Raising Human Consciousness and The New Age

Certain formats of information, if you like, can be accessed by delivering your vibration to a higher cycle per second range. Different doors to information will become available to you as and when you resonate to the appropriate frequency. You will discover information simply arrives within you, so to speak, without the filter system and intellectualization system of the brain. It is not something which can be taught to you by any self-proclaimed master, for it is something which will happen to you when the time, and the vibration is right. You will not be able to define within your mental processes exactly where such information comes from, since it is beyond mind, but merely such information will happen to you on another level, and seem to come in from every known sense. In a sense, it will arrive as a knowing; you will not have to question the information.

Do not be mislead by media-fuelled spirituality which proclaim you must do this, that or the other to achieve some ascension status in order to bring this about. This line of thought is simply aligned with ego-persona and intellectual mind, rather than spiritual truth. In truth, to raise your vibration and connect with your true identity of spirit, you merely have to let go of human consciousness. If you think about it for a moment, your spirit, before your consciousness was forged into physical form, was already within a divine ascended vibrational state. It is simply that the events of physical state, and all the negativity which comes with this state, has coated this pure vibration with negative human consciousness.

This is not to say that being human is all about negativity, just that upon taking on the energies of such dense state creates a type of amnesia for you. So, in a sense, to get back what you once had as a beautiful child; that radiant glow about you, you want to let go of the consciousness you have since accumulated as ‘yours’. You want to let go of the mindset of ownership to the consciousness you carry so it is no longer interfering with your vibrational frequency. Let go of your persona of ‘I need to be this person’, and instead simply be without condition, without question or conclusion. In this state you become infinite within this moment, and nothing is barred from you. Simply practicing surrendering your persona to selflessness will remove the filters, and thought processes which bar this intuitive connection with your spirit. That which is your spirit then can happen to you on its own terms, instead of yours, in human state.

In light of referring to this particular universe as a kindergarten, this is not to belittle anything. This relates to the fact that it is still very much within its early days of expansion and formation, next to a great many others which have, if you like, come to completion.

The fact of you raising human consciousness does not immediately denote you are bound to the Earth, that being born on the Earth is the only way to raise consciousness, or that human beings are the only means to raise consciousness. Much of the consciousness being raised is actually due to the involvement of beings within other dimensions and other planetary systems and energy cycles. Whatever happens on one planet effects others which exist on the same vibratory platform. It is not actually necessary to physically incarnate to ‘make a difference’ or facilitate changes in consciousness upon a planet. In actual fact it is much more difficult to make a difference immersed within physical state purely because of the great many boundaries and forces that work against your efforts. Within physical state you have this clash of different intentions which collide and compete with each other making it very frustrating and difficult to achieve anything. This is not to say you cannot achieve great things on Earth, it means you just have to work that much harder to facilitate lasting change.

Now when you speak of raising consciousness as perhaps the focal agenda of souls birthing into human state, what then of those souls who choose to have an experience as a Neanderthal or prehistoric being, who have no understanding whatsoever of raising consciousness or spiritual advancement? For indeed many souls are still incarnating there as we speak. Their existence is purely driven by survival instinct, much to the likes of many other wild animals. Do you think souls choose to inhabit physical bodies at those times for the same reason as suggested in today’s society?

It is observed that every few thousand years someone else invents a new reason to justify their existence on the Earth, usually in alignment to their degree of morality and sense of value structure, and it gradually becomes accepted throughout many other cultures for hundreds of years.

To help you think more outside the box, about other reasons souls come to Earth, detach from your focus on human beings alone and think about other species that share the planet. Do you think they are here to raise the consciousness of human beings? Or perhaps of themselves? Consider the possibilities within your deepest heart wisdom.

The so-called new age as it has been coined is really a cyclical process and period which occurs within many species on many worlds. It occurs at the height of consciousness where communication has reached a specific advancement, which thusly causes a rapid cycle of changes and evolution for a degree of time it retains its momentum. With the easily available forms of communication now across the globe, and via the advent of internet certain values and attitudes have forged stronger voices. Just as the plant kingdom use the wind, the rain and many insects and animals as their vehicles to carry their seed for life advancement, human beings use the vehicles of communication to spread theirs and advance themselves with their seeds of knowledge.

The increase of awareness and transparency has arisen not as a result of an evolution in human consciousness, but as a result of human survival and fear. This is to say, the advent of advanced communication has not progressed in balance with the advancement of human ethics and morality. More accurately, the advent of this communication has been used to illuminate the failings within human behaviour which is harming the habitats and inhabitants of planet Earth. It is this fear for planet Earth, for the environment you call home, which has spawn the momentum of collective voices that aspire to adopt more spiritual, loving and nurturing behaviours. In overview of human consciousness, there is a great collective fear for your own survival which is gaining the attention of many other races in the cosmos. In response to this growing concern for your survival, through your inherent survival intuitive instincts, you have all come together to embrace natural inherent loving principles which have long been repressed. It is not so much that this is a new age, but you are in truth re-membering your true nature as a collective species in harmony with your environment, as was once maintained by your ancestors. It often takes a great darkness to illuminate the value of, and the path of the light, the right, and the just.

