Consciousness and Doorways

The human mind is an intermediary processor and filter for information within defined parameters of consciousness. The human being will become receptive to many forms of information, on many levels, through many pathways of consciousness interactivity. The human mind is a conduit that processes and interprets information within the physical domain in a way which better enables the physical organism to coordinate and navigate itself efficiently and effectively for survival. The human mind is a learnt animalistic behaviourism of thought processing. It is learnt because, as a sentient being your consciousness adopts the parameters of thought inherent within human characteristics when you are first born. This is to say, your spirit does not think and behave like a human prior to inception as one. It is only after interactivity to mass human consciousness found within this vibrational frequency that human mind and behaviour of thought begin to become an adopted characteristic. These traits of thought and of mind are attracted to your soul as it develops a human identity of consciousness, and these traits are thus carried with you into the spirit world, where they cover and colour your divine spirit, for as long as you will of it.

To go beyond the human mind is to go beyond the way in which you have been conditioned to process information through the filters you have inherited through physical inception. The human mind is what creates the human persona and creates the parameters through which you experience Self in this specific vibrational dimension. To seek to go beyond the mind is to seek to go beyond your current filters of experience. It is to allow information to ‘happen’ to you and become part of you through other doors and channels.

There are many, many levels of mind which integrate and find their way into human mind. As you peel away the layer of human mind, you will discover yet another layer of mind of another origin, and beneath that another, and yet another, and so on. It can be a very long process to aspire towards no-mind. These layers are dynamics of consciousness imbedded within your conscious journey which your divine spirit has attracted upon itself over millions of years of activity within many intermediary dimensions of Self expression. So this is to say, over millions of years your spirit has attracted upon itself a great many layers of mental conditionings that form what you now understand to be your unique energy signature and vibrational frequency; the being you are today. As you peel away human consciousness you will begin to discover and experience things about yourself which no longer make any rational sense to you, or appear no longer to align to the same human values or thought processes you have been used to. Through raising your vibration the disunity between thought and feeling eventually dissolve and the two become and function as one. Questions and answers dissipate into knowingness and words become unnecessary. In this state mind functions on a whole new level and submits to the presence of the spirit.

Since the dawn of time consciousness has existed as a construct to allow prime creator to experience an unlimited awareness of its Self. All things created of the light, resonating its own sound frequency, were endowed with the gift of consciousness. This gift gave to all things an inherent capacity to attain an infinite potential. As consciousness expands so too does it own capacity to create and experience new potential. Through the immersion of sacred geometry doorways of consciousness can be opened. Understanding that the human biological organism is a temple of sacred geometry one can presume many doors exist within the cellular state in which many seeds of consciousness lie. Within the original blueprint of all vibration and form lies the everpresent essence and dormant memory of prime creator.

What you must understand is that your spirit always remains perfectly pure and divine, as you would expect God to be, for they are One, always, in all ways. Because your spirit remains so, it remains within its divine core vibration, this means it is your soul persona, your consciousness, which does the exploring of the omniverse. It is your consciousness which incarnates into other states of being, whether you describe them as physical or none-physical. Your consciousness explores and connects to all types of realities, though this does not dictate it will fully understand them. For if human beings fully understood their own consciousness interactivity they would not perceive themselves as physical life forms. Your consciousness actually fluctuates through both time and space, and does not run along a singular straight line of progressive events as some believe. Your spirit, your consciousness and your physical body all experience the passage of time differently, because they are all vibrating on different wave frequencies. Though you feel you have incarnated into something physical, your consciousness, your persona is not isolated within the vibratory vortex of your chemical body. Your consciousness often goes elsewhere, it is just that your human biology wishes to travel with it. In the future the human body will be able to traverse physically along with the consciousness attachment and explore both time and space pervasively, as other beings are presently doing.

