Should we come to discuss the concept of dimensional realities within the parameters of the human mind there is going to be immediate boundaries of language. This is because a state of mind, a state of feeling, and a state of consciousness necessary to relate and comprehend these other realities fully can only be achieved whilst entirely free from human persona and individuated consciousness. In other words, you would have to entirely and completely let go of your human identity.

With this said, it is still possible to relate certain foundations of conceptualization to reproduce understanding through the human mind. I see this is most commonly done so through the use of numbers and defined divisions. Such as the third dimension, the forth and fifth, and so on. This division is understood to allow the human mind to relate to things in a linear, progressive and individuated way. So this is the way we shall look upon it.

The first dimension can be equated to the core energy of the Earth. That is the vibration at which the consciousness of the planets heart resonates. Here lies the seed and emitting energy source of all native life upon the planet Earth. The heart of the Earth is also the location upon which meditations should be focused to connect with the ancient databank of knowledge and memory of all living organisms.

The second dimension can be equated to the mineral kingdom. This relates to the aspect of the planet around its lithosphere. Here is where the beings you understand as elementals govern the chemical, mineral and such things as bacterial life. These very ancient beings will communicate and interact with you through the mineralization, chemicalization and bacteria elements of your biology. Synchronizing those within your biology with the resonance of Earth will facilitate healing of all known disease and disharmony. This is what I have previously referred to as terrestrial sound and healing.

The third dimension can be equated to the reality human beings reside within. This is the dimension where linear conceptualization dominates; the concept of space and time. This is where chemicalisation and mineralization expand into evolved physical forms. This is where human beings co-exist and experience things of both the 2nd dimension and aspects of the forth.

The forth dimension can be equated to mass consciousness. It is here the spawn of new ideas and concepts of imagination are brought into human perceptibility from the more subtle realms. It is here where clouds of consciousness and energy either uplift humanity or invoke devastation and atmospheric corrosion. It is also here where other beings, often mistaken for extraterrestrials reside.

The fifth dimension can be equated to the dimension of love and heart wisdom. It is here where the individual surpasses mass consciousness and discovers their own inner voice; their own guiding source of spirit. It is here where unconditional love and states of bliss are experienced. It is also where beings often interpreted as angels communicate from.

The sixth dimension can be equated to the foundation of sacred geometry and the blueprint of all physical life. It is here where all things are given form from light and sound frequency. This is where divine knowledge and information comes through in symbolism and sacred shapes that form the structure of all manifestation. It is also where such beings as those who communicate to humanity through strange dreams, divine signs and crop circles originate.

The seventh dimension can be equated to cosmic and universal sound; the sound that governs vibrational resonance. It is sound which produces the foundation of sacred geometry that forms the structure of life itself. It is from here that the formless is Self-realized into divine form and given their characteristic vibratory index. It is here the sounds of the universe can be heard and their properties fully realized. This can be equated to the voice of prime creator.

The eighth dimension can be equated to divine light, for it is here that light gives birth to all things, and makes all things possible. This can be understood as prime creator, or oneness with your divine spirit. The light emanating from this source penetrates, permeates and produces all things in existence.

The ninth dimension can be equated to time. Here lies the seed of the entire process of all universes, all dimensions, all life. The process of life, of expanding consciousness is possible due to the unfoldment of time; the time it takes for awareness to expand, form to evolve and Self to become realized. All that exists, all that will ever exist, and has ever existed exists here. Through the function of time does all that is become made manifest through ‘the process’ called life.

What lays beyond time is currently beyond human comprehension.


About Bob OHearn

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