The changes you are going to experience are further eruptions of planetary devastation caused by changes in gravitational forces within the Earth’s core and your atmospheric energy field. This is part of the planetary cyclical changes which occur as different pressures shift from one part of the planet to another. This will effect the tides as well as global weather. Similarly it will effect the gravitational forces within the human being and your own energy field. You may find you develop headaches, nausea or symptomatic eruptions caused by changes in your body chemistry balance and energy field. Different people will be effected in different ways due to their distinct genetic makeup. For example, some people may experience disturbances in sleep patterns due to fluctuations in their body chemistry and the way their energy experiences shifts from one point in their body to another.

In terms of consciousness you will find that there is a growing disposition for cleaner, greener power sources as fossil fuels and current existing sources no longer resonate with your value structure within yourself as a being. There will be significant focus globally on the environment and imposed pressures on governments to adopt more humane, harmonic and honest practices in recognition of the environment. More people will resonate to the enticement of a vegetarian diet while others will feel increased pressure to change jobs, change lifestyles, relationships and attitudes of behaviour. What is occurring is the changes in planetary pressures and energy fields will cause the human body to adapt in order to synchronise itself with its surrounding environment. This means your body will begin telling you things you may not want to hear, and you will feel the need to change something in your life in order to establish balance.

Because of human ego, in that they generally like to feel superior to less intelligent life forms, they interpret planetary shifts and cyclical energy transitions as heralding some grand new age enlightened evolution they feel they have earned. When in truth, a majority of it had come about only through the advancement of technological communication and the fear of their own extinction. They like to romanticise the events into a spiritual fantasy and write about ages of ascension, while simultaneously the planet withers around them from neglect. It is a wake-up call for all human beings to embrace the wisdom within natural law and to work in harmony with their environment, instead of abusing it. Many have seen the light and try their very best to put right what those before them have destroyed. There is not much time left, one cannot sugar coat the truth and the state of reality, for it is your children who have to inherit it.

May the wisdom of the heart lead the way to resolution.


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3 Responses to Raising Human Consciousness and The New Age

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Additional from Sparrow:

    One must not despair in present circumstance, either personal or global, but understand that which they are witnessing is part of a process. All things which exist are part of a process taking place. These processes weave together as part of a much larger process taking place. This understanding can be mirrored outward upon your understanding of the universe.

    What human beings must learn to do is hold a vision of how they wish their future to be. It is no good simply complaining about how it is presently if an alternative is not held as an active intent. They must hold this vision within their hearts and minds until it is made manifest. The present structure of how society functions, its institutions, economic structures and corporate monopolisation works on exploitation, and is structured to support the current framework that human beings are trapped in. Those who think outside the box with ideas of alternatives must be given their appropriate support. The individual must, where it is appropriate, learn to say no – I will not buy your product; I will not use your service; I will not fund your continuous operation. So too those who are within the seats of power and influence, learn to say no – I will not exploit these people; I will not abuse my power; I will not act selfishly.

    All beings are responsible and accountable for their own thoughts, words and deeds, including those held back through fear and ignorance.


  2. Bob OHearn says:

    The True Vision for Humanity

    “When we speak of other species in the universe who have developed the wisdom to overcome the obstacles faced by humanity, this did not come without its sacrifices. In some cases many millions of lives were lost, planets made inhospitable and many alliances that were forged to ensure survival. Sometimes this was as a result of centuries of war and conflict, sometimes this was the result of catastrophic environmental, planetary and galactic events that forced their race to unite for survival.

    It is because of these tragic histories that many of the same beings come to your aid at this time, through their own empathy for the consequences ignorance, violence and abuse plays upon the direction of the human race. There are many who have a vested interest in the welfare of humanity and Earth itself.

    The way in which other species have reached their status of peace was typically through the uprising of many millions of individuals banding together in recognition for a singular vision. Many times it has been necessary to dethrone those in power and their dictated course for the many millions of individuals who did not accept this course. Communication has always been the key. Once each individual claims their right to have a voice in the direction of their own species, and has the courage to use it, miracles can happen. It is only by banding together as an undefeatable, unwaverable voice of reason that a new course can be set in alignment to the vision of the majority, rather than the vision of the minority in power. This power must be given to the general population, not to the politicians that govern the populace. It is for the politicians, presidents and prime ministers to enforce the will of the people, not for the people to adhere to the will of one. It is for those appointed leaders to identify corruption within the monopolies and corporations that hold humanity back through greed and ignorance.

    There are many millions of individuals who envision something better for humanity. These are the everyday husband and wife, the butcher and the barber, the teacher and the student. They all hold within them a spark of light to illuminate a better future. If they would but set aside their personal drama, step beyond their comfort zone, and stand up for what is obvious to be right. If they would but refuse to turn away their gaze at what they perceive as wrong, and learn to say no, this will not be tolerated! If they would but forge a voice with their neighbour, their friends and their co-workers and persist for what is wise, what is just and what is loving, the true vision for humanity would be realized.”



  3. Bob OHearn says:

    “Humanity must grasp the reality that their physical body is actually more spiritual in its composition than it is a solid physical structure. There exists an entire universe, literally, within the space between the very infinitesimal particles of your physical structure. In truth, there is no such thing as empty space, it simply does not exist. Yet, from generalised perspective, most will never acknowledge just how much literal space there is composing what they perceive in the mirror. Human beings only perceive themselves to be physical at all due to orbital energy magnetism which gravitates movements into clusters. Just as humanity may look out into the cosmos and perceive merely a singular spec of distant light, which in fact represents trillions of other systems and properties at work. In view of this extraordinary multi-faceted universe which composes each human being, one can and should never consider themselves or their body as banal.”



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