It matters not what reality you perceive yourself to be experiencing as a being, all realities are constructs of consciousness, and thus must be the product of your grandest imagination. If you imagine yourself to be restricted or trapped within any reality, it is only because you have been led to believe such boundaries exist, thus, you choose to imagine them as being real (real-ity). The reason that you believe such boundaries or impossibilities exist is due to the way in which your human mind has been conditioned to interpret information in a very fear-based and inferior based way of processing. This processing has been spoon fed to you from physical birth, and you have adopted mental, emotional and conditional frameworks that consistently and concisely limit who you truly are in your magnificence. You have been led to believe you can actually be harmed. You have been led to believe others can have power over you. You have been led to believe you can be trapped, lost and separated from your divine beautiful eternal spirit. Such notions are only experienced as real-ity because the mechanics of consciousness permit all things to exist, regardless of the way in which you apply your ethics or principles of perception.

The moment you recognise yourself identifying your immediate experience as being one of negativity, whether it be feeling trapped, defeated or threatened, it is for you to recognise this as purely one side of a multi-faceted coin. Recognise and acknowledge this is merely one vantage point in which you are interpreting the information of this circumstance, and empathize with yourself in understanding it was a part of your human mental conditioning, and does not have to represent the wisdom and perception of your inner-spirit-identity. Choose to think differently.

An exit point exists where new thought exists. That is to say, the moment you have a new thought about something in your immediate experience, that experience shall alter in response to the way in which you interact with it. You can literally think yourself out of any situation you do not wish to be apart of.

The external reality you perceive to experience through your physical construct, the body, is a mirror for what is taking place within you. The likeness and keys to awaken you to this fact is presented to you through the language of sacred geometry, which has been programmed into every physical organism. The immediate galaxy which humanity perceives to be so large and complex is a magnified mirror of biospheric life forms which animate all biological life on planet Earth. The same orbital, gravitational, vibrational and oscillatory phenomenon witnessed in space is merely what is taking place inside the human body and much, much deeper. Where man prides their persistence to discover life on other planets, they still remain ignorant to the vastly intellectual life which exists deep within their own genetic structure. Such beings of superior origin can be discovered through the language of sacred geometry, consciousness technology and the language of love. These languages, these sacred multi-dimensional technologies can be used as keys to open many doors. Study their nature and their mechanics, how they work, and you will be able to manifest your own exit points at any place and any time.

All things are a door. All you need is the right key.

When I speak of consciousness doorways, these can be anything which take you beyond where you are presently, beyond your present understandings and perceptions, beyond your existing perspectives. Consciousness doorways connect you to more of what and who you are, and elevate you to new dimensions of thought, of experience and spiritual empowerment within your journey, as the being that you are, and presently perceive yourself to be. Consciousness doorways open you to new frontiers of discovery, revealing altered states of being and infinite planes of possibility and potential.

All things are a door. The skeleton key that unlocks all doors is the consciousness that is yours to discover. Consciousness is the key. Yet very few know what this skeleton key should look like that unlocks all doors simultaneously, and therefore many begin a soul journey that imagines many keys, to many doors, to many places, to many times. Each door leading to new halls of knowledge and wisdom, each delivering experience and expression of new dimensions and designs. This is the journey of the soul.

How you choose to craft your consciousness will determine what doors open for you within your magnificent journey. Soul groups in themselves are doorways, to which each and everyone belongs. Becoming a part of your soul group you have taken it upon yourself to fashion your consciousness in a specific pattern and dimension to open specific doors that appeal to you as a spiritual entity. As part of your soul group, who have chosen to align their vibration to a specific pattern of light, sound and spiritual symmetry, your consciousness currently has the capacity to open many doors that to others, not of your group, may not yet exist, or may not yet fully open. As you align your consciousness to new soul groups, new experiences, and new aspirations of discovery, you will learn to adapt and fashion your consciousness into new keys. Similarly, upon the Earth, as in the form human being, the way in which you facilitate your consciousness, and interface with the physical reality, as well as other states of reality beyond it, will determine what you perceive yourself to be experiencing at any given time.

The question utmost is, what do you aspire to experience presently? For unless you choose some ‘thing’ to experience, you shall not wield the consciousness to fashion the key required to open the door to it. But of course, human beings are always choosing some thing, for they are always experiencing something. Even the act of choosing not to choose, means allowing others to choose for you in your stead, thus allowing others to open their own doors on your doorstep. Currently, as it is observed from the spirit world, the majority of human beings only observe doorways placed in front of them by others. This is to say, most human beings only experience what others choose for them to experience, and they then accept this as their own experience, when essentially, it is not. It is more that they are participating in the experience that someone else is creating, and not really choosing or creating something for themselves, from within themselves.

