.

Time is a construct that enables the One to recreate its Self by the process of the time it takes for each of its fragments (you) to REALize itself into its full potential. Each time the One becomes fully Self-realized, it evolves into another evolutionary form. This is what is known as the divine inhale and exhale of God. This recreation is the process of its own evolution as a being, of a much larger being.

Free will is the means to which each of its fragmented aspects can facilitate its purpose and function, its own direction of new creation, thus causing its own continuous Self evolution from within. It is as if you are the atoms and molecules within your own physical body causing the body of the biological child to mature into an adult from within, who perpetually continues to grow and who lives forever. As human beings evolve biologically in this way from the smaller components within, so too does Prime Creator. The biological and spiritual evolution of the human species is a symbolic miniaturization of the process that Prime Creator is undertaking through, and as a result of . . . YOU. You are not the creation of Prime creator. Prime Creator is the creation of you. The only way you are going to experience Prime Creator is through you. This is because you are directly, at all times, in all spaces, connected to Prime Creator through the essence of your eternal spirit. This means your journey to an experience of Prime Creator is the journey you take to be one with your own spirit. Prime Creator speaks to you, through you, at all times, in all spaces, through your own spirit. Your spirit exists in the spirit world at all times, in all spaces, but connects to you through your etheric cord attached to your physical vibration at your solar plexus. There is never a time nor ever a place when Prime Creator is not speaking to you; you have but to listen. In order to listen you must identify and remove all the barriers you have created within and around you which separate your perception of your own spirit. Prime Creator is neither a he nor a she; it is you, we, and us.

The human named God figures the likes of Elohim and Tiamat and so forth are something completely different. These are personas and embodiments of planetary bodies, planetary processes, cycles and events depicted in symbology. Aspects of nature which are worshipped as having great power and influence as to be the voice of the Gods. The primordial life giving elements of life were so too worshipped and portrayed with great fierce character and prestige. It was so that humanity were once very attuned to the Earth, its cycles, rhythms and subtle behaviourisms which were depicted as emotional attributes akin to humans. The spirit world too was very close and mythical beings of both worlds appeared in and out of realities more fluently. People were more attuned to the spirit world which allowed interactions and associations, and certain understandings to take place. It was known that each planet had its own spirit and life force, as did the sun, the moon and thus Gods were made of them too. And each one of these Gods gave birth to demi-gods upon its surface that were to be idolized in their own way for their own values and characteristics of behaviour in nature.

Of course when visiting extraterrestrials came upon the land these were seen as sons and daughters of such great Gods. Messengers too, and angels of all sorts, for it is they held the knowledge of the Gods, knowledge of the heavens, knowledge of healing and technology, mathematics, science and education. Which were the true gods, and which were the false? Such questions begat wars and religions, philosophies, scriptures and ancient practices and rituals. Their influence seed the societies of today.

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