One of the greatest advances in human evolution will come when the individual learns to choose to create their own doors, rather than simply choosing to go through doors presented by others who proclaim themselves as experts, masters and ‘fact-itoners’. It is noble to follow in the ways of the wise, but it is wiser to follow in the ways of your own heart. From Ones Self must creation spring to know of that which is called God. For the Self is the only instrument you have, and ever need, to open every door you can imagine. But first you must imagine such doors before you can walk through them. You cannot expand from who you perceive yourself to be, and where you perceive yourself to be heading if you persist to pursue the paths to others doorways.

Choose your own destiny. If you do not, someone else will choose it for you.

Let us suggest that which you choose is some form of experience. It matters not what it is, only that you have chosen it for your Self. You may not even know what you aspire to experience, other than something which is more pleasant, permanent and profound than what you are presently presented with. In this instance, it is significant that you are choosing to want something different. Choosing to want something different empowers you to stand at the crossroad of energy mechanics. However, continuing to choose to want something different but not acting upon that choice will simply gravitate you through the doorways others have manifested from their own power of action. In this sense, you are but feeding the reality chosen by another over that which you could manifest for yourself.

At the crossroad of energy mechanics, you must remember the law of proximity. You will only perceive into the realm of possibility within the spectrum of consciousness you are presently. That is to say, you can only perceive, and you can only experience that which you have attuned your consciousness to presently. With this said, you can also only ‘choose’ something which you are conscious of within your realm of experience.

They key then is to expand your spectrum of what you are conscious of by altering your consciousness to enable you to discover new choices. By attuning your consciousness away from what does not serve you, and attuning towards that which you aspire as ‘chosen’ qualities of Self, you already begin to open new doorways of potential.

As you release the frequencies that no longer serve you in your energy field, and human behaviour, the gravitational energetic magnetisms towards new potential become stronger and your vibration will become more attuned to the spectrum of possibility of what you aspire to experience. You are attuning your consciousness to a different index of energy manifestation that you previously did not have access to because of the law of proximity. The proximity of vibration and consciousness compatibility.

As you begin to operate on different levels, and through different doorways of consciousness, energy interactions take place. When energy interactions take place on these new frequencies, they develop into energy relationships and form new energy, or new consciousness interfaces. Such interfaces, as they grow and develop begin to manifest as experiences within different dimensions, including the physical. As they touch the physical domain, they begin to attract your attention the most, though it is the most confusing dimension to translate what is occurring to your Self. It is at this level you are then able to make conscious choices about how to experience what is happening to you as a human being. The human being will not fully comprehend what is occurring to Self, but may choose how to interpret what is occurring.

To summarize: that which you choose, through every thought, word and deed, defines where you place yourself within the spectrum of consciousness. To become conscious of new capacities and possibilities you must alter your consciousness, first by removing energy influence and consciousness which no longer serve you, then allowing the qualities you hold to gravitate you towards doorways which will open to you.

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My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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2 Responses to Consciousness and Doorways

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional from Sparrow:

    Consciousness is infinite and comes in from all directions simultaneously; it permeates through all matter, it animates matter, and expands beyond it within realms not even your brain is attuned to perceive. There is no place where consciousness does not exist in your universe. The space between where you think consciousness begins and where consciousness ends, there too exists consciousness. The space between is the illusion and the game you are playing through your physical brain. The human brain is simply a translator of information of specific frequencies and formats attributed to your dimension. It is a coordinating computer to assist your soul to interpret physical density experiences. Consciousness itself exists within and outside of every single cell in your body; your soul does not sit inside the body, the body sits inside the soul – for the body is a by-product of the soul, and the body is much smaller in comparison.

    The primary design and purpose of the physical brain apparatus through evolution is to support your physical survival as an animal, and functions to ‘fill in’ gaps of information which are most appropriate and ‘useful’ for your individual survival based on past memory events. It fills in these gaps either because it does not have enough information or it has too much information, so it draws on past memory to decide what is the most probable reality of the sensory input. The brain functions through learned behaviour, observations and conclusions derived from external behaviour of other beings, as well as how those beings and sources have taught you to think and process information.

    Information is circulated throughout all regions of the brain for it functions as one organ, and will be translated into different signals by all other areas of the brain. You will not necessarily feel these communications and connections; your brain is trained to deliver at the forefront of your mind only the most pertinent response for your immediate survival and most appropriate physical response. Any conflicts or neuronal distractions would cause confusion and jeopardise the physical survival of the body and its ability to act in fight-or-flight response to an event.

    The human brain will never be able to be completely modelled or replaced by technology of this era or any other. Though many advanced extraterrestrials have attempted similar projects they have always found the finished product missing something of the original design. What will remain missing will be the human soul and the spirit, for their involvement and presence will always be paramount in the function of all life. Take away these components and the brain becomes a useless piece of meat.

    Every living cell in your body retains memory. Every living cell in your body has retained the memory of every one of your ancestors who has ever lived. Memory is shared by all aspects of your cellular state, including all areas of your brain. When part of your brain is damaged your brain is programmed to adapt and improvise; other areas of the brain adopt, perhaps inadequately, the function of its damaged counterpart from its former association and information exchange.


  2. Bob OHearn says:

    More on Consciousness:

    “It is interesting that you say you have not made up your mind upon this issue of consciousness, for mind can only take you so far into any particular understanding. To understand something which incorporates properties beyond the physical you must be willing to go beyond mind, something you are not accustomed to in your present corporal form. You are a multidimensional being. You have been since you were born and the etheric strand was first attached to those first dividing biological cells through mitosis. It is here where you must begin your study for consciousness, for it is here where consciousness first became imprinted within physical density chemistry. It is not the brain, for the brain has yet to be formed, but in these first two diving cells from the zygote that harvest the genetic blueprint and merge with the soul frequency of the incarnating spirit entity. In a sense you could say the soul frequency sings to the biological cells at this time as they develop and its inherent chromosomes are activated by consciousness.

    Think if you will the etheric strand as a sort of two-way internet cable delivering high speed data from one source to the receiving source. This cable remains attached to your solar plexus though your entire physical life and is only severed at your time of passing. Once it is severed there is no more data coming into the physical receiver and the receiver ceases to function. There have been suggestions that the physical receiver still continues to grow after death, but this is inaccurate. It is merely the gasses and fluids trapped within the decomposing corporal form have been released and the skin layer shrinks. This causes the appearance of fingernails and hair growing, which is untrue. There is no life present, no growth of any kind, when the etheric strand is detached from the solar plexus. It is the key for your studies. You may begin by examining the behaviour more closely of the process of mitosis, as well as actual physical changes, for indeed you will witness an ever-present glow appear in conjunction with the beginning of this process.

    You have clarified that you are looking for a logical and technically vigorous understanding of consciousness. There is only so much I can provide you in terms you can accept logically and technically, for consciousness by its very nature exists beyond logic and beyond technical mind. The dynamics of consciousness cannot be fully realized via the brain because it does not originate from the brain, nor can it be successfully compartmentalised by the brain, for it is a multidimensional function of a multidimensional being.

    The primary somatosensory cortex receives much of the thalamocortical sensory input in connection with the sensitization output travelling through the central nervous system. The neurons within human biological chemistry can be stimulated to induce experiences the mind interprets as a real event. This stimulation can be accidental or deliberate yet can trick the mind into believing it is experiencing something very real, when essentially it is an orchestration of manipulated signals. Sometimes these signals are prone to error or damage and send false information leading to false senses of reality. In a similar fashion visual stimuli projected during sleep states often feel so real you are not even aware you are within a dream, for your perception of reality has shifted to an internal sensory input only. Your external stimuli and awareness during sleep has been reduced to such an extent that your perception of reality is based only on what you observe within yourself.

    Your whole physical form functions as a hologram. It is a projection of light and sound resonance of your non-corporeal Self. This truth is mirrored through the known universe.